10/16 H1N1 Links: Political, Medical, Military Chronology in Context

April 4, 2003 Executive Order 13295
By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 361(b) of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 264(b)), it is hereby ordered as follows:
Section 1. Based upon the recommendation of the Secretary of Health and Human Services (the ``Secretary''), in consultation with the Surgeon General, and for the purpose of specifying certain communicable diseases for regulations providing for the apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of suspected communicable diseases,
Sec. 2. The Secretary, in the Secretary's discretion, shall determine whether a particular condition constitutes a communicable disease of the type specified in section 1 of this order.
Sec. 3. The functions of the President under sections 362 and 364(a) of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 265 and 267(a)) are assigned to the Secretary.
Sec. 4. This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit enforceable at law or equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, entities, officers, employees or agents, or any other person....
http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/sars/executiveorder040403.htm http://www.fas.org/irp/offdocs/eo/eo-13295.htm

1-30-04 Flu victim exhumed after 85 years

10-07-04 Killer flu recreated in the lab
Scientists have shown that tiny changes to modern flu viruses could render them as deadly as the 1918 strain which killed about a billion people. A US team added two genes...

2005 Senate panel backs special vaccine agency
BARDA would be exempt from long-standing open records and meetings laws...to speed development and testing of new drugs and vaccines to respond to a bioterrorist attack or super-flu pandemic. http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/national/1155ap_vaccine_agency.html

7-13 -09 New flu resembles feared 1918 virus, study finds
tests showed the virus could be controlled by the antiviral drugs Relenza, made by GlaxoSmithKline and Tamiflu, made by Roche AG the researchers said...Companies working on an H1N1 vaccine include Sanofi-Aventis, Novartis AG, Baxter International Inc, GlaxoSmithKline and nasal spray maker MedImmune, now part of AstraZeneca....

4-21-08 Roche Exec Warns of Flu Pandemic
George Abercrombie, head of Roche’s North American operations, says an avian flu pandemic still threatens the world, and discusses access to Roche’s drug Tamiflu, the main flu antidot http://www.businessweek.com/mediacenter/video/newsmakers/e5826038a47a30d...

April 2008 Biotechnology Company, Replikins Ltd. Advanced Warning of Mexican H1N1 'Swine Flu' Virus Outbreak

4-28-09 What a flu pandemic could cost the world
"In 2006 we estimated the likely global economic consequences of an influenza ...outbreak in Mexico City can send markets reeling in Tokyo. ...
The study The mild pandemic scenario, estimated to cost the world 1.4 million lives, reduces total output by nearly 1 percent or approximately $330 billion (in constant 2006 prices) during the first year... A massive global economic slowdown occurs in the next-worst scenario, with more than 142 million people killed and some output in economies in the developing world shrinking by half. The loss in output in this scenario could reach $4.4 trillion, 12.6 percent of global GDP in the first year. Of course, the composition of the slowdown would differ sharply across countries, with a major shift of global capital from the affected economies to the less- affected safe havens of North America and Europe....The Mexican peso, for example, has taken a hit. And just five days after news of the outbreak, it looked likely that Mexico's government would have to tap its $47 billion credit line with the International Monetary Fund. FOREIGN POLICY is published by the Slate Group, a division of Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, LLC.

1999 Biological Warfare: Genetically-Engineered Weapons Cannot Be Excluded
By K.P. Kavanaugh
Journal of the Federation of American Scientists (F.A.S.), March/April 1999
It has long been rumored that modern biological weapons could be designed to attack specific vulnerabilities of particular ethnic groups. Early in the development of the US offensive biological weapons program Colonel Creasey, Chief of Research and Engineering of the US Chemical Corps, suggested that agents may be selected because of known susceptibility of the target population. This shows that the differential susceptibility of different populations to various diseases had been considered at that time and, according to scientists at Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA), is continuing today....Nor is it essential to focus on the genetic constitution of a particular group in order to attack it in an ethnic specific way...Attacking a particular population with lethal toxins could achieve the same effect. Equally clearly, attacking a principal food source of one side which the other side did not consume (as an example, swine induced diseases are being studied by the US Department of Defense in this area) could produce a specific attack on a designated population....June 1997 Jane's Defense Weekly reported that Secretary Cohen "quoted other reports about what he called 'certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic specific so that they could eliminate certain ethnic groups or races.'" Then after a later interview with the Defense Secretary in August 1997, it was stated again in Jane's Defense Weekly that "he also continued to insist that the science community is 'very close' to being able to manufacture 'genetically engineered pathogens that could be ethnically specific'"...an appendix to the 1993 Stockholm Peace Research Institute's Yearbook. The most pertinent aspect of the appendix entitled, "Benefits and threats of developments in biotechnology and genetic engineering," reads:
While modern biotechniques are revolutionizing medicine and agriculture, the possibility exists of their misuse for political ends, for clandestine production and refinement of biological weapons (BW), and for future development of weapons of mass extermination which could be used for genocide.Particular reference is then made to the possible misuse of knowledge gained from the Human Genome Project and knowledge about genetic diversity. The element of critical significance here is contained in the last sub-section of section VI where the question is clearly stated, "Can't genetic weapons be developed?"

