7/13 Digest Overview "Why US Won't Attack Iran" Korean Massacre Nazi Eugenics Made-in-USA DHS' Stunning Jewelry

Digest overview:
From many angles we hear the U.S. war described as a "war for oil". Left variations of this slimey obfuscation blame 'the war on Iraq' on: the current administration, emphasis on Bush/Cheney connections to 'big oil'; domestic consumption; "peak oil", diminishing production levels and resources; 'supply and demand' problem caused by OPEC, Nigeria, China and 'population growth' in 'third world'. Pretending Bush is the root of the crisis, a fascist rabble-rousing figurehead selected by the ruling class, not the capitalist-imperialist system.

Why scrupulously bury the truth?
Blaming Bush for birthing 'failed' wars, collapsing economy, 'violating traditional american principles' with a militaristic "manifest destiny" agenda is not just a sick joke it is calculated ahistorical political sleight of hand, easy-sell psywar. U.S. 'left' means neoliberal democrats and all who oppose Bush. The fact that millions of left-liberals buy this "opposition" garbage is testament to the depths of white supremacist class privilege, and profoundly narcissistic ignorance. The disingenuous and deadly obfuscation is necessary to maintain even a threadbare illusion of democracy and ward off a serious 'crisis of confidence' in the whole system. If people understand that the ruling class is bipartisan, its electoral agents job is enforcing everything rotten, electoral garnish change pacification won't work. So behind the scenes, throngs of foundations, think-tanks and NGOs, neoliberal and neocon, supported by the state, strategize, analyze, produce policy for politicians to implement, fund 'foreign aid 'orgs. and initiatives, mobilize activists to implement imperialist plans and create 'news' that wins public opinion to support this brutal system in humanitarian drag. [Digest readers know how this vicious deception works and can see earlier issues for reminders.]

Where does oil fit into the big picture?
Bush, oil, capitalist bubbles bursting in air' are symptoms not the root causes of the crisis. This political-economic system is a dictatorship of finance capital, home-based, globally operative ... 'globalized' capitalism, e.g. imperialism. Regardless of its administrators, It must expand or die, wipe out rivals or be wiped out. This is driving the u.s. juggernaut for global control, and in turn, deepening and spreading the crisis, exacerbating u.s. strategic weakness and vulnerability. Oil/energy is critical because its global control gives the political-economic leverage, over allies and enemies, necessary for world dominance. Enter 911 and the bogus 'war on terrorism'.

Not a war for domestic consumption (except propaganda-consumption), not due to 'peak oil'/shortages, nor, as vulgar economists claim, a war for short-term 'big oil' and/or 'military industrial complex' profits, not for the Bush family, etc. This world war is to secure the expansion and survival of U.S. capitalist world-supremacy. With increasingly powerful capitalist rivals [aka enemies], spreading anti-imperialist struggle, the geostrategy laid out 20 years ago by (democrat) Zbigniew Brzezinski is still the basic strategic blueprint with tactical shifts. [* see relevant documents at bottom of page]

Historically u.s. capitalist-imperialist world wars have temporarily resolved deep crises by defeating rivals and enemies militarily, restructuring the globe, resources and capital under u.s. hegemony, expanding and securing its political dominance and expanding its basis for maximizing capital accumulation.

"If you aren't with US you're with the terrorists". Translation: all resistance to u.s. aggression and domination is "terrorism"
Owning and /or controlling mideast oil requires eliminating obstacles...all resistance to u.s. Arab countries own the most resources, so it means destroying Arab nationalist resistance, strengthening u.s. proxies, primarily its state-terrorist partner 'Israel'. But this GWOT holocaust, destroying nations and countless millions is boomeranging ... thanks to the Iraqi national resistance, support worldwide for anti-imperialist/zionist struggles in Palestine, Africa, Indonesia, Latin America... plus coalition-building against its hegemony the u., cannot stop with carrots or sticks by its major rivals.

Historically this racist rampage is old news to oppressed peoples and nations. Amerikan 'manifest destiny' is based on destroying peoples, cultures and nations in the name of freedom and democracy. Like earlier imperialist wars, the GWOT is a criminal crusade of unprecedented crimes [1] to establish military bases, 'peacekeeping forces' and 'humanitarian aid', to increase U.S. 'footprints', on every continent for 'full spectrum dominance' [2] to eliminate counter-bloc-building by strategic capitalist rivals, primarily China [3] to legitimize global and domestic state terror by calling all resistance and armed armed liberation "terrorism", to impose total surveillance and control of information and communications including a 'war on the net' with a fascist infrastructure . PNAC declared that only a "mini-Pearl Harbor" would permit the necessary moves for a 'new world order' --- 911was the timely greenlight for the 'war on terrorism' that had been developed a decade earlier.

If 500 years, endless wars and crimes against humanity and the erosion of our own humanity, have not disabused us of the electoral change trap, how can we remain complicit in the barbarism being carried out in our names, willfully remain blind to the nature and workings of capitalist 'democracy and freedom? Here in a "homeland" obscenely pacified by class and race privilege, by 24/7 racist psywar terror propaganda, by constant fake threats, 'false flag' ops blamed on brown-skinned "terrorists", by the institutionalization of a fascist state in the name of god, country and national security, how much longer will we support the system whose murdering gangsters we call leaders? Without pretense of partisan opposition, the ruling class has been able to shift gears from a capitalist -- democracy mode of rule into a fascist mode (that has always been operative against oppressed peoples and nations). This is a sign of weakness not strength because as Marx put it, democracy is the best shell for capitalism.

Elections can't stop the tyranny and terror...
The racist 'american dream' is becoming a nightmare even for white mid-amerika as capital drastically shifts the burden of its crisis and cost of its global agenda onto the working class and, increasingly, onto its previously protected 'middle class'. Without the masses' support of the killer system via electoral politics capitalism knows it faces its worst nightmare and ultimate threat ... rebellion in the streets, fields, schools, factories and a burgeoning revolutionary political movement . The voting game serves capital's salvation, our defeat. There is no 'lesser-of-the-evils'. The u.s. ruling class is bipartisan. Whatever tactical differences, that class is solidly behind U.S. "world leadership" as embodied in the National Security Strategy, by any means necessary.

U.S. capital's solutions spell our doom. The crisis of capital demands new tricks, new faces, new executors, a change of tactics to implement the bipartisan geostrategic agenda.
The good news is this: capitalism's strategic weakness is 'our' opportunity to take off the blinders, wake up to the reality fundamental change, revolutionary change, means fighting against, not with world enemy #1, the planetary destroyers,U.S. imperialism. To wheel-and-deal with tyranny and terror by a capitalist dictatorship of a ruling fraction of 1% who own and/or control over 60% of the world's wealth is suicide -- it must be defeated and replaced.



The April 2001 report, "Strategic Policy Challenges for the 21st Century," was prepared by the James A. Baker Institute for Public Policy and the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations at the request of Vice President Dick Cheney.
"...For the most part, U.S. international oil policy has relied on maintenance of free access to Middle East Gulf oil and free access for Gulf exports to world markets. The United States has forged a special relationship with certain key Middle East exporters, which had an expressed interest in stable oil prices and, we assumed, would adjust their oil output to keep prices at levels that would neither discourage global economic growth nor fuel inflation. Taking this dependence a step further, the U.S. government has operated under the assumption that the national oil companies of these countries would make the investments needed to maintain enough surplus capacity to form a cushion against disruptions elsewhere. For several years, these assumptions appeared justified. But recently, things have changed. These Gulf allies are finding their domestic and foreign policy interests increasingly at odds with U.S. strategic considerations, especially as Arab-Israeli tensions flare. They have become less inclined to lower oil prices in exchange for security of markets, and evidence suggests that investment is not being made in a timely enough manner to increase production capacity in line with growing global needs. A trend toward anti-Americanism could affect regional leaders’ ability to cooperate with the United States in the energy area. The resulting tight markets have increased U.S. and global vulnerability to disruption and provided adversaries undue potential influence over the price of oil. Iraq has become a key "swing" producer, posing a difficult situation for the U.S. government.... http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article3535.htm

Is There an Oil Shortage?
By Ismael Hossein-zadeh
Why would our Energy Secretary say there's a supply and demand problem when none exists? Why would he say that speculators have little or nothing to do with the incredibly high price of oil and gasoline, when it's clear they do? President Bush—a former oilman—gives the ever-growing demand for gasoline as the primary reason prices are so high, yet that notion can be dispelled with one minute of research.... To sum up, manipulative speculation and dollar depreciation account for most of the recent increases in the price of oil—speculation accounts for nearly 60 percent, dollar depreciation for almost 40 percent. This is no longer a secret. What remains largely a secret, and needs to be exposed, however, is the relationship between speculation and dollar depreciation, on the one hand, and war and geopolitical instability, on the other.

