12/13/08 The World "Under Extreme Pressure": its many forms and faces and rising resistance

"UNDER EXTREME PRESSURE" : U.S.-Israeli state terrorist war, torture, genocide, psywar propaganda, and other forms of democratizing aid

As readers of the digest know, the crisis of capital, a deep structural crisis which the U.S. imperialist global state terror war was designed to alleviate by expanding and securing U.S. hegemony, is not a function of burst bubbles. Meticulously severing economic from political --which U.S. propaganda reduces to electoral politics --the state, via its mainstream media organs, finally just reported symptoms of the profound crisis when the effects could no longer be 'explained' away --- after the capitalist bipartisan ruling class had developed a strategy to turn this crisis to its advantage under a 'fresh new' electoral regime it trusted to keep the 'homeland' sheep pacified and cooperative ...

Now Obama must manage the anti-war left
The Return of the Democrats' Security Divide
Dan Gerstein
Most of the world saw unity in the announcement of Barack Obama's fusion national security team on Monday. But I could not help but notice the first serious tear in the tenuous Democratic consensus on foreign policy that Obama had adeptly marshaled and surfed to his improbable victory [via electoral college selection]...

12/7 War on Internet Developments and Opposition


A Fresh Start for the Internet
Stanford University researchers aren't just dreaming of a new Internet: they're building it.
By Rachel Ross
March 19, 2007
Researchers at Stanford University are on a mission to completely revamp the Internet. Plans for their multipart program, called the Clean Slate Design for the Internet, will be presented to the public this Wednesday at the school's annual Computer Forum... Ultimately, the researchers hope to make the Internet safer, more transparent, and more reliable by reconsidering both private and public networks.... "We need to take all the technologies we already know and fit them together so that we get a different overall system. This is not about building a technology innovation that changes the world but about architecture -- pulling the pieces together in a different way to achieve high-level objectives." Just such an approach is now gaining momentum, spurred on by the National Science Foundation...
Simply put, the Internet has no inherent security architecture -- nothing to stop viruses or spam or anything else. Protections like firewalls and antispam software are add-ons, security patches in a digital arms race.
The President's Information Technology Advisory Committee, a group stocked with a who's who of infotech CEOs and academic researchers, says the situation is bad and getting worse. "Today, the threat clearly is growing," the council wrote in a report issued in early 2005. "Most indicators and studies of the frequency, impact, scope, and cost of cyber security incidents -- among both organizations and individuals -- point to continuously increasing levels and varieties of attacks."

12/5 War Pretexts: Pearl Harbor Then, Again, Now; Gates/Pentagon's New "Balanced Strategy"; The Phoenix Initiative: U.S.NSS

Pearl Harbor: Official Lies in an American War Tragedy
Wednesday, May 24, 2000
Speaker Robert B. Stinnett
Former Journalist, Oakland Tribune and BBC. Author of the books, George Bush: His World War II Years and Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor.
The great question of Pearl Harbor—what did U.S. government officials know and when did they know it?—has been argued for years. After decades of Freedom of Information Act requests, Robert Stinnett was finally able to examine the long-hidden evidence, shattering every shibboleth of Pearl Harbor. He finds that not only was the attack expected, it was deliberately provoked through an eight-step program devised by the Navy for President Franklin Roosevelt. Could Pearl Harbor have neither been an “accident” nor a mere “failure” of U.S. intelligence nor a “brilliant” Japanese military coup? Could the tragedy at Pearl Harbor have been a carefully orchestrated design, initiated at the highest government levels in order to galvanize a peace-loving American public to go to war? Robert Stinnett will discuss this startling issue in detail.
Media Inquiries: please contact Ms. Wendy Honett, Publicity Manager, at (510) 632-1366 (ext. 116)

“A New Pearl Harbor”
By John Pilger
New Statesman
December 16, 2002

12/2/8 "India's 911": U.S.Knew; CIA-ISI Network; Militarization Under 'Soft' Cover; Press - PsyOps Combo; Thai Terror OK

"To make a contented slave it is necessary to make a thoughtless one. It is necessary to darken the moral and mental vision and, as far as possible, to annihilate the power of reason."
Fredrick Douglass

" India's 911", another Hollywood-Bollywood winner - guess who'll get the rights to the final story? Maybe a sequel to the current vile U.S. box-office hit "Slumdog Millionaire". U.S. 'terror experts' instantly fingered Pakistan, specifically citing 'terrorist' groups that are obstacles to the u.s. plans for central Asian restructuring under U.S. 'leadership'. Revolutionaries fighting for national liberation identified as 'terrorists', as mandated by the u.s. global state terrorist war. Media relentlessly solicited Indian comments agreeing India was shamefully unprepared. No reference of course to Five days after the events, media all appear chorus-like to convince us the big crisis facing Obama is 'rising tensions between India and Pakistan, amplified by answers to pointed questions in Mumbai. No mention of fascist Hindu-nationalist terror and slaughter of Muslims and its BJP party efforts to regain state power.

After word got out broadly that the U.S. had known and warned India in October about an impending terror attack by sea on Mumbai, the media twisted this into more expressions of Indian rage at its govt. The inevitable questions why U.S. 'allowed' another 911 to happen to its dear friend India must be on the cutting room floor. But the game turned truly grotesque today as NPR discovered Dharvi, the largest slum in Asia, a city within a city in Mumbia, where over 600, 000 mostly Muslims and immigrants, are crammed in squalid, disease-ridden poverty, only a few toilets, no plumbing, forced to slave for pennies doing dangerous toxic work in chemicals, tanning and recycling -- probably the setting for that obscenely racist glorification of capitalism "Slumdog Millionaire".

