3/20/9 "Containment Plus": Partition Plans to Eliminate Iraq from Clinton to Biden & Obama

"The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State." 
Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda

IRAQ: made-in-usa 'civil war' to divide the nation -- "Under this plan Iraq would cease to exist"
Iraq 'war' began under Clinton
After the 1991Gulf War, led by the U.S., the UK, and other major imperialist powers maintained a policy of “containment” towards Iraq including numerous, calculatedly crushing economic sanctions to destroy its highly developed infrastructure, economy and strength. In October 1998, the U.S. began to shift from containment towards “regime change,” with President Clinton's "Iraq Liberation Act. This escalated tp full-bore, unprovoked military aggression with the judicial selection of G. W. Bush in the 2000 'elections'.

'CONTAINMENT PLUS', Madeleine Albright : "Cohen comes with plans to divide up Iraq..."
March 11, 1999
U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen's just concluded six-nation tour of the Persian Gulf states led editorial pages in many Arab papers and received some attention from South Asian media as well. A New Delhi analyst concluded that Secretary Cohen's two-fold "mission to sell arms and the administration's new policy on Iraq" was successful on the former, but failed on the latter. Some in the Arab world worried...that the Cohen tour, together with the recent visit by another U.S. official, Assistant Secretary of State Martin Indyk, marks a shift in U.S. policy "from the planning to the implementation phase regarding the future of Iraq" and urged that Arabs "not allow the American schemes to materialize and...not be partners in the destruction and partition of Iraq." ...

"The U.S.' Grand Plan In The Gulf", Sanaa Al Said, Al Wafd 3/7/99
...The United States imposed the status quo since it created the no-fly zones in the north and south, disregarding international legitimacy. The embargo it imposed on Iraq in 1991 was the beginning of the real division of Iraq into three entities....The shelling is increasing day after day. Secretary Cohen confirmed this. His tour of the Gulf, Egypt, Jordan and Israel is certain proof that the countdown is about to end and the United States is about to implement its plans--oust the regime and divide Iraq."

War on Iraq: Opinion
Contributing Editor Air Marshal (Retd) Ayaz Ahmed Khan
...why [is] Saddam Hussain considered a threat to US Security interests? The answer lies in Saddam Hussian’s mind set. According to Amir Taheri the celebrated Arab political analyst, Saddam Hussain’s political vision is the real threat to US and Western interests. What is Saddam’s vision? “Saddam Hussain’s vision is based on the basic assumption that there is a single Arab nation stretching from the Atlantic to the Indian ocean”. Saddam firmly believes in pan-Arabism and that is the real threat to Western interests. He is the only Arab leader capable of settling scores with Israel, for its barbarities and genocide of Palestinian Arabs. Amir Taheri states that, “At different times, history which determines the fate of nations chooses a leader with vision to assume leadership. As things stand today, it is the Iraqi part of the Arab nation that has been chosen by history to assume leadership.” American, Israeli and British intellectuals and politicians are aware that their designs for the oil in the oil rich Arab lands will be challenged if Saddam Hussian has a say in the region. This is the reason why Washington, Tel-Aviv and London want Saddam Hussian out of the way. They want to exploit the Arab oil wealth unhindered...

In an article titled “OPERATION ENDLESS DEPLOYMENT” military analysts William D Hartung, Frida Berrigan and Michelle Ciarrocca state that, “The war on Iraq is part of the larger US plan for global dominance... Under the guise of fighting “terrorists and tyrants”, US military has built, upgraded and expanded military facilities in Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Turkey, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Pentagon has authorized and expanded training missions or open ended troop deployments in Djibouti, Philippines and Georgia. Access has been negotiated to airfields in Kazakstan. The United States is engaged in major military exercises involving thousands of US military personnel in Jordan, Kuwait and India. (The writers forgot that ten thousand US military personnel are already stationed in Afghanistan). Thousands of tons of military equipment has been stock piled in Middle Eastern and Persian Gulf stations, including Israel, Jordan, Kuwait and Qatar. Discussions are underway for access to facilities in Yemen and establishing intelligence gathering installations to monitor “terrorist” activities in Sudan, and Somalia. The port of Aden is strategically located, and US Navy operations from Aden will help control of the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. Through secretive arrangements the US has a substantial military presence of sixty thousand (60,000) troops in the Gulf, Caucus and South Asia. Twenty five thousand US troops are already poised to serve as the first wave of US invasion of Iraq. Several thousand more are on the way. The US plan clearly is for flexible military infrastructure to initiate hot wars from the Middle East, the Gulf, the Caucus and East Asia”...

U.S. Considers Dividing Iraq Into Three Separate States After Saddam Is Gone
Oct 1, 2002
Stratfor.com is one of the most respected geopolitical intelligence services in the world. Stratfor's high-level sources tell them that one of the leading long-term strategies being considered by US war planners is one that will DIVIDE Iraq into three separate regions. Under this plan Iraq would CEASE TO EXIST. (emphases added}...
Stratfor says such a plan reportedly was discussed at an unusual meeting between Crown Prince Hassan of Jordan and pro-US Iraqi Sunni opposition members in London in July. Further, they say that in September, the Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, stated that the US goal in Iraq was to create a United Hashemite Kingdom that would encompass Jordan and Iraq's Sunni areas. Also, Israeli terrorism expert Ehud Sprinzak recently echoed this sentiment on Russian television on September 24.
According to Stratfor, Sprinzak stated that the authors of the "Hashemite" plan are Vice President Dick Cheney and Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz...