Iran blames West for 'artificially' raising oil prices, says war threat is a 'joke'
Iran's president blamed the West for "artificially" raising crude oil prices, and dismissed fears that Israel and the U.S. could be preparing to attack his country as a "funny joke." President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, on a visit to Malaysia, told a news conference that the global production of oil is much more than consumption ..."So it is very clear and obvious that the market does not have a role in raising prices. There are some others that are determining the oil price for the benefit of the few, very rich people of the world," he said. Ahmadinejad... blamed Washington for the world economic crisis and maintaining a nuclear weapons stockpile while opposing Tehran's "peaceful" nuclear program. He also criticized the U.S. permanent membership in the U.N. Security Council, its occupation of Iraq, and held it responsible for illegal drug production in Afghanistan.

U.S. trade with Iran increases tenfold under Bush administration
Bull semen, snowmobiles and weapons on surprising list of exports
Iran may be part of the "axis of evil," but it is good enough to be able to buy increasing amounts of American products — including bull semen, brassieres and possibly even weapons — despite U.S. sanctions that have been in place for decades. An analysis of seven years of U.S. trade statistics done by the Associated Press shows that exports from the United States to Iran grew more than tenfold during President George W. Bush's years in office, even as he accused the Mideast country of having nuclear ambitions and helping terrorists. Cigarettes were Iran’s favorite U.S. import, the statistics said, with the Islamic republic’s smokers going through more than $169 million worth of popular U.S. brands since 2001. Other surprising shipments to Iran during the Bush administration have included fur coats, sculptures, perfume and musical instruments. Despite increasingly tough rhetoric toward Iran, and reports of U.S. or Israeli plans for a military strike, trade in a range of goods has survived on-again, off-again sanctions originally imposed nearly three decades ago... http://www.cbc.ca/money/story/2008/07/08/iran-bullsemen.html


U.S. / MacArthur sanctioned, documented, buried evidence of massacre of hundreds of thousands of suspect 'sympathizers'
In the early days of the Korean War, other American officers observed, photographed and confidentially reported on such wholesale executions by their South Korean ally [PROXY] , a secretive slaughter believed to have killed 100,000 or more leftists and supposed sympathizers, usually without charge or trial, in a few weeks in mid-1950. Extensive archival research by The Associated Press has found no indication Far East commander Gen. Douglas MacArthur took action to stem the summary mass killing, knowledge of which reached top levels of the Pentagon and State Department in Washington, where it was classified "secret" and filed away. Now, a half-century later, the South Korean government's Truth and Reconciliation Commission is investigating the political bloodbath largely hidden from history.... "The most important thing is that they did not stop the executions," historian Jung Byung-joon, a member of the two-year-old commission, said of the Americans. "They were at the crime scene and took pictures and wrote reports." They took pictures in July 1950 at the slaughter of dozens of men at one huge killing field outside the city of Daejeon. Between 3,000 and 7,000 South Koreans are believed to have been shot there and dumped into mass graves, said commission leader Kim Dong-choon... The brutal, hurried elimination of tens of thousands of their countrymen, subject of a May 19 AP report, was the climax to a years-long campaign by South Korea's right-wing leaders.

In 1947, two years after Washington and Moscow divided Korea into southern and northern halves, a U.S. military government declared the Korean Labor Party, the southern communists, to be illegal. President Syngman Rhee's southern regime, gaining sovereignty [e.g. installed by U.S.] in 1948, suppressed all leftist political activity, put down a guerrilla uprising and held up to 30,000 political prisoners by the time communist North Korea invaded on June 25, 1950... In a confidential narrative he later wrote for Army historians, Lt. Col. Rollins Emmerich, a senior U.S. adviser, described what then happened in the southern port city of Busan.... according to the declassified 78-page narrative, first uncovered by the newspaper Busan Ilbo at the U.S. National Archives...."Colonel Kim was told that if the enemy did arrive to the outskirts of (Busan) he would be permitted to open the gates of the prison and shoot the prisoners with machine guns."

This passage, omitted from the published Army history, is the first documentation unearthed showing advance sanction by the U.S. military for such killings. The bloody anticommunist purge is believed by the fall of 1950 to have filled some 150 mass graves. Commissioner Kim said the commission's estimate of 100,000 dead is "very conservative."

Attacking Iran? It will not happen
Uri Avnery
Why Not?
IF YOU want to understand the policy of a country, look at the map - as Napoleon recommended. Anyone who wants to guess whether Israel and/or the United States are going to attack Iran should look at the map of the Strait of Hormuz between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula. Through this narrow waterway, only 34 km wide, pass the ships that carry between a fifth and a third of the world's oil, including that from Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.... commentators who talk about the inevitable American and Israeli attack on Iran do not take account of this map. .. THE INEVITABLE reaction to the bombing of Iran will be the blocking of this Strait. That should have been self-evident even without the explicit declaration by one of Iran's highest ranking generals a few days ago. Iran dominates the whole length of the Strait. They can seal it hermetically with their missiles and artillery, both land based and naval... to avert this danger, the Americans would need to conquer parts of Iran - perhaps the whole of this large country. The US does not have at its disposal even a small part of the forces they would need. Practically all their land forces are tied down in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The mighty American navy is menacing Iran - but the moment the Strait is closed, it will itself resemble those model ships in bottles. Perhaps it is this danger that made the navy chiefs extricate the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln from the Persian Gulf this week, ostensibly because of the situation in Pakistan.
This leaves the possibility that the US will act by proxy. Israel will attack, and this will not officially involve the US, which will deny any responsibility. Iran has already announced that it would consider an Israeli attack as an American operation, and act as if it had been directly attacked by the US. That is logical. NO ISRAELI government would ever consider the possibility of starting such an operation without the explicit and unreserved agreement of the US. Such a confirmation will not be forthcoming.
So what are all these exercises, which generate such dramatic headlines in the international media? [...]

US Republican presidential candidate John McCain, who once sang in jest about bombing Iran, reacted to a report of rising US cigarette exports to the country by saying "Maybe that's a way of killing 'em," to reporters during a campaign stop in Pittsburgh. McCain was responding to a report that US exports to Iran rose tenfold during President [sic] George W. Bush's term in office... A rise in cigarette sales was a big part of that, according to an AP analysis of seven years of US trade figures. http://www.gulfnews.com/region/Iran/10227392.html

Iraq handing out cash to people on the streets... The handouts by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and a handful of other top officials are authorized - as long as each goes no higher than about $8,000, and the same people don't get them twice.... Most of the grants the prime minister gives out are only $200 to $400motivated by a belief that better conditions will lead to more security... Top U.S. commander Gen. David Petraeus has repeatedly called money a crucial weapon to lure neighborhoods from extremists and stabilize Iraq. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen, urged the government to pass out money even faster this week on a trip to devastated Mosul in the north. The United States has been doling out cash itself, most effectively to former Sunni militants who switched sides to fight al-Qaida....

The dogs of war
The US treats the canine victims of its adventure in Iraq better than it does the millions of humans displaced
James Denselow, Guardian
In a recent meeting with Jalal Talabani, President Bush praised the Iraqi president for his work towards allowing Iraqis to "realise [their] hopes and dreams". It is a comment characteristic of an administration that has been forced to base its presence in Iraq on moral grounds after the shattering of the myth of Iraqi WMD. Yet actions speak louder than words, a nd Washington has refused to accept real responsibility for the consequences of its decision to invade Iraq. Nowhere is this more evident than in the criminal neglect shown towards the Iraqi refugee population. Today it is estimated at 4.7 million, with more than 2 million people externally displaced, many living in appalling conditions. That's twice the population of Birmingham forced to flee the country and live in general destitution...

resisting imperialist "liberation" is "terrorism"
15,000 more Iraq detainees by year-end, in addition to the 60,000 so far
By Russ Kick
According to the Army, the US is planning to imprison 15,000 more “detainees” in Iraq over the next six months. (60,000 people have been detained so far.) These little-known figures were revealed in a military contract that was flagged by Sharon Weinberger of Wired’s Danger Room blog. (However, they aren’t the focus of the post, which is titled “Strangest Iraq Contract Yet: Store Detainee Property.”) So far the media have completely ignored these revelations.

