10/15 'New World Order' Award; Huge USRAELI Military Exercises'; US Opposes Palestinian Unity; Clampdown Tightens, DoD Engages

"It is of course well known that the only source of war is politics -- the intercourse of governments and peoples. . . that war is simply a continuation of political intercourse, with the addition of other means. War is not a mere act of policy but a true political instrument, a continuation of political activity by other means"
from Clausewitz's On War from an Instructors Guide to teaching Clausewitz at the US National War College, Washington D.C. -

"War is the continuation of politics...by other means...History shows that wars are divided into two kinds, just and unjust.... The way to oppose a war of this kind [unjust/imperialist] is to do everything possible to prevent it before it breaks out and, once it breaks out, to oppose war with war, to oppose unjust war with just war, whenever possible."
"On Protracted War" (May 1938), Selected Works, Vol. II, pp. 152-5

"Revolutions and revolutionary wars are inevitable in class society, without them it is impossible to accomplish any leap in social development, to overthrow the reactionary ruling classes and therefore impossible for the people to win political power."
"On Contradiction" (August1937), Selected Works, Vol. I, p. 344

Afghan Resistance Statement
Open Letter of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to Shanghai Summit
October 14, 2009 - The invaders have turned our country into an inferno where the oppressed Afghans are burning. Therefore, we urge the participants of the Shanghai Summit to render assistance in the work of liberation of people and countries of the region from the claws of the colonialists and take a decisive stand regarding the West’s invasion of Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan , as a liberation movement, wants to play a positive role in peace and stability of the region besides its current mission of liberating the country...We remind the participants of the Shanghai Forum to be aware of being swayed by the propaganda launched against us by colonialism. We do not have any intention to harm our neighboring countries but we want to gain independence of our country... The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan as per its peaceful policy wants to have constructive interactions with Shanghai forum member countries for a permanent stability and economic development in the region on the basis of mutual respect... http://www.uruknet.de/?p=58925

Taliban Leader Tells Pakistan Military: 'Reject U.S and Attacks Will Stop'
The new leader of the Taliban in Pakistan issued a stark option to the country's military: stop following American orders and we will stop our attacks, according to Sky News...
David Cohen, U.S. Treasury's assistant secretary for terrorist financing, said the West had successfully cut off Al Qaeda's funds, according to Sky News.

Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize
U.S. president Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples," http://www.nytimes.com?emc=na

Obama: “a call to action.”

Obama Calls For New World Order
July 25, 2008, Berlin speech
Kissinger: global upheaval presents 'great opportunity' -- Obama primed to create 'New World Order'
VIDEO Henry Kissinger New World Order 2007
VIDEO Kissinger calls on Obama to create a New World Order, 1/5/09 aired on CNBC

revealing, not surprising
In Surprise, Nobel Peace Prize to Obama for Diplomacy (NYT).
To give a peace prize to the commander-in-chief of a war machine now churning its way through the populations of three countries (Iraq/Af-Pak), with innumerable black ops, lightning raids and drone shots on the side .... to a man who even as we speak is deciding just how he wants to kill even more civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan ...  a man who has enthusiastically embraced as "an extraordinary achievement" one of the most heinous and barbaric acts of military aggression since Hitler rolled across the border into Poland ... a man who blusters about leaving "all options on the table," including the use of mass-murdering nuclear weapons, to bully other nations into compliance with American wishes ... to give a peace prize to such a man, while all over the world, there are men and women who have devoted their entire lives to non-violence and reconciliation, many of them suffering imprisonment, torture and ruin for their efforts ... well, like I said, it's beyond words.
But it's good to see that the spirit of arms merchant Alfred Nobel -- purveyor and profiteer of death and destruction -- is being honored so perfectly with today's award. 

New group of soldiers going to Guantanamo -- for a year
GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba -- The Puerto Rican National Guard is heading home soon and soldiers from their Virgin Islands and Rhode Island counterparts are mobilizing for yearlong tours at the detention center President Barack Obama said he would shut in January.... Long before the White House begrudgingly acknowledged that it may not meet its shut-down date, the Pentagon was preparing for a longer prison camps stay...
Meantime, as it prepares for its ninth year, the Pentagon has sought to shift the spotlight away from the prison camps whose fate has yet to be scripted. Journalists this week were given a stark choice on what they could report on at this base that once hummed with mix-and-match media opportunities: Fly in from Fort Lauderdale on Monday and tour the showcase detention center, which a German TV crew did Tuesday. Or fly in from Andrews Air Force Base on Monday and cover only Toronto-born Omar Khadr's war court appearance, which two Canadian writers and The Miami Herald did Wednesday.

Democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization....
In brief, the U.S policy goal must be unapologetically twofold: to perpetuate America’s own dominant position for at least a generation and preferably longer still; and to create a geopolitical framework that can absorb the inevitable shocks and strains of social-political change...”
-Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives, 1997

US lawmakers extend Patriot Act Provisions
The provisions include the "roving wiretap" clause, used to monitor mobile communications of individuals using multiple telephone lines, the "lone-wolf" provision, which enables spying on individuals suspected of terrorist activity but with no obvious connection to extremist groups... also extended the life of the controversial section 215 "library records provision" that allows government agencies to access individual's library history.

Spending Bill Includes Provision to Block Release of Abuse Photos
Jason Leopold
Congressional lawmakers moved a step closer Wednesday toward banning the Department of Defense from releasing photographs depicting US Soldiers abusing detainees held in prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan. Conferees on the Senate and House Appropriations Committees released a Homeland Security spending bill summary, which includes a provision that would allow President Obama to authorize "the Secretary of Defense to bar the release of detainee photos," essentially exempting the images from Freedom of Information Act requests...
 The US District Court for the Southern District of New York ordered the release of the photos in a June 2005 ruling that was affirmed by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in September 2008. The Obama administration indicated earlier this year it would abide by a court order and release at least 44 of the photographs in question, but President Obama backtracked, saying he conferred with high-ranking military officials who advised him that releasing the images would stoke anti-American sentiment and would endanger the lives of US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.
As Truthout previously reported , the Obama administration petitioned the US Supreme Court to hear the case at the same time the president privately told Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-Connecticut) and Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) he would work with Congress to help get a measure passed aimed at blocking the photographs from being released.
That revelation was made in a footnote contained in a 33-page petition the Obama administration filed with the high-court in August....Obama's decision to fight to conceal the photos to the Supreme Court marks an about-face on the open-government policies that he proclaimed during his first days in office. On January 21, Obama signed an executive order instructing all federal agencies and departments to "adopt a presumption in favor" of Freedom of Information Act requests and promised to make the federal government more transparent.

A historian's account of Democrats and Bush-era war crimes
Glenn Greenwald, Salon
What made those detainee photographs so important from the start is that they depict brutal abuse well outside of the Abu Ghraib facility and thus reveal to Americans -- and the world -- that America's torture was not, as they've been constantly told, limited to rogue sadists at Abu Ghraib and the waterboarding of three bad guys. Instead, our torture regime was systematic, pervasive, brutal, fatal, and -- becuase it was the by-product of conscious policies set at the highest levels of government -- common across America's "War on Terror" detention regime. These photographs would have documented those vital facts; combated the false denials from torture apologists; fueled the momentum for accountability; and revealed, in graphic and unavoidable terms, what was truly done by America's government. But a Democrat-led Congress, at the urging of a Democratic President, is now taking extraordinary steps -- including a new law which has no purpose other than to suppress evidence of America's war crimes -- to ensure that this evidence never sees the light of day...

carrying forward amerikan 'manifest destiny' tradition
"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."
David Rockefeller, 1994 Statement to the United Nations Business Council

"I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger " National Security Advisor Gen. James Jones

"Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy"
Henry Kissinger

working on it, more gunfodder desperately needed for 'peacekeeping'
Obama reaffirms he will end 'don't ask, don't tell'
President Barack Obama reaffirmed his campaign pledge to end the ban on homosexuals serving openly in the military in a speech Saturday, but offered no timetable or specifics for acting on that promise... he hasn't taken any concrete steps urging Congress to rescind the policy, and his national-security adviser would only say that Obama will focus on overturning it "at the right time."

from Obama’s Address at the Naval Academy
...you serve as a reminder and a challenge to your fellow Americans to fulfill the true meaning of citizenship. America, look at these young men and women. Look at these sailors and Marines. Here are the values that we cherish. Here are the ideals that endure. In an era when too few citizens answer the call to service, to community or to country, these Americans choose to serve. They did so in a time of war, knowing they might be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice....as we near Memorial Day, we pay tribute to all those who have given their lives so that we might live free... And today, this is the promise I make to you. It's a promise that as long as I am your Commander-in-Chief, I will only send you into harm's way when it is absolutely necessary, and with the strategy and the well-defined goals, the equipment and the support that you need to get the job done. (Applause.) This includes the job of bringing the Iraq war to a responsible end and pursuing a new comprehensive strategy to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al Qaeda and its allies in Afghanistan and Pakistan. (Applause.)...
Live these values. Live these virtues. Emulate the deeds of those who have gone before you. Do this and you will not only distinguish yourselves as sailors and Marines -- you will be in the lead as we write the next proud chapter in the story of this country that we love....And to get you the support you need, we're enlisting all elements of our national power -- our diplomacy and development, our economic might and our moral suasion -- so that you and the rest of our military do not bear the burden of our security alone...
we will maintain America's military dominance and keep you the finest fighting force the world has ever seen.