Stratfor suggests that the division of Iraq, as described above, will reap big benefits for both Israel and Jordan. Iraq, arguably Israel's most determined enemy, would be eliminated. The end of Saddam's regime would also deprive the Palestinians of much financial and other assistance, which could reduce the effectiveness of their attacks against the Jewish state. King Abdullah of Jordan would vastly expand his role and prominence in the region with a joint Hashemite state, becoming the second-most important US ally in the region after Israel. In addition to his huge territorial gains, he also would get a chunk of Iraqi oil. And Palestinians, who currently make up half of Jordan's population, would become a minority in the new state, with much less potential to stir up trouble.

Stratfor believes the plan would divide Iraq as follows:
The central and largest part of Iraq that is populated by the Sunni Arabs would be joined with JORDAN to form one "United Hashemite Kingdom," which would be ruled by Jordan's King Abdullah. This area would include Baghdad, which would no longer be the capital.
The Kurdish region of northern and northwestern Iraq, including Mosul and the vast Kirkuk oilfields, would become its own autonomous state.
The Shia Region in southwestern Iraq, including Basra, would make up the third state, or more likely it would be joined with Kuwait....

Benefits To The US
According to Stratfor's sources and the Israeli media, the richest oil areas would go not to the Hashemite kingdom but to the autonomous Kurdish region in the north. To make sure the new Kurdish state is not seen as a threat to Turkey, our ally, the US would deploy armed forces and build new military bases in the area, not only to prevent any hostilities along the border, but also to insure the free flow of oil from this area.
As a part of this plan, it is believed that the Bush administration would also negotiate new deals to build US military bases in the Hashemite kingdom and in the Shia Region to the south. This would be a huge development in the War On Terror. With US military bases in the three new states, the US would be in an ideal position should it choose in the future to go after Iran, Saudi Arabia or other states in the region that are supporting terrorism.
With Iraq divided as described above, with US aid and military assistance, and not to mention, huge oil revenues going into government coffers (as opposed to Saddam's pocketbook), this region could become very prosperous very quickly.

Difficult, But Not Impossible
Stratfor also acknowledges that the plan will be difficult to achieve, and there are obviously some risks. Certainly, it will be difficult to get the various factions in Iraq to agree to the new arrangement. Obviously, Saudi Arabia and Iran, and perhaps others in the region, will have major heartburn over such a plan. Stratfor cautions that even Turkey could have a problem with this plan.[...] http://www.profutures.comarticle.php/91/%20 Stratfor.com http://www.stratfor.com/

Scramble to carve up Iraqi oil reserves lies behind US diplomacy
Manoeuvres shaped by horsetrading between America, Russia and France over control of untapped oilfields
Ed Vulliamy in New York, Paul Webster in Paris, and Nick Paton Walsh in Moscow
Sunday October 6, 2002
The Observer
Washington's predatory interest in Iraqi oil is clear.... The US National Energy Policy Report of 2001 - known as the 'Cheney Report' after its author Vice President Dick Cheney, formerly one of America's richest and most powerful oil industry magnates - demanded a priority on easing US access to Persian Gulf supplies.
A Russian official at the United Nations in New York told the Observer last week that the $7 billion in Soviet-era debt was not the main 'economic interest' in Iraq about which the Kremlin is voicing its concerns. The main fear was a post-Saddam government would not honour extraction contracts Moscow has signed with Iraq.
US control of the Iraqi reserves, perhaps the biggest unmapped reservoir in the world, would break Saudi Arabia's hold on the oil-pricing cartel Opec, and dictate prices for the next century.
This could spell disaster for Russian oil giants, keen to expand their sales to the West. Russia has sought to prolong negotiations, official statements going between opposition to any new UN resolution and possible support for military action against an Iraqi regime proven to be developing weapons of mass destruction.
While France is thought likely to support US military action, and China will probably fall in line because of its admission to the World Trade Organisation, Putin is left holding the wild cards.
Russia recognises potential benefits of reaching a deal with the US: Saddam's regime is difficult to work with. Lukoil's billion-dollar concessions are frozen and profitless to Moscow and Baghdad under UN sanctions, leading to fears that Saddam might have declared the agreement null and void out of spite. Iraqi diplomats say Zarubezhneft won its $90bn contract only after Baghdad took it away from TotalFinaElf because of French support for sanctions.
Russia stands to profit if intervention in the Gulf triggers a hike in Middle East oil prices, as its firms are lobbying to sell millions of barrels a day to the US, at two-thirds of the current market price.
Moscow's trust of Washington may be slipping after what a Russian UN official calls 'broken promises' that followed negotiations over Moscow's support for the Afghan campaign. Russia turned a blind eye to US troops in central Asia, on the tacit condition that US-Russian trade restrictions would be lifted. But they are still there, and other benefits expected after 11 September have also not materialised. 'They've been making this point very strongly,' a senior Bush administration official conceded to the Washington Post , 'that this can't be an all-give-and-no-get relationship... They do have a point that the growing relationship has got to be reciprocal.'

