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12/13/13 Mandela: From "Terrorist" to Savior

"We'll not likely see the likes of Nelson Mandela again...His acts of reconciliation… set an example all humanity should aspire to…"

US National Security Strategy, May 2010
...South Africa’s inclusion in the G-20 should be followed by a growing number of emerging African nations charting a course toward improved governance and meaningful development. South Africa’s vibrant democracy, combined with its regional and global leadership roles, is a critical partner. From peacemaking to climate change to capacity-building, South Africa brings unique value and perspective to international initiatives. With its strong, diversified, well-managed economy, it oftenserves as a springboard to the entire African continent, and we will work to pursue shared interests in Africa’s security, growth, and development of Africa’s human capital....

AFRICA: Obama Doctrine

12/7/13 Why Pearl Harbor?

The ultimate objective of the US world terror war, green-lighted by 911, is destruction of the threat to its survival-working class revolution to bury the finance capitalist system

Were 1998 Memos a Blueprint for War?
Nightline 3/5/03. March 10
...Years before George W. Bush entered the White House, and years before the Sept. 11 attacks...the Project for the New American Century, or PNAC, founded in 1997... called for a more assertive US post-Soviet a report before the 2000 election that brought Bush to power, PNAC predicted only small, slow gains were possible...without "some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor." That event came Sept. 11, 2001..

Pearl Harbor: The REAL History
by Richard K. Moore 6/10/2001
ARMY BOARD, 1944 President Roosevelt (FDR) provoked the attack, knew about it in advance ... to sucker Hitler to declare war....

United States Lies, Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima and Nagasaki untold Death & Destruction
...Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

12/1/13 Why U.S.,NYT & co Pimp Pope Francis

"When fascism comes to america it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross" Sinclair Lewis correctly predicted in 1936

Since 9'11 there's been increasing 'public diplomacy' pushing religion along with patriotism. The inherently fascist, hegemonic nature of both US finance capitalist zionism and the Roman Catholic Church have made them committed partners in the battle to save US capitalism from communist revolution (now "terrorism").
The RCC, like the US required a friendly-face fascist cover in this make-or-break juncture to 'win hearts and minds' as the RCC more overtly pivots into geopolitical role in US-led world war to 'rebalance' its global supremacy - to continue 'rebalancing' the planet to death. Under Obama, state-sponsored 'news' people apparently converted to RCC and the
fuck-I-was-almost-pope Archbishop Timothy Dolan's version of the 'change, hope' prayer. (related revelations at

NYT / neolib propagandists importance of RCC partnership to US agenda

Pope Prays for Freedom in China and Peace in Syria
12/25/12 NYT
Wearing a short red cape lined with snow-white ermine and trimmed with gold embroidery, Benedict smiled as he offered Christmas greetings in 65 languages to thousands of the faithful in St. Peter’s Square. Marching bands from the Italian armed forces and the Carabinieri police played festive anthems

Dolan Says Church Is 'Caricatured' as Antigay
11/30/13 NYT
Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, discussed the Roman Catholic Church position on same-sex marriage and Affordable Care Act In an interview with NBC's "Meet the Press,"

Catholic bishops challenged to adapt to Pope Francis’ priorities



Manifest Destiny - The Philosophy That Created A Nation

"The greatest single acts of terrorism to date were not perpetrated by Osama bin Laden, but by the US military when it dropped atomic bombs on the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki."
2001 Speech by Moonanum James, 32nd National Day of Mourning

To have been delivered at Plymouth, Massachusetts, 197
Speech by Moonanum James, Co-Leader of United American Indians of New England at the 29th National Day of Mourning, November 26, 1998

The Truth About Thanksgiving
Americans celebrate the theft of the country they call their own with a feast they call Thanksgiving., from `Rogue Nation' by Vernon Coleman
At a meeting in New England in 1640 the following motions were put to the assembly.
1. The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.
2. The Lord may give the earth or any part of it to his chosen people.
3. We are his chosen people.