"To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is notonly an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing
only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole".
Nuremburg Tribunal

Obama: US will [SIC] disregard borders in terrorist hunt:
Afghanistan and Pakistan are not the Pentagon's sole targets in its war on terror, says Obama adding that the US will not hesitate to attack anywhere it deems a threat.

Defaming insurgents as "terrorists" is a particularly useful means to destroy the morale of the insurgent movement
Michael Schubert in Theses On Liberation Movements And The Rights Of Peoples
"Ever since the U.S. Defence Department organized the first ever World Wide Psyops Conference in 1963 and the first NATO Symposium On Defence Psychology in Paris in 1960, many NATO leaders and several scientists have been working in the field of psychological counter-insurgency methods (cf. the detailed reports and analyses of P. Watson, Psycho-War: Possibilities, Power, And The Misuse Of Military Psychology, Frankfurt 1985, p.25ff.). The central aim of this defence approach is to destroy the morale of the insurgent movement at the early stages, to discredit it and destroy it using repressive means like long periods of isolation detention in prisons, thereby preventing a mass movement from starting which could be hard to control with conventional means. Defaming the insurgents as "terrorists" and punishing them accordingly - thereby ignoring international law concerning the rights of people in war - is a particularly useful means..."

U.S. opposes Palestinian unity
13 Oct 2009
Washington specified that any reconciliation deal must include recognition of Israel as a "Jewish state", a condition strongly rejected by Palestinian factions including Fatah and Hamas.
The United States expressed opposition to an Egyptian-proposed initiative to heal rifts among Palestinian factions. US special envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell, told head of Egyptian Intelligence, Omar Suleiman that the proposed plan to settle differences between Fatah and Hamas undermines Palestinian negotiations with Israel and must be stopped, reported Tuesday. http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=108542&sectionid=351020202

Israel and U.S. prepare for largest-ever joint air force drill
 Israel and the United States will hold their biggest joint air-defence exercise next week, the Israeli military said, testing missile interceptors that would serve as a strategic bulwark in any showdown with Iran. The drill, dubbed Juniper Cobra, has taken place every two years since 2001 but now underscores efforts by the Americans to reassure Israel as they and other world powers pursue negotiations to curb Iran's nuclear program. U.S. forces including 17 naval ships and ground personnel operating the Aegis, THAAD and Patriot missile shields will be meshed with Israel's Arrow II interceptor for the drill, the defense official said. Israel, which is assumed to have the Middle East's only atomic arsenal, has hinted at the possibility of attacking Iran if it deems diplomacy a dead end. But some analysts believe Israel's military limitations, and U.S. resistance to the idea of pre-emptive strikes, may force it into a more defensive posture with the help of its top ally. http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1120500.html

Israel to join NATO Mediterranean patrols
October 13, 2009 — The Israeli navy will join a NATO force patrolling the Mediterranean Sea as part of the "global war on terror," a military spokesman said on Tuesday. The spokesman confirmed a report by the Maariv newspaper which said the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation headquarters last week approved the Israeli Navy's inclusion in Operation Active Endeavour. "The navy will participate in the activities," the spokesman said. The announcement came as a major boost just da ys after Turkey scrapped a joint aerial exercise that was to have included Israel, Maariv said... http://www.uruknet.de/?p=58878

Israeli Organ Trafficking and Theft: From Moldova to Palestine
By Alison Weir
A Washington Report for Middle East Affairs article by Mary Barrett (see “Autopsies and Executions,” April 1990 Washington Report, p. 21 reported “widespread anxiety over organ thefts which has gripped Gaza and the West Bank since the intifada began in December of 1987.” Barrett quotes a forensic physician: “There are indications that for one reason or another, organs, especially eyes and kidneys, were removed from the bodies during the first year or year and a half. There were just too many reports by credible people for there to be nothing happening. If someone is shot in the head and comes home in a plastic bag without internal organs, what will people assume?” ... Journalist Khalid Amayreh, recently investigating this topic further, found “other Palestinians gave a similar narrative, recounting how they received the bodies of their murdered relatives, mostly men in their early twenties, with vital organs taken away by the Israeli authorities.”Israel has consistently characterized such accusations as “anti-Semitic,” and numerous other journalists have discounted them as exaggerations.
However, according to the pro-Israel Forward magazine, the truth of these charges was, in fact, confirmed by an Israeli governmental investigation a number of years ago...

Israeli organ harvesting—sometimes with Israeli governmental funding and the participation of high Israeli officials, prominent Israeli physicians, and Israeli ministries—has been documented for many years. Among the victims have been Palestinians. Nancy Scheper-Hughes is Chancellor’s Professor of Medical Anthropology at the University of California Berkeley, the founder of Organ Watch, and the author of scholarly books and articles on organ trafficking. She is the pundit mainstream media call upon when they need expert commentary on the topic.
While Scheper-Hughes emphasizes that traffickers and procurers come from numerous nations and ethnicities, including Americans and Arabs, she is unflinchingly honest in speaking about the Israeli connection: “Israel is at the top,” she states. “It has tentacles reaching out worldwide" ... For many years the Israeli health system subsidized its citizens’ “transplant holidays,” reimbursing Israelis $80,000 for medical operations abroad. Much of the remaining costs could often be obtained from government-subsidized Israeli insurance plans. Israel’s Ministry of Defense was directly involved.
n a lecture last year sponsored by New York’s PBS 13 Forum, Scheper-Hughes explained that Israeli organ traffickers, “had and still have a pyramid system at work that’s awesome…they have brokers everywhere, bank accounts everywhere; they’ve got recruiters, they’ve got translators, they’ve got travel agents who set up the visas.” ... organ trafficking consists of “paying the poor and the hungry to slowly dismantle their bodies.” Organ traffickers prey on the world’s poorest, most desperate citizens—slum dwellers, inhabitants of dying villages, people without means or hope. Traffickers promise them what seem like astronomical sums of money (from $1,000 to $10,000)—which they frequently don’t even deliver—in return for vital internal organs. For traffickers, human body parts are commodities, to be cut out of the bodies of the poor and sold to the rich. The organ “donors” receive no follow-up care and end up worse off on many levels—physically, financially, psychologically, socially—than even their original tragic situation... In one recent case an Israeli paid an organ broker $100,000 for a kidney transplant in China from an 18-year-old Chinese girl. She received $5,000 and died following surgery.... Sometimes they are coerced into such “donations.”... For example, Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, the alleged Brooklyn trafficker recently arrested in an FBI sweep in New Jersey, reportedly carried a gun. When a potential organ seller would try to back out, Rosenbaum used his finger to simulate firing a gun at the person’s head. The Rosenbaum case, reportedly part of a ring centered in Israel, is the first case of trafficking to be prosecuted in the US... State Department Countermisinformation Director Todd Leventhal, characterized organ trafficking as an “urban legend...It would be impossible to successfully conceal a clandestine organ-trafficking ring.” Leventhal called such reports “irresponsible and totally unsubstantiated.”
More often organ theft involves dead bodies—or those alleged to be dead. Israel’s very first successful heart transplant, in fact, used a stolen heart....
Israeli government and its powerful advocates abroad, who regularly block investigations into Israeli actions, are doing their utmost to prevent this one. Several lawsuits have been filed against the Swedish newspaper, the largest by Israeli lawyer and IDF officer Guy Ophir, who filed a $7.5 million lawsuit in New York against the newspaper and Bostrom. Ophir declared that Israel must “silence the reporter and the newspaper.”...

