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Blog entry9/11/11 Urgent Signals lizburbank08 years 5 weeks ago
Blog entry8/29/11 Katrina 6 Years Later - Back to the Future: Whose? lizburbank08 years 6 weeks ago
Blog entry8/22 Learn from Libya; 'Arab Spring' Angles; US Staying in Iraq & Afghanistan; UK-US Desperate Fear of Uprisings lizburbank08 years 7 weeks ago
Blog entry8/15/11 "AlQaeda Attacks on 17 Iraqi Cities"; "Al-Qaeda in Iraq no longer a threat"; 7/9/11 "US ready to be in Iraq 10 years lizburbank08 years 8 weeks ago
Blog entry8/10/ U.S. Backed 'Syrian Opposition groups'; "Syria is the best way to undermine Iran" lizburbank08 years 9 weeks ago
Blog entry8/7/11 Hiroshima & Nagasaki: US Global Agenda; Cables Expose U.S. Strategy in Syria ; World Map US 'Interventions Since WW2 lizburbank08 years 10 weeks ago
Blog entry7/19 African Resistance v. Hard & Soft Power Predators; "Taliban" Proves "Kandahar Means Afghanistan" lizburbank08 years 12 weeks ago
Blog entry7/11 Taliban Executes Major US - NATO Man; US Blames Iran for Iraq & Syrian resistance: US "Aid" to African Liberation lizburbank08 years 13 weeks ago
Blog entry6/28 'Mental health':The Epidemic of Mental Illness: Why? part 1; The Illusions of Psychiatry, part 2 lizburbank08 years 15 weeks ago
Blog entry6/25 True Definition of Terrorist, Greenwald; Military as Socialist Model for US, Kristof; Social Media Integral Part of DoD lizburbank08 years 16 weeks ago
Blog entry6/15 CYBER WAR: Why InfoOps. is key to U.S. "Full Spectrum Dominance" lizburbank08 years 17 weeks ago
Blog entry6/9 The Angola 3-Unrepentant Black Revolutionaries & U.S. Communication War, part 1 lizburbank08 years 17 weeks ago
Blog entry5/3 Bin Laden-U.S.Partnership: Pakistan's ISI & U.S in Context, part 2 lizburbank08 years 23 weeks ago
Blog entry5/2 War for Asia : Bin Laden a weapon dead or alive; PSYOPS 'strategic information, part 1 lizburbank08 years 23 weeks ago
Blog entry4/19 Japan - US "Alliance of Subordination": Critical for U.S. to Beat China lizburbank08 years 25 weeks ago
Blog entry4/13 Slimy "Sweet Crude" Propaganda in US War to Control Africa lizburbank08 years 26 weeks ago
Blog entry4/12/11 ' Abe' & Civil War Lies: Genocide Against U.S. Black Nation lizburbank08 years 26 weeks ago
Blog entry4/6 Way Before 'Rebels': 'Southern Mistral' Prelude to 'Odyssey Dawn'; FBI's Libyan Witchhunt; Unprecedented Gangsterism lizburbank08 years 27 weeks ago
Blog entry3/30 Preemptive War: Real Terror - Libya's 'Revolutionary' Armed Rulers; Fake Terror Tales Sell Terror Wars lizburbank08 years 28 weeks ago
Blog entry"MENA: North Africa-Middlle East" War links update lizburbank08 years 29 weeks ago
Blog entry3/27 LIBYA " humanitarian intervention, not war" & the Japan Connection lizburbank08 years 29 weeks ago
Blog entry3/23/ Post-Gaddafi Govt. Selected; 1994 US 'hosted' Libyan Exile Post-Qaddafi Conference; About Lockerbie lizburbank08 years 29 weeks ago
Blog entry3/19 LIBYA: Why US AFRICOM Command in 'Operation Odyssey Dawn' War? part 2 lizburbank08 years 30 weeks ago
Blog entry3/17 LIBYA: ALL-OUT U.S. WAR NOW 'LEGITIMIZED' lizburbank08 years 30 weeks ago
Blog entry3/11 Black Is Back Coalition Conference on the “Other” U.S. Wars; Black Africa & U.S. Black Movement, Brzezinski's NSCM 46 lizburbank08 years 31 weeks ago