11/17/13 Philippines in the Eye of the Storm

How Philippines Typhoon Aid Helps U.S. (excerpt)
The storm that ravaged the Philippines this weekend was off the charts, so powerful that it has been dubbed a “super typhoon.”... Though Americans have prided themselves in helping countries in need, its latest effort raises a sensitive but practical question... how much importance should be placed on international disaster relief? And should this be a key mission for the Pentagon...? Humanitarian assistance and disaster relief... diplomacy, charity and military action...U.S. typically taps resources of the State Department U.S. Agency for International Development, NGOs and government agencies ranging from NASA to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration....however, often the most valuable resources are military... In the wake of Haiyan — as in the wake of disasters such as the Asian tsunami of 2004 — there is no substitute for the capabilities of the U.S. military. At the level of strategic national interest does the case for tasking the U.S. military to international natural disasters hold up?... A cold-eyed evaluation suggests yes. The best battle is the one you don't have to fight. Most deployment of U.S. military resources is preventive:U.S. stations troops throughout the world in the hope of shaping the political environment to avoid sending them into combat. The U.S. conducts training exercises with almost every nation it can, in part to decrease the likelihood of conducting actual warfare...In these terms, deploying military resources for disaster relief is a remarkably effective — and inexpensive — investment in the future. One of the largest such deployments in history...the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and other assets following the 2004 Asian Aceh sunami, is estimated to have cost $857 million (PDF). That's roughly the price of three days' operations (PDF) in Afghanistan last year.

10/19 Prions -'Mad Cow Dusease' -Alzheimer's

Not 'fit to print': scientific research shows a prion-alzheimer's connection. Prions, in meat fed protein-by-products, can be avoided by eating no meat, or vegetarian-fed meat. Meanwhile we're inundated w/ scare 'science news', tests, drugs 'science' re: alzheimer disease - causes unknown, and only diagnosable by autopsy

Archives show the US government was aware of the prion-meat-CJD connection since 2001

This is an archive page. The links are no longer being updated.
The Secretary's action plan is on the Web at: getdoc.cgi?dbname=2001_register&docid=01-21145-filed.
HHS Secretary Tommy G. Thompson today unveiled a department-wide action plan outlining new steps to improve scientific understanding of BSE, commonly known as "mad cow disease," and related diseases known as TSEs. The plan incorporates a comprehensive approach to further strengthen surveillance, increase research resources, and expand existing inspection efforts to prevent BSE and TSEs from entering or taking hold in the United States. BSE (bovine spongioform encephalopathy) is a fatal disease that causes progressive neurological degeneration in cattle. It is one of a family of diseases called TSEs, or transmissible spongioform encephalopathies, named for sponge-like gaps that develop in the brain tissue of diseased animals or people. One TSE disease that affects humans is Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), a form of this disease, variant CJD (vCJD), is probably related to BSE cattle disease.There is strong scientific evidence the agent that causes BSE in cattle is the agent that causes vCJD in people....

10/13/ US Values: Columbus Day Honoring Genocide; Guantanamo Video

digest: US imperialist global terror can be ended, not by legal indictments, but when revolution, led by the working class and oppressed nations, buries the fascist political-economic system where its 'justice' makes its crimes legal, just, and humanitarian. See Restructuring the World by All means, Now All Legal, p.2,

The International Tribunal on Indigenous Peoples 'and Oppressed Nations in the United States.
Columbus Day Promotes Genocide
Indictment of the Federal Government of the U.S. for the commission of international crime (excerpt)
 By Francis A. Boyle

Native American People
1. The Defendant has perpetrated innumerable Crimes Against Peace, Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes against Native American Peoples as recognized by the Nuremberg Charter, Judgment, and Principles.
2. The Defendant has perpetrated the International Crime of Genocide against Native American Peoples as recognized by the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.
3. The Defendant has perpetrated the International Crime of Apartheid against Native American Peoples as recognized by the 1973 International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid.
4. The Defendant has perpetrated a gross and consistent pattern of violations of the most fundamental human rights of Native American Peoples as recognized by the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
5. The Defendant has perpetrated numerous and repeated violations of the 1965 International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination against Native American Peoples.
6. The Defendant has systematically violated 371 treaties it concluded with Native American Peoples in wanton disregard of the basic principle of public international law and practice dictating pacta sunt servanda.

