US- 911/ 'Bin Laden/'al qaeda': pretext for global war part 2

"..He has not been formally indicted and charged in connection with 9/11 because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting bin Laden to 9/11...”
Rex Tom, FBI Director of Investigative Publicity, stated 2006 FBI position:
“The FBI gathers evidence. Once evidence is gathered, it is turned over to the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice then decides whether it has enough evidence to present to a federal grand jury. In the case of the 1998 United States Embassies being bombed, bin Laden has been formally indicted and charged by a grand jury. He has not been formally indicted and charged in connection with 9/11 because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting bin Laden to 9/11.”

Obama: no longer essential to kill Osama bin Laden
Barack Obama's comments in a CBS interview last night -- that removing Osama bin Laden from the battlefield was no longer essential that America's security goals could be achieved merely by keeping al-Qaeda "on the run" ..."My preference obviously would be to capture or kill him. But if we have so tightened the noose that he's in a cave somewhere and can't even communicate with his operatives then we will meet our goal of protecting America."... October 7 in a election presidential debate, Mr Obama said: "We will kill bin Laden. We will crush al-Qaeda. That has to be our biggest national security priority." ...

5/2/11 after heroic killing of US cipher again to rally war-mongering patriotism
Obama To 9/11 Victims: 'Justice Has Been Done'
Crowds Of People Sing National Anthem, Chant 'USA'
(excerpt from full text of Obama announcement)

10/9/12 'October Surprises': 911, US-Bin Laden Group, part 1

part 2 follows: Obama resurrects and kills al qaeda/bin laden' again to expand terror war

major cipher 'bin laden/ al qaeda' in US state terrorist war

Presidential Election Enters Month of Surprise
9/30/12 2012/ 09/ 30/ now-entering-the-month-of-surprise/
In 2004, Osama bin Laden released a video statement on Oct. 29. Will such a surprise happen again? ...What else could pop up on the world stage in October? More re-evaluations of the terrorist attack that killed the ambassador to Libya? Developments in the Iranian nuclear drama? Dramatic economic collapses in European nations already weakened and teetering? .. there is always the possibility that something happens in October that has no particular relevance to the election, but steals the spotlight...

CIA alleged to have met Bin Laden in July
31 Oct. 2001, by Anthony Sampson,
Two months before September 11 Osama bin Laden flew to Dubai for 10 days for treatment at the American hospital...While there he was visited by several members of his familythe CIA. ..also
by Prince Turki al Faisal, head of Saudi intelligence, with long Taliban and Bin Laden links. Soon after Turki resigned, and recently has publicly attacked him in an open letter: "You are a rotten seed, like the son of Noah"....confirmed or not, wider leaks from French secret service throw a worrying light on the rivalries and lack of coordination between intelligence agencies, both within the US and between western allies.

Israeli intelligence: Bin Laden is dead, heir has been chosen
World Tribune

10/7/12 US Loses Venezuela 'Regime Change' Again

Chavez wins re-election
Associated Press 10/07/2012
CARACAS, Venezuela—President Hugo Chavez won re-election Sunday, defeating challenger Henrique Capriles and gaining six more years to cement his legacy...With about 90% of votes counted, Chavez had more than 54% of the vote...the National Electoral Council president said 81% of the nearly 19 million registered voters cast ballots, one of the largest turnouts in years.

Chavez Beats Capriles in Election....
Chavez also argued Capriles would represent the interests of the United States, not the poor, and his government would slash popular social programs, a claim Capriles had to repeatedly deny. The attacks had an impact....Capriles conceded at his campaign headquarters...And asked Chavez, who mocks his foes as oligarchs and lackeys of U.S. imperialism, take the opposition’s needs into account....A largely forgotten topic in recent months that may again become a major issue is the tumor in Chavez’s pelvic region that he said was removed this year. Although he announced that he was cured after months of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, details about his health remain a state secret. The president was clearly slowed by the cancer during the campaign, which served to highlight Capriles’s vigor. The man known as El Comandante to his followers appeared bloated, had to walk gingerly and could not speak to the crowds for hours at a time, as is his custom.

Digest note: Worldwide, from Africa to Latin America, USAID soft power 'strategic non-violence' arm of US global domination agenda
America’s Covert "Civil Society Operations": US Interference in Venezuela Keeps Growing",

8/2 Syria: US Sets Stage for 'End of Diplomacy' and R2P Military Invasion

US - NATO, unable to defeat the Syrian govt.and peoples' successful resistance, desperately uses its powerless frontman to 'justify' a long-planned military invasion
Kofi Annan, Special envoy of the UN and Arab League, who sought unsuccessfully for months to resolve the Syria conflict, submitted his resignation Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said.
New York Times August 2, 2012

Kofi Annan quits as UN's Syria envoy. Is diplomacy at an end?