"...a war OF amerikan ideals'
Secret Red Cross Report of C.I.A. Torture of Qaeda [SIC] Captives
“The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned Into a War on American Ideals,” by Jane Mayer... says the C.I.A. shared the report, which Ms. Mayer first described last year in less detail in The New Yorker, with President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Bernard Barrett of the International Committee of the Red Cross declined to comment on the book except to say that the committee “regrets that any information has been attributed to us” because it believes its work is more effective when confidential. The Red Cross concluded that C.I.A. interrogation methods constituted war crimes, placing Bush administratio officials in danger of prosecution, according to a book to be published next week.http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/11/washington/11detain.html?8bu&emc=bu

9 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Attack in Afghanistan
KABUL, Afghanistan, July 13 — Taliban insurgents mounted a large-scale attack on an American forward operating base in eastern Afghanistan in the early hours of Sunday...
The American commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, Gen. David D McKiernan, said Taliban insurgents had mounted the attack and that fighting was continuing, but he gave no details... He described the spring and summer as the “high season” for fighting.... General McKiernan said that militant insurgents are firing almost daily across the border from Pakistan at Afghan, American and NATO military border posts.... a main factor in the sharp increase in combat violence in Afghanistan... he said.

US air strike wiped out Afghan wedding party
A US air strike killed 47 civilians, including 39 women and children, as they were traveling to a wedding in Afghanistan, an official inquiry found today. The bride was among the dead. Another nine people were wounded in Sunday's attack... The US military initially denied any civilians had been killed. Lieutenant Rumi Nielson-Green, a spokeswoman for the US-led coalition, told AFP today the military regretted the loss of any civilian life and was investigating the incident.The US is facing similar charges over strikes two days earlier in another border area of Afghanistan.... Karzai has pleaded repeatedly for western troops to take care not to harm civilians, and in December wept during a speech lamenting civilian deaths at the hands of foreign forces. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/jul/11/afghanistan.usa?gusrc=rss&fe...

U.S. Considers Increasing Pace of Iraq Pullout... one factor is a need for more troops in Afghanistan

“You know, of course, we’re there at their invitation,” Mr. Bush said in Paris during his recent European tour. “This is a sovereign nation.”
Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki of Iraq and his senior aides are now openly demanding a timetable for the withdrawal of American troops, at least on paper. That is partly a nod to Iraqi political realities, since Iraqi politicians must call for the end of American occupation.... http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/10/world/middleeast/10policy.html?th=&emc...

250 Afghan civilians killed, injured in last 6 days : Afghan President Hamid Karzai has urged foreign forces to exercise more care.
An Afghan governor who criticised a recent US air raid which killed at least 15 civilians has been sacked by Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president

More Air Power Against Afghanistan
Unnamed "defense officials" tell CNN that the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln "has moved from the Persian Gulf into the Gulf of Oman so its warplanes can fly missions over Afghanistan." The nuclear-powered, 97,500-ton ship carries more than 90 aircraft, including the latest models of the F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet, the ship where President Bush made his infamous "Mission Accomplished" landing in 2003... http://www.uruknet.de/?p=45549

U.S. allows Israeli jets to use Iraq airspace
The US has allowed Israeli jets to use US airbases in Iraq and fly over Iraqi airspace for a likely attack against Iran, Iraqi media say. It is more than a month that some Israeli planes belonging to Israeli air force use the US military bases in Iraq to land and take off, Iraqi Nahrainnet news [1] network said Wednesday, quoting informed sources close to Iraq's Defense Ministry. The activities and traffic of warplanes- especially at nights- has lately increased in the US air bases in Nasiriya southeast of Baghdad and Haditha a city in the western Iraq province of Al Anbar, the Iraqi residents and sources said.... US fighters, cargo planes, helicopters and unmanned planes have intensified their flights in the last three weeks. US military officials have imposed severe security measures around the bases, they said.... Israel conducted a military drill under the supervision of top US military commanders over the Mediterranean Sea from May 28 to June 12, using more than 100 Israeli F-16 and F-15 fighters, along with helicopters and refueling tanks which many consider as a possible rehearsal for a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. [1] uruknet's note: Nahrainnet is the Sadrist website. http://www.uruknet.de/?p=45617

Israeli army attacks hospital
Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC News
The Palestinian Ministry of Health in the central West Bank city of Ramallah reported that the Israeli army attacked and ransacked the Ramallah public hospital on Thursday at dawn and ransacked it....that soldiers surrounded the hospital then searched the rooms including the ones that had patients inside creating a state of panic among the staff and patients....that soldiers destroyed equipment and doors.
www.uruknet.info?p=45599 www.imemc.org/article/55943

Video: Jazz is my Jihad
Haitham Sabbah, Palestine Think Tank
Israeli Jazz musician Gilad Atzmon reflects upon his roots and his inspiration and how his activities as a supporter of the Palestinian cause and his art influence one another. His music can be seen as an integral part of his political message. It’s not sloganeering or repeating formulas, but it can be seen as a weaving and unweaving of threads, digging into the reservoir of personal and collective dreams, hopes and fears. This British documentary, "Jazz is my Jihad" presents a viewpoint into the artistic and personal journey undertaken by Gilad Atzmon... http://www.uruknet.de/?p=45618

Russia must punish states hosting U.S. missile shield - analyst
Russia must use economic and political means, and military ties with Asia, to punish European states that host U.S. missile defense elements, a Russian political analyst said...
Commenting on a U.S.-Czech deal signed on Tuesday on deploying a missile tracking radar, Col. Gen. Leonid Ivashov, the head of the Moscow-based Academy of Geopolitical Sciences, said: "Russia should not limit itself to statements. We must have a plan, adopted by the Russian Security Council, setting out measures on the economic, political and military cooperation levels. Moscow has strongly opposed the possible deployment by the U.S. of 10 interceptor missiles in Poland and an accompanying radar in the Czech Republic as a threat to its security and international nuclear deterrence. Washington says the defenses are needed to deter a possible strike from Iran.
The U.S.-Czech missile shield treaty has yet to be ratified by the Czech parliament and signed by the Czech president. The country's opposition is currently holding mass rallies around the country against the placement of an early warning radar near the capital, Prague. http://en.rian.ru/russia/20080709/113618929.html

U.S. may station intermediary and shorter-range ballistic missiles in Poland under guise of interceptors, a Russian expert said

World Bank Secret Report Confirms Cause of World Food Crisis
By F. William Engdahl
Global Research, July 10, 2008
...The study demonstrates that production of bio-fuels has distorted food markets in three main ways. First, it has diverted grain away from food for fuel, with over a third of US corn now used to produce ethanol and about half of vegetable oils in the EU going to production of bio-diesel. Second, farmers have been encouraged to set land aside for bio-fuel production. Third, it has sparked financial speculation in grains, driving prices up higher.

The World Bank study is the first to include all three factors. What is missing from the World Bank study however is the longer-term geopolitical agenda behind the present global food and energy crises. As I document in great detail in my book, Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation, the long term agenda of powerful leading circles in the West, particularly represented in tax exempt private foundations such as the Rockefeller, Ford and Gates foundations and the private wealth behind them, is a long term agenda of population reduction, in the interests of the global economic and financial elites.

Food scarcity, higher prices for basic foods in developing countries as well as control of food seeds through patent and Terminator suicide seed sales by Monsanto, Syngenta, DuPont, Dow, BASF, Bayer and a few select agriculture chemical seed giants—the "horsemen of the GMO Apokalypse," have been developed to advance the agenda of massive depopulation of the developing world. The policy goes back, as the book documents in detail, to the early years of the 20th Century when Rockefeller, Carnegie, Harriman, Gamble, H.G. Wells, Margaret Meade, and other wealthy circles backed the development of eugenics research. The Rockefeller Foundation financed the eugenics and forced sterilization research at the Berlin Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (today's Max Planck Institute) until it became too politically hot in 1939.