8-10-08 'Sovereignty' That Risks Global Health
By Richard C. Holbrooke and Laurie A. Garrett , Senior Fellow for Global Health
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/08/08/AR200808... Op-Ed
Indonesia’s claim that U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit Two is a biological weapons facility and threatening to close down NAMRU-2 must be confronted head-on[...]

4- 25 -09 Swine Flu Sweeping Across Mexico into U.S.

4-25-09 Baxter to work to contain Mexico flu outbreak

4-26-09 Swine Flu Severity Worse in Mexico than U.S.

4-30-09 Swine Flu Prompts Mexico Shut-down, U.S. Stockpiling of Supplies

2008 U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM Operating Environment (JOE)
Joint Operating Environment (JOE 2008) outlines a strategic framework and forecasts possible threats and opportunities that will challenge the future joint...changes/trends in geopolitical and military landscape such as •Demographics •Globalization •Pandemics •Energy •Cyber and space •Resource scarcity •Climate change and national disasters...
JFCOM's "Joint Operating Environment" (JOE) document, with a forward by JFCOM's chief, U.S. Marine Corps Four-Star General James Mattis, also heads NATO's Allied Command Transformation, drafted by a team of officers and civilians he selected, was signed in mid-November 2008 and posted on the Pentagon's Web site. It has generated protests by the governments of Mexico - whose potential collapse is depicted as a grave threat to U.S. national security...The crisis is exacting a terrible toll on the country’s economy....officials estimate it is costing businesses $85 million a day in lost revenues... Mexico was already the country most affected in Latin America by the global financial meltdown, because of its close ties to the United States ...

4-30- 08 U.S. Plans for Mexico's Collapse
In its annual report assessing global security threats, the Pentagon's Joint Forces Command lumped Mexico together with Pakistan as countries that "bear consideration for a rapid and sudden collapse." The document added a warning: "Any descent by Mexico into chaos would demand an American response, based on the serious implications for homeland security as well." ...indications of more direct US military involvement follow a growing chorus of official as well as media reports portraying Mexico as a potential "failed state" and a mounting threat to US national security.... the Obama administration and the Pentagon are now proposing to apply the lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan, while providing the hardware and advisors to prosecute a civil war against a restive working class south of the US border. http://www.wsws.org/articles/2009/apr2009/mexi-a30.shtml

Swine Flu – U.S. Declares Public Health Emergency
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said US emergency declaration..."means we can release funds and take other measures. The hurricane may not actually hit.”
The emergency declaration in the United States lets the government free more money for antiviral drugs and give some previously unapproved tests and drugs to children. One-quarter of the national stockpile of 50 million courses of antiflu drugs will be released [...]

5-3-09 CDC : Swine flu may have started in US
US Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) spokesman Scott Bryan told AFP. Several cases of infection were reported in California before the outbreak in Mexico... Bryan noted that from December 2005 to January 2009, there were 12 atypical strains tested at the CDC that had the virus....

5-3-09 Swine flu broke out in California: CDC

5-13-09 Swine Flu May Be a Human Error From Vaccine Production, Bloomberg
The World Health Organization is investigating claim by Australian researcher Adrian Gibbs that the swine flu virus may have been created as a result of human error.
Gibbs, who collaborated on research that led to the development of Tamiflu, is one of the first scientists to analyze the genetic makeup of the virus.

7-29-09 Military Poised to Help FEMA Battle Swine Flu Outbreak

9-2-09 D.C. Area Officials Coordinate Flu Fight: Planners Use Post-Sept. 11 Response To Cut Through Jurisdictional Jumble
The governors of Maryland and Virginia joined D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D) and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on a day when President Obama said "every American has a role to play in responding to this virus." Washington Post

2007, a full year before any reported case of the current alleged H1N1, the major pharmaceutical company, Baxter, filed for a patent for H1N1 vaccine: Baxter Vaccine Patent Application US 2009/0060950 A1. Their application states, “the composition or vaccine comprises more than one antigen.....such as influenza A and influenza B in particular selected from of one or more of the human H1N1, H2N2, H3N2, H5N1, H7N7, H1N2, H9N2, H7N2, H7N3, H10N7 subtypes, of the pig flu H1N1, H1N2, H3N1 and H3N2 subtypes, of the dog or horse flu H7N7, H3N8 subtypes or of the avian H5N1, H7N2, H1N7, H7N3, H13N6, H5N9, H11N6, H3N8, H9N2, H5N2, H4N8, H10N7, H2N2, H8N4, H14N5, H6N5, H12N5 subtypes."