Netanyahu vows never to let Israelis be tried for war crimes:
 Netanyahu opened his fiery speech at the inauguration of the Knesset's winter session by blasting the Goldstone Commission's report sponsored by the United Nations, that accused Israel of committing war crimes during its war against militants in the Gaza Strip last year.... Appealing to the Palestinian leadership during his address on Monday, Netanyahu called on them to agree to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, saying this was, and remains, the key to peace....a way of ensuring recognition of Israel's right to exist - as opposed to merely recognizing Israel - which he and many other Israelis see as the real core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1120498.html

‘Plan Dalet’ and Palestinian Holocaust
“Then we will be able to cleanse the entire area of Central Galilee, including all its refugees, in one stroke,” - David Ben-Gurion, first prime minister of Zionist entity. After the passage of United Nations’ unjustified Resolution 181 - The European Zionist thugs knew that it has open the way for them to carry-on the next stage of Holocaust, which they began by collaborating with Nazis...
The World Zionist movement’s “Plan Dalet” was the blueprint for the Jewish terrorist groups, such as, Irgun, Shomer, Hagana, Etzel, Lehi, Brit Habirionim, Stern, etc. (which later on made the core of Israel Occupation Force) - to terrorize, kill or force at gun point the natives to flee from their villages and towns where their ancestors lived for centuries....
Iqbal Jassat, a Muslim columnist from South Africa, in his latest article, titled Ben-Gurion and Massacre of Deir Yassin, wrote: The minutes of a meeting of the Jewish Agency Executive on 12 June 1938 records a chilling statement made by David Ben-Gurion: “I am for compulsory transfer; I do not see anything immoral in it”. Ben-Gurion, an ardent Zionist was a migrant from Poland where he was born in 1886. Since his arrival in Palestine as a 20-year old, Ben-Gurion was destined to be heralded as not only the founder of the State of Israel and its first prime minister, but also as the mastermind of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. In his Diary, an entry on 12 July 1937, Ben-Gurion records writing to his son that the only course of action open to Zionism was: “The Arabs will have to go”. What was needed was an opportune moment for making it happen, as Israeli historian and senior academic Ilan Pappe observes in his awesome study The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.... . Zionist leaders such as Ben-Gurion developed and implemented concrete actions to empty Palestine of its natives...

Zionist leader Jabotinsky wrote in 1939 that “…… the Arabs must make room for the Jews in Eretz Israel. If it was possible to transfer the Baltic peoples, it is also possible to move the Palestinian Arabs”....the drive for an exclusivist Jewish State that resulted in the Naqba or catastrophe was entrenched in Zionist ideology decades ago. Thus, the massacre of Deir Yassin resulted from a blueprint for ethnic cleansing known as Plan Dalet. Pappe’s study of the terrible tragedy of April 9, 1948 when Jewish forces occupied and killed inhabitants of this pastoral village shows a pattern of calculated moves to cleanse the area. “As they burst into the village, the Jewish soldiers sprayed the houses with machine-gun fire, killing many of the inhabitants. The remaining villagers were then gathered in one place and murdered in cold blood, their bodies abused while a number of the women were raped and then killed”. According to Plan Dalet, the Jewish army was to forcibly evict Palestinians from their homes and land using various prescribed strategies: large-scale intimidation; laying siege to and bombarding population centres; setting fire to homes, properties and goods; expulsion; demolition; and finally planting mines among the rubble to prevent any of the expelled inhabitants from returning. In addition to Ben-Gurion’s urging the Zionist Congress of 1937 that ‘transfer’ or ethnic cleansing will be a prerequisite to make “a comprehensive [Jewish] settlement plan” possible, Jonathan Cook in Disappearing Palestine writes that three years later Yosef Weitz, a leader of the Jewish National Fund, wrote in his diary: “It should be clear to us that there is no room in Palestine for these two peoples. No ‘development’ will bring us to our goal of independent nationhood in this small country. Without the Arabs, the land will become wide and spacious for us; with the Arabs, the land will remain sparse and cramped”.

amerika silent about this holocaust
Indigenous People Across Latin America Protest Spanish 'Genocide'
By Agence France-Presse
October 13, 2009
GUATEMALA CITY - Tens of thousands of indigenous people took to the streets across Latin America on Monday to protest the anniversary of Christopher Columbus's 1492 discovery of the Americas [ed: note genocide gets " " but "discovery" doesn't] ... protesters marked the holiday as a reminder of the atrocities Spanish conquistadors wrought on indigenous people throughout the region. According to government statistics, 42 percent of Guatemala's 12 million inhabitants are Indians, some groups put the figure at over 60 percent. In southwestern Colombia, some 25,000 people set out from several towns and cities in Valle del Cauca department to protest President Alvaro Uribe's environmental policies and his alleged broken promises... They planned to join up Friday in a larger demonstration of some 40,000 in the department's capital of Cali. "We're demonstrating against the degradation of the planet... against [U.S. ally] President Alvaro Uribe's neglect" of indigenous communities...

"...The original Europeans in the Americas were not immigrants, but colonists. And the US is not a nation of immigrants - it is a white colonial settler state, like Israel, South Africa under Apartheid, the former Rhodesia, Australia..."
 Juan Santos
A Nation of Colonists - and Race Laws

From Columbus' Log
"As soon as I arrived in the Indies, on the first Island which I found, I took some of the natives by force in order that they might learn and might give me information of whatever there is in these parts…They... brought us parrots and balls of cotton and spears and many other things, which they exchanged for the glass beads and hawks' bells. They willingly traded everything they owned.... They were well-built, with good bodies and handsome features.... They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. They have no iron. Their spears are made of cane.... They would make fine servants.... With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want." (http://www.newhumanist.com/md2.html)

"The greatest single acts of terrorism to date were not perpetrated by Osama bin Laden, but by the US military when it dropped atomic bombs on the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki."
Speech by Moonanum James
32nd National Day of Mourning, 2001

Malcom Lagauche
October 14, 2009 - ...What Columbus did was open up a route for European nations to follow in his footsteps and travel to North and South America. Instead of Columbus being the discoverer of America, he, in fact, was the first soldier in the battle for stealing North and South America from its inhabitants. When the smoke cleared, about 30 million Native Americans had died because of the European explorers and their following generations. Some Native Americans were outright killed by wea pons and others died from diseases they had never encountered. Columbus was the initiator of one of the most deadly holocausts in world history, only being outdone by the deaths of African-Americans in the slave trade over the centuries... http://www.uruknet.de/?p=58892

Israeli Settlements and Obama's Offer
Ongoing Judaization Schemes
By Saleh Al-Naami
Both the US President Barack Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced this agreement during the tripartite meeting of Obama, the Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas, and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Again shortly after the meeting, the United States asserted it would no longer demand Israel to stop or freeze the establishment of  settlements , but to "rationalize it"... according to the verified agreement, Israel will build a number of housing units in the settlements that exceeds the number of housing units built in any year since 1967.
The Israeli media revealed the details of this unwritten deal between Washington and Tel Aviv, which entitles Israel to complete the construction of 2,500 housing units until mid-next year. These units are currently under construction, in addition to building 2950 housing units according to the recent approval of the Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak. In other words, the number of housing units that will be built during the first year of Obama's presidency would amount to 5450 housing units, which will accommodate 43600 new settlers on the grounds that the average number of the members of a religious family living in a Jewish settlement in the West Bank is eight people...
Netanyahu does not miss an opportunity to emphasize his demand that Palestinians must recognize Israel's Judaism. He always stresses Israel's famous NOs of rejecting the Palestinian refugees' right of return, refusing to withdraw to pre-1967 borders, and insisting on having Al-Quds as the eternal Israeli "unified" capital. Furthermore, he stresses upon Tel Aviv's right, in any future political settlement, to retain the settlements in the Jordan Valley as well as the regions lying west of the separation wall and the mountains' peaks, in addition to the regions that contain the reserves of freshwater.  This means that Israel will not grant the Palestinians any settlement more than 45 percent of the West Bank.

Moreover, Israel, backed by the United States, insists on depriving any Palestinian entity that may exist in the West Bank of becoming a sovereign one...such an entity must be disarmed and deprived of establishing foreign relations with any neighboring countries and of controlling its borders. Israeli officials no longer hide the agreement between President Obama and Netanyahu, as ...the Obama Administration recognizes Israel's right to deduct 50 percent of the West Bank land.

