8/8/8 'Human Rights" & Other Olympian Games: a Brief Inventory

Digest note:

First in this digest issue, some samples of the relentless, vicious China-bashing, followed by relevant U.S. geostrategic docs. putting these psyops in geostrategic perspective, then China's analysis of U.S. Human Rights [HR] based on 2007 U.S. Mayors Conference, and finally, the digest hosts let's play-HR -game: what would U.S. headlines be for selected news articles if they were about China?

Revolutionary socialist China was u.s. #1 enemy. Since China's overthrow of socialism and its grossly successful restoration of capitalism, with u.s. assistance, it is again the major rival/threat to U.S. global hegemony, thus enemy #1 because it violates the world dictator's doctrine * 'Prevent the Re-Emergence of a New Rival', NYT March 8, 1992,

The digest's political position and purpose:
China's capitalist success, like all capitalist wealth, is wrung from those it exploits and oppresses, but still in its relative infancy compared to world dominant U.S.: the digest supports genuine Chinese anti-capitalist struggle, but not U.S. sponsored 'democracy dissidents'. Because the world's, and our own main enemy ihere n the "homeland", is u.s. imperialist-zionism, the digest main job is exposing and promoting resistance to the profoundly racist state terror, hypocrisy and propaganda of amerikan "globalized capitalism". 'Hard' and 'soft' power U.S.-israel intervention anywhere in the world is deadly, and for one purpose: to increase its finance capitalist global dictatorship.

7/31 Olympian Dirty Deals; Russia Gets Gas; CONPLAN8022; "Soft Power Surge"; Biowarfare Exposed; The Last Roundup

The 1992 Pentagon's Defense Planning Guidance for the Fiscal Years 1994-1999 'Prevent the Re-Emergence of a New Rival' clearly spelling out the U.S. global agenda, was published by the NYT. Today the NYT and entire capitalist media plays dumb, pretending it knows nothing but the state propaganda it doles out as news. Counting on the stupidity and apathy of a public it has helped condition, it can contradict itself in the service of imperialist 'national security' with no repercussions.

The U.S. is in deep trouble -- politically, economically and militarily, big and small capitalist rivals are uniting against its devastating domination, exposing the global dictator whose "homeland" is also in a state of collapse.

To salvage u.s. hegemony, the world's most violent power must adjust its tactics in a desperate attempt to achieve its geostrategic goal spelled out in the following document:

from the Pentagon's Defense Planning Guidance for the Fiscal Years 1994-1999 'Prevent the Re-Emergence of a New Rival'
NYT March 8, 1992
This Defense Planning guidance addresses the fundamentally new situation created by the collapse of the Soviet Union, the disintegration of the internal as well as the external empire, and the discrediting of Communism as an ideology with global pretensions and influence. The new international environment has also been shaped by the victory of the United States and its coalition allies over Iraqi aggression -- the first post-cold-war conflict and a defining event in U.S. global leadership. In addition to these two victories, there has been a less visible one, the integration of Germany and Japan into a U.S.-led system of collective security and the creation of a democratic "zone of peace."

7/26/08 Who is "Quelling Violence"?

"Sure, there's less violence... because we've ethnically cleansed most of Baghdad."
Congressman Jim Moran

"We first fought heathens in the name of religion, then communism, now in the name of drugs and terrorism. Our excuses for global domination always change"
Serj Tankian

digest note:
the excuses and enemies change, the faces change, but never the bipartisan u.s. capitalist ruling class, its 'manifest destiny' agenda and the unspeakable crimes of the barbaric perpetrators, their pimps, proxies and apologists.

“The United States has for decades sought to play a more permanent role in Gulf regional security. While the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein.”
September 2000, Rebuilding America’s Defenses

the heroic 'militants' and 'insurgents' fighting a just war against u.s. state terror, blamed for the 'violence'

7/23/08 What Will You Do Now?

