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Trump Card: "Safeguarding American Democracy"

Analysis: Paris Shooting: Champs Elysees Attack Likely to Boost Le Pen...
...The French presidential race that will determine the fate of Europe.. ISIS claims responsibility

Trump May Be Best Thing that’s Happened to US Democracy in Decades
Thoughtful, caring American citizens are now more engaged in the political process than ever... Thanks to Trump..

US-ISIS claims responsibility
TRUMP CARD: safeguarding US fascist finance capitalist ‘liberal world order’ domination

Is America Still Safe for Democracy?
Why the United States Is in Danger of Backsliding
 May/June 2017 Issue <
The election of Donald Trump as president  of the United States—a man who has praised dictators, encouraged violence among supporters, threatened to jail his rival, and labeled the mainstream media as “the enemy”—has raised fears the United States  may be heading toward authoritarianism. While predictions of a descent into fascism  are overblown, the Trump presidency could push the United States into a mild form of what we call “competitive authoritarianism”—a system in which meaningful democratic institutions exist yet the government abuses state power to disadvantage its opponents...
There is little reason to expect Americans’ commitment to democracy to serve as a safeguard against democratic erosion. 

US Plays Deadly North Korea Trump Card

Predictive pretexts for U.S. preventive “defense”:

Analyzing current trends and predicting North Korea’s next provocation
43%chance of North Korean WMD activity in the next 14 days.
62%chance of North Korean WMD activity in the next 30 days.

Lost cause? North Korea nuke threat awaits next president
WASHINGTON (AP) — If North Korea has been a foreign policy headache for Barack Obama’s presidency, it threatens to be a migraine for his successor. The next president will likely contend with an adversary able to strike the continental U.S. with a nuclear weapon....the North will grab more attention of the next president than it did for Obama, who adopted strategic patience: ramping up sanctions in a so-far fruitless effort to force the North to negotiate on denuclearization... National Intelligence director James Clapper said persuading North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons is probably a “lost cause.” That appeared to challenge to a key tenet of U.S. Policy..

MLK "Uncle Tom"

“The only revolution ever based on loving your enemy is the Negro revolution…That’s no revolution”
Malcolm X, 1963 speech, (Message to the Grass Roots, 9).

“We want freedom now, but we're not going to get it saying 'We Shall Overcome.' We've got to fight to overcome"
1965 speech, Malcolm X (Malcolm X Speaks, 38)

Malcolm X with Haley, Autobiography of Malcolm X, 1965.

Malcolm on the difference between the "house Negro" and the "field Negro."
Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan. 23 January 1963.
Transcribed text from audio excerpt. [read entire speech

So you have two types of Negro. The old type and the new type. Most of you know the old type. When you read about him in history during slavery he was called "Uncle Tom." He was the house Negro -- probably in the basement or the attic --but he lived in the master's house.
And during slavery you had two Negroes. You had the house Negro and the field Negro.
The house Negro usually lived close to his master. He dressed like his master. He wore his master's second-hand clothes. He ate the food his master left on the table. And he lived in his master's house--
So whenever that house Negro identified himself, he always identified himself in the same sense that his master identified himself. When his master said, "We have good food," the house Negro would say, "Yes, we have plenty of good food." "We" have plenty of good food. When the master said that "we have a fine home here," the house Negro said, "Yes, we have a fine home here." When the master would be sick, the house Negro identified himself so much with his master he'd say, "What's the matter boss, we sick?" His master's pain was his pain. And it hurt him more for his master to be sick than for him to be sick himself. When the house started burning down, that type of Negro would fight harder to put the master's house out than the master himself would.


Digest commentary: Malcom X, mortal foe of US white supremacist capitalism
North American ‘manifest destiny’ has wreaked unimaginable degradation, genocidal suffering and destruction, and has created the horror that gives rise to the unbearable conditions that mandate resistance and revolution.
Malcolm X, a former Muslim, one of our great revolutionary leaders, was murdered Feb. 21, 1965, by the U.S. as he was about to address a Harlem rally so fearful were the oppressors of the political movement his truthful leadership inspired. Malcolm told the truth and stripped the system bare naked for us. “They can kill revolutionaries, but they can't kill the revolution” as Fred Hampton, another murdered great revolutionary leader said.

digest: The Black Party, formed in 1966, influenced especially by Marx, Mao, and Franz Fanon, was so powerful by1969 US imperialism declared it the “greatest threat to the internal security of the U.S.”