10/11 Restructuring the World By Any Means, All Now Legal, p.2

Digest introduction:

Like all imperialist world wars, the 'GWOT', by whatever name, was and is a desperate but necessary attempt by the US finance capitalist class to retain global 'leadership' by restructuring the world politically, economically and militarily.
Winning public support for such wars means getting the support of the classes whose lives, labor, lands it bleeds, and those whose class-race privilege it buys. US imperialism, without the
power to secure unilateral global rule, with rising upstart capitalists China & Russia and their growing anti-US domination blocs, with clients states and proxy's unable to secure their national subjects for US domination, losing its global grip, had to survive embarked on a permanent war which will require permanent 'bailouts' as long as it is allowed to survive.
So it is imperative to expose 'our government's historically unprecedented lies and crimes committed in our names for 'our security'.

With hundreds of years of north american 'manifest destiny' built on genocide and slavery, evolving into 'globalized capitalism' (imperialism}, and with more than a decade of well-documented evidence of 'false flag'/P20G /black ops'- triggered by the 911 greenlight for a GWOT against an 'enemy' it created - pretexts and provocations to build patriotic public opinion and support for whatever the US made legal to salvage its failing global rule...from 911 to current 'rampages' from in Newtown, L.A., Boston, D.C., Kenya
and elsewhere. From the Bush to Obama regime, all that changed was a friendlier US fascist face and the name of its fascist game....revealed in the 2001 enduring threat:
"if you aren't with us you're with the terrorists".

true confessions:

"The same folks bombing innocent people in Iraq were the ones who attacked us in America on September the 11th..."
GWB, July '07 press conference

10/3/13 Behind the Shutdown -Lockdown, part 1

Congress controls spending and taxation, thus the total debt level, without setting any debt limit. As of Oct 17, 2013 however the U.S. government will no longer legally be able to issue more debt because US Treasury exhausted the “extraordinary measures” set in the May budget deal to stay in the 16.7 trillion Congressional mandated federal debt limit.

The bogus 'electoral war' propaganda to hide reality, was finally solved with another major news D.C., false flag distraction. Later on PBS Newshour- where, along with all the major US TV channels - headline news was chaos that ended the life of an unarmed woman with a baby in the car. (*sample of make-it-up as-ordered-news reports).

Media's job was to cover the anti-obamacare 'electoral war' game as unrelated to the issue of bipartisan plans to raise debt level again. PBS gwen Ifil interviewed Republican Appropriations Committee senator Dent who instead of fulminating like Boehner, explained that of course Republican leadership intended to support raising the debt ceiling again and then continue its fight against ACA as it stands.

Nothing short of revolution would stop US funding trillions more to wage its global domination war by any & all means necessary. The ruling finance capitalist state is, was and, as long as it survives always will be, bipartisan. Electoral politics and govt bureaucracies serve the state ideologically, politically and financially.

part 2 next: why the state (not to be confused with its govt. bureaucracies) requires another massive bailout

October 3, 2013 1:36:07 PM Washingtom Post National News Alert: Boehner says he 'll do whatever is necessary to avoid default

cynical insider truth
GOP Congress Saved Obama from Dog House

9/24 Before & After the Kenyan Mall Rampage

note: finally has a search function for keywords / topics, 'arab spring', Katrina, QME, strategic non-violence, etc., included in digest issues - thank you friend!

USAfricom commander says U.S. supports Somali government to retake Mogadishu
USAFRICOM Commander, William Ward, told a Senate hearing the Somali government's effort in retaking Mogadishu is " something we look to do in support to the degree the transitional federal government can re-exert control over Mogadishu, with the help of AMISOM and others." (African Union Mission in Somalia.)..Ward said the US supports the transitional government, which "is for now our best potential for turning around some of the instability and lack of governance."

AFRICOM's First War: U.S. Directs Large-Scale Offensive In Somalia

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