The Plan Was Always to Divide Iraq
Michel Collon, iacenter.org , suggests the US plan for Iraq was to divide it up into three mini-states 'and pit them against one another'...this was also the plan for Yugoslavia..

The New York Times, 25 November 2003, refers to the plan for Iraq by Leslie Gelb of the Council of Foreign Affairs:
The objective for the USA according to Gelb:
"To put most of its money and troops where they would do the most good quickly - with the Kurds and Shiites. The United States could extricate most of its forces from the so-called Sunni Triangle, north and west of Baghdad.... American officials could then wait for the troublesome and domineering Sunnis, without oil or oil revenues, to moderate their ambitions or suffer the consequences."
In 1982, Oded Yinon, an official from the Israeli Foreign Affairs office, wrote: "To dissolve Iraq is even more important for us than dissolving Syria. In the short term, it's Iraqi power that constitutes the greatest threat to Israel. The Iran-Iraq war tore Iraq apart and provoked its downfall. All manner of inter-Arab conflict help us and accelerate our goal of breaking up Iraq into small, diverse pieces."

In the case of Yugoslavia, according to Michel Collon:
"Berlin, and then Washington, discreetly financed and armed racist extremists, who were nostalgic for World War II. "This made civil war almost inevitable because the IMF and the World Bank had plunged Yugoslavia into bankrupt to make it submit to triumphant neo-liberalism after the fall of the Berlin Wall... "All of the peoples of the former Yugoslavia have been plunged into misery and unemployment, which is worse now than it has ever been. "Meanwhile, multinational corporations have taken the upper hand in controlling the country's wealth...
"For Gelb, the civil war in Yugoslavia was a great success for the U.S. because it permitted the breakup of a country that resisted multinationals..."Divide in order to conquer. As always. "The Britons carefully organized the division of Ireland, India and Pakistan as well as other places in the world. "The influential U.S. strategist, Zbigniew Brzezinski, wants to divide Russia into three countries in order to isolate Moscow from oil reserves. "The CIA also has its "own plans" to divide Saudi Arabia...

The conquest of Southwest Asia 
By Pepe Escobar 
For Washington the real enemy is not Islamic fundamentalism: it's Arab nationalism. For decades the ultimate target of Israeli foreign policy has been to sow disunion among Arabs. Secular Arab nationalism is the ultimate threat to Israel, thus to the US, in neo-con thinking. The crux is not religious: it's political... 

By Pepe Escobar
The plan [to break up Iraq] allegedly conceived by David Philip, a former White House adviser working for the American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC)[...]

The invasion and occupation of Iraq was a premeditated murderous act of aggression
The Pentagon's 'Strategic Information' Psywar Program
By Ghali Hassan, September 24, 2005
The U.S. plan to divide Iraq—on ethnic and religious lines—and control its wealth was prepared several years before the war. It was no secret. ...
The U.S. plan to divide Iraq—on ethnic and religious lines—and control its wealth was prepared several years before the war. It was no secret. ... Deception by governments and the mass media to manipulate the population has been an obsession of Western powers. The illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq by U.S. forces provides the best recent example of murderous atrocities based on deception.... From the big lie of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) invented in Washington and London to the big lie of Abu Mussab Al-Zarqawi, the alleged Al-Qaeda mastermind, resort to deception is the art of Western powers...Al-Zarqawi has two important purposes for the U.S. Occupation: it provides a way to distort the image of the legitimate Iraqi Resistance; and it allows the occupying forces to present the war of Occupation as a war against Al-Qaeda, the created enemy. Al-Qaeda has replaced Communism.

Al-Qaeda (the 'Base' in Arabic) was the C.I.A.-sponsored training camp for the Afghan Mujahideen, including Osama bin Laden and the likes. The group was created and financed by the U.S. administration against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. They were called "freedom fighters" by former U.S. President Roland Reagan.

As a result of the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda has disintegrated. Its members have been killed, imprisoned and some have melted away in the population of Afghanistan and Pakistan. However, in George Bush's "war on terror," today's Al-Qaeda is alive and fighting on many fronts. In other words, Osama bin Laden is much more useful alive to U.S. imperialism and propaganda than his dead body. Al-Qaeda has become a convenient phantom to justify an ongoing war on defenceless peoples.... It provides the necessary tool to instill fear and manipulate domestic public opinion.... "Al-Zarqawi is nothing more than a weapon of mass deception in the hands of the US army, which enables the latter to hide its 'black propaganda' activities, used to mount the population against the [Resistance]," said Mohamed Hassan, a former Ethiopian diplomat and Middle East specialist....
U.S. forces and their collaborators are behind every major sectarian killing and kidnapping in the country. The promotion of Shiite-Sunni conflict is the creation of U.S. forces. The attacks on specific religious groups, such as on Shiites, were aimed at provoking sectarian strife among Iraqis. After every large killing of civilians, the U.S. and mainstream media are deliberately blaming the Iraqi Resistance for the violence. The main aim is to distort the image of the Resistance and weaken its popular support in Iraq and abroad.

