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Barack Obama Is Lying About Pakistan
02 May 2009
Mr. Obama used a domestic event to ‘accidentally’ declare war on Pakistan. Now his team is trying to encourage the Pakistani military to seize power. The Americans destroyed Pakistan’s stability through the Benazir-Musharraf deal in 2007. They are doing it again. Here is the easiest way of telling the Americans to: Lay off, stop lecturing us on India, stop supporting separatism, and mend your ways in Afghanistan. There is not a single towering personality in the Pakistani landscape today, with enough credibility, strong personality and effective communication skills, to stand up and tell U.S. President Barack Obama: You are a liar.... American psy-ops on Pakistan, are built on half-truths, disinformation and in some cases outright lies. This campaign is successful mainly because of the broad influence of the U.S. media in setting the world news agenda. Before listing the exact points where Mr. Obama is lying, let me briefly sum up the existing situation.

In less than two years, the United States has successfully managed to drop from news headlines its failure to pacify Afghanistan. The focus of the Anglo-American media – American and British – has been locked on Pakistan. In order to justify this shift, multiple insurgencies and endless supply of money and weapons has trickled from U.S.-occupied Afghanistan into Pakistan to sustain a number of warlords inside Pakistan whom the American media calls ‘Taliban’ but they are actually nothing but hired mercenaries with sophisticated weapons who mostly did not even exist as recently as the year 2005.

No other nation in the world would have tolerated half the arrogance that the Americans are showing Pakistan. But thanks to a mistake by former President Musharraf – in late 2006 when he consented to allow the U.S. to manipulate domestic politics through direct engagement with Benazir Bhutto and other players – Washington was given a free hand to deal directly with individual players inside Pakistan and recruit supporters and proxies. Today, there are many parties inside Pakistan that are pushing the U.S. agenda and very few of those who would come out and condemn how the U.S. media and officials are single-handedly tarnishing Pakistan’s image worldwide to justify a military intervention.

This is precisely why senior Pakistani military officers are gradually coming out of their self-imposed ban on public activity to counter this nasty American psy-ops. Pakistanis need to watch this carefully. On 24 April, Chief of Army Staff Gen. Ashfaq Kayani, in the words of an official press release, “condemned pronouncements by outside powers raising doubts on the future of the Country,” a veiled reference to a spate of official U.S. statements and planted media reports predicting the collapse of the Pakistani state.
On 25 April, Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman issued a statement saying that PAF “will continue to maintain its optimum operational readiness to undertake all types of missions against all internal and external threats … Pakistan Air Force is capable of providing instant support to Pak Army as and when directed by Government of Pakistan. To keep PAF at the highest state of Operational Readiness is my number one priority,” the Air Chief said in a public statement.
And on 1 May, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Gen. Tariq Majeed called a meeting of the military leadership and an official statement made sure to underscore that “the meeting took place against the backdrop of widespread propaganda unleashed by the western media about the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.”

The military statement was being nice. The propaganda was not unleashed by the ‘Western media’ but exclusively by the American media.

This unusual series of public statements by the Pakistani military leadership was an indirect repudiation of the sheepish attitude of the Pakistani politicians who failed to reflect the will of the Pakistani people. Amazingly, while U.S. media organizations and U.S. officials continued their propaganda about the imminent fall of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, in the hands of unknown terrorists, not a single official from the elected government came out to clarify the position from a Pakistani perspective. The world continued to feed on U.S. propaganda and psy-ops for several days until the public statements from the Pakistani military set the record straight. That is when a couple of government officials, like President’s Advisor Dr. Babar Awan, released statements contradicting the U.S. propaganda... Mr. Nawaz Sharif, supposedly the opposition leader, refrained from criticizing the U.S. aggressive posturing toward Pakistan. Mr. Sharif, more vengeful than statesmanlike, is hoping these days that Washington will support his bid to become the next all-powerful President after the Americans ditch a weakened President Zardari.

Mr. Obama basically chose a domestic event – a press briefing on completing 100 days in office – to unveil what essentially amounts to a declaration of war against another country. The declaration was stage-managed to look accidental and not deliberate. Considering the serious nature of his pronouncements, there is no question these were well prepared in advance. This ‘accidental’ declaration of war should henceforth be taught in public relations classes as a classic lesson in how to deceive your public and voters and declare war without raising any alarm.

Mr. Obama first made an astonishing remark, that he is concerned about the fate of the elected Pakistani government because it cannot provide services to the people. Ironically, this was a swipe at the fake democracy that Washington itself helped erect a year ago with its direct intervention to bring Benazir Bhutto and later her husband Asif Zardari to power. Now the U.S. President, no less, has taken it upon himself to criticize the ability of what he called the “civilian government”, as opposed to a military government, to provide for the people.

