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5/5 Behind the WH Correspondents Bacchanal

Washington and Hollywood glittererati came together for 100th annual * White House Correspondents Association dinner.

According to Jonathan Tepperman, Foreign Affairs Magazine managing editor ... the champagne was for “the incredibly brave, intrepid, brilliant reporters that have repeatedly risked their liberties and lives. If not for them none of us would be able to do the work we do...“Oh, this is very serious,” a foreign policy lobbyist said about the affair.

communication war error..
Comedian in Chief... White House Correspondents’ Association dinner
Correction: May 4, 2014
An earlier version of this article quoted incorrectly from a comment by President Obama about the flawed rollout of his healthcare website. As video screens on either side of him showed the title of the hit Disney film “Frozen,” Mr.“Obama said of his staff “On the plus side, they did turn the launch of into one of the year’s biggest movies,” not “they did not turn the launch of into one of the year’s biggest movies.”

Defense Information System, Department of Defense (DISA)
FOR MORE INFORMATION (202) 757-5150, DSN 284-2000


5/1/14 MAY DAY Matters; Putin Signed Official Dissolution of the Soviet Union

May Day, established in 1887, by the communist international revolutionary proletariat, included working class rights, International class solidarity; working class war against imperialist war and colonial oppression; freeing political prisoners; universal suffrage ...

1921 “Americanization Day” established to counterbalance May Day Labor Day. July 18, 1958 made official holiday by U.S. Congress...Eisenhower proclaimed May 1, 1959 the first official observance of Loyalty Day...recognized with an official proclamation every year, by every president, since...also known as Law Day

...We have fought for freedom in the theater of war and expanded its reach during times of peace. We have held fast to the principles at our country's core: service and citizenship; courage and the common good; liberty, equality, and justice for all. This is our Nation's heritage, and it is what we remember on Loyalty Day.
Therefore I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim May 1, 2013, as Loyalty Day. This Loyalty Day, I call upon all the people of the United States to join in support of this national observance by displaying the flag of the United States or pledging allegiance to the Republic for which it stands.

May Day demonstrations reported in Turkey, Cambodia, Indonesia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Italy, Spain, Greece, Iraq, Philippines -- violently attacked in Cambodia and Turkey
Turkey outlaws May Day protests 58 injured, 139 arrested in Turkey so far

4/21 Boston bombing, US Intelligence Report

Digest: the following links provide critical information about the Boston bombing operation, the information war, perpetrators, and the political context

4/17/13 Boston Bombs in Context

4/19 Boston Bombing in the crux of global terror war

4/23 Boston Bombing: U.S. Deep in Central Asia; Major Domestic Moves

5/13 Israel Aid in Boston < ">>

10/11 Restructuring the World by Any Means Necessary - All Legal

2/11/14 Made-in-USA Terrorist Threat Producers


Chechen refugee in NH questioned in bombing inquiry 2013/ 05/ 17/ us/ boston-bombing-developments.html
FBI agents investigating the Boston Marathon bombing have repeatedly questioned Musa Khadzhimuratov, a Chechen refugee and former separatist fighter who says he had a passing social relationship with one of the two bombing suspects. They searched his family's small apartment here Tuesday, scouring his computers, subjecting him to a polygraph, and taking a DNA sample.
The hours of FBI questioning in more than a dozen meetings — described by Khadzhimuratov and his wife, Madina, in an interview — illustrate the bureau's intensive effort to identify possible accomplices and test its theory that the suspects, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, were radicalized and trained on the Web and acted on their own.

4/16 HEARTBLEED: No Plausible Deniability

Note: See more key 'Heartbleed' connections in this major CYBERWAR assault in previous digest issue
Context: the bipartisan US 'full spectrum' global domination national security agenda losing ground on every front worldwide, its fascist state terror democracy 'coming home to roost'