Iraq's Sectarian Bloodshed 'Made in the USA'
Iraq never had a history of sectarian conflicts. U.S. policy choices provided a perfect road map for starting one
by Erik Leaver and Raed Jarrar, Asia Times
When the United States ousted Saddam Hussein in April 2003, crime spiked and full-scale looting erupted. But there were still no signs of sectarian clashes. That quickly changed, however, as the U.S. administration assumed control over Iraq, led by Paul Bremer....attempting to put an Iraqi face on the occupation, appointed members to the Iraqi Governing Council. Instead of reflecting how Iraqis saw themselves, the council's makeup mirrored and reinforced the U.S. sectarian view of the population . . .
FULL TEXT http://www.twf.org/News/Y2006/0810-Sectarian.html

The Minister of Civil War: Paul Bremer, and the rise of the Iraqi death squads
Bayan Jabr,
Harper’s Magazine, August 2006. By Ken Silverstein.
The rise of the death squads corresponds almost precisely to the April 2005 appointment of Bayan Jabr as interior minister in Iraq’s transitional government. The Interior Ministry, which is something like a combined FBI and Department of Homeland Security, controls billions of dollars and more than 100,000 men in police and paramilitary units. Jabr was a former high-ranking member of the Iranian-backed Badr Brigade, the military arm of the fundamentalist Shiite Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) that is now the dominant political force in the country. After taking over the Interior Ministry, he quickly purged it of Sunnis, and members of the Badr Brigade were widely incorporated into the ministry’s police and paramilitary units….

Civil war likely in Iraq, not necessarily negative
Tony Jones Interview with Daniel Pipes
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 02/03/06
TONY JONES: Tell me what sort of trends you’re talking about? Because I’m still struggling to understand how it would be anything but a strategic disaster.
DR DANIEL PIPES: ...should there be a civil war in Iraq, there are various trends which will be disrupted, trends which I think are negative... in the first place, there would be fewer attacks on our forces in Iraq as they fight each other. More broadly outside Iraq. There would be fewer attacks on us as the Shi’ites and the Sunnis attack each other. The imperative that the US Government, in particular, has been following would be shunted aside - an imperative which I think has led to negative results, because the victors in democracy, whether it be Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, the Palestinian Authority, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, have in all these cases been our most extreme enemies - the Islamists. And I think as developments in Iraq slow down the democracy process, so it will elsewhere and we will be the better for it. …

Golden Mosque bombings: Who Benefits?
Dahr Jamail, Iraq Dispatches, February 24, 2006
The most important question to ask regarding the bombings of the Golden Mosque in Samarra on the 22nd is: who benefits? Prior to asking this question, let us note the timing of the bombing. The last weeks in Iraq have been a PR disaster for the occupiers.
First, the negative publicity of the video of British soldiers beating and abusing young Iraqis has generated a backlash for British occupation forces they’ve yet to face in Iraq....The other huge event which drew Iraqis into greater solidarity was more photos and video aired depicting atrocities within Abu Ghraib at the hands of U.S. occupation forces....enrages all Iraqis.

The horrific attack which destroyed much of the Golden Mosque generated sectarian outrage which led to attacks on over 50 Sunni mosques. Many Sunni mosques in Baghdad were shot, burnt, or taken over. Three Imams were killed, along with scores of others in widespread violence. This is what was shown by western corporate media.
As quickly as these horrible events began, they were called to an end and replaced by acts of solidarity between Sunni and Shia across Iraq. This, however, was not shown by western corporate media.
The Sunnis where the first to go to demonstrations of solidarity with Shia in Samarra, as well as to condemn the mosque bombings. Demonstrations of solidarity between Sunni and Shia went off over all of Iraq: in Basra, Diwaniyah, Nasiriyah, Kut, and Salah al-Din.
Thousands of Shia marched shouting anti-American slogans through Sadr City, the huge Shia slum area of Baghdad, which is home to nearly half the population of the capital city. Meanwhile, in the primarily Shia city of Kut, south of Baghdad, thousands marched while shouting slogans against America and Israel and burning U.S. and Israeli flags....
Ray McGovern does not rule out Western involvement in this week's Askariya mosque bombing in light of previous false flag operations that have advanced the hidden agendas of the ruling elite. During the mid-eighties, McGovern was one of the senior analysts conducting early morning briefings of the PDB one-on-one with the Vice President, the Secretaries of State and Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs.--"Former CIA Analyst: Western Intelligence May Be Behind Mosque Bombing," February 26, 2006]

False Flag Prospects, 2008 -- Top Three US Target Cities
by Captain Eric H. May
The easiest way to carry out a false flag attack is by setting up a military exercise that simulates the very attack you want to carry out. As I'll detail below, this is exactly how government perpetrators In the US and UK handled the 9/11 and 7/7 "terror" attacks, which were in reality government attacks blamed on "terrorists."
My aim, as a former military intelligence officer who spent five years with the U.S. Army 75th Division conducting military war games, is to convince the American people that the "next 9/11" -- constantly promised by officials and the media -- is likely to be carried out under the guise of future military exercises. If the American people are aware of pending exercises and the danger they represent, then the exercises cannot "go live" and effect the very terror events that they are supposed to be rehearsing against.[...]http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=8165 http://collectioncf72.blogspot.com/2005/04/darkness-visible-pentagon-pla...