After the end of the war, Rockefeller and others in the eugenics movement decided for political reasons to change the name of eugenics. The new name they chose was "genetics." GMO is a project, based on wrong science, financed with over $100 million of private money from the Rockefeller Foundation. The ultimate aim is for the first time in history to control life on the planet. As Henry Kissinger put in during the 1970’s food crisis, "control the food and you control the people."
F. William Engdahl is a leading analyst of the New World Order, author of Seeds of Destruction, Global Research,2007 [see below], and the best-selling book on oil and geopolitics, A Century of War: Anglo-American Politics and the New World Order,’ His writings have been translated into more than a dozen languages.
He may be contacted via his website at www.engdahl.oilgeopolitics.net.

"...depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World."
Henry Kissinger, National Security Memo 200, dated April 24, 1974

“…There are only two possible ways in which a world of 10 billion people can be averted. Either the current birth rates must come down more quickly. Or the current death rates must go up. There is no other way. There are, of course, many ways in which the death rates can go up. In a thermonuclear age, war can accomplish it very quickly and decisively. Famine and disease are nature’s ancient checks on population growth, and neither one has disappeared from the scene … To put it simply: Excessive population growth is the greatest single obstacle to the economic and social advancement of most of the societies in the developing world.”
Speech to the Club of Rome by Robert McNamara, Oct. 2, 1979

“Overpopulation and rapid demographic growth of Mexico is already today one of the major threats to the national security of the United States. Unless the U.S.-Mexico border is sealed, we will be up to our necks in Mexicans for whom we cannot find jobs.”
Robert McNamara, then World Bank president, March 19, 1982

Do no harm: A torture victim remembers
Naji Ali writing from San Francisco, US, Live from Palestine
(Nidal El-Khairy)
I wasn't really surprised by the watchdog group Physicians for Human Rights-Israel's (PHR-I) latest intervention to Israel's health ministry, in which they accused Israeli doctors of complicity in the torture of Palestinian detainees in Israeli interrogation centers. Indeed, it sounded all too familiar to what I experienced during 550 days of incarceration in a South African prison from 1990 through 1992. I reached its conclusion based on the testimony of two Palestinian prisoners who were tortured during interrogation and developed trauma-related symptoms including hearing loss, panic attacks and incontinence. The doctors who treat Palestinian detainees conduct medical checkups on the prisoners during and after interrogation but they fail to report the findings and symptoms, which make them an actor in the torturing of detainees, PHR-I said.

The report about those tortured Palestinian detainees leads me to recall my own experience. I returned to South Africa following the release of Nelson Mandela after he served 27 years in apartheid prison. I chose to go back to the birthplace of my activist father, the land that I grew up in for the first eight years of my life, and the place where my older brother was shot and killed right in front of me when I was just five years old. Four days after I arrived in the country, the police picked me up off a dusty road in the township known as Soweto (South West Township) for violating a curfew. The ensuing one-and-a-half years of detention drove me to the brink of insanity. I was subjected to prolonged and at times violent interrogations. Some merely involved endless hours of questions and answers, and nearly all consisted of some form of torture, extreme heat and cold, having to stand or squat in a certain position for hours on end naked, sleep deprivation (their personal favorite to use on me), and being punched in my face and body.
[Digest note: genuine revolutionaries like AZAPO, the Azanian People's Organization, were criminals to ANC/Mandela 'peaceful transition' deal with imperialism]
I don't remember too many instances in great detail -- mostly I've blocked them out of my mind -- but I can recall one that reminds me of the testimony of the two Palestinian detainees that testified to PHR-I. One particular incident probably happened after I had been in custody for well over six months. I had gone through a number of interrogations, but had told my jailers nothing, simply because I had nothing to tell. My inquisitor looked on at me with a stone-face and said, "Look kaffir [nigger], make it easy on yourself and just confess that you've got dealings with those communists in the ANC youth league." I looked on, non plussed. I didn't have dealings with the African National Congress youth league because I wasn't a member; I belonged to AZAPO, the Azanian People's Organization, a Black Consciousness group, and proudly told my jailer so.

I can't recall the first blow, or the second, but over time I remember that my left eye was beginning to close and that it felt as if my right eye was about to fall out of the socket. At the moment when I thought it was all over, my inquisitor stopped. As I lay on the ground gasping for air, pools of blood were forming near my mouth and eyes as I lay face down. Then I blacked out. I awoke in my cell but couldn't see very well as my eyes were swollen shut. But I could feel soft hands tending to me, then a voice that I hadn't heard before spoke too me. "Lay still I need to check your bandages," a man said, speaking with a thick Afrikaans accent. "Who are you?" I asked. "I'm one of the doctors here at the prison. Just lay still, you're going to be alright." Desperate to tell him what had happened too me I tried to give an account of all that had gone on in the torture session. Expecting him to respond, all I heard was silence....I thought to myself, this was because he was trying to process how such a thing could happen. Indeed he would be outraged that the security police would behave in such a manner to either the innocent or guilty. But the silence continued. I heard nothing from him. Finally, I spoke up: "Please, you have to help me, you have to file a report. Let someone know what they are doing to us in here!"

"I can't do anything for you," he said matter-of-factly. And with that he gathered his medical bag and left my cell. I never did see him again.[...]
Naji Ali is the producer and host of Crossing The Line: Life in Occupied Palestine. He is the son of a Black South African resistance fighter. Ali spent 550 days in detention in South Africa and was subjected to repeated torture by the security police. He also lived and worked in Palestine in the Old City of Hebron from 2002-2004. HE can be contacted at Naji Ali A T riseup D O T net. electronicintifada.net/v2/article9675.shtml

legal drug pimps
Psychiatric Group Faces Scrutiny Over Drug Industry Ties
... the American Psychiatric Association...is the voice of establishment psychiatry, publishing the field’s major journals and its standard diagnostic manual.... In 2006.. the drug industry accounted for about 30 percent of the APA's $62.5 million in financing.... This weekend the psychiatry association’s board will meet behind closed doors, in part to discuss how to respond to the increasingly intense scrutiny and questions about conflicts of interest. “With every new revelation, our credibility with patients has been damaged, and we have to protect that first and foremost,” said Dr. Steven S. Sharfstein, former president of the association and now president of the Sheppard Pratt Health System in Baltimore... An analysis of Minnesota data by The NYT last year found on average, psychiatrists who received at least $5,000 from makers of newer-generation antipsychotic drugs appear to have written three times as many prescriptions to children for the drugs as psychiatrists who received less money or none. The drugs are not approved for most uses in children, who appear to be especially susceptible to the side effects, including rapid weight gain... this money may subtly [SIC] alter psychiatrists’ choices of which drugs to prescribe...Studies show researchers who are paid by a company are more likely to report positive findings when evaluating that company’s drugs...Dr. Alan F. Schatzberg of Stanford...$4.8 million stock holdings in a drug development company... said he fully complied with Stanford’s rigorous disclosure policies and federal guidelines... Blocking or constraining researchers from trying to bring medications to market “will mean less opportunities to help patients with severe illnesses,” Dr. Schatzberg said...Dr. Stotland, APA president said ... Dr. Schatzberg will take over as president of the association as planned... http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/12/washington/12psych.html?th&emc=th

Bolivia: USAID Expelled From Chapare
“I salute the decision by the growers’ movement, by the Cochabamba area mayors. I now feel, and I hope it is so, that Chapare is not only free of illiteracy but also a territory free of US imperialism”, the president said. During a gathering of campesinos in Alcantari, in the southern region of Chuquisaca, celebrating the delivery of ambulances donated by Spain, Morales again denounced USAID and the US embassy in Bolivia for the destabilisation efforts they are leading against the elected government.