It seems Washington is trying to nudge the Pakistani military again to seize power. The Americans are doing it in subtle ways. One is Obama’s swipe. A second way is what Adm. Mike Mullen, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, has done. He was allowed to join the panel of the U.S. Time magazine in choosing Gen. Kayani, the Pakistani army chief, to be among the top 2o most influential people in the world. To work up Gen. Kayani’s ego, Adm. Mullen wrote the following words: “I don't remember all the details of my first meeting with General Ashfaq Kayani, the Pakistan army's Chief of Staff. But I do remember thinking, Here is a man with a plan, a leader who knows where he wants to go. He seemed to understand the nature of the extremist threat inside Pakistan , recognized that his army wasn't ready to meet that threat and had already started working up solutions.” The Americans are obviously hoping they can have Gen. Kayani in their pockets and use him to achieve their goals in the region. That is why President Obama in his ‘accidental’ speech on Pakistan shed these crocodile tears: "I'm more concerned that the civilian government there right now is very fragile.”

And in another nudge for the Pakistani military, what President Obama’s top general for Pakistan and Afghanistan told an American television channel was even more damning. Fox News reported on Thursday that Commander U.S. Central Command Gen. David Petraeus has told U.S. officials the next two weeks were ‘critical to determining whether the Pakistani government will survive.’

But in what is sure to be one of the most hypocritical statements to ever come out from the mouth of the leader of the Free World, Mr. Obama said this: "We want to respect their sovereignty, but we also recognize that we have huge strategic interests -- huge national security interests -- in making sure that Pakistan is stable and that you don't end up having a nuclear-armed militant state." If Mr. Husain Haqqani, the Pakistani ambassador in Washington who basically is the overseer of the Bhutto-Musharraf deal that brought the present ‘democracy’ to Pakistan, has any feelings for his country, he should call an important press conference and tell the American people the following truths that their media and politicians are hiding from them:

1. American Anti-Pakistanism: The most spectacular, anti-Pakistan media campaign ever against our country has been launched by the U.S. media and continues unabated, with the purpose of softening the international opinion for a possible military action against Pakistan. And there is no question that this campaign has some backing from official U.S. quarters as was the case in the propaganda that preceded the invasion of Iraq.
2. Stop Grooming & Training Separatists Inside Pakistan: With prodding from CIA, academic programs [see for ex. The Minerva Project in previous digest issue] are being launched in the U.S. that advocate the breakup of Pakistan and the creation of smaller entities. [...]

Pentagon seeks wartime powers for dealing with Pakistan
01 May 2009
Under the new proposal, the US Central Command will have the same unfettered authority in its dealings with Pakistan as it enjoys in the combat zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. Centcom will also have complete control over US military assistance for Pakistan and will not have to consult other US departments or agencies before disbursing those funds. Traditionally such military aid flows through the State Department and is subject to Foreign Assistance Act restrictions.

US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates revealed the outlines of the new programme during a congressional hearing on Thursday, telling lawmakers they needed to approve US military aid to Pakistan with a sense of wartime urgency. The Pentagon is seeking $400 million this year for the new Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capability Fund, with an additional $700 million for 2010. Overall, the administration is seeking as much as $3 billion over the next five years in funding for the Pakistani military.

Under the proposal, Centcom chief Gen David Petraeus will control the military funds earmarked for Pakistan. The funds will be used for counterinsurgency training and for providing equipment such as night-vision goggles, helicopters and intelligence capabilities. The new programme will significantly expand and accelerate US military training and equipping of Pakistan’s security forces. It will allow US trainers to reach beyond the tribally recruited Frontier Corps and Pakistani Special Forces to include the regular Pakistan Army’s 11th Corps, which is stationed along the Afghan border.

The Pentagon seeks ‘this unique authority for the unique and urgent circumstances we face in Pakistan —for dealing with a challenge that simultaneously requires wartime and peacetime capabilities,’ Secretary Gates told the Senate Appropriations Committee....administration and military officials argue that US commanders need wartime authorities (in Pakistan) because they are overly constrained by current funding programmes,’ the Post reported on Friday. ‘We’re walking a pretty fine line here. This is not a war zone for the US military. But given the urgency of the situation, we need similar authorities in order to help Pakistan train and equip its troops for counterinsurgency operations ASAP,’ Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell told the Post.

In a letter to the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday, Gen Petraeus said the fund would allow senior military representatives to act decisively. ‘In areas of armed conflict, such as in Iraq and Afghanistan . . . we have achieved progress because these funds are immediately available and commanders have been able to rapidly adjust to changing conditions on the ground.’