Syrian rebels now have heavy weapons - UN peacekeeping chief
UNITED NATIONS, Aug 2 (Reuters)"We know for a fact that the opposition does have heavy weapons," U.N. Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Herve Ladsous told reporters. He gave no details on where the arms had come from, but said such weaponry included tanks and armored personnel carriers.

"refugee camps in Turkey used as military bases"
Syria: Turkey sending terrorists to wage war
BEIRUT, Aug 2 2012 (Reuters) - A Syrian statement said "The Turkish government has set up on its soil military offices where Israeli, American, Qatari and Saudi intelligence agencies direct the terrorists in their war on the Syrian people," accused France and the United States of sending rebels communications equipment. U.S. sources said President Barack Obama signed a secret order authorising U.S. support for rebels seeking to depose Assad. Gulf sources told Reuters Turkey had set up a secret base with allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar to direct vital military and communications aid to Syria's rebels from the city of Adana near the border....Turkey used the refugee camps as "military bases" for terrorists headed to Syria

Military Resistance 10G23

7/29 About the "Syrian opposition": PayPal now takes contributions for them

"... November 2001, one of the senior military staff officers had time for a chat. Yes, we were still on track for going against Iraq.. But there was more being discussed as part of a five-year campaign plan, he said, there were a total of seven countries, beginning with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia, and Sudan." 
General Wesley Clark

imperialist thugs' asses liberated as Syrian state steps up courageous defense against US-led aggressors
"There is no going back. The Damascus battle has priority for us. We have started the "Damascus volcano and Syrian earthquake" operation to liberate Damascus"
"There is major coordination between all military councils regarding this. We will not stop, there is no return. "We will hit security buildings." "Our fighters are already deployed in sensitive areas in Damascus. They went knowing they will not leave alive. This is the battle, this is our battle," the FSA officer said.

Syrian Rebels Survive Onslaught in Aleppo
7/29/12 Paul Schemm,
BEIRUT (AP) -- Syrian tanks and artillery pounded rebel-held neighborhoods in the commercial hub of Aleppo on Sunday in a bid to retake control as President Bashar Assad's regime accused regional powerhouses Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey of trying to destroy the country...The country's military apparatus, though, has remained intact and continues to crush opposition remnants in Damascus and its outskirts...(this line and/or the entire AP/Schemm article published a.m. Seattle Times has been deleted and/or replaced by other versions)

Syria warns of Western disinformation campaign

7/22/12 Colorado & Syria: Terror War

...Obama cut short a Florida campaign trip, returning to D.C. to meet with FBI Director Robert Mueller, Homeland Security adviser John Brennan and other federal officials....he ordered US flags flown at half-staff “as a mark of respect for the victims of the senseless acts of violence perpetrated on July 20, 2012, in Aurora, Colorado.”

Assassination Nation Fifty Years of US Targeted ‘Kill Lists’: From the Phoenix Program to Predator Drones
By Doug Noble 7/19/12

Digest: A timely distraction and opportunity: as reports of US strategy to dump Assad for US 'transition' to democracy regime' in collaboration with its surrogate Syrian 'opposition' Obama gets an opportunity to preside over uniting the bogus 'partisan opposition' - nationally and internationally against Syria. - the ruling bipartisan state desperate now, must expand and deepen its claas war for world supremacy. Physically disarming the potentially revolutionary international working class - strategically ravaged by the GWOT (semantically deleted and born again as 'the middle class'- necessary since the capitalist class knows its real enemy will ultimately lead the struggle everywhere to uproot its tyranny - despite its 'exceptional american' pacification still.

Digest: Aurora, Colorado 'not terrorist connected' terror. Officials at all levels immediately 'determined' that 'suspect' was not connected with any
terrorist group: such State stories are contradictory - and revealing.

7/19 Terror in Damascus, the Road to Iran

U.S. Strategy in the Muslim World After 9/11...RAND Project AIR FORCE (PAF) ...suggests exploiting Sunni, Shiite and Arab, non-Arab divisions..."

"... Now it's time to get on with Plan B - to plunge Syria into civil war...."
Pepe Escobar 2/10/12
...A Greek choir of the "disgusted" and the "outraged" predictably greeted BRICS members Russia and China double veto to the UN Security Council resolution imposing regime change in Syria... backed by that haven of democracy, the GCC (Gulf Counter-Revolution Council)...Hillary Clinton calling the double veto a "travesty"... duly incited "friends of democratic Syria" to keep working for regime change ... the object of the resolution...working to create a [US] NATOGCC "Friends of the Syrian People Group" in charge of implementing the regime change plan. Right on cue, Paris puppet Burhan Ghalyun, head of the Syrian National Council (SNC) opposition umbrella group summoned countries “friendly to the Syrian people”... US, Britain, France, Israel, GCC members Qatar and Saudi Arabia. With “friends” like these “the Syrian people” don’t need enemies. US ambassador to the UN Susan Rice – a top R2P aka humanitarian bombing cheerleader – called the Russia-China veto “disgusting”.Even the venerable stones of the Umayyad mosque in Damascus know that only Washington has the right to wield veto power at the UN... Now it's time to get on with Plan B - to plunge Syria into civil war... [...]