"The 'civilized' have created the wretched, quite coldly and deliberately, and do not intend to change the status quo; are responsible for their slaughter and enslavement; rain down bombs on defenseless children whenever and wherever they decide that their 'vital interests' are menaced, and think nothing of torturing a man to death: these people are not to be taken seriously when they speak of the 'sanctity' of human life, or the 'conscience' of the 'civilized' world. "
James Baldwin [From chapter 1 of "The Devil Finds Work" (orig. pub. 1976), page 489 of Collected Essays

"If war aims are stated which seem to be solely concerned with Anglo-American imperialism, they will offer little to people in the rest of the world. The interests of other peoples should be stressed. This would have a better propaganda effect."
Private memo from The Council of Foreign Relations to the US State Department, 1941

“All this talk about first we are going to do Afghanistan, then we will do Iraq... this is entirely the wrong way to go about it. If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely and we don't try to piece together clever diplomacy, but just wage a total war... our children will sing great songs about us years from now.”
Richard Perle

"the centerpiece for the CENTCOM Master Plan for future access to and operations in Central Asia."
Admiral William J. Fallon, then the commander of the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) seeking funds in 2007 for $62 million ammunition storage facility at Bagram Air Base

CENTCOM's Master Plan and U.S. Global Hegemony
By Robert Higgs

7/18 The"U.S. military's growing role in rebuilding war-battered nations has fueled concerns about 'creeping militarization..."

"War is a continuation of politics by other means."
von Clausewitz

"When a cause comes along and you know in your bones that it is just, yet refuse to defend it--at that moment you begin to die... I have never seen so many corpses walking around talking about justice."
Mumia Abu Jamal

"The demand to give up illusions about the existing state of affairs is the demand to give up a state of affairs which needs illusions.”
Karl Marx, Contribution to the Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Law.

A Cast of 300 Leading Imperialist Terrorists Advises Obama on Foreign Policy
Barack Obama's huge foreign policy team, organized like a mini State Department, is on the spot as the senator plans his overseas trip.

1,236,604 Iraqis Slaughtered Since The U.S. Invaded Iraq

"We will welcome the Americans to Iraq. Unfortunately, we ran out of candy so we will have to substitute bullets."
Tariq Aziz

The city of Falluja has been placed under tight curfew as U.S. and Iraqi troops are said to be gearing for a new offensive.

7/13 Digest Overview "Why US Won't Attack Iran" Korean Massacre Nazi Eugenics Made-in-USA DHS' Stunning Jewelry

Digest overview:
From many angles we hear the U.S. war described as a "war for oil". Left variations of this slimey obfuscation blame 'the war on Iraq' on: the current administration, emphasis on Bush/Cheney connections to 'big oil'; domestic consumption; "peak oil", diminishing production levels and resources; 'supply and demand' problem caused by OPEC, Nigeria, China and 'population growth' in 'third world'. Pretending Bush is the root of the crisis, a fascist rabble-rousing figurehead selected by the ruling class, not the capitalist-imperialist system.

Why scrupulously bury the truth?
Blaming Bush for birthing 'failed' wars, collapsing economy, 'violating traditional american principles' with a militaristic "manifest destiny" agenda is not just a sick joke it is calculated ahistorical political sleight of hand, easy-sell psywar. U.S. 'left' means neoliberal democrats and all who oppose Bush. The fact that millions of left-liberals buy this "opposition" garbage is testament to the depths of white supremacist class privilege, and profoundly narcissistic ignorance. The disingenuous and deadly obfuscation is necessary to maintain even a threadbare illusion of democracy and ward off a serious 'crisis of confidence' in the whole system. If people understand that the ruling class is bipartisan, its electoral agents job is enforcing everything rotten, electoral garnish change pacification won't work. So behind the scenes, throngs of foundations, think-tanks and NGOs, neoliberal and neocon, supported by the state, strategize, analyze, produce policy for politicians to implement, fund 'foreign aid 'orgs. and initiatives, mobilize activists to implement imperialist plans and create 'news' that wins public opinion to support this brutal system in humanitarian drag. [Digest readers know how this vicious deception works and can see earlier issues for reminders.]

Where does oil fit into the big picture?