Obama's Verbal Diplomacy 
When asked to interpret US angry statements about settlements on the eve of the tripartite meeting issued by the White House, Israel's Infrastructure Minister Binyamin Ben Eliazer said,"The US criticism against the Israeli decision is no more than a "verbal tax" paid by the Obama Administration to satisfy the Arabs". This means the prospective Palestinian state heralded by Obama will not be more than cantons separated by Jewish settlements. ..
Washington asks Arabs not only to reward Israel by normalization, but by bestowing the legitimacy upon Israel's settlements in the West Bank and Al-Quds as well...
The Arabs' approval of this agreement means conferring legitimacy on the construction of settlements that has been going on so far in the West Bank.. As seen by analysts in Israel, "signs of good intention" are not confined to  normalization only, but also to the extent of the Arab readiness to provide assistance to Israel in fighting Muslim movements or what Barak calls "the world of jihad powers", and to support Tel Aviv to improve its capacity to target the Iranian nuclear program.

Obama has pledged Israel to obtain first-rank strategic achievements...Obama will persuade all the countries of the world to impose serious sanctions on Iran to force it to stop its nuclear program. At the same time, ensure that Arab states normalize ties with Israel. In order to avoid any possible misunderstanding, it should be pointed out that the right-wing governments of Israel have never encouraged normalization with Arab countries....

CIA: Israel helped expose covert Iran nuclear facility
By Yossi Melman Haaretz Correspondent
Israeli intelligence was involved in editing and creating the sanitized version of information about Iran's recently revealed secret uranium enrichment facility near Qom. The revelation comes in an interview given by the director of the Central Intelligence Agency Leon Panetta to TIME magazine. Panetta said that the CIA had known about the facility for at least three years. The CIA chief said he was preparing a dossier which was formulated in concert with British, Israeli, and French intelligence agencies. Fearing that some of the information would be leaked, and in order to protect sources, the dossier was edited and sanitized by the CIA, which received help from Israeli intelligence officials. Panetta also revealed that the U.S. intelligence community shared its knowledge about the Qom facility with British and French intelligence agencies months ago, adding that those agencies had also been on the lookout for the secret plant.

'balanced educational' trees to hide the imperialist-zionist strategic forest
as is the obfuscation below re: israel's pivotal geostrategic role in U.S. global agenda, and mutual benefits from zionist eretz israel domination agenda...not measured in $
A Conservative Estimate of Total Direct U.S. Aid to Israel: Almost $114 Billion
By Shirl McArthur
Congress Watch Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, November 2008, pages 10-11
It is an estimate because arriving at an exact figure is not possible, since parts of U.S. aid to Israel are a) buried in the budgets of various U.S. agencies, mostly that of the Defense Department (DOD), or b) in a form not easily quantifiable, such as the early disbursement of aid, giving Israel a direct benefit in interest income and the U.S. Treasury a corresponding loss... estimates of U.S. aid to Israel this analysis is based on, the annual CRS report, U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel... does not include money from the DOD and other agencies. Nor does it include estimated interest on the early disbursement of aid....Given these caveats, our current estimate of cumulative total direct aid to Israel is $113.8554 billion. It must be emphasized that this analysis is a conservative, defensible accounting of U.S. direct aid to Israel, NOT of Israel’s cost to the U.S.... because the indirect or consequential costs suffered by the U.S. as a result of its blind [SIC] support for Israel exceed by many times the substantial amount of direct aid to Israel. (See, for example, the late Thomas R. Stauffer’s article in the June 2003 Washington Report, “The Costs to American Taxpayers of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: $3 Trillion.”)
The U.S. gives Israel all its economic and military aid directly in cash during the first month of the fiscal year, with no accounting required of how the funds are used. Also, in contrast with other countries receiving military aid, who must purchase through the DOD, Israel deals directly with U.S. companies, without DOD review. Israel is allowed to spend 26.3 percent of each year’s military aid in Israel (no other recipient of U.S. military aid gets this benefit), which has resulted in an increasingly sophisticated Israeli defense industry. As a result, Israel has become a major world arms exporter; the Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports that in 2006 Israel was the world’s ninth leading supplier of arms worldwide, earning $4.4 billion from defense sales...
Also, major U.S. loan guarantees have been $600 million for housing between 1972 and 1990; $9.2 billion for Soviet Jewish resettlement between 1992 and 1997; about $5 billion for refinancing military loans commercially; and $9 billion in loan guarantees authorized in FY ’03 and extended to FY ’10. Of that $9 billion, CRS reports that Israel has drawn $4.1 billion through FY ’07. These loans have not—yet—cost the U.S. any money; they are listed on the Treasury Department’s books as “contingent liabilities,” which would be liabilities to the U.S. should Israel default. However, they have been of substantial, tangible benefit to Israel, because they enable Israel to borrow commercially at special terms and favorable interest rates.

Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. aid since World War II (not counting the huge sums being spent in Iraq). Most of $3 billion or so per year Israel receives from the U.S. ... is earmarked in the annual Foreign Operations (foreign aid) appropriations bills, with the three major items being military grants (Foreign Military Financing, or FMF), economic grants (Economic Support Funds, or ESF), and “migration and refugee assistance.” (Refugee assistance originally intended to help Israel absorb Jewish refugees from the Soviet Union was expanded in 1985 to include all refugees resettling in Israel. In fact, Israel doesn’t differentiate between refugees and other immigrants, so this money is used for all immigrants to Israel.)

Not earmarked but also included in congresssional appropriations bills is Israel’s portion of grants for American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) and monies buried in the appropriations for other departments or agencies. These are mostly for so-called “U.S.-Israeli cooperative programs” in defense, agriculture, science [...]
For the convenience of those who wish to look up more details, citations for the foreign aid and DOD appropriations bills for the past five years are given in Table 2 above.

Shirl McArthur, a retired U.S. foreign service officer, is a consultant based in the Washington, DC area.
The Washington Report is published by the American Educational Trust (AET), a non-profit foundation incorporated in Washington, DC by retired U.S. foreign service officers to provide the American public with balanced and accurate information concerning U.S. relations with Middle Eastern states.... Richard H. Curtiss, AET's first executive director, who was chief inspector of the U.S. Information Agency when he retired from the U.S. Foreign Service in 1980. In addition to the three founding directors, other initial directors of the American Educational Trust were Prof. John Ruedy, former director of studies at Georgetown University's Center for Contemporary Arab Studies; former Democratic Member of Congress Thomas Rees of Los Angeles; John Law, Middle East correspondent for U.S. News & World Report for some 20 years before he founded Mideast Markets, a publication of the Chase Manhattan Bank; and Dr. John Duke Anthony, president and chief executive officer of the National Council on U.S. Arab Relations.

Ahmadinejad: Uranium exchange "test" for cooperation with West
October 11, 2009 http://www.uruknet.de/?s1=1&p=58828&s2=12
Tehran - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called forthcoming talks over uranium exchange as a 'test' for future fruitful cooperation with the West.An Iranian delegation, headed by atomic organization chief Ali- Akbar Salehi, will meet on October 19 in Vienna with representatives from the United States, Russia and France to discuss exchanging low- enriched uranium with other countries for high-enriched fissile material.Ahmadinejad said that any failure of the talks and probable renewed sanctions against Tehran would harm the West more than Iran.

Iran to allow inspectors into newest nuclear plant
AFP Experts will inspect Iran's new uranium enrichment plant on Oct. 25, UN atomic watchdog head Mohamed ElBaradei said

Is Iran Close to Nukes?
By Real News
Retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern speaks on disinformation, Iran, and "faith-based intelligence" http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article23693.htm

coveted new front in u.s. 'full spectrum dominance' war
Of a Fire on the Moon
by Chris Floyd    12 October 2009
As'ad AbuKhalil on the recent moon shot by NASA, in which missiles were fired into the Moon's surface as part of a scientific experiment:
Let me guess. The people of the moon will greet US missiles with "sweets and flowers". The people of the Middle East will be inspired by the US invasion of the moon. Bernard Lewis and Fouad Ajami will assure Obama that the people of the moon only understand the language of force. I would say that the Al-Qa`idah cells on the moon will be wiped out.  [...]


White House Proposes Changes in Bill Protecting Reporters’ Confidentiality
The Obama administration sent to Congress sweeping revisions to a “media shield” bill that would weaken its protections against forcing reporters to testify

Homeland Security revamps guidelines for border searches of electronics
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said Thursday...“Searches of electronic media... That includes the use of high-tech data collection and surveillance equipment to scan laptops and other devices.... permitted by law and carried out at borders and ports of entry, are vital to detecting information that poses serious harm to the United States, including terrorist plans, or constitutes criminal activity — such as possession of child pornography and trademark or copyright infringement,” DHS said in a statement....The federal announcement comes a day after the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against DHS in U.S. District Court in New York claiming such searches violate privacy and constitutional rights.