. . . the Salvador Option has been invoked in Iraq. This is the campaign of terror by death squads armed and trained by the US, which attack Sunnis and Shias alike. The goal is the incitement of a real civil war and the break-up of Iraq, the original war aim of Bush's administration. The ministry of the interior in Baghdad, which is run by the CIA, directs the principal death squads. Their members are not exclusively Shia, as the myth goes. The most brutal are the Sunni-led Special Police Commandos, headed by former senior officers in Saddam's Ba'ath Party. This unit was formed and trained by CIA "counter-insurgency" experts, including veterans of the CIA's terror operations in central America in the 1980s, notably El Salvador. . . .
Related La Voz de Aztlan report:
NORTHWOODS PROJECT: Exposing the Pentagon’s Schemes

Destruction of Holiest Shia Shrine Brings Iraq to the Brink of Civil War
Robert Fisk, "All This Talk of Civil War, and Now This Carnage. Coincidence?," Associated Press, March 3, 2004
The horrific attack which destroyed much of the Golden Mosque generated sectarian outrage which led to attacks on over 50 Sunni mosques. Many Sunni mosques in Baghdad were shot, burnt, or taken over. Three Imams were killed, along with scores of others in widespread violence.This is what was shown by western corporate media. As quickly as these horrible events began, they were called to an end and replaced by acts of solidarity between Sunni and Shia across Iraq. This, however, was not shown by western corporate media. . .
Iraq's monumental catastrophe has become routine, shapeless, an incipient "civil war". Note how the American framework of disaster is now being portrayed as an Iraqi vs Iraqi war, as if the huge and brutal US occupation has nothing to do with the appalling violence in Iraq.--Robert Fisk, "Defeat is victory. Death is life," Independent, February 26, 2006]
VIDEO: Iraq is not a sectarian society...People are intermarried. Shiites and Sunnis marry each other. . . . Some form of militias and death squads want a civil war. There never has been a civil war in Iraq. The real question I ask myself is: who are these people who are trying to provoke the civil war? Now the Americans will say it's Al Qaeda, it's the Sunni insurgents. It is the death squads. Many of the death squads work for the Ministry of Interior. Who runs the Ministry of Interior in Baghdad? Who pays the Ministry of the Interior? Who pays the militia men who make up the death squads? We do, the occupation authorities.--Robert Fisk, "Somebody is trying to provoke a civil war in Iraq," ABC Lateline (Australia), March 2, 2006]

"...perhaps the end of 2008, as Democratic candidate Barack Obama suggested, to spur Iraqis to 'end this civil war' "
Biden supports three-part Iraq split: Plan maintains limited central government
By CRIS BARRISH, The News Journal Sunday, March 4, 2007

Biden and Gelb, president emeritus of the nonpartisan Council on Foreign Relations, introduced their five-point plan for Iraq in a May 2006 op-ed piece in the New York Times. "The sectarian genie is out of the bottle and no number of American troops can put it back in," the duo wrote. "Militias are the law in swaths of Iraq and death squads kill dozens daily. ... The new government of national unity will not stop this dangerous deterioration."
Beyond the three regional governments, the key proposal is to give Sunnis 20 percent of oil revenues. Sunnis make up about 20 percent of Iraq's 27 million residents, yet the the west-central part of Iraq, which Sunnis dominate, has no oil.
Shiites make up about 60 percent of Iraqis and control the new government. Sunnis, who ran the country under Saddam, are now on the outside, spearheading the insurgency. The Kurds, who rule the north, already have their own semiautonomous system.

The White House criticized the idea immediately after it was presented."We remain committed to a federal, democratic, pluralist and unified Iraq in which there is full respect for political and human rights," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said then. "A partition government with regional security forces and a weak central government ... is something that no Iraqi leader has proposed, and that the Iraqi people have not supported."

Those who support the plan argue that it is not a partition of one country into three. "It's the only way to go, a political power-sharing arrangement in a country which cannot have central governance," Holbrooke said. "Either the country splits apart, which is really dangerous, or it shares power. This is really a visionary plan."
Biden pointed out that Iraq's constitution "allows for the creation of federal regions." The document was approved overwhelmingly in a vote of nearly 10 million citizens in 2005.

Qubad Talabani, the Washington representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq, endorses the concept, though he envisions more than three regions. Talabani's father, Jalal, is Iraq's president, a largely ceremonial post. "Whether it's three regions or five regions or 15 regions, this is a technicality that will be left to Iraqis on the ground," Talabani said. "What we need is a system of governance such that a multi-ethnic, sectarian society can live with one another. The centralized government has failed since its inception." Sharing billions of dollars in oil revenues could ease Sunni opposition, Talabani said."It's critical to this plan," he said. "We need checks and balances in place to ensure all regions will get their fair share." Creating the regions -- perhaps even making Baghdad its own region -- could hasten the peace process, Talabani said. "Baghdad is the prize. That's why everybody is fighting for it," he said. "Regionalization will lessen its significance.