Heartbleed is about to get worse, and will slow the Internet to a crawl
Last Friday, CloudFlare web service issued an open challenge to hackers to see if Heartbleed could be used to do something really dangerous — steal the security certificates that prove Google, for instance, is really Google....what was thought to be impossible turns out to be doable... Changing passwords will not protect you if you unwittingly give them to a hacker pretending to be your ISP mail provider...many Web sites raced to update their systems... fixes plugged the immediate hole... But in light of this latest discovery, many sites still appear to be vulnerable; attackers may have used Heartbleed to steal sites' valid security keys before it patched its systems...The next step, experts say, is for all 500,000 affected sites — from mom-and-pop to big conglomerates — to revoke their security certificates and issue new ones. But as necessary as that process is, it could have dramatic consequences for Web users’ everyday experiences....the good news is that many of the most critical Web sites — banks and government — were not vulnerable to Heartbleed in the first place, so they will not have to reissue their certificates

Obama: Technology Must Not be Used to Abuse Rights
4/23/12 VOA

4/9/14 Not in a Heartbeat

Why such muted US media reports on the massive escalation of US information/communications/surveillance war?
4/9/14/ NYT Experts Find a Door Ajar in an Internet Security Method Thought Safe ...dubbed the Heartbeat bug....

Encryption 'heartbleed' bug leaves two thirds of web traffic exposed
The vulnerability was found by Google researchers in the OpenSSL cryptographic library believed to be used by roughly two-thirds of all websites on the Internet and is part of the most common server software in use...The flaw was introduced in OpenSSL in December 2011, and was been 'in the wild' until yesterday, when a new version fixing the flaw was released....
The problem was uncovered by a team of researchers from Google Security and ***Codenomicon. Research by analytics firm Netcraft says almost 500,000 websites could be affected.
'The serious overrun vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptographic library affects around 17% of SSL web servers,' it says.Its research found Twitter, GitHub, Yahoo, Tumblr, Steam, Flickr, HypoVereinsbank, PostFinance, Regents Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and the anonymous search engine DuckDuckGo are all affected....
The vulnerability was dubbed the Heartbleed Bug because it was discovered 'in the OpenSSL's implementation of the TLS/DTLS (transport layer security protocols) heartbeat extension (RFC6520),' the team said.'This bug has left large amount of private keys and other secrets exposed to the Internet. Considering the long exposure, ease of exploitation and attacks leaving no trace this exposure should be taken seriously.'

3/23/ MH370's Passengers; Operation "SHOTGIANT"

Obama Administration to Create New Military Command to Combat Cyber Spies in Russia or China: CYBERCOM

Huawei VP on Malaysian Airlines flight mh370
Freescale Semiconductor had 20 employees on missing Malaysia airlines flight
3/10/14 by AAP
China Telecom executive Hualian “Happy” Zhang

Malaysian plane: 20 passengers worked for ELECTRONIC WARFARE and MILITARY RADAR firm
U.S. Freescale Semiconductor, which makes powerful microchips for industries including defence, released the powerful new products to the market on March 3. Five days later, Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing with 239 people on board including 20 who worked for Freescale...Twelve from Malaysia, eight were Chinese nationals.  Freescale’s spokesman Mitch Haws said: “These were all people with a lot of experience and technical background and they were very important people....

Spy Satellite Companies Form Space Monopoly
Colorado-based satellite firm DigitalGlobe announced a merger with Virginia-based competitor GeoEye.. DigitalGlobe will control 64% of the new company...and take over GeoEye operations... known for providing imagery for applications like Google Earth, it provide more than three-quarters of the U.S. government’s satellite images...with funding from Congress and the Pentagon National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) ...DigitalGlobe, now the main player in the satellite industry, is currently building two new satellites:

Primatech Client List

3/20/ Satellite Imagery Secret Tells the Truth

Malaysia airlines mh370 search stretches from Australia to China 2014/ 03/ 17/ malaysia-airlines-mh370-search_n_4980150.html
Around 26 countries are in the search spanning vast tracts of central and southeast Asia and huge swaths of the Indian Ocean and South China Sea... Over the sea, 25 aircraft from 10 countries, 18 ships from four countries and six ship-borne helicopters were involved.. over land it continues in Asia, from Vietnam and Laos through China to Kazakhstan.