Big Brass Bull: Pentagon Deceit on Media Manipulation Confirmed
by Chris Floyd   28 August 2009
A few days ago we noted revelations by Stars and Stripe that the Pentagon was using a shadowy PR firm to identify the political leanings of journalists trying to cover the "Good War" in Afghanistan (as well as the "Forgotten War" in Iraq). The idea, clearly, was to encourage and reward "pro-war" reporters while planting a big red flag on the backs of any writers considered less than gung-ho about the imperial bloodshed in Muslim lands. Naturally, the Pentagon denied that the vetting program operated by the Rendon Group – hired by the Bush gang to help instigate the mass murder in Iraq – was in any way a sinister, slimy attempt to manipulate the news in order to make the endless slaughter of the Terror War more palatable... Perish the thought! declared the brass.... the only aim of the program is to help reporters tell the truth... As Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman put it after S&S first broke the story: "It’s a good article if it’s accurate. It’s a bad article if it’s inaccurate. That’s the only measurement that we use here at the Defense Department." ...

Stars and Stripes has done something almost unheard-of in modern journalism – followed up with a skeptical stance toward the bland assurances of authority ... and found that the Pentagon was lying! From S&S: 

By week's end, the Pentagon was in full retreat on the story (in public, at least), pulling out the old stand-by used to cover a multitude of sins, from torture to corruption to atrocity to systematic deceit: a "review" of the program. Whitman, who days before had been loudly trumpeting the program's decency and goodness, was now declaring -- what else? -- that he didn't know the first thing about it, but he was sure enough gosh-dang-diddley-darn going to find out:

“For me, a tool like this serves no purpose and it doesn’t serve me with any value,” Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman told reporters as some of the affected war correspondents began demanding to see their secret military profiles....“I haven’t seen anything that violates any policies, but again, I’m learning about aspects of this as I question our folks in Afghanistan,” Whitman said. “If I find something that is inconsistent with Defense Department values and policies, you can be sure I will address it.”

And we're sure a grateful nation gives its thanks for this great diligence. Whitman, a former Special Forces op whose last wetwork was back in the bug-out from Somalia, has long shown a dogged fealty to the truth: here, for example , planting stories of Iranian "threats" to U.S. boats in the powderkeg of the Strait of Hormuz; or here, early on in the mass murder in Iraq , ardently peddling the Pentagon's knowingly false stories about the "heroic" rescue of Jessica Lynch. There is perhaps one aspect of his promised "review" that might trouble a cynic, however: Whitman told Pentagon reporters that he was inquiring about the issue, but he added that the Pentagon is not launching any formal inquiry to the matter...
Whitman, by the way, is not really a holdover from the Bush Administration, like his boss, Bob Gates. He is actually a holdover from the Clinton Administration, having ascended into the higher Pentagon PR ranks back in 1997, where he helped shape the presentations of Clinton's "good war" against Serbia in 1998, then went on to serve the the cause of imperial message massage into Afghanistan and Iraq....

Who's in Big Brother's Database?
By James Bamford
On a remote edge of Utah's dry and arid high desert, where temperatures often zoom past 100 degrees, hard-hatted construction workers with top-secret clearances are preparing to build what may become America's equivalent of Jorge Luis Borges's "Library of Babel," a place where the collection of information is both infinite and at the same time monstrous.

Battening Down the Hatches: Secret State Monitors Protest, Represses Dissent
by Tom Burghardt / October 12th, 2009
As social networking becomes a dominant feature of daily life, the secret state is increasingly surveilling electronic media for what it calls “actionable intelligence.”Take the case of Elliot Madison. The 41-year-old anarchist was arrested in Pittsburgh September 24 at the height of G20 protests. Madison, a social worker and volunteer with The People’s Law Collective in New York City, was busted by a combined task force led by the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) and Pittsburgh’s “finest.” The activist was charged with “hindering apprehension or prosecution, criminal use of a communication facility and possession of instruments of crime”[...] http://dissidentvoice.org/2009/10/battening-down-the-hatches-secret-stat...

U.S. lab cooks up ways to stop terrorists
Lockerbie sets lab in motion
Scientists at the Transportation Security Laboratory dream up ways an enemy might slip a weapon or a bomb onto a plane, and then try to build defenses to detect or counter the danger.
About 125 chemists, physicists, engineers and others work in the lab's low-slung buildings on a wooded campus behind high fences and armed guards at the edge of the Atlantic City International Airport.... Eight years after the Sept. 11 attacks, the front line in America's war on terrorism runs through a little-known federal laboratory where engineer Nelson Carey holds what appears to be a bratwurst in a bun. "This is a Semtex sausage," says Carey, as he pinches the pink, plastic explosive long favored by terrorist groups. On his table lie a green Teletubbies doll stuffed with C-4 military explosives, a leather sandal with a high-explosive shoe insert, an Entenmann's cake covered in an explosive compound that looks like white frosting, and other deadly devices Carey and his colleagues have built. "We let our imaginations go wild," explains Carey. "The types of improvised explosive devices are endless." ... research physicist Rob Kleug uses medical technology to take what looks to be a brain scan of an M&M chocolate-covered peanut. He measures the candy's mass density and effective atomic number and compares the data with that of known explosives. "We're still looking for practical applications," .... physicist Jeff Barber aims high-frequency radio waves at an explosive compound. He probes the interaction between molecules in an effort to produce a unique visual signature. "This is the final frontier," he says, showing a colorful graph on his computer monitor that represents TNT powder. "It's still in the experimental stage."
Hallowell, 56, joined the lab as an analytic chemist when it first opened after the 1988 terrorist bombing of a Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. The lab still keeps a mock-up of the Semtex-filled boombox that brought the jet down, killing 270 people. a work environment filled with painful reminders of how terrorism has changed the world...Her dream: to build a "tunnel of truth" in each airport lined with hidden sensors, scanners and rays. Passengers would get zapped and sniffed as they passed, but wouldn't need to take off their shoes, toss their liquids or anything else. "The ideal is to get us back the freedoms we had before," Hallowell says. "Wouldn't that be nice?" http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/politics/2010051434_bomb13.html

Watch What You Tweet
Flickr / G20Voice
A Twitter user sends an update from the G20 rally.
By Amy Goodman
A social worker from New York City was arrested last week while in Pittsburgh to participate in the G-20 protests, then subjected to an FBI raid this week at his home— for using Twitter. Elliot Madison faces charges of hindering apprehension or prosecution, criminal use of a communication facility and possession of instruments of crime. He was posting to a Twitter feed (or tweeting, as it is called) publicly available information about police activities around the G-20 protests, including information about where police had been ordered to disperse protesters.... Madison, his wife and housemates were roused from sleep during the weekend when the Joint Terrorism Task Force swept into their house, keeping them handcuffed for hours, searching the house and removing computers and other property from everyone in the house. Madison said the FBI “for 16 hours, proceeded to take everything, from plush toys to kitchen magnets and lots of books ... they took Curious George stuffed animals.”...
Last June 20, as [ed:-U.S.supported] Iranians protested against the conduct and results of their national election, President Barack Obama said in a statement, “The universal rights to assembly and free speech must be respected, and the United States stands with all who seek to exercise those rights.” ...His statement was released in English, Farsi and Arabic, and posted on the White House’s very own Twitter feed. His tweet read, “We call on the Iranian government to stop all violent and unjust actions against its own people.”
The U.S. State Department, impressed with the importance of Twitter to Iranian protests, asked Twitter to delay system maintenance that might have interrupted the service during the Iranian protests....Madison optimistically mused, “I’m expecting the State Department will come out and support us also,”...

