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Blog entry7/4/7 All About Freedom lizburbank011 years 6 weeks ago
Blog entry6/29/7 Constitution of a Fascist State: Racist Imprimatur, State Terror, Media as WMD, Language as Psy War;DDAA 07: Absolut lizburbank011 years 7 weeks ago
Blog entry6/27/07 Maximizing U.S. Capital Accumulation: World, Planet Bodies/Minds Wasted and in Chains lizburbank011 years 7 weeks ago
Blog entry Special Digest Issue: Directive for a "Catastrophic Emergency" in America: Building a Justification for Waging War on Iran? lizburbank011 years 8 weeks ago
Blog entry6/21/7 Palestinian "Final Solution" Attempts; U.S: "I Like This Violence"; More "Sectarian Strife" Mosque Bombings; The Alb lizburbank011 years 8 weeks ago
Blog entry6/1/7 Terrorism Defined in Action: Africa, Palestine/"Middle East", Latin America, Eurasia, USA lizburbank011 years 11 weeks ago
Blog entry5/25/7 "Final Solution" to Palestinian Liberation: Anti-Imperialism vs. Liberal Imperialism: Where Do You Stand? lizburbank011 years 12 weeks ago
Blog entry5/19/7 "War: a continuation of politics by other means" : Capitalist Democracy in "Peace" & War; The Two sides of War lizburbank011 years 13 weeks ago
Blog entry5/13/7 Democracy 101: PsyOps, 911, Global Terror War, Torture, P20G, Death Squads, "Civil War, NGOs lizburbank011 years 14 weeks ago
Blog entry5/9/7 Commentary: Not a Foreign Affair; Urgent New "Terror Threats"; “I can make your lives disappear with a stroke of my pen”; lizburbank011 years 14 weeks ago
Blog entry5/1/7 MAYDAY! Operation Contain China; The Militarization of Science: "Mind Wars:Brain Research; DARPA lizburbank011 years 15 weeks ago