What Really Happened in Colombia?
A Rescue Staged for the Screen
By Clifton Ross
...US media shows and government lies broadcast as gospel have a life of maximum one week before reality bleeds through the cell doors where it's locked away and tortured by those same media conglomerates and lying government. Keep in mind that five or so corporations control 90% of all we hear, see, read and, ultimately, therefore, think. Those five corporations form our opinions for that crucial first week after a story, which is about when the alternative media, like Diario Vea, have a chance to pick up the real story and get at the truth concealed by the "facts." Such has been the case this week in the wake of the "dramatic rescue" of Ingrid Betancourt, the three U.S. mercenaries and ten or so soldiers and police flown by helicopter into Bogotá while U.S. presidential candidate John McCain coincidentally toured the country... an event staged for the screen and the "facts," which remain unacknowledged by the mainstream press in the U.S. and Colombia, tell a very different story from the media's fairy tale version of the event.

The story entitled "There was no such rescue but a media 'show'" that appeared in today's Diario Vea was drawn from the work of Bolivarian Press Agency writer Narciso Isa Conde and the Popular News Agency of Venezuela. According to the article the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) had agreed to turn over Ingrid Betancourt and the other hostages to Swiss and French negotiators who agreed to arrange to pick up the hostages from various locations in two helicopters. The Colombian military got wind of the upcoming release and took control of the helicopters. The collusion of the U.S. in the media spin, while yet to be proven, is quite likely, especially since McCain just "happened" to be in the neighborhood and would be able to take the spotlight in a crassly opportunistic attempt to boost his pathetic presidential campaign.

And so the "rescue" ironically turned out to be a hostage taking in reverse in which the FARC's goodwill gesture was blindsided for the glorification the paramilitary, drug-dealing President Uribe and his friend, John McCain, as the armed forces of Colombia seized two civilian helicopters full of prisoners, who had, in fact, been released, and not "rescued." But presidential vanity wasn't the only thing behind this media show. The mainstream media leaked what may have been the major motives. In the July 5 edition of the Houston Chronicle, Bennett Roth writes, in a story entitled "Hostage rescue (sic) will likely reinforce U.S. ties" that the media show, which Roth calls a "commando operation," will "strengthen…security ties with the United States" with Colombia. The article quotes Riordan Roett of Johns Hopkins as saying that the non-event of the "rescue" "validates to a great degree Plan Colombia....

So much for the lessons about this "bold rescue" from the perspective of the U.S. press and Ms. Betancourt. Colombians who have suffered terror and worse at the hands of the narco-government of Alvaro Uribe with his media shows and many other Latin Americans who have watched the civil war in Colombia for many years know otherwise. In this same issue of today's Diario Vea there is an exclusive interview with Nicolás Rodríguez Bautista, "Gabino," the commander of the National Liberation Army, Colombia's other major guerrilla, composed of revolutionary Christians, Marxists and workers from the oil fields and others. He reminds readers of Diario Vea that the last time leftists lay down their arms and took up legal paths of political struggle, the Colombian state and oligarchy murdered six thousand militants, beheading the legal left of Colombia. For Gabino, Chavez can play a much greater role in the conflict as mediator, despite his recent calls for the Colombian guerrilla to what appears to be an unconditional surrender. "His declarations are no obstacle to his being a facilitator for peace in Colombia. His essential role as ruler and his status as leader on the continent hasn't changed."

So far the U.S. press, including much of the alternative media, have largely gone along with the "official" version of events in Colombia, a story in which a "terrorist" guerrilla insurgency has plagued the country with irrational kidnappings, drug dealing and massive violence which can only be defeated by the combined forces of the U.S. and its faithful sidekick, the Colombian government....As the interview with Gabino highlights, it is the paramilitaries, allied with the government and oligarchy of Colombia, that have been most involved in the drug trade and the violence, including kidnappings. Since Uribe has been in power, over four hundred union activists have been killed by those same forces. In defiance of international law, the Colombian military has bombed Ecuador to kill members of the FARC ... http://www.counterpunch.org/ross07072008.html


US can now tap phones officially
Intelligence agents will be able to tap phones and Internet services without permission from a judge and telecoms companies will also be protected from claims for damages from their bugged clients.http://feeds.bignewsnetwork.com/index.php?sid=380492

Stunning jewelry
Prototype Remote-Activated Wrist Device Shocks You For Security
DHS wants all airline passengers to wear bracelet stun device
News Updates from Citizens For Legitimate Government 08 Jul 2008
A senior U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official expressed great interest in a so-called safety bracelet that would serve as a stun device, similar to that of a police Taser. According to this promotional video found at the Lamperd Less Lethal website, the bracelet would be worn by all airline passengers. This bracelet would take the place of an airline boarding pass; contain personal information about the traveler; be able to monitor the whereabouts of each passenger and his/her luggage and shock the wearer on
command, completely immobilizing him/her for several minutes. The Electronic ID Bracelet, as it's referred to as, would be worn by every traveler "until they disembark the flight at their destination." According to a letter from DHS official, Paul S. Ruwaldt of the Science and Technology Directorate, office of Research and Development, to the inventor whom he had previously met with, he wrote, "To make it clear, we [the federal government] are interested in the immobilizing security bracelet, and look forward to receiving a
written proposal." Not only could it be used as a physical restraining device, but also as a method of interrogation, according to the same letter from Mr. Ruwaldt.

Amtrak expands 'random' security sweeps
Rail passengers from coast to coast will be subject to 'random' security checks and may have their luggage scanned for explosives beginning this fall, according to Amtrak officials. Six months after it set up counterterrorism teams to screen passengers at busy East Coast stations, the rail company is expanding its security sweeps across the country with a new team of special agents in California. "We want to show we're playing defense" against would-be terrorists, says Amtrak security chief Bill Rooney.

U.S. military to patrol Internet
The U.S. military is looking for a contractor to patrol cyberspace, watching for warning signs of forthcoming terrorist attacks or other hostile activity on the Web. In a solicitation posted on the Web last week, the U.S. Army's Fifth Signal Command said it was looking for a contractor to provide "Internet awareness services" to support "force protection" -- the term of art for the security of U.S. military installations and personnel. "The purpose of the services will be to identify and assess stated and implied threat, antipathy, unrest and other contextual data relating to selected Internet domains," says the solicitation. The solicitation says the successful contractor will "analyze various Web pages, chat rooms, blogs and other Internet domains to aggregate and assess data of interest."

the ongoing practice and the incalculable results of institutionalized genocide against Blacks
AMA Apologizes For History Of Racial Inequality And Works To Include And Promote Minority Physicians Medical News Today - Jul 11
The American Medical Association (AMA) apologizes for its past history of racial inequality toward African-American physicians, and shares its current efforts to increase the ranks of minority physicians and their participation in the AMA.

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Residents of a mostly black neighborhood were finally awarded nearly $11 million Thursday by a federal jury that found authorities denied them public water service for decades out of racial discrimination...

Racist Genocide in New Orleans Continues: "Like 911 But Add Water"
by liz burbank
[edited version originally published 9/3/05 "A Catastrophic Success": A Holocaust Shaped by Race]
Katrina was no accident, no surprise, no act of 'mother nature', the 'gods' , nor the result of 'bureaucratic incompetence' and 'poor communication'. The human and environmental and impact on New Orleans of a hurricane of this magnitude had been scientifically calculated. Rescue and recovery were deliberately withheld, working class Black people militarily imprisoned, forcibly dispersed and murdered by the armed state's violence.

National oppression and its ideological engine racism, are the lynchpin of u.s. capitalism, built and grown on genocide and slavery. Katrina is a major intensification of America's historical genocide, a premeditated physical and psychological attack on the Black Nation, part of a strategy to destroy its strength, pride, cultural cohesion that has led in revolutionary resistance against this system in its deepest crisis..