Los Angeles Chief of Police William Bratton recently won acclaim at the annual meeting of the Major Cities Chiefs Association, a professional organization of police executives representing 63 of the largest cities in the United States and Canada. Bratton has launched “I Watch LA,” described as “a community awareness program created to educate the public about behaviors and activities that may have a connection to terrorism.” The iWatch program... is about spying on your neighbors and turning them in to the police
http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/20091006_watch_what_you_tweet/ [published in today's Seattle Times, this article is no longer available there]

"Engaging" information warfare : Obama admin's new 'open & transparent' friendly fascist face govt: State Propaganda extends reach & tightens screws
Welcome to the DoD Web 2.0 Guidance Forum
July 31, 2009
The Department of Defense (DoD) Web 2.0 Guidance Forum is a new initiative to solicit input from the public that has been undertaken in the spirit of President Obama’s Open Government Directive .  President Obama issued a memorandum on 21 January 2009 entitled, “Transparency and Open Government ,” which emphasized the need to ensure public trust and to establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. We are using this blog as an approach to engage the public in Department of Defense (DoD) considerations of web 2.0 capabilities, and are excited to participate in this new facet to the President’s openness and transparency efforts. Involving the public and allowing for suggestions serves two purposes. First, it will act as a “gut” check to ensure public buy-in on possible decisions as they are being discussed.  Second, it will provide an opportunity for the public to aid in sensemaking around Web 2.0 definitions and use, and to contribute creative solutions and ideas that may inform our overall approach towards Web 2.0.
The Web 2.0 Guidance Forum is open to the general public for comments.  That said, the public stakeholder groups we are most interested in hearing from include the following:
Families of military serving overseas
DoD interest groups, including veterans groups, think tanks, academia and others
The Web 2.0 technology community
Government-Industry groups focused on how government and industry collaborate, and most importantly
Soldiers and sailors and civilians currently using Web 2.0 tools
Logistics: The associated topics for discussion will be introduced by a DoD Web 2.0 Forum team member, one at a time.  After the third day, there will be a summary entry before moving onto the next topic.  Commenting by the public on each topic will be available for the entire duration of the Web 2.0 Forum input process.  At the conclusion, the Web 2.0 team will draft a final entry summarizing the conversations and comments and will then notify the Web 2.0 Development Team of the results....
We plan on keeping the Web forum available and open for comments through the end of August.  At that time, the comment feature for the existing entries will be turned off.  We expect additional posts to provide updates on the status of our progress will be added periodic intervals.

The Emerging Media Directorate was created to address DoD’s need to compete in an evolving global messaging space, particularly as our forces are engaged on multiple fronts around the world. The directorate is part of the Defense Media Activity, which is the field activity for the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs.
It provides the Office of the Secretary of Defense with an external communications arm for the online community, and serves as a resource for all of DoD on new media questions and concerns. Staff members from our office are always available to discuss emerging technologies and assist public affairs officers in incorporating new media into their communications activities. ...

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Network of Defense Leaders Using Social Media for Public Affairs Missions
August 17, 2009
By Ian Graham
Last week, Marine Staff Sgt. Brian Buckwalter, American Forces Press Service reporter Jim Garamone and I sat down with Price Floyd , the the principal deputy assistant secretary of defense for public affairs, to talk about the future of social media in the Department of Defense... it’s fairly obvious where Floyd stands on the issue of social networking. He’s been dubbed the Pentagon’s social media “czar,” advocating a push in the military and government to use social networks to engage the American people... rather than continue to make the Department of Defense’s web presence an outlet for internal press, he wants to make it a place where citizens and department officials can interact... The new Department of Defense Web site is simply the start. The freshly minted Defense.gov takes a cue from the White House’s Web site, incorporating social media tools and using language that reminds people they are a part of the Department of Defense, too... He sees a Defense Department filled with millions of potential tweeters, giving the military an organic, personable face. When people think about talking to someone in the Pentagon, they won’t be penetrating a fortress, they’ll be having a chat with a Facebook friend. By having that kind of openness, he explained, the American people can feel like they have a part in defense policy. After all, our government requires feedback to work; transparency simply can’t work if the people who needto comment feel like the Department of Defense is unapproachable or even scary.
Posted in DoD News , Emerging Media .

New DoD Web Home Page “Defense.gov”
Aug.25, 2009

Price Floyd, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs discusses the recent launch of a new Department of Defense home page, http://www.Defense.gov is designed to make military news and information more accessible.  Floyd told bloggers and online journalists during a “DoDLive” Bloggers Roundtable on Aug. 25 that the new site invites greater participation from the public at the request of the Secretary of Defense.

U.S. Intelligence Pulls Plug On Unclassified Cross-Agency E-Mail System
Oct 12, 2009
Federal intelligence officials have decided to shut down a Web-based, unclassified e-mail system, sparking debate within the intelligence community about whether the move will hamper collaboration. The uGov system was hailed as a step toward collaboration among intelligence experts, but the system is being phased out amid security concerns.... While U.S. intelligence agencies generally operate their own e-mail systems, thousands of intelligence analysts and other government employees also use uGov, a Zimbra-based e-mail system. When it was launched, uGov was seen as an important step in the intelligence community's drive for better information sharing after 9/11, and was mentioned in the same breath as efforts such as the CIA's Intellipedia wiki. With its a single directory, uGov made it easier for its users to find like-minded professionals and coordinate activity.

shut down or just more 'secret'?
The Pentagon's Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) last month announced the creation of a new password-protected portal where authorized users may gain access to restricted scientific and engineering publications. "DTIC Online Access Controlled... provides a gateway to Department of Defense unclassified, controlled science and technology (S&T) and research and engineering (R&E) information," according to a September 21, 2009 news release. "As defense S&T information advances, so does the unique community to which it belongs," said DTIC Administrator R. Paul Ryan. http://www.fas.org/sgp/news/2009/09/dtic092109.pdf

General Links Future Success to Interagency Cooperation
Oct. 13, 2009
By Ian Graham, Special to American Forces Press Service
Army Brig. Gen. Ed Cardon, deputy commandant of the Army Command and General Staff College, discussed how the military and interagency cooperation in training and education will become more vital as future deployments involve stability operations...Cardon said bringing in civil agencies is paramount to accomplishing American missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. The military is very effective at “hard” force, but isn’t very good at applying the other kinds of tactics in post-combat stabilization, he said. Agencies such as the State Department, the U.S. Agency for International Development and the International Red Cross are designed specifically for diplomacy and development.
(Ian Graham works in the Defense Media Activity’s emerging media directorate.)

deepening public 'engagement'
Video Blog: G.I. Joe Sneak Preview at Andrews AFB

August 6, 2009 Though “G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra” opens in theaters nationwide tomorrow, some members of the military have been buzzing about it for more than a week.When the cast of the new movie arrived, riding in the gunner’s stations on Humvees, at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, hundreds of service members and their families were lined up at the small movie theater on base to see them. Channing Tatum, Marlon Wayans, Sienna Miller and Rachel Nichols met wounded warriors from nearby Walter Reed Army Medical Center at the special showing, days before the press could preview the movie.

Secretary Napolitano and Governor Ritter Unveil Video Encouraging Awareness of Signs of Terrorism
October 6, 200 For Immediate Release Office of the Press Secretary
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano joined Colorado Governor Bill Ritter yesterday to unveil “Recognizing 8 Signs of Terrorism”—a video produced with DHS grant funding designed to educate Colorado citizens about the shared responsibility of recognizing signs of terrorist activity... The announcement came during Secretary Napolitano’s trip to Denver, where she joined Governor Ritter on a tour of the CELL... Center for Empowered Living & Learning (The CELL)—a non-profit institution dedicated to addressing the global threat of terrorism.
While in Denver, Secretary Napolitano also joined Attorney General Eric Holder, Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Robert Mueller and Office of National Drug Control Policy Director Gil Kerlikowske to participate in the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)* Conference. *Changed from National Association of Chiefs of Police to International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)

Encouraging Awareness of Growing State Terrorism
Pittsburgh police used acoustic warfare during G-20 protests, drawing legal groups' ire
October 1, 2009, ABC News/Associated Press

Police State: The Militarization of the Police Force in USA.

UK: Airport passengers to have 'naked' photos taken by full-body X-ray machine:
 The full body scanner, being trialled at Manchester Airport, will also show up any breast enlargements, false limbs, piercings, and a clear outline of passengers' private parts... Dr Sarah Burnett, an independent radiologist in London, raised concerns about the safety of the device two years ago...'It is illegal to expose people to any level of radiation without medical justification. So how is it that the Government is allowed to irradiate us willy-nilly at airports? 'I am particularly concerned about the potential effects on women in their first trimester of pregnancy. 'That is when the risks of the baby developing genetic abnormalities are highest because radiation exposure can damage the body's reproductive DNA.'
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1219974/How-airport-passengers-n... http://snipurl.com/shzkx

silent about U.S. ops
The Campaign Against 'Naked' TSA Scans
By Jen Phillips | May 18, 2009
When TSA introduced full-body scans of passengers back in 2007 as an alternative to pat-downs, privacy advocates cried foul.
Two years later, there are 19 airports with body scanners and the possibility that these machines (which reveal every fold of your body) will become mandatory instead of optional. Today, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) says it will launch a national campaign against the TSA's scanning machines, gathering signatures in hopes of creating a "viral" consumer movement. http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2009/05?page=5

Obama says he's looking at any way to create jobs
AP http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/politics/2010064170_apusobamastimu...