'Fight isn't out of them'
"Their plan is a wonderful template for an optimal political settlement," said Anne-Marie Slaughter, dean at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. "But they don't have a way and I'm not sure any of us have a way to get the parties to the table to endorse that settlement.".The warring factions -- with the U.S. troops in the line of fire -- will likely continue fighting, Slaughter said, "until one party gets a decisive edge." Slaughter recommended setting a withdrawal deadline -- perhaps the end of 2008, as Democratic candidate Barack Obama has suggested, to spur Iraqis to "end this civil war."

Biden and Gelb see parallels in Iraq to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the mid-1990s, where war-weary factions decided to divide land along ethnic lines: separate areas for Serbs and a Muslim-Croat federation. A fragile peace still holds, more than a decade later.
Slaughter said it appears Iraqi factions are not yet ready to broach such a deal. "We have not found a way," she said, "to get the parties to conclude they have more to gain from talking. We could get them to that point by saying we are withdrawing."
Holbrooke agreed the plan's prospects have diminished since its introduction nine months ago: "Every passing cycle gets more difficult."

'No magical solution'
Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., ranking Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee, said "I'm reticent to endorse what clearly would be three countries."...
Biden, though, believes the plan he and Gelb forged can lead to peace. "This is the only chance," Biden said, "to leave without having traded a dictatorship for chaos."

The five-point plan for Iraq by Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., and Les Gelb, longtime journalist and diplomat

Establish one Iraq, with three regions
• Three largely autonomous regions with a strong, but limited central government in Baghdad.
• Put the central government in charge of border defense, foreign policy, oil production and revenues.
• Form regional governments – Kurd, Sunni and Shiite – responsible for administering their own regions.

Share oil revenues
• Gain agreement for the federal solution from the Sunni Arabs by giving them 20 percent of oil revenues – an amount roughly proportional to their segment of the population – to make their region economically viable.
• Empower a central government to set national oil policy and distribute revenues, which would attract needed foreign investment and reinforce each community’s interest in keeping Iraq intact.

Increase reconstruction assistance
• Insist that other countries make good on old commitments and provide new ones – especially the oil-rich Arab Gulf countries.

Engage Iraq’s neighbors, maintain territorial integrity
• With the United Nations, convene a regional security conference where Iran and other neighbors pledge to respect Iraq’s borders and work cooperatively to implement this plan.
• Engage Iraq’s neighbors directly to overcome their suspicions and focus efforts on stabilizing Iraq.
• Create a standing Contact Group, to include the major powers, that would engage Iraq’s neighbors and enforce their commitments.

Draw down U.S. troops
• Direct U.S. military commanders to develop a plan to withdraw and redeploy almost all U.S. forces from Iraq by the end of 2007.
* Maintain in or near Iraq a small residual force – perhaps 20,000 troops – to strike any concentration of terrorists, help keep Iraq’s neighbors honest and train its security forces.
Contact senior reporter Cris Barrish at 324-2785 or cbarrish@delawareonline.com.

Iraqis mark 6th anniversary of occupation
"No, no for occupation. Yes, yes for liberation. Yes, yes for Iraq," the demonstrators chanted....American flags were set on fire... a day after U.S. air strike on a suspected militant hideout north of Baghdad killed at least 11 insurgents.. U.S. military spokesman said Friday.... At least 4,260 American service members have died in Iraq since the war started, according to an Associated Press count

Dozens of Iraqis Arrested
Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (AMSI)
20 March 2009
Occupation- government police forces initiated another wave of arrest campaigns in various areas of Diyala Province on Friday morning which led dozens of Iraqi people arrested. At the same time government police arrested 48 people as a result of raid and search attacks in Ishaqi area of Saladin Province.... Iraqi Government armed forces target areas which are anti-occupation and cradle of resistance operations. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are now being held at open and secret prisons of the government.

still the terrorists cannot kill anti-imperialist-zionist resistance
1,320,110 Iraqis Slaughtered in U.S. Invasion & Occupation

Annals of Liberation: The Agony of Iraq's Women
Chris Floyd
If you haven't thought about the Iraq War as a story of U.S. allies systematically torturing and executing women, you're not alone. Likewise, if you were under the impression that Iraqi women were somehow better off under their new, U.S.-sponsored government.... Why, haven't they heard that the "surge" -- which escalated and extended the American war crime in Iraq -- "succeeded beyond our wildest dreams," as Obama told us? Sure, a million dead, four million displaced, women forced back into darkness and violence...the price of success, baby! ... This fact cannot be stressed enough -- and therefore, it is course almost entirely ignored in our national political "debate": the United States very deliberately empowered some of the most violent, retrograde elements in Iraqi society (many of them militias formed, trained and armed by Iran), and helped them carry out one of the most savage "ethnic cleansing" campaigns since World War II.... because they hoped that the extremists [SIC] would trade the power and perks that Washington had given them for a permanent U.S. military presence in Iraq, sweetheart deals on oil....
Yifat Susskind on what this bloodsoaked boondoggle has wrought for Iraq's women:
While the Pentagon was arming militias bent on brutally ousting Iraqi women from public life, the U.S. State Department was busy brokering the new Iraqi Constitution. Hailed as "progressive" and "democratic" in Washington, the new Constitution designates religious law, which discriminates against women, as the basis of all legislation. It also restricts women's rights by upending one of the most progressive family status laws in the Middle East -- a law that Iraqi women fought for and won in 1959, before Saddam Hussein took power....
www.uruknet.info?p=5276 chris-floyd.com/component/content/article/3/1722-annals-of-liberation-the-agony-of-iraqs-women.html