"...Political Islam is not targeted by the US ... resistance to US hegemony and agenda for control is, not Islam..."
As'ad al-Azzouni, Jordanian Marxist activist and writer

‘CIA, MI6 conduct intel ops in Syria’

Syrian opposition getting 'daily arms shipments'

7/4/ Drugs in US Global War: Banking, part 2

Dreaded Mexican drug cartel trained in U.S.
October 28th, 2010,
LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - Zeta cartel founding members were elite Mexican Airmobile Special Forces troops, trained in the early 1990s by America's 7th Special Forces Group or "snake eaters" at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, a former U,S, special operations commander says."They were given map reading courses, communications, standard special forces training, light to heavy weapons, machine guns and automatic weapons. I had some visibility on what was happening, because this was related to things I was doing in the Pentagon in the 1990s" Craig Deare says, former special forces commander who is now a professor at the US National Defense University... critics say specific skills learned by the Zetas primed them as contract killers and drug dealers.....

absurd & deadly: no limits to US lies & crimes
"Two Iranian agents hired hit men from the Mexican Zeta cartel to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in U.S."
Holder: Iran aimed to bomb Saudi ambassador
Attorney General Eric Holder told reporters at an afternoon news conference "The United States is committed to hold Iran accountable for its actions."

7/1 Drug Wars, Project Gunrunner, Executive Privilege & Public Diplomacy

digest commentary:
Headlined issues ' flawed fast & furious drug policy' and 'anti-obama opposition' are smokescreens for what is at stake and what's going on and why.
Obama's 'leak' warnings to expand US information war control. A critical step now to suppress truth about US drug wars. Enter 'Fast & Furious' as spurious diversion from Project Gunrunner, launched in 2005, ongoing and growing today by the ATF, under the Justice Dept,sheaded by AG Holder (see links below)
US drug wars, part of the 'national security' GWOT, to expand US global domination, requires political-economic-military control of drug industries,
This requires US soft & hard power by declaring sovereign nations 'terrorist' or 'failed states' needing 'humanitarian aid'.
Mexico, under US domination since being stolen by conquistadores, is now in the works to become merged in a new 'North America', with Canada, .

The US hegemonic agenda depends on creating and controlling public opinion through 'public diplomacy' [PI] or 'strategic information' [SI].
The Obama administration expanded the US information war with threats against 'leaking sensitive and classified information endangering 'national security'. This means literally anything opposing or revealing the historically unprecedented US crimes against humanity since its inception, and exponentially increased in its state terrorist world war.
Tightening the existing state sponsored media 'news' * 'public diplomacy'/'strategic information' is a dire move. Calling out NYT & WP, two major US propagandists underlines the state's 'friendly fascist' message: all 'news' will be state generated or approved..."in a coordinated fashion".
It signals strategic weakness as rivals and resistance insurmountably block US finance capitalist unipolar supremacy, aka 'security', making control of information increasingly urgent,.. thus Obama's assertion of 'executive privilege'.
PD/SI background:

6/23 Egypt: US Backed Muslim Brotherhood & SCAF Military Rule

US-rael public diplomacy /propaganda portrays this of course as another step toward democracy, as an election battle between SCAF and the MB - rhetoric fooling noone except fools to disguise this imperialist rigged outcome in Egypt, the most important Arab nation. Egypt being the linchpin in the US counter-revolutionary 'arab spring', engineered to secure its regional-global hegemony, the US knows from its history with the 'brotherhood', what reliable imperialist-zionist partners they are.

US State Department Chooses April 6th Movement to take part in Anti-Extremism Conference

A SCAF Brotherhood deal could be reached to end current confrontation: *
Sources close to both the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and the Muslim Brotherhood confirmed the two sides were heavily engaged in high-level talks that could produce "a political deal", which is likely to include announcing the Brotherhood's Mohamed Mursi Egypt's president elect. According to a source close to the negotiations, the SCAF wants Mursi to desist from proclaiming himself president-elect, which he came close to doing at a press conference earlier on Friday. They also want him to pull the bulk of his supporters out of Tahrir and to agree to work within the parameters set out by SCAF in its annex constitutional declaration. The annex, enacted by the SCAF earlier in the week, gives the military a share in the prerogatives of the Egyptian president, as well as the legislative powers of the dissolved parliament. If a deal is reached, Brotherhood sources say, then Mohamed Mursi would be "legitimately announced as the elected president "tomorrow, or after tomorrow". [* see more below on ahram ]

U.S. Engages with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

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