"The Negro youth and moderate[s] must be made to understand that if they succumb to revolutionary teachings, they will be dead revolutionaries."
J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Chief, re: FBI COINTELPRO to destroy Black Panther Party leadership

"Revolution is never based on begging somebody for an integrated cup of coffee. Revolutions are never fought by turning the other cheek. Revolutions are never based on love-your-enemy...revolutions are never waged singing 'We Shall Overcome.'...Revolutions are never based on that which is begging a corrupt system to accept us... Revolutions overturn systems. And there is no system on this earth which has proven itself more corrupt, more criminal, than this system that in 1964 still colonizes 22 million African-Americans, still enslaves 22 million Afro-Americans."
April 8, 1964 Malcolm X

TRUMP Card: Geopolitical Analysts

Chaos Strategy in action..
Attack in the Heart of Europe
12/16/16 STRATFOR INTELLIGENCE Geopolitical Analysis
The Berlin incident will shape politics across the Continent nudging many states farther to the right.

A guide for managing the end of the post-Cold War era.
U.S. Defense & National Security U.S. Foreign Policy

NOW (NewWorldOrder) Chaos Strategy – Manufactured Terrorism
By Daniel Mabsout 2014 vanessa beeley / February 20, 2015

Obama Says Trump Seeks to Assure Leaders of US-NATO Commitment
President doubts Trump will undo Iran nuclear deal
Obama to reassure foreign leaders Trump ready to lead
The president to depart for meeting European leaders in Greece and Germany and Asian and Pacific leaders in Peru, where he’ll assure foreign leaders the billionaire real-estate developer will be ready to lead the free world by his Jan. 20 inauguration. Describing Trump as more pragmatist than ideologue, Obama, who met with the president-elect at the White House last Thursday, made the case that the international diplomacy turn the U.S. takes might not be as sharp as campaign rhetoric suggested....

All analysts selected by the digest are heavyweight ‘communicators’, few with ‘enjoyable’ irony like this first one:
By Robin Wright 10/19/16

Why US Engineered Pearl Harbor Dec.7,1941

Why US Engineered Pearl Harbor Dec.7,1941
12/7/16 edited version of 12/7/10

digest commentary:
WWII started in 1939 but despite desperate British pleas, the US did not enter the war until the attack it had engineered by the Japanese December 7, 1941. Contrary to the 'great anti-fascist war' myth, the US delay was designed so its 'allies' did most of the dirty ground work because the US primary strategic goal was defeating communism, the major threat to its unilateral global domination. Treacherously, Joseph Stalin, ‘leader’ of the supposedly still revolutionary Soviet Union, joined its imperialist enemies, apparently in hopes of appeasement and joining in 'mopping up the spoils... The US GWOT, also greenlighted by pretext, 911, is actually US WW3, to restructure its collapsed post WW2 global order with increasingly desperate terror demonstrating what Lenin said: capitalism in crisis is fascism

Why US Engineered Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor: The REAL History
by Richard K. Moore 6/10/2001
"...everything that the Japanese were planning to do was known to the United States..." ARMY BOARD, 1944 President Roosevelt (FDR) provoked the attack, knew about it in advance and covered up his failure to warn the Hawaiian commanders... to sucker Hitler to declare war, since the public and Congress were overwhelmingly against entering the war in was the backdoor to war.

"...without some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor..."
Were 1998 Memos a Blueprint for War?
Nightline March 5, 2003. March 10

US Strategy of Chaos: Trump Card

U.S. Strategy of Chaos: Trump Card

Digest intro:
Much documented information in this issue is essential for understanding the current geopolitical situation and the crisis of US finance capitalism driving its desperate transition from liberal to openly fascist mode
to salvage its post WW2 global hegemonic order.
The Trump card ‘anti-establishment’, 'rogue' 'madman' act allows US white supremacy to break its liberal facade while making its standard american exceptionalist electoral parties look like 'anti-fascists'.
After the US conquered world domination via WW2 and established its "international community" of organizations from NATO to the UN, the WHO etc it started its non-stop "wars" to expand its 'empire' maintain and strengthen its hegemony. March 8, 1992 the New York Times 'paper of record', published it declared absolute world power, no "rivals or equivalents permitted" which was publishe Marrh 8, 1992 Pentagon
and periodThe "GWOT" bears \
USNATO Post WW2 counter-revolutionary OPERATION GLADIO again deployed in WW3 (aka ‘GWOT’), powered by US information war, Pentagon’s DARPA now HQ’d with its partners in Silicon Valley. The following stunning Brzezinski revelation of how long this strategic plan has been in the works.