This 6th. anniversary is both tragic and infamous. It marks the beginning of a war of aggression based upon lies. Launched in the name of "liberating" the Iraqi people, it has inflicted a catastrophe of world historic proportions upon their country and constitutes the greatest crime against humanity of the 21st century. In six years, the Iraq war has, by the most credible estimates, claimed the lives of over 1 million Iraqis, while leaving countless others wounded and maimed. Nearly 5 million people have been driven from their homes, either forced into exile or displaced in Iraq by US repression and sectarian violence.... [see below 'civil war'sectarian violence' made-in-usa]

During the campaign, Obama postured as an opponent of the war and criticized his rival for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton, because of her vote to authorize the invasion. Once in office, he kept on all those who had directed this war—Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Central Command chief Gen. David Petraeus, and Iraq occupation commander Gen. Raymond Odierno—while making Clinton his secretary of state. Obama's so-called withdrawal plan envisions the continued occupation of Iraq by tens of thousands of US troops for years to come, and there are growing indications that even the limited withdrawals agreed to under the status of forces pact signed with the puppet Maliki government in Baghdad will not be fulfilled. Maliki himself this week declared that despite a June deadline for withdrawing US combat troops from Iraqi cities, none of them would be removed from any city in which there remained a potential for conflict. To the extent that troops are withdrawn from Iraq, it is to send them to Afghanistan, where the Obama administration is launching a major escalation.
Both these wars—initiated on the phony pretext of the "war on terrorism"—are aimed at establishing US dominance in oil and gas-rich regions of the world in order to secure an advantage over American imperialism's economic rivals. They both have their source in the historic decline of US capitalism, now expressed in the deepest economic crisis since the 1930s. With the United States having lost its preeminence as the word's manufacturing center, the American ruling elite has turned increasingly to financial parasitism on the one hand and militarism on the other in an attempt to maintain its hegemonic position.... http://www.uruknet.de/?s1=1&p=52788&s2=21 www.wsws.org/articles/2009/mar2009/pers-m20.shtml

propaganda frame for state terror
Civilians Caught in Urban Combat
Although rules of engaging potential enemy combatants exist, in the heat of battle they often become murky. Fighting in an urban environment where the enemy is not in uniform or carrying arms but slipping between houses and among civilians presents an especially difficult situation for soldiers. Are there rules of engagement that can minimize civilian casualties?

Interpret the Situation
Andrew Exum is a fellow at the Center for a New American Security. He is a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and blogs at Abu Muqawama.
The recent Israeli campaign to end rocket fire originating from Gaza left 1,300 Palestinians dead and many wondering about the morality of such seemingly “disproportionate” operations. Questions of morality in warfare, though, are notoriously difficult to referee and inspire more emotion than sober thought. A related question to ask — and one more accessible to traditional tools of measurement — would be one concerning effectiveness. In pursuing military options that carry with them such a high human cost, did the Israel Defense Force achieve operational successes at the expense of Israel’s long-term strategic interests?
In modern conflict against violent nonstate actors, rules of engagement may need to be refined for operational effectiveness.
In modern conflict against violent nonstate actors like Hamas, Hezbollah or guerrilla groups in Iraq and Afghanistan, it may be in the best interests of the dominant military actor to adhere to rules of engagement that go beyond the laws of land warfare and international conventions. As the United States military has discovered in both Iraq and Afghanistan, civilian casualties have a direct effect on the effectiveness of operations in the strategic sense.
Traditionally, Israel — much like the United States — has subscribed to a Jominian concept of warfare that privileges the destruction of the enemy’s fighting forces above other considerations. In the Clausewitzian model, though, the supreme question of war has to do with whether or not military force served its purpose in advancing national political aims. The time may arrive when Israel decides that highly kinetic, enemy-centric military operations do not necessarily serve Israel’s longer-term strategic aims. Instead, Israel may want to adopt lessons learned from the United States experience in Iraq and Afghanistan and place a higher emphasis on the prevention of civilian casualties at the expense of lethality and force protection.

Iraq Considers Giving Foreign Oil Investors Better Terms
Iraqi government is considering new incentives for foreign companies, including plans to offer majority stakes in joint ventures to develop the country’s huge oil and gas fields, senior Iraqi officials said Wednesday. Foreign companies could own as much as 75 percent of the new ventures... also for the first time that Iraq would consider allowing foreign companies to share directly in the profits from oil production, rather than the fixed fees in the joint ventures that are now offered. This arrangement, known as a production-sharing agreement, would apply to new and riskier exploration; it, too, would offer additional incentives to foreign investors and allow them to recoup their investments faster...