Military reaches recruiting target
For the first time in more than 35 years, the U.S. military has met all of its annual recruiting goals, as hundreds of thousands of young people have enlisted despite the near certainty they will go to war. The Pentagon said the economic downturn and rising joblessness, as well as bonuses (40 percent of recruits received an average bonus of $14,000, up from $12,000 in 2008) and other factors [ed: like criminal justice deals to avoid prison especially for Black & Brown youth) led more qualified youths to enlist....
Washington Post

Critics argue unemployment insurance can be a disincentive to looking for work, and that extending benefits at a time the economy is showing signs of recovery could be counterproductive...
51 percent of unemployment insurance claimants exhausted their regular benefits in July, the highest rate ever.... Some 5 million people, about one-third of those on the unemployment list, have been without a job for six months or more, a record since data started being recorded in 1948, according to the research and advocacy group National Employment Law Project."It smashes any other figure we have ever seen. It is an unthinkable number," said Andrew Stettner, NELP's deputy director....Three-fourths of the 400,000 workers projected to exhaust their benefits this month live in high unemployment states that would qualify for the additional 13 weeks of benefits under his bill, McDermott said. They include Alabama, Arizona, California, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin and West Virginia. Other states could qualify for more benefits if their unemployment rates are approaching the 8.5 percent threshold. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/politics/2009909963_apusunemployme...

the 'soft' side of genocidal Black national oppression
Study Finds High Rate of Imprisonment Among Dropouts
The picture for dropouts is bleak in an America where demands for low-skill workers is plunging. The picture is even bleaker for African-Americans, with nearly one in four young black male dropouts incarcerated or otherwise institutionalized on an average day, the study said. That compares with about one in 14 young, male, white, Asian or Hispanic dropouts... The new report, in its analysis of 2008 unemployment rates, found that 54 percent of dropouts ages 16 to 24 were jobless, compared with 32 percent for high school graduates of the same age, and 13 percent for those with a college degree. Again, the statistics were worse for young African-American dropouts, whose unemployment rate last year was 69 percent, compared with 54 percent for whites and 47 percent for Hispanics. The unemployment rate among young Hispanics was lower, the report said, because included in that category were many illegal immigrants, who compete successfully for jobs with native-born youths. The unemployment rates cited for all groups have climbed several points in 2009 because of the recession Mr. Sum said...http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/09/education/09dropout.html?th&emc=th

Over A Million Americans Stopped and Frisked On Streets By Cops
Over one million innocent Americans per year are now stopped on the streets all over the country by police using the practice of  ”stop and frisk”. Most of those that are stopped are black or Hispanic... New York Police keep a database of everyone they stop, whether they are cited or not.

manipulating national oppression as 'justification' for further attacks & depopulation in the war against working / oppressed people
by cruel design: 50,000 arriving to find only 5,000 available applications
Chaos reigns at Detroit aid event
Thousands stand in line for help paying bills
Thousands of people swarmed Cobo Hall in chaos this morning trying to get applications for housing and utility payment assistance from the city of Detroit. People fainted, others fought as the Detroit Police Gang Unit tried to keep people in line --- some since last night --- and in check. “It’s a disaster here,” former assistant Detroit Police chief and city council candidate Gary Brown said, handing out water. “This is dangerous. Very unorganized, very dangerous.”
The City of Detroit Planning & Development Department was to pass out 5,000 applications to those standing in line. But a line of people snaking back and forth inside Cobo, down Washington Boulevard and around the corner to the circular parking deck far outnumbered the applications available. The program is part of the city’s Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program. By 11:30 a.m., the Detroit mayor’s office was asking people not to head to Cobo. The assistance is paid from the city on the applicants’ behalf directly to agencies like the Coalition on Temporary Shelter, an agency that pays for transitional housing for the homeless....
The applicants needed to be homeless or at risk of homelessness, and the assistance is temporary. The applications are due today, handed in at Cobo by 2 p.m. or mailed with an Oct. 7 postmark. The city was directing people with additional questions to call 313-224-0316, but no one was answering before calls to that number were automatically disconnected just before noon today. freep.com for more on this developing story. http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20091007/NEWS01/91007043...

house-negro-in-chief securely ensconced at the University...
Obama defends himself against New Orleans critics
Insisting he's "just getting started," President Barack Obama defended his administration Thursday against complaints from residents of the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast that federal help in recovering from the 2005 disasters hasn't improved much since he took office. As a candidate, Obama criticized former President George W. Bush's response to Katrina... The storm killed some 1,600 people in Louisiana and Mississippi - damage has been estimated at roughly $40 billion -- still starkly visible in New Orleans in blighted neighborhoods of creaky houses, boarded-up businesses, structure after structure awaiting demolition and critical recovery work not yet started. Obama spent fewer than four hours in New Orleans before heading to San Francisco for a Democratic National Committee fundraiser. The brief visit brought criticism, but New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin defended the president. "People say he's going to be here a short little time, that's true..."Don't be fooled. This administration is focused on New Orleans."...http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/politics/2010067978_apusobamaneworleans.html

U.S.: Homeless Shelters Fighting Push from Downtowns:
The largest homeless shelter in the southeast U.S., the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, has filed a lawsuit against the city of Atlanta claiming officials have undertaken a complex campaign to sabotage the shelter with the ultimate goal of driving homeless, mostly African American men off the streets of downtown... Atlanta has torn down 3,200 units of affordable public housing, displacing 9,600 people. "Seventy-seven percent of people [at the shelter] earn some kind of living, but can't accumulate enough to get a place to live. You have to earn 15 dollars an hour [twice the minimum wage] just to live in a [one-room] efficiency in Atlanta at fair market rent" ....

RealtyTrac: 983,000 u.s. foreclosures in July-Sept. quarter -- up 5% from previous quarter - puts foreclosure filings on pace to reach 3.5 million in 2009

Panel Says Obama Plan Won’t Slow Foreclosures
A day after the Obama administration proclaimed significant progress in its effort to spare troubled homeowners from foreclosure...the Congressional Oversight Panel — a watchdog created last year to keep tabs on taxpayer bailout funds — said the administration’s program would, “in the best case,” prevent “fewer than half of the predicted foreclosures.” The report rebuked the administration for failing to shape a program that addressed the most significant engines of the foreclosure crisis — soaring joblessness and exotic mortgages with low introductory interest rates that give way to sharply higher payments over the next three years. Many of those mortgages are too large to qualify for modification under the administration’s plan. People who lose their jobs often lack enough income to qualify for relief....
The Treasury acknowledged that its anti-foreclosure program was limited, with the effect of rising unemployment not fully checked. But the department said other relief efforts, like extended jobless benefits and continued health insurance for people who lose work, were better suited to alleviating economic distress than the housing program.

Employment Policies Institute Media destruction of ACORN
MADDOW: Tonight, a dash of truth. Seriously rich corporate interests are out to paint ACORN as a vast left-wing conspiracy against the American way of life. You can look at ACORN‘s primary political sin as they‘re trying to raise the minimum wage. ACORN has been caricatured by people, like Congressman King, as a corrupt, criminal enterprise that steals elections and turns a blind eye to prostitution. That‘s the story line the mainstream media has latched on to, as well. What you might not know from all of the breathless ACORN damnation coverage is what ACORN actually does. They do things like advocating for a higher minimum wage. They do things like helping low-income families file their taxes. They do things like helping low-income families find jobs. And as we discovered most recently in the healthcare debate, when industries sense a threat to their profits, they go into kill mode. They create corporate-funded purportedly grassroots organizations to derail and destroy whomever they believe to be the source of that threat. Say you‘re a company that doesn‘t really want the minimum wage to be raised. But you also don‘t want to be seen fighting ACORN yourself. What you do is you hire Richard Berman. And what you get is “RottenACORN.com,” a grassroots-ish looking Web site dedicated to destroying ACORN. “RottenACORN.com” is run by something called the Employment Policies Institute, a nonprofit think-tank that happens to be run by Richard Berman, who also happens to be the man behind grassroots-ish Web sites like the anti-labor one, “UnionFacts.com.” Also, “MercuryFacts.org.” which assures people that there really isn‘t that much mercury in that fish.