7/9/8 The Barbaric Tyranny of Domination: Relentless Persecution, Provocation & Prevarication

‘I Am Proud Of The Decision’ To Invade Iraq
"We tend to forget very quickly what Saddam Hussein meant. … In the post 9/11 environment, you couldn’t let a threat to international peace and stability like that remain." She added: Yes, it’s been very, very tough. But I know that great historical events go through difficult phases and often emerge with the world left for the bet ter. And I am proud of the decision of this administration to overthrow Saddam Hussein.
I am proud of the liberation of 25 million Iraqis....
Condoleeza Rice

"I Freed Millions From Barbarism"

1,236,604 Iraqis Slaughtered Since U.S. Invaded Iraq

"The Negro youth and moderate[s] must be made to understand that if they succumb to revolutionary teachings, they will be dead revolutionaries."
J. Edgar Hoover,FBI Chief, re: COINTELPRO against the Black Panther Party

Hideous faces of U.S. genocide
Woodfox was serving 50 years for armed robbery when the 1972 killing occurred
"...convicted on false evidence, he's been held in solitary for almost 40 years..."

7/5/8 Patriotic Hoax "Heroic Hostage Rescue" Fake "Terror" in North Africa : "News" Sources Insulting Apes

u.s./ Mc Cain try to distance from "Columbia's heroic rescue", Mc Cain may have been phony rescue bag-boy

Betancourt: In Benazir Bhutto u.s. agent tradition
... while she was still in the air, the Swiss radio station RSR broadcast a report questioning the official version of the operation to free Ms Betancourt and 14 other hostages – saying that money, not cunning, had clinched their freedom....RSR said that the 15 hostages “were in reality ransomed for a high price, and the whole operation afterwards was a set-up". Citing a source "close to the events, reliable and tested many times in recent years", it said that the United States – which had three citizens among those freed – was behind the deal and put the price at $20 million....

Radio Suisse Romande

"I continue to aspire to serve Colombia as president."
According to RSR the United States "was behind" the ransom payment. Three American contractors were released with Betancourt and 11 Colombian soldiers and police officers, some of whom had been kidnapped more than 10 years ago.... The three American hostages, Keith Stansell, Thomas Howes and Marc Gonsalves, flew directly to a military base in San Antonio, Texas and have not yet spoken publicly. The US government acknowledges helping the Colombians with intelligence but it has not responded to the most recent news reports.
Betancourt was abducted in 2002 while she was campaigning for president and running against Uribe, the current Colombian president.



The Hypocrisy of America: This Fourth of July is yours, not mine.
Frederick Douglass: July 4, 1852, invited to give a speech in Rochester, Douglass delivered the following indictment of a a nation celebrating freedom and independence, while keeping slaves.

Fellow citizens, pardon me, and allow me to ask, why am I called upon to speak here today? What have I or those I represent to do with your national independence? Are the great principles of political freedom and of natural justice, embodied in that Declaration of Independence, extended to us? And am I, therefore, called upon to bring our humble offering to the national altar, and to confess the benefits, and express devout gratitude for the blessings resulting from your independence to us?

Would to God, both for your sakes and ours, that an affirmative answer could be truthfully returned to these questions. Then would my task be light, and my burden easy and delightful. For who is there so cold that a nation's sympathy could not warm him? Who so obdurate and dead to the claims of gratitude, that would not thankfully acknowledge such priceless benefits? Who so stolid and selfish that would not give his voice to swell the hallelujahs of a nation's jubilee, when the chains of servitude had been torn from his limbs? I am not that man. In a case like that, the dumb might eloquently speak, and the "lame man leap as an hart."

6/27/08 Oil, War and "...the inherent right of the government to lie...".

June 27, 1950, President Truman ordered the Air Force and Navy into the Korean War following a call from the United Nations Security Council for member nations to help South Korea repel an invasion from the North.

from a libertarian position: The Long History of Lies for War
Daily Article by David Gordon | Posted on 7/20/2007
[The Ruses for War: American Interventionism Since World War II. By John B. Quigley. Prometheus Books, 2007. 433 pgs.]
The purpose of his book, Quigley tells us, is to explore "U.S. military actions abroad over the past half-century. We look in each instance at what the president and his aides said, and what reasons they gave. Then we examine the situation in light of what is known today to determine whether the administration was truthful" (pp. 14–15).
Quigley, an authority on international law, examines around thirty cases, beginning with the Korean War and ending with Iraq, where the United States has used force. In each instance, he shows, the administration's account has been blatantly false...

Arthur Sylvester, Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Kennedy Administration, in 1962 said "that in crisis situations, he believed in 'the inherent right of the Government to lie.' He spoke of lying euphemistically as 'generation' of news, and said that 'news management' was 'part of the arsenal of weaponry' of government" (p. 380).

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