digest note:Brzezinski’s ‘TECHNETRONIC’ in 1970 describes today’s last grasp for the post WW2 US world order
This unprecedented capitalist crisis has led to unprecedented degrees of desperation — and geopolitical chaos and world war to restructure the world and finance capital is old history. Every war capital wages, whatever it;s named, is against genuine revolutionary communism, its only existential.

PS: TRAP: Support the System to 'beat Trump'

Fools voted 'against trump" for expansion of fascist US ‘new world order’ as Trump whips up an uber-patriot white nationalist movement

'Something is happening that is amazing,' Trump said. He was right ...
...Trump insisted he had sparked a political movement. He was right....He’s honest and speaks his mind, even if it gets him in trouble. And he’s tough..Trump told his supporters it was okay to blame their financial problems on undocumented immigrants and the Chinese, that it was okay to be fearful of Muslims and those who don’t speak English, that it was okay to punch back at Black Lives Matter activists, that it was okay to hate Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.... the palpable outrage, the sharing of conspiracy theories, the mob mentality...Early October after he’d apologized for recorded 2005 comments revealed by The Washington Post bragging about sexually assaulting women, and facing accusations from a growing number of women he forced himself on them...he said...“We’ve created a movement. This is like a great movement that the whole world is talking about. And honestly you’ll never have this chance; in four years, I don’t care who runs, you’re never gonna have this chance. So you have to get out and vote. Vote with all of your heart, vote with all of your soul, because this is it.”.

10/8/16 The Post edited this video for length

Geostrategic Election Psywar Chaos

2 major US terror proxies and ‘jihadist tracker’ SITE INTEL join election chaos and create false flag ops pretexts

Islamic State calls for attacks on Election Day voters
The Islamic State published English essay calling for attacks on voters during U.S. presidential election, demanding Muslims not participate in the democratic process.

*Ritz Katz director of the SITE Intelligence Group said...

Sources: U.S. intel warning of possible al Qaeda attacks in U.S. Monday
“The public should expect to continue to observe an increased law enforcement and security presence across communities in public places. Our law enforcement community also continues to take action against those who attempt to engage in activities that could put Americans at risk. There are more than 100 Joint Terrorism Task Forces at work across the country in partnership with state and local law enforcement to prevent attacks in the homeland.”
The New York Police Department said it was working with intelligence agencies and the Joint Terrorism Task Force, according to the Reuters news agency.
Intelligence about potential threats always increases during holiday seasons and when big events are approaching. As Election Day nears, federal law enforcement is planning for several worst-case scenarios....

Secretary of state Hillary Clinton why US trained and supported Osama Bin Laden

"As Hurricane Matthew moves out, Zika could move in"

None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free

"... imperialism as the slave system of the West is called... It's one huge complex or combine, creates what's known not as the American power structure or the French power structure, but the international power structure... used to suppress the masses of dark-skinned people all over the world and exploit them of their natural resources."
Malcolm X

The Plan is for the United States to rule the world. The overt theme is unilateralism, but it is ultimately a story of domination. It calls for the United States to maintain its overwhelming superiority and prevent new rivals from rising up to challenge it on the world stage. It calls for dominion over friends and enemies alike. It says not that the United States must be more powerful, or most powerful, but that it must be absolutely powerful. Vice-President Dick Cheney - lecture at West Point, June 2002

As Hurricane Matthew moves out, Zika could move in
As Hurricane Matthew waters began to recede, coastal residents from Florida to the Carolinas may have something else to worry about: Zika...
“It knocks a lot of stuff down so you just have a lot more things in which the mosquito can breed. A damaged rain gutter, for instance, becomes a rain collector. Every little object that blows off a house or even a chair flipped over on a porch becomes a container for mosquitoes to breed” said Philip Stoddard, mayor of South Miami. And a Florida International University biology professor...

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