Your Tour Bus Is Boarding for Basra
vice president of an asset management firm in Manhattan... His impression of Iraq “The surge has worked,” he said.... six years after the American invasion began a white-haired British man and woman bought big bottles of cold Heineken in central Baghdad, walking home in the dark....They made a disappointingly brief visit to the Askariya Shrine in Samarra, whose bombing in 2006 propelled an already violent Iraq toward all-out civil war.... http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/21/world/middleeast/21iraq.html?_r=1&th&e...

Many Iraqis held by US to go free
Thousands of Iraqis held without charge by the United States on suspicion of links to insurgents or militants are being freed by this summer because of little or no evidence against them... In the six years since the war began, the military detained some 100,000 suspects... picked up in U.S.-led raids during a raging, bloody insurgency... About 13,300 remain behind barbed wire in U.S. custody in Iraq... Most - about 9,600 ...are held at Camp Bucca a sprawling...military facility a few yards north of the Kuwaiti border, about 340 miles southeast of Baghdad... called "the worst of the worst...And those like Sunni teacher Suhail Najim Abdullah, released from Camp Bucca in March 2008 after being held there for more than three years. "They just simply apologized to me and said, 'You have been arrested mistakenly,'"... The camp also is being closely watched as a test case as the Obama administration grapples with releasing detainees or expanding legal rights to those held at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan... http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/nationworld/2008889192_apmliraqdet...

Former Bush admin. official says many innocent men at Gitmo, terrorists number only 2 dozen[SIC]
Many detainees locked up at Guantanamo were innocent men swept up by U.S. forces unable to distinguish enemies from noncombatants, a former Bush administration official said Thursday.
"There are still innocent people there," Lawrence B. Wilkerson, a Republican who was chief of staff to then-Secretary of State Colin Powell, told The Associated Press. "Some have been there six or seven years." ...the U.S. soon realized many Guantanamo detainees were innocent but nevertheless held them in hopes they could provide information for a "mosaic" of intelligence.
"It did not matter if a detainee were innocent. Indeed, because he lived in Afghanistan and was captured on or near the battle area, he must know something of importance," Wilkerson wrote in the blog. He said intelligence analysts hoped to gather "sufficient information about a village, a region, or a group of individuals, that dots could be connected and terrorists or their plots could be identified." The [Obama] administration is now evaluating what to do with the prisoners who remain at the U.S. military base in Cuba.... Wilkerson said two dozen are terrorists, including confessed Sept. 11 plotter Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was transferred to Guantanamo from CIA custody in September 2006. "We need to put those people in a high-security prison like the one in Colorado, forget them and throw away the key," Wilkerson said. "We can't try them because we tortured them and didn't keep an evidence trail."

Year 7
Layla Anwar, An Arab Woman Blues
March 20, 2009
Exactly six years ago, in a dark delivery room, obstetricians and midwives gathered around a tattered mattress covered with torn sheets while rats and roaches scurried past, on the edges of its forgotten walls...
Exactly six years ago, her screams of agony were heard, the midwives rushed with no anesthesia, no gloves and no syringes, rushed to watch in anticipation the birth of this new infant...
It was designed, genetically modified, cloned and conceived overseas -- implanted in vitro through a brutal gang rape, implanted in her womb on a dark night, 6 years ago.
Its conception took over 13 years ago, and its delivery was not without violent labor contractions and pangs...not without gut wrenching pains...
No electricity that night, just the brisk light of projected missiles falling like shooting stars. The obstetricians and midwives rubbed their hands with glee and told her -- watch the fireworks greeting your newborn. A firework of phosphorus green and red bombs... The delivery was slower than predicted...they brought in 1000's of forceps to pull it out, by force. Deliver it, deliver it -- they shouted... She started hemorrhaging. So they stuffed her womb with newspaper articles and essays, cursed her for being so stubborn, so hard headed, so non submissive... Shut up you are not hurting, shut up you are not bleeding, shut up this is for your own good...It will be greeted with sweets and roses...wait and see...

It is here, it is here -- they exclaimed with joy. It is born, it has arrived...In her half dead state, she opened her eyes and was horrified ... It was a monster infant.

No one greeted it with sweets and roses, as in the tradition for any newborn...instead plates of bones and flesh circulated around...an offering to the new gods of Liberation and Freedom.
Its crib was made of ghettos, dungeons, rubbles, ruins, graves and piles of garbage....it would nap in any of them, one day here, one day there... for toys it was given drills, ropes, guns, canes, chains, hooks... and its playground was the cemeteries...It was fed with bullets, blood, urine, excrement and decomposed, putrid corpses...
And it has kept crawling for 6 years already, sniffing like a rabid dog, sniffing for more...keeping scum for company and preying for more fresh blood...more fresh meat...
It was exactly six years ago and she is still lying in that delivery room...drowned in her own blood, mummified with slogans and jargon...her womb and mouth stuffed with newspaper articles and essays...with words...stuffed with a silent forgotten death, like the desolate forgotten walls of this city, where rats and roaches furtively scurry along, feeding on the monster's vomit and excrement...feeding on ashes and dust. www.uruknet.info?p=52778 arabwomanblues.blogspot.com/2009/03/year-7.html