11/27/08 Mumbai's Warning Message, by Liz Burbank

Dear digest readers,

This urgent situation in Mumbai involves the world. Mumbai strongly appears to be the trigger needed for a long-planned, widely threatened "calculated international crisis to challenge obama" as the US expands wars in Southeast Asia.The immediate target appears to be Pakistan but the entire world is the goal --- and the imperatives for the u.s. were laid out decades ago by Zbigniew Brzezinski, now an Obama team adviser. “Hegemony is as old as Mankind…” Brzezinski said as former U.S. National Security Advisor. For more background, specific warnings and signs of what's coming to save the sinking ship by restructuring the world and its resources under US hegemony see http://www.burbankdigest.com/node/146 and http://www.burbankdigest.com/node/148)

NO THANKS: "The Indians Have Been Fighting Terrorism Since 1492" "Same Shit Different Centuries"

"...The original Europeans in the Americas were not immigrants, but colonists. And the US is not a nation of immigrants - it is a white colonial settler state, like Israel, South Africa under Apartheid, the former Rhodesia, Australia..."
 Juan Santos
A Nation of Colonists - and Race Laws

"The greatest single acts of terrorism to date were not perpetrated by Osama bin Laden, but by the US military when it dropped atomic bombs on the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki."
Speech by Moonanum James
32nd National Day of Mourning, 2001

To have been delivered at Plymouth, Massachusetts, 1970

Speech by Moonanum James, Co-Leader of United American Indians of New England at the 29th National Day of Mourning, November 26, 1998

The Truth About Thanksgiving

The people who now describe themselves as `Americans' actually stole their
country from the Native Americans. They put the Indians in reservations
(which got smaller and smaller). The Indians were civilised and spiritual
but they had no guns and were an easy target. America was stolen by force.

At a meeting in New England in 1640 the following motions were put to the

1. The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.
2. The Lord may give the earth or any part of it to his chosen people.
3. We are his chosen people.

Naturally the assembled bunch of smug, barbarians voted `yes' to all these
motions, and thereby sanctified (in their minds) the theft of a nation.

It was generally agreed that the Indians were savages with no rights and yet

11/23 Signs of What's Coming: U.S., Afghanistan, Pakistan, Asia & Africa: Critical Thinking & Action Urgent

Critical Thinking Amid the Elation  
by Shannon Joyce Prince
"Obama is hiding imperialism, neo-liberalism, and corporatism behind the language of progressivism." 
"It's one thing for masses of white people to assume that racism is 90% over. It's another for a black man, Obama, to tell them this is so."
Obamist sections of the Left seem to believe it "doesn't matter who Obama is, what he does, says, or stands for - he represents hope and change and that's good enough." Some folks are simply misinformed, and therefore blissful. "Many of the people that danced in the streets haven't taken the time to do any research on Obama, so part of their euphoria is based on ignorance." One is expected to partake in the party. "Those who castigate folks for not being appropriately jubilant at Obama's election are insisting that blacks content themselves, in perpetuity, with symbolism instead of real change."    Read more: http://www.blackagendareport.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&...

Soros-Funded "Premier Progressive" Democratic Think-Tank CAP Becomes Obama Policy Font
By Edwin Chen

11/21 Dems.Now Warn US; "Intelligence Policy to Stay Largely Intact"; Dems. Approve Iraq Occupation Extension

"Democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization."
Zbigniew Brzezinski

Obama Camp Pulls Issue Pages From Transition Site
By Michael Falcone
Keen observers have noticed that the issues pages of the official Obama-Biden transition Web site, change.gov, recently went missing and were replaced by a general statement of priorities.
A spokesman for the Obama transition team, Nick Shapiro, who has been fielding inquiries about the disappearance, said that they are “retooling” the site, but did not elaborate further.
When it went live last week, the transition Web site included a detailed agenda section with pages for “Revitalizing the Economy,” “Ending the War in Iraq” and “Providing Health Care for All,” among others. Now, those pages are nowhere to be found.

11/15 War Warnings Update; Obama's CFR Crew; Brzezinski Cautions Against Change Expectations; "Soft Power Re-branding"

“We are on the verge of global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”
David Rockefeller, 1994 Statement to the United Nations Business Council


C.I.A. Chief Says Qaeda Is Extending Its Reach

11/13/08 Fair Warnings, Part 2: Propaganda, Communications & Surveillance


US plans to 'fight the net' revealed
By Adam Brookes
BBC Pentagon correspondent
A newly declassified document called "Information Operations Roadmap" 2003 signed by Donald Rumsfeld, gives a glimpse into the US military's plans for "information operations" - from psychological operations, to attacks on hostile computer networks.
Bloggers beware....

'Thought Crime Bill' author up for position in Obama Administration
Jane Harman (D - CA) is reportedly on President-Elect Barack Obama's shortlist for a variety of positions in his upcoming administration including CIA director, Director of National Intelligence, and Secretary of Homeland Security. [Harman] slipped the Violent Radicalisation and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act (HR 1955) on a "suspension calendar for non-controversial bills," making the innocuous bill pass effortlessly though the House. In October of 2007, several special interest groups and non-governmental bodies addressed Harman and the House Committee Homeland Security in a briefing entitled "Use of the Internet by Terrorists." The round table discussion was to gain congressional support for S. 1959, the Senate version of The Violent Radicalisation and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act....

“Unless a way of intervening in the radicalization process can be found, we are condemned to stepping on cockroaches one at a time.”
Social Repression and Internet Surveillance
H. Res. 1695, 1955 & S.1959
By Nikki Alexander

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