Recession creating a lost generation: High unemployment is damaging the future for America’s youth
msnbc, October 12, 2009

Still on the Job, but at Half the Pay
In recent decades, layoffs were the standard procedure for shrinking labor costs. Reducing the wages of those who remained on the job was considered demoralizing and risky: the best workers would jump to another employer. But now pay cuts, sometimes the result of downgrades in rank or shortened workweeks, are occurring more frequently than at any time since the Great Depression. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not track pay cuts, but suggests they are reflected in the steep decline of another statistic: total weekly pay for production workers... representing 80 percent of the work force. That index has fallen for nine consecutive months, an unprecedented string over the 44 years the bureau has calculated weekly pay, capturing the large number of people out of work, those working fewer hours and those whose wages have been cut. The old record was a two-month decline, during the 1981-1982 recession.

Dow closes above 10,000 for 1st time in a year, up 60% since March

OTHER INDEX % CHANGES since wall st. hit bottom 3/9/9
S&P 500 up 61%
NASDAQ up 71%

Goldman Sachs 2009 bonuses to double 2008’s
Analysts expect the bonus pool to mushroom to $23 billion -- double the bonus pool paid to employees in 2008. Earlier this year, Goldman Sachs said that it had put aside $11.4 billion for bonuses during the first half of the year. “The absolute size of compensation payouts will rise significantly,” Keith Horowitz, an analyst at Citigroup, wrote in a note to clients two weeks ago, highlighted by Andrew Sorkin in The New York Times'.How much is $23,000,000,000? enough to buy insurance for 1.7 million families....enough to send 460,000 full paying students to Harvard 1 one year, or 115,000 for four years.. .

Abortion Fight Complicates Debate on Health Care
Abortion opponents in both the House and the Senate are seeking to block the millions of middle- and lower-income people who might receive federal insurance subsidies to help them buy health coverage from using the money on plans that cover abortion. And the abortion opponents are getting enough support from moderate Democrats that both sides say the outcome is too close to call.... Representative Bart Stupak of Michigan, a leading Democratic abortion opponent, said he had commitments from 40 Democrats to block the health care bill unless they have a chance to include the restrictions. ... The question looms as a test of President Obama ’s campaign pledge to support abortion rights but seek middle ground with those who do not. Mr. Obama has promised for months that the health care overhaul would not provide federal money to pay for elective abortions, but White House officials have declined to spell out what he means....
Nancy Keenan, president of Naral Pro-Choice America, argued that if the bill blocked the use of subsidies for abortion coverage, private insurers would stop covering abortion because those plans would be excluded from the federally subsidized programs. “Women who already have this coverage would lose it,” Ms. Keenan said.
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, which has lobbied for decades to persuade the government to provide universal health insurance, says it opposes the bill unless it bans the use of subsidies for plans that cover abortion. “We have said to the White House and various Senate offices that we could be the best friends to this bill if our concerns are met,” Richard M. Doerflinger, a spokesman for the bishops on abortion issues, said in an interview. “But the concerns are kind of intractable.”

Ineffectiveness and Dangers of Flu Shots
by Stephen Lendman
Believing what governments say can be hazardous to your health. It’s even truer from corporate-sponsored studies on the benefits of their products. Thus, be very leery about the new CSL Ltd. one on the effectiveness of taking one Swine Flu dose. More to the point, any Swine Flu shot as, in single or multiple doses, they’re all extremely toxic, dangerous, and must be avoided to protect human health from the pathogenic onslaught vaccines are designed to unleash...

State lifts limit on mercury preservative in swine-flu shots
Washington's Health Department ... temporarily suspended a rule that limits the amount of a mercury preservative [called Thimerosal] in vaccines given to pregnant women and children under the age of 3. Thimerosal has been eliminated from most vaccines in the United States, but it will be added to the bulk of the swine-flu vaccine...
thimerosal has been largely phased out in most wealthy nations. Children's vaccines in the United States are almost exclusively mercury-free, single-dose injections. After 1976's mass vaccination against a different swine-flu strain, about 500 people developed a neurological disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), and some died.
[very important 'swine flu' update please see, and share, info. at http://www.burbankdigest.com/node/236 ]

Aspirin possible factor in 1918 flu epidemic
The New York Times
The 1918 flu epidemic was probably the deadliest plague in human history, killing more than 50 million people worldwide. Now it appears that a small [SIC] number of the deaths may have been caused by not by the virus but by a drug used to treat it: aspirin. Dr. Karen Starko, author of one of the earliest papers connecting aspirin use with Reye's syndrome, has published an article suggesting that high doses of the relatively new "wonder drug" commonly used to treat the illness, could have been deadly... the symptoms of aspirin overdose may have been difficult to distinguish from those of the flu, especially among those who died soon after they became ill. Some doubts were raised even at the time. At least one contemporary pathologist working for the Public Health Service thought the amount of lung damage seen during autopsies in early deaths was too little to attribute to viral pneumonia, and that the large amounts of bloody, watery liquid in the lungs must have had some other cause....
In February 1917, Bayer lost its American patent on aspirin, opening a lucrative drug market to many manufacturers. Bayer fought back with copious advertising, celebrating the brand's purity as the epidemic was reaching its peak.
In the fall of 1918, facing a widespread deadly disease with no known cure, the surgeon general and the U.S. Navy recommended aspirin as a symptomatic treatment, and the military bought large quantities of the drug. The Journal of the American Medical Association suggested a dose of 1,000 milligrams every three hours, the equivalent of almost 25 standard 325-milligram aspirin tablets in 24 hours. This is about twice the daily dosage generally considered safe today. Starko's paper is published in the Nov. 1 issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases.

US, other nations stop counting pandemic flu cases
U.S. health officials have lost track of how many illnesses and deaths have been caused by the first global flu epidemic in 40 years.

Just what the doctor ordered: u.s. ability to find convenient new 'information' without proof -- new "terrorist plans", bin laden tapes, whatever's needed
Near half of swine flu patients otherwise healthy
AP, http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/health/2010055582_apusmedswineflu....
The largest U.S. analysis of hospitalized adult swine flu patients has found almost half were healthy people who did not have asthma or any other chronic illnesses before they got sick.
Health officials released the surprising results at a news conference on Tuesday, noting that 46 percent of 1,400 hospitalized adults did not have a chronic underlying condition.
They have said before that the majority of swine flu patients who develop severe illness have some sort of pre-existing condition, but the new data suggest the majority may be slimmer than was previously thought. A study of 272 hospitalized swine flu patients, released by the New England Journal of Medicine earlier this month, concluded that 83 percent of adults and 60 percent of children had underlying conditions...
CDC doesn't have an exact count of all swine flu deaths and hospitalizations, but existing reports [ed: CDC's] suggest more than 600 have died and more than 9,000 have been hospitalized. Health officials believe millions of Americans have caught the virus. States have ordered almost 6 million doses of swine flu vaccine in the vaccination campaign that started last week. ...

Vioxx maker Merck and Co drew up doctor hit list
An international drug company made a hit list of doctors who had to be "neutralised" or discredited because they criticised the anti-arthritis drug the pharmaceutical giant produced. Staff at US company Merck &Co emailed each other about the list of doctors - mainly researchers and academics - who had been negative about the drug Vioxx or Merck and a recommended course of action. The email, which came out in the Federal Court in Melbourne yesterday as part of a class action against the drug company, included the words "neutralise", "neutralised" or "discredit" against some of the doctors' names. It is also alleged the company used intimidation tactics against critical researchers, including dropping hints it would stop funding to institutions and claims it interfered with academic appointments. "We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live," a Merck employee wrote, according to an email excerpt read to the court by Julian Burnside QC, acting for the plaintiff. Merck & Co and its Australian subsidiary, Merck, Sharpe and Dohme, are being sued for compensation by more than 1000 Australians, who claim they suffered heart attacks or strokes as a result of Vioxx. The drug was launched in 1999 and at its height of popularity was used by 80 million people worldwide because it did not cause stomach problems as did traditional anti-inflammatory drugs. It was voluntarily withdrawn from sale in 2004 after concerns were raised that it caused heart attacks and strokes and a clinical trial testing these potential side affects was aborted for safety reasons. Merck last year settled thousands of lawsuits in the US over the effects of Vioxx for $US 4.85 billion, but made no admission of guilt.