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Blog entry8/29 "Pak Opportunity" : "Build Back Better": Why Pakistan is Most Critical to US Agenda lizburbank08 years 38 weeks ago
Blog entry8/15/10 Creating Failed States: WMD against Pakistan in U.S. War for "Eurasia" lizburbank08 years 40 weeks ago
Blog entry8/10 Surveying the "AFPAK/PAKAF" Soft-Hard Power Dance of Death: "Flood disaster creates opportunity for U.S... lizburbank08 years 40 weeks ago
Blog entry8-05-10 Hiroshima, Nagasaki: Lies, Terror and Genocide Operating Today lizburbank08 years 41 weeks ago
Blog entry7/31 Wikileaks: Context & Targets, Effects & Intentions lizburbank08 years 42 weeks ago
Blog entry7/22/ IRAQ's Deliberate Destruction: U.S Trajectory of Global Destruction, Death & Defeat, p.3 lizburbank08 years 43 weeks ago
Blog entry7/13 Hard - Soft Power Merged, part 2: Haiti: US "Republic of NGOs"; U.S. Terror & Uganda; Info.War & "The Perfect Citizen" lizburbank08 years 44 weeks ago
Blog entry7/11 U.S. Hard-Soft Power Merger: A Trajectory of Geostrategic Destruction, Death & Defeat: part 1, Expanding "AF-PAK" lizburbank08 years 45 weeks ago
Blog entry7/2 Attempts to 'RESET' Failing NSS Agenda Will Also Fail: Russia, "Pak-Af", Korea, Iran, part i lizburbank08 years 46 weeks ago
Blog entry6/26 U.S. War on Korea: Cold War to Terror War, 60 Years of Defeats for U.S. lizburbank08 years 47 weeks ago
Blog entry6/21 US Led Armada to Persian Gulf-Obama Orders War Alert lizburbank08 years 48 weeks ago
Blog entry6/18 US-BP Tar Ball: the global state of the matter: part 2 lizburbank08 years 48 weeks ago
Blog entry6/16 US.- BP Deal: a "Tar Ball" in Global Finance Capital lizburbank08 years 48 weeks ago
Blog entry6/13 IN CONTEXT, part 2: U.S Man and "New Discovery" in Afghanistan; U.S.World Law Enforcer lizburbank08 years 49 weeks ago
Blog entry5/31 Major Escalation of Global War: Pretexts for Strike on Pakistan lizburbank08 years 49 weeks ago
Blog entry6/13 IN CONTEXT: Defeated Designs USraeli Ops. and "The Race for Iran", part 1 lizburbank08 years 49 weeks ago
Blog entry6/3 Massacre by Proxy: US Exonerated as it Mops Up with 'Terrorism' Card lizburbank08 years 50 weeks ago
Blog entry5/31 Denounce & Resist USraeli Murders but Beware the Trap lizburbank08 years 51 weeks ago
Blog entryCommemorate Malcolm X, Reactivate his Revolutionary Internationalism lizburbank09 years 2 days ago
Blog entry5-19 Noam Chomsky Was Not Prevented From Entering Israel lizburbank09 years 4 days ago
Blog entry5-18 Chomsky: liberal zionist imperialist lizburbank09 years 5 days ago
Blog entry5-15-10 The Nakba: Support the Palestinian National Liberation Struggle to Victory lizburbank09 years 1 week ago
Blog entry5/11 State Terror to 'broaden the mission' lizburbank09 years 1 week ago
Blog entry5/3 MAY DAY Millions Strike Fear in Terrorists; State-Finance-Corporate Capital 's Oily Merger lizburbank09 years 2 weeks ago
Blog entryMay 1, Into the Streets! Dems Propose Immigration National ID 'Believe System' lizburbank09 years 3 weeks ago