Pakistan Must Breakup Diplomatic Relations with USA
01 May 2009
US President of Obama and the Commander of U.S. Central Command has made it amply clear that United States whats to have no stakes in the people of Pakistan. All it wants is to solve its problem and then leave the people of Pakistan and it rather deal with the military then the democratically elected rulers of Pakistan. This is the hint for Pakistan to call off its diplomatic and military engagement with USA. We must withdraw from US war in Afghanistan and focus on dealing with our problems on our own with the help of our friendly countries.

According to Gen. David Petraeus "the next two weeks are critical to determining whether the Pakistani government will survive"
Then President Obama on the 100th Day in office made the following Points
* I’m confident that we can make sure that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is secure. Primarily, initially, because the Pakistani Army recognizes the hazards of those weapons falling into the wrong hands. * I am gravely concerned about the situation in Pakistan, not because I think that they are immediately going to be overrun and the Taliban would take over in Pakistan * I’m more concerned that the civilian government there right now is very fragile and don’t seem to have the capacity to deliver basic services: schools, healthcare, rule of law, a judicial system that works for the majority of the people. * As a consequence, it is very difficult for them (the government) to gain the support and the loyalty of their people. * We need to help Pakistan, help Pakistanis. * There is a recognition increasingly on the part of both the civilian government and the Army that this is their biggest weakness.
* On the military side, we are starting to see some recognition, just in the last few days, that the obsession with India as the mortal threat to Pakistan has been misguided and their biggest threat right now comes internally. * Pakistani military is taking much more seriously the armed threat from militant extremists. * We want to continue to encourage Pakistan to move in that direction. And we will provide them all of the cooperation that we can. We want to respect their sovereignty, but we also recognise that we have huge strategic interests, huge national security interests in making sure that Pakistan is stable and that you don’t end up having a nuclear-armed militant state. * I feel confident that that nuclear arsenal will remain out of militant hands.
This shows the regard and concern that the US has for the elected government in Pakistan and the "will" of the Pakistani people. President Zardari, Prime Minister Gillani and the parliament of Pakistan must take notice of these comments and break off diplomatic relation with USA. Just like in the time of President Regan, USA played the fear card. It told the people of Pakistan of impending invasion by Soviet Union and ensure that the people of Pakistan suffered under General Zia. Similarly President Obama is now trying to create an environment of fear for Pakistan and openly telling the world that they are better off dealing the military.


like u.s. NSA and Pentagon's 'war on the net' --- proves what we better understand: WE are the state's enemy, 'terrorists' if Arab, Black, Islamic, immigrants, or anti-imperialist, others potential 'terrorists'
Secret Black Box Probe Will Monitor Web Activity
03 May 2009 22:11
SPY chiefs are pressing ahead with secret plans to monitor all internet use and telephone calls in Britain despite an announcement by Jacqui Smith, the home secretary, of a ministerial climbdown over public surveillance. GCHQ, the government’s eavesdropping centre, is developing classified technology to intercept and monitor all e-mails, website visits and social networking sessions in Britain. The agency will also be able to track telephone calls made over the internet, as well as all phone calls to land lines and mobiles. The £1 billion snooping project — called Mastering the Internet (MTI) — will rely on thousands of “black box” probes being covertly inserted across online infrastructure. The top-secret programme began to be implemented last year, but its existence has been inadvertently disclosed through a GCHQ job advertisement carried in the computer trade press....
Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty, said Smith’s announcement appeared to be a “smokescreen”. “We opposed the big brother database because it gave the state direct access to everybody’s communications. But this network of black boxes achieves the same thing via the back door,” Chakrabarti said. Informed sources have revealed that a £200m contract has been awarded to Lockheed Martin, the American defence giant ....
A huge room of super-computers will help the agency to monitor — and record — data passing through black-box probes placed at critical traffic junctions with internet service providers and telephone companies, allowing GCHQ to spy at will. An industry insider, who has been briefed on GCHQ’s plans, said he could not discuss the programme because he had signed the Official Secrets Act. However, he admitted that the project would mark a step change in the agency’s powers of surveillance....The new GCHQ internet-monitoring network will shift the focus of the surveillance state away from a few hundred targeted people to everyone in the UK... Advocates of the black-box system say it is essential if the authorities are to keep pace with the communications revolution. They say terrorists are stateless, highly mobile and their communications are difficult to detect among the billions of pieces of data passing through the internet.
Last year about 14% of telephone calls were made using voice over internet protocol (Voip) systems such as Skype. A report by a group of privy counsellors predicts that most calls will be made via the internet within five years. GCHQ said it did not want to discuss how the data it gathered would be used. David Leppard