A renaissance of Black resistance and leadership, historically the leading edge of revolutionary resistance in the U.S., is what the postmodern slavemasters fear could derail or give rise to a movement here in the 'homeland', in solidarity with international resistance, that could defeat its global "new world order" agenda . Thus Katrina and the brutal aftermath was engineered to serve the capitalist agenda in two interrelated ways: by uprooting, dispersing and destroying the Black Nation, while simultaneously inflaming reliable american racism and support for the consolidation of a fascist mode of state capitalism -- under the pretext of "rescue, relief and recovery” from a "major casualty-producing event" called a “natural disaster.” [...]
full article at http://lizburbankdigest.blogspot.com/2006/03/racist-genocide-in-new-orle...

blaming the working class from whence comes capitalist profit and power
super-exploited oppressed workers criminalized and herded like cattle by swine
Interpreter Speaking Up for Migrants
WATERLOO, Iowa — In 23 years as a certified Spanish interpreter for federal courts, Erik Camayd-Freixas has spoken up in criminal trials many times, but the words he uttered were rarely his own. Then he was summoned here by court officials to translate in the hearings for nearly 400 illegal immigrant workers arrested in a raid on May 12 at a meatpacking plant. Since then, Mr. Camayd-Freixas, a professor of Spanish at Florida International University, has taken the unusual step of breaking the code of confidentiality among legal interpreters about their work. In a 14-page essay he circulated among two dozen other interpreters who worked here, Professor Camayd-Freixas wrote that the immigrant defendants whose words he translated, most of them villagers from Guatemala, did not fully understand the criminal charges they were facing or the rights most of them had waived... he was taken aback by the rapid pace of the proceedings and the pressure prosecutors brought to bear on the defendants and their lawyers by pressing criminal charges instead of deporting the workers immediately for immigration violations. He said defense lawyers had little time or privacy to meet with their court-assigned clients in the first hectic days after the raid. Most of the Guatemalans could not read or write, he said. Most did not understand that they were in criminal court....
The essay has provoked new questions about the Agriprocessors proceedings, which had been criticized by criminal defense and immigration lawyers as failing to uphold the immigrants’ constitutional right to due process.... The Agriprocessors hearings were held in temporary courtrooms in mobile trailers and a ballroom at the National Cattle Congress, a fairgrounds here in Waterloo. ...http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/11/us/11immig.html?th&emc=th

You can't stop gang warfare with gang warfare
The Deadly Fallout from Gang Injunctions
By Luis Rodriguez
...a gang injunction against the San Fer gang has been imposed by the courts on a nine-and-a-half square mile area of the Northeast San Fernando Valley, encompassing most of Sylmar, a northwest portion of Pacoima and all of San Fernando City (most of the rest of Pacoima has already been under a gang injunction for years against the Pacoima Flats, Projects Boys, and other Pacoima gangs)...Already, young Latino men I know -- not in gangs -- have been stopped, arrested, and in one case almost photographed (to be part of a statewide gang data base). This last case was stopped when the young man's parents became involved and demanded their son not be photographed or placed on this data base. Finding that this young man had no gang ties, he was eventually released... many youth not in San Fer, but also alleged San Fer members not involved in crimes, will be harassed and even arrested... juvenile facilities, jails and prisons are teeming with youth who shouldn't be there -- a gang injunction makes illegal what is otherwise legal activity: association, using a cell phone, or having tattoos. Now alleged gang members will find themselves going to jail for things that are not criminal....the racist nature of these laws is a thick as the smog in LA.... You can't stop gang warfare with gang warfare.... http://www.counterpunch.org/rodriguez07092008.html

Eugenics and the Nazi U.S. Connection
Edwin Black
November 9, 2003
Hitler and his henchmens' quest for a so-called Master Race... a white, blond-haired, blue-eyed master Nordic race, didn't originate with Hitler. The idea was created in the United States, and cultivated in California, decades before Hitler came to power. California eugenicists played an important, although little-known, role in the American eugenics movement's campaign for ethnic cleansing. Eugenics was the pseudoscience aimed at "improving" the human race. In its extreme, racist form, this meant wiping away all human beings deemed "unfit," preserving only those who conformed to a Nordic stereotype. Elements of the philosophy were enshrined as national policy by forced sterilization and segregation laws, as well as marriage restrictions, enacted in 27 states. In 1909, California became the third state to adopt such laws. Ultimately, eugenics practitioners coercively sterilized some 60,000 Americans, barred the marriage of thousands, forcibly segregated thousands in "colonies," and persecuted untold numbers in ways we are just learning. Before World War II, nearly half of coercive sterilizations were done in California, and even after the war, the state accounted for a third of all such surgeries.

California was considered an epicenter of the American eugenics movement. During the 20th century's first decades, California's eugenicists included potent but little-known race scientists, such as Army venereal disease specialist Dr. Paul Popenoe, citrus magnate Paul Gosney, Sacramento banker Charles Goethe, as well as members of the California state Board of Charities and Corrections and the University of California Board of Regents. Eugenics would have been so much bizarre parlor talk had it not been for extensive financing by corporate philanthropies, specifically the Carnegie Institution, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Harriman railroad fortune. They were all in league with some of America's most respected scientists from such prestigious universities as Stanford, Yale, Harvard and Princeton. These academicians espoused race theory and race science, and then faked and twisted data to serve eugenics' racist aims.

Stanford President David Starr Jordan originated the notion of "race and blood" in his 1902 racial epistle "Blood of a Nation," in which the university scholar declared that human qualities and conditions such as talent and poverty were passed through the blood.

In 1904, the Carnegie Institution established a laboratory complex at Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island that stockpiled millions of index cards on ordinary Americans, as researchers carefully plotted the removal of families, bloodlines and whole peoples. From Cold Spring Harbor, eugenics advocates agitated in the legislatures of America, as well as the nation's social service agencies and associations.

The Harriman railroad fortune paid local charities, such as the New York Bureau of Industries and Immigration, to seek out Jewish, Italian and other immigrants in New York and other crowded cities and subject them to deportation, confinement or forced sterilization.

The Rockefeller Foundation helped found the German eugenics program and even funded the program that Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz...
Much of the spiritual guidance and political agitation for the American eugenics movement came from California's quasi-autonomous eugenic societies, such as Pasadena's Human Betterment Foundation and the California branch of the American Eugenics Society, which coordinated much of their activity with the Eugenics Research Society in Long Island. These organizations -- which functioned as part of a closely-knit network -- published racist eugenic newsletters and pseudoscientific journals, such as Eugenical News and Eugenics, and propagandized for the Nazis...

Eugenicists craved blond, blue-eyed Nordic types. This group alone, they believed, was fit to inherit the Earth. In the process, the movement intended to subtract emancipated Negroes, immigrant Asian laborers, Indians, Hispanics, East Europeans, Jews, dark- haired hill folk, poor people, the infirm and anyone classified outside the gentrified genetic lines drawn up by American raceologists. How? By identifying so-called defective family trees and subjecting them to lifelong segregation and sterilization programs to kill their bloodlines. The grand plan was to literally wipe away the reproductive capability of those deemed weak and inferior -- the so-called unfit. The eugenicists hoped to neutralize the viability of 10 percent of the population at a sweep, until none were left except themselves.

Eighteen solutions were explored in a Carnegie-supported 1911 "Preliminary Report of the Committee of the Eugenic Section of the American Breeder's Association to Study and to Report on the Best Practical Means for Cutting Off the Defective Germ-Plasm in the Human Population." Point No. 8 was euthanasia.

The most commonly suggested method of eugenicide in the United States was a "lethal chamber" or public, locally operated gas chambers. In 1918, Popenoe, the Army venereal disease specialist during World War I, co-wrote the widely used textbook, "Applied Eugenics," which argued, "From an historical point of view, the first method which presents itself is execution . . . Its value in keeping up the standard of the race should not be underestimated." "Applied Eugenics" also devoted a chapter to "Lethal Selection," which operated "through the destruction of the individual by some adverse feature of the environment, such as excessive cold, or bacteria, or by bodily deficiency."

Eugenic breeders believed American society was not ready to implement an organized lethal solution. But many mental institutions and doctors practiced improvised medical lethality and passive euthanasia on their own. One institution in Lincoln, Ill., fed its incoming patients milk from tubercular cows believing a eugenically strong individual would be immune. Thirty to 40 percent annual death rates resulted at Lincoln. Some doctors practiced passive eugenicide one newborn infant at a time. Others doctors at mental institutions engaged in lethal neglect... the main solution for eugenicists was the rapid expansion of forced segregation and sterilization, as well as more marriage restrictions. California led the nation, performing nearly all sterilization procedures with little or no due process. In its first 25 years of eugenics legislation, California sterilized 9,782 individuals, mostly women. Many were classified as "bad girls," diagnosed as "passionate," "oversexed" or "sexually wayward." At the Sonoma State Home, some women were sterilized because of what was deemed an abnormally large clitoris or labia. In 1933 alone, at least 1,278 coercive sterilizations were performed, 700 on women. The state's two leading sterilization mills in 1933 were Sonoma State Home with 388 operations and Patton State Hospital with 363 operations. Other sterilization centers included Agnews, Mendocino, Napa, Norwalk, Stockton and Pacific Colony state hospitals.