4-28-09 FDA approves emergency rules for antiviral drugs
Tamiflu allowed to treat and prevent flu in children under 1, provide doses other than originally approved in children over 1, to be distributed to larger segments of the population
without complying with approved label requirements FDA said.

1-19-06 Lancet: of 5 randomized controlled trials, Tamiflu was useless against avian and many other flus. Contrary to CDC, recommendation was not to use
Tamiflu. http://www.healthnewsreview.org/review/review.php?rid=27
2-2-07 NYT: U.S. government at the time was creating a $1.4 billion stockpile of Tamiflu, admitting "it is useful only when taken within the first 48 hours and Tamiflu-resistant strains of the flu have already been found in Vietnam and in Egypt." http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9B0CE4D6153FF931A35751C0A...
3-1-07 Australia's Sydney Morning Herald: 18 juvenile fatalities linked to side effects of Tamiflu in 17 months. U.S. media largely failed to report Japan banned Tamiflu for teenagers that same month. According the official Tamiflu website , "people with the flu, particularly children and adolescents, may be at an increased risk of self injury and confusion shortly after taking Tamiflu and should be closely monitored for signs of unusual behavior." .

Among many already-known but suppressed Tamiflu/Relanza dangers...
US reviews risks of Tamiflu after 12 children die -"18 Nov 2005 .. safety of Tamiflu questioned for the second time in a week following reports that it has been linked to the ..." www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-reviews-risks-of-tamiflu-af...
Tamiflu, Relenza Need New Warnings, U.S. Panel Says..."27 Nov 2007 ... Tamiflu added a precaution about these risks last November, and regulators have identified similar reports in Relenza patients since then. ..."www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601101&sid=ack89tMid6.A

4-15-09 Swine flu link to killer nerve disease: leaked letter reveals concern of neurologists

6-10-09 Swine flu test results are unreliable, WHO warns
The rRT-PCR testing method was developed by the global pharmaceutical giant Roche - the company that also owns the rights to Tamiflu one of two anti-viral drugs used to treat the virus

7-20-09 Legal immunity set for swine flu vaccine makers

9-30-09 Study prompts provinces to suspend flu plan
With the autumn resurgence of H1N1 bearing down on first nations communities, a new Canadian study has disrupted flu vaccination plans in most provinces and territories. A Canadian study linking H1N1 to seasonal flu shots is throwing national influenza plans into disarray and testing public faith in the government agencies responsible for protecting the nation's health. Distributed for peer review last week, the study confounded infectious-disease experts in suggesting that people vaccinated against seasonal flu are twice as likely to catch swine flu. The paper has since convinced several provincial health agencies to announce hasty suspensions of seasonal flu vaccinations, long-held fixtures of public-health planning. Dr. Rubinstein, who has read the study, said it appears sound. “There are a large number of authors, all of them excellent and credible researchers,” he said. “And the sample size is very large – 12 or 13 million people taken from the central reporting systems in three provinces. The research is solid..."

Vaccines Far More Deadly Than The Swine Flu
Institute of Science in Society, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins

Drug to combat swine flu leaves '1,000 patients in suffering'
By Steve Connor, Science editor
Officials insist Tamiflu is safe as reports of side effects continue to rise[...]

9-2-09 Flu Trackers Encourage Patients to Blog About It
Think you have the flu? In some places, you can now go directly to the Internet and report your symptoms to officials eager to spot outbreaks. Say you feel sick, but before you see a
doctor you search the Web for information, or blog or Twitter about the flu. Your worries will be detected by companies prowling the Internet for disease trends. If you actually come down with the flu, and the doctors want to know who you've been in physical contact with, your trusty cellphone could soon tell them. And someday, scientists hope, this "infodemiology" might help forecast and track a flu epidemic the way experts monitor the weather. As health officials gear up for the flu season amid the global H1N1 pandemic, technology and new forms of Internet social interaction are transforming how such outbreaks are monitored. "All these things really change the way that we can manage diseases," said Alessandro Vespignani, professor of informatics at Indiana University. "It's not just . . . a passive approach, where we just wait for the disease and then try to do something." ...
During the 2007-08 flu season Google used an early version of the system that consistently detected flu rates one to two weeks ahead of official reports, the company said in a paper published in February. Other companies and programs scan live Web chatter for mentions of, or reports about, the flu. Boston-based HealthMap's automated system sends out an hourly Web "crawler" that hunts for flu information in seven languages.
http://bx.businessweek.com/swine-flu/view?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.washingto... %3Dtopnews

Outbreaks Near Me, developed with support from Google.org, is available at no cost for download in the iTunes App Store. http://healthmap.org/iphone.php

Twitter hysteria over latest potential end of humanity virus is spreading …like a virus. Trendrr, which tracks trends across social media sites, sent over the numbers, and they are off the charts – literally. Tweets about “Swine Flu () ” are now at 10,000 per hour, up from an average of a few thousand earlier in the day.