"Putin is effectively rejecting the international order established after the collapse of the Soviet Union"
Specialists say this would not be another Cold War, which was a global contest of ideology pitting capitalism versus communism...Putin positions himself as leader of anti-American sentiment, but it is rooted in Russian nationalism rather than Marxist philosophy, and his main focus is on his own neighborhood...“It won’t be exactly like the Cold War because it won’t be a struggle for control of the world...”..Andrew C. Kuchins, Center for Strategic and International Studies director of Russian studies. “I have a really hard time imagining getting back anytime soon, if ever, while Putin is in power, to where the U.S.-Russia relationship was.”..

Dozen U.S. Warplanes Arrive In Poland
3/17/14 3:47 pm (PDT) .

3/18 Flight Plan & Malaysian Opposition: Target China, p.2

The actual 370 flight plan is revealed below, in context. It's also a basic primer on US 'smart power' operations in the world war that was greenlighted by 911 to "collaboratively" restructure the US dominated post-WW2 'new world order' it can no longer rule solo. Now Obama coundelor, Zbigniew Brzezinski geostrategically theorized an analogue (see his Strategic Vision) to his earlier guides for 'total tyranny' global domination (see previous digest issue).
Future digest issues will explore forces, rival-capitalist blocs led by China & Russia, heroic anti-imperialist occupation fighters and revolutionary groups - all referred in "if you aren't with us, you're with the terrorist". P.S. the website search function will get you - and any you share it with - over 10 years of critical information so urgently needed.

MH370 picture exclusive: Pilot wears anti-government slogan t-shirt amid fears he hijacked missing jet
The pilot, Capt Zaharie, father-of-three, was a fervent supporter of Anwar Ibrahim - jailed for homosexuality hours before the Malaysia Airways jet disappeared. The pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet is pictured in a T-shirt with "Democracy is Dead" slogan as fears emerge he could have hijacked the plane as an anti-government protest....On Twitter and YouTube he backed human rights groups and campaigners for internet freedom in Malaysia... The slogan on his T-shirt, as he poses with his pal Peter, is dated May 5, 2013 - the date of the country's elections which led to violent protests against alleged poll fraud. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim called activists on to the streets and Capt Zaharie "liked" YouTube videos posted by Ibrahim....

U.S. Addresses Conviction of Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim

3/15/14 What's Behind US Maneuvers Against Russia & China?

Rise & Fall of history's deadliest 'new world order' dictatorship:
One glaring sign of US weakness and desperation is the hysterical, changing-minute-by-minute, 360 degree lies, projecting US-sponsored terror onto its recipients. Desperation apparently makes them seriously overate the success of their information war control and mass dumbification, or they missed the recent Gallup-Pew poll showing the majority of the world considers the US the greatest threat to world peace, severely misreading the 'balance of forces' - or believing their own 'public diplomacy/strategic communications?

China & Russia, 'not permitted' capitalist rivals, are at the critical center of the rise & fall of finance capital's world destruction to save its political-economic system's world rule.

More will follow, on the current situation, major players and contradictions. Also some instructive geostrategic analyses little or not at all publicized.

explaining US dominance, decay & defeat
Pentagon Plan: 'Prevent the Re-Emergence of a New Rival
3/8/1992 excerpts

3/1/14 US v. the World

(great graphics not visible)

digest note: why US global domination agenda makes big use worldwide of its terrorist proxy 'indirect leverage'
US leverage is diminished by needing Russia's help negotiating an Iranian nuclear deal and ending Syria's war. The US also needs Russian supply routes to move out of Afghanistan

Arabian Sights.....

Obama’s War Against Civilization
Glen Ford
U.S. frenzy of regime-changing aggression, aimed at destabilizing or destroying sovereign states... Obama’s signature is written in blood around the world, as he pursues “full spectrum, no-holds-barred, war-without-boundaries against all potential resistance to U.S. imperial rule, anywhere on the planet.”...

USA vs. the World
Margaret Kimberley
President Obama has placed whole nations on his Kill List. Syria and Venezuela are to join Libya and Iraq as states that have been made to fail, while Ukraine is snatched into the NATO-EU orbit. “The neo-conservative project for a new American century has reached full fruition under a Democratic president, who now has many notches on his gun.”...

Syrian Subterfuge part two: The Case for Humanitarian War- Again
Ajamu Baraka

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