Even the U.S. Supreme Court endorsed aspects of eugenics. In its infamous 1927 decision, Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote, "It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind . . . Three generations of imbeciles are enough." This decision opened the floodgates for thousands to be coercively sterilized or otherwise persecuted as subhuman. Years later, the Nazis at the Nuremberg trials quoted Holmes' words in their own defense.

Only after eugenics became entrenched in the United States was the campaign transplanted into Germany, in no small measure through the efforts of California eugenicists, who published booklets idealizing sterilization and circulated them to German officials and scientists. Hitler studied American eugenics laws. He tried to legitimize his anti- Semitism by medicalizing it, and wrapping it in the more palatable pseudoscientific facade of eugenics. Hitler was able to recruit more followers among reasonable Germans by claiming that science was on his side. Hitler's race hatred sprung from his own mind, but the intellectual outlines of the eugenics Hitler adopted in 1924 were made in America.

During the '20s, Carnegie Institution eugenic scientists cultivated deep personal and professional relationships with Germany's fascist eugenicists. In "Mein Kampf," published in 1924, Hitler quoted American eugenic ideology and openly displayed a thorough knowledge of American eugenics. "There is today one state," wrote Hitler, "in which at least weak beginnings toward a better conception (of immigration) are noticeable. Of course, it is not our model German Republic, but the United States. Hitler proudly told his comrades just how closely he followed the progress of the American eugenics movement. "I have studied with great interest," he told a fellow Nazi, "the laws of several American states concerning prevention of reproduction by people whose progeny would, in all probability, be of no value or be injurious to the racial stock." Hitler wrote a fan letter to American eugenics leader Madison Grant, calling his race-based eugenics book, "The Passing of the Great Race," his "bible."...

During the Reich's early years, eugenicists across America welcomed Hitler's plans as the logical fulfillment of their own decades of research and effort. California eugenicists republished Nazi propaganda for American consumption. They also arranged for Nazi scientific exhibits, such as an August 1934 display at the L.A. County Museum, for the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association. In 1934, as Germany's sterilizations were accelerating beyond 5,000 per month, the California eugenics leader C. M. Goethe, upon returning from Germany, ebulliently bragged to a colleague, "You will be interested to know that your work has played a powerful part in shaping the opinions of the group of intellectuals who are behind Hitler in this epoch-making program. Everywhere I sensed that their opinions have been tremendously stimulated by American thought . . . I want you, my dear friend, to carry this thought with you for the rest of your life, that you have really jolted into action a great government of 60 million people."

That same year, 10 years after Virginia passed its sterilization act, Joseph DeJarnette, superintendent of Virginia's Western State Hospital, observed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, "The Germans are beating us at our own game. More than just providing the scientific roadmap, America funded Germany's eugenic institutions. By 1926, Rockefeller had donated some $410,000 -- almost $4 million in today's money -- to hundreds of German researchers. In May 1926, Rockefeller awarded $250,000 toward creation of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Psychiatry. Among the leading psychiatrists at the German Psychiatric Institute was Ernst Rüdin, who became director and eventually an architect of Hitler's systematic medical repression. Another in the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute's complex of eugenics institutions was the Institute for Brain Research. Since 1915, it had operated out of a single room. Everything changed when Rockefeller money arrived in 1929. A grant of $317,000 allowed the institute to construct a major building and take center stage in German race biology. The institute received additional grants from the Rockefeller Foundation during the next several years. Leading the institute, once again, was Hitler's medical henchman Ernst Rüdin. Rüdin's organization became a prime director and recipient of the murderous experimentation and research conducted on Jews, Gypsies and others. Beginning in 1940, thousands of Germans taken from old age homes, mental institutions and other custodial facilities were systematically gassed. Between 50,000 and 100,000 were eventually killed. Leon Whitney, executive secretary of the American Eugenics Society, declared of Nazism, "While we were pussy-footing around ... the Germans were calling a spade a spade." A special recipient of Rockefeller funding was the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Heredity and Eugenics in Berlin. For decades, American eugenicists had craved twins to advance their research into heredity. The Institute was now prepared to undertake such research on an unprecedented level. On May 13, 1932, the Rockefeller Foundation in New York dispatched a radiogram to its Paris office: JUNE MEETING EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE NINE THOUSAND dollars over three year period to kwg institute anthropology for research on twins and effects on later generations of substances toxic for germ plasm.

At the time of Rockefeller's endowment, Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer, a hero in American eugenics circles, functioned as a head of the Institute for Anthropology, Human Heredity and Eugenics. Rockefeller funding of that institute continued both directly and through other research conduits during Verschuer's early tenure. In 1935, Verschuer left the institute to form a rival eugenics facility in Frankfurt that was much heralded in the American eugenics press. Research on twins in the Third Reich exploded, backed by government decrees. Verschuer wrote in Der Erbarzt, a eugenics doctor's journal he edited, that Germany's war would yield a "total solution to the Jewish problem."...

Human genetics' genocidal roots in eugenics were ignored by a victorious generation that refused to link itself to the crimes of Nazism and by succeeding generations that never knew the truth of the years leading up to war. Now governors of five states, including California, have issued public apologies to their citizens, past and present, for sterilization and other abuses spawned by the eugenics movement.
Human genetics became an enlightened endeavor in the late 20th century.... scientists finally cracked the human code through the Human Genome Project. Now, every individual can be biologically identified and classified by trait and ancestry... even now, some leading voices in the genetic world are calling for a cleansing of the unwanted among us, and even a master human species... because genetics research is global, no single nation's law can stop the threats.

Edwin Black is author of the award-winning "IBM and the Holocaust" and "War Against the Weak" (published by Four Walls Eight Windows), from which this article is adapted.
http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2003/11/09/ING9C2QSKB1...., page D - 1 of the San Francisco Chronicle

profit-producing workers pay again
Siphoning G.M.'s Future
Nothing has caused as much long-term damage to General Motors as the rich pensions and health care that robbed it of financial flexibility.

Capitalist justice legalizes siphoning lives
Court Rejects Clean Air Rules
The act required 28 states, largely on the East Coast, to reduce the pollutants that can travel long distances in the wind, which the Environmental Protection Agency predicted would prevent about 17,000 premature deaths a year. The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled that the environmental agency overstepped its authority by instituting the rule. It said the Clean Air Act did not give the E.P.A. the authority to change pollution standards the way it did. Citing ”more than several fatal flaws,” the court scrapped the entire regulation. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/12/washington/11CLEANcnd.html?8au&emc=au

violating capitalist control of media / freedom of speech
Media lens
On June 28 and July 3, Media Lens received repeated threats of both legal and police action from Alastair Brett, legal manager of News International’s Times Newspapers....Brett claimed Times journalist Bronwen Maddox had been subject to "vexatious and threatening" emails from Media Lens readers, which constituted "harassment".... more than one million human beings are now lying dead in Iraq. In fact, the entire country has been subject to unrelenting destruction and slaughter by two decades of Western policy rooted in selfish greed. All of this has been buried in official propaganda, media silence and compromised ’balance’ - it barely exists for the public.
To understand what we have done to the Iraqi people, to feel something of their torment, casts the media silence in a very different light. It transforms, utterly, the actions of people like us trying to break that silence, as it does the actions of those who seek to stop us on the grounds that emailing journalists is "not proper behaviour" and makes "a mess of their inboxes". In truth, the steps we have suggested are pitiful in their timidity. We have always seen media activism as a small, energising contribution intended to inspire much wider, much more profound, political organisation and activism. What we have done to Iraq is not a video game; it is not a Hollywood invention. We really have destroyed an entire nation and brought misery to millions. About that, this whole country should not be writing a few emails; it should be in uproar....
Email: editor@medialens.org This media alert will shortly be archived here: http://www.medialens.org/alerts/08/080710_news_international_threatens.p...

Review board orders AP journalist held longer without charges
An Associated Press television cameraman who was detained by U.S. and Iraqi forces in early June was ordered held for at least six more months Tuesday for "imperative reasons of security," the U.S. military said. The decision came as a surprise to the AP, which had earlier been led to believe that the cameraman, Ahmed Nouri Raziak, was likely to be released because of lack of any evidence against him. Raziak, 38, who has worked for AP Television News since 2003, was detained by U.S. and Iraqi soldiers at his home in Tikrit on June 4. He was transferred last month to the U.S. military's detention facility at Camp Cropper near Baghdad International Airport....
Raziak's arrest occurred seven weeks after the release of AP photographer Bilal Hussein, who was held without charge for two years and four days by the U.S. military. Hussein was freed shortly after receiving amnesty from two Iraqi judicial panels. "We are shocked that another AP journalist is to be held for at least six months without charges, and are awaiting information that could shed light on this strange decision," said John Daniszewski, AP Managing Editor for International News. The U.S. military had told the AP on June 30 that the Central Criminal Court of Iraq had decided not to prosecute Raziak because "it did not have sufficient evidence" and that his case would be examined soon by the Combined Review and Release Board, a joint U.S.-Iraqi body that has the authority to recommend release. On Tuesday, however, the U.S. military's Task Force 134, which operates coalition detention facilities, informed the AP that the board had voted for "continued internment based on imperative reasons of security." Lt. Col. Kenneth Plowman, spokesman for the task force, said the next review would be in six months.
The arrest of Raziak was the latest in a series of arrests of journalists by U.S. forces in Iraq in recent years.
Another locally prominent journalist in Tikrit, Ahmed al-Majun, was arrested on June 23... released without charge four days later. Al-Majun, a free-lancer who is also the president of the local branch of the Iraq Journalists Union, said he was interrogated during his confinement but refused to say more, according to the Journalistic Freedom Observatory.
Raziak had been detained once before, in August 2004, when he was stopped at a checkpoint near Tikrit... held for two months at that time and then released without charge.
Three AP employees have been detained in Iraq by U.S. or Iraqi forces since the April 16 release of Hussein. The other two were released without charge.
U.S. authorities freed Hussein, who had been arrested in Ramadi in 2006, after two Iraqi panels reviewed his case and ordered his release under an amnesty law enacted this year to encourage reconciliation among the country's ethnic and religious groups. At the time of his release, U.S. officials said Hussein was no longer considered a security threat. http://www.onenewsnow.com/AP/Search/World/Default.aspx?id=171222

We have been waiting exactly two weeks to the day for the Associated Press to write a report on the inhuman treatment that Mohammed Omer suffered at the hands (and feet) of Israel’s security officers when he crossed into Israel on his way home to Gaza. They just issued a report on the situation…. not the situation regarding Mohammed Omer, but rather on the Israeli government’s report denying the situation ever happened.... http://www.uruknet.de/?p=45608

capital blowback: NYT heart bleeds for 'problems' of privileged parasites
Rich, but Rejected
ALMOST overnight, investment bankers and others on Wall Street ... roughly 25 to 30 percent of Manhattan buyers ...have gone from being Manhattan’s most aggressive apartment buyers to real estate pariahs. As financial services companies continue to cut jobs and bleed billions of dollars... buyers who work on Wall Street no longer have the guarantee of huge bonuses to bolster their financial status. And even those who continue to get bonuses are finding that banks and co-ops will not let them count all that money as part of their
income, because unlike a salary, it can fluctuate wildly... In the past, Wall Street workers would count most or all of their year-end bonuses to qualify for mortgages, often borrowing amounts that covered 90 percent or even 100 percent of the purchase price of high-end condos. Now, some lenders allow buyers to count just a third of their bonus. A banker who qualified for a $3.75 million mortgage a year ago based on a $250,000 salary and a $1 million bonus now qualifies for only a $1.8 million mortgage with the same salary and bonus.... some lenders are demanding 25 percent down, rather than just 10 percent. Thus, a banker who went to contract on a $4 million apartment a year ago with a $400,000 down payment now has to come up with $600,000 more to close the deal.... The slowdown in sales has not yet hurt Manhattan apartment prices... while the number of transactions fell, the average apartment sales price of $1.6 million is a third higher than a year ago... The bonus situation is expected to get worse before it gets better....

another amerikan myth: 'home sweet home' ownership a nightmare for millions...
'silence' is not the problem
Silence of the Lenders: Is Anyone Listening?
DAN A. BAILEY JR. was desperate when he sat down on May 19 to send an e-mail message to his mortgage lender, the Countrywide Financial Corporation, pleading, yet again, for help. Behind on his payments and fearful of losing his home of 16 years — a 900-square-foot bungalow in Wilmington, N.C. — Mr. Bailey had spent the previous six months unsuccessfully lobbying Countrywide, at the time the nation’s largest home lender and loan servicer...trying to renegotiate an adjustable-rate loan he could no longer afford. Until then, he says, the only guidance the lender provided was a suggestion from an employee of Countrywide’s “home retention team” that he cut back on groceries to pay his mortgage. “I told her that I probably spend $10 a day on groceries,” Mr. Bailey recalls. “And she said ‘Maybe you can eat less.’ ” “We continue to rely on lenders to fix the problems they created by making reckless loans in the first place, but foreclosures keep rising,” says Deborah Goldstein, executive vice president of the Center for Responsible Lending, a nonprofit group that assists borrowers.... Countrywide, which administers $1.48 trillion of loans across the United States, finds itself at the center of the foreclosure mess. As of the most recent quarter, 2.67 percent of the loans that Countrywide services were more than 90 days delinquent. (The Bank of America Corporation acquired Countrywide on July 1 and is now overseeing the Countrywide portfolio.) {buying debt for profit)...
With two of the nation’s most important mortgage concerns, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, continuing to falter last week — raising the possibility that they may need a federal bailout or takeover — foreclosure problems are likely to become even more complex [SIC].... A vast majority of modifications industrywide offer a temporary and modest interest rate reduction, accompanied by an increase in the overall principal owed because of added — and what critics contend are often bogus — fees larded onto the loan in the delinquency period.... borrowers lucky enough to receive loan modifications may still be imperiled by the new terms...“Unless these are zero-cost, zero-added-principal loans..." says Michael Kratzer, president of FeeDisclosure.com, a Web site intended to help consumers reduce fees on home loans....
Carrie Mateos, 38, scrimped for years to save enough money for a down payment and a cash cushion to buy a home in Miami. In June 2007, she and her husband, Daniel, got two loans totaling $409,000 from Countrywide that helped them realize that dream. Both had sterling credit scores at the time. At the closing, Ms. Mateos says she discovered that the loan terms had changed from the initial estimate; the interest rate was higher on the first loan, for example. Because they were in the midst of the closing, the couple felt that they had to sign the documents. Weeks later, Ms. Mateos was laid off from her job as an office manager. By last January, she still hadn’t found work and the couple’s $80,000 rainy-day fund had dwindled to $5,000. To raise money, Ms. Mateos had three yard sales, even selling the family’s dining-room and living-room furniture. But Ms. Mateos said she was worried that they would soon fall behind on their mortgage. In March, she called Countrywide to ask if she could skip one payment and make it up in the following months. She had found a new job but said she knew that it would take some time to rebuild the family’s finances.
Getting through to someone at the company was almost impossible, she said; calling the toll-free number it provided meant “being bounced around the Countrywide black hole.”
“They would transfer me to their Hope department, then they would send you to customer service, then to loan retention,” she added. “I would send stuff to them certified mail and get back the forms saying they had received it. But they would tell me they didn’t get it.” WHEN she finally got through to a person at the company, she was told that, under company rules, Countrywide couldn’t do anything until the Mateoses were at least three months behind. “Then I find out you don’t have to be three months behind; you just have to have a hardship,” she says. “I was showing I had a hardship; I just wanted them to help me get back on track.” Although the Mateoses were never behind on more than one payment, the fees started climbing. In May, she said, Countrywide offered to reduce the couple’s first mortgage payment to $2,242 from $2,405 for two months but that they would then owe $5,299 at the end of the third month. That meant the deal would cost the couple an extra $2,568, because of what Countrywide called “fees and adjustments. The couple declined. ... http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/13/business/13mail.html?hp=&pagewanted=pr...