10/20 Fascist Horror Beyond Words: Resistance to US Death & Destruction Blamed on US Sponsored "Islamist Terror"

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propaganda illustrates subtle, significant ruling class shift, obama --- critical 'questions' now legitimized, no longer framed as just 'far-right fringe' / 'racists'
Are Obama advisers downplaying Afghan dangers?
By Jonathan S. Landay, John Walcott and Nancy A. Youssef
WASHINGTON -- As the Obama administration reconsiders its Afghanistan policy, White House officials are minimizing warnings from the intelligence community, the military and the State Department about the risks of adopting a limited strategy focused on al Qaida, U.S. intelligence, diplomatic and military officials told McClatchy. Recent U.S. intelligence assessments have found that the Taliban and other Pakistan-based groups that are fighting U.S.-led forces have much closer ties to al Qaida now than they did before 9/11, would allow the terrorist network to re-establish bases in Afghanistan and would help Osama bin Laden export his radical brand of Islam to Afghanistan's neighbors and beyond, the officials said.
McClatchy interviewed more than 15 senior and mid-level U.S. intelligence, military and diplomatic officials, all of whom said they concurred with the assessments. All of them requested anonymity because the assessments are classified and the officials weren't authorized to speak publicly.

The officials said the White House is searching for an alternative to the broader counterinsurgency strategy favored by Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the U.S. military commander in Afghanistan, and Gen. David Petraeus, the head of the U.S. Central Command. White House officials, they said, have concluded that McChrystal's approach could be doomed by election fraud, corruption and other problems in Afghanistan; by continued Pakistani covert support for the insurgency; by the strains on the Army, Marine Corps and the federal budget; and by a lack of political and public support at home, which they fear could also undermine the president's domestic priorities.
One phrase that always comes up in the administration's strategy sessions is "public opinion," one participant told McClatchy [...]

Mock attack on fake "Irving Mosque"
May 1, 2008 over 120 officials from almost 30 government agencies participated in the drill in Irving, Illinois, targeting a community facility that had been re-named the "Irving Mosque" for the purposes of the exercise. There were participants from local law enforcement, fire departments and ambulances. In the exercise, officers from the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS) stormed the "mosque" using an armored car. One "hostage" was hooked up to an explosive device and the "suspects" in the "mosque" released nerve gas. For the purpose of the emergency exercise drill, the Continuing Recovery Center in Irving, Ill., had become Irving Mosque, the home-base for a radical, heavily armed group with suspected terrorist ties. There were explosions outside and inside the building.
Not surprisingly, a preview of the May 1st training was highlighted by the media with such sensational headlines: "Pennsylvania's police prepare for radical Islam," and "Radical Islam: A Law Enforcement Primer."...
Taking a leaf from New York Police Department's controversial study "Radicalization in the West and the Homegrown Threat," Municipal Police Officers Education & Training Commission (MPOETC) has prepared a Mandatory In-Service Training (MIST) Program and Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS) officials are required to undergo a three-hour class called "Radical Islam: A Law Enforcement Primer."
The fake mosque attack as part of that training course aims at "providing an overview of the factors and issues related to a radical view of Islam." The MPOETC has its own sweeping definition of "radical Islam." Radical Islam assumes the authority to ''nullify, abolish, or do away with'' previously established religions and systems of government, establishing Islamic rule based on the Koran and the ''example of Muhammad.''

Obama's chief of staff links troop surge to 'credible Afghan partner'
The White House expressed its frustration with the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai for stalling over an election run-off yesterday, linking the political crisis for the first time to a decision on sending extra US troops to the country. Rahm Emanuel, White House chief of staff, said the US administration could not make a decision about a request for 40,000 extra troops without a credible government in place in Kabul... Emanuel is among those advising the US president not to send more troops, partly because of the impact on domestic politics, where the war is increasingly unpopular.... John Kerry... met Karzai on Saturday [ed: and is back again] to try to persuade him to hold a second round...The ECC, controlled by a majority of non-Afghans, is facing a growing chorus of anti-foreigner rhetoric in the government-owned media in Afghanistan.

Armed riots threatened as Karzai scorns election inquiry
...Karzai’s aides claim the West is trying to change the outcome to be unfavourable to him. Diplomats fear that if he rejects the ECC’s findings, opposition supporters will riot and the country could be paralysed. Supporters of Abdullah Abdullah, the main opposition candidate, have threatened to hit the streets “with Kalashnikovs” if the president claims a victory in the first round. Both men still insist that they will never work together but their rhetoric has softened following the arrival of Zalmay Khalilzad, a former American ambassador to the UN, to negotiate. Some western officials believe a “programme of national consensus” may emerge, in which Abdullah’s ideas are incorporated into government policy even if he does not join a coalition.

U.S.& stooges' Independent Election Commission / IEC
According to Article 156 of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) has the authority and responsibility to administrate and supervise all kind of elections; as well as refer to general public opinion of the people, in accordance the provision of the law. The IEC consists of nine members, including a chairperson and a deputy chairperson, appointed by Presidential Decree No.21, dated 19 Jan 2005.

Afghan & International NGOs
World Bank: http://www.crisisgroup.org
United States Agency for International Development (USAID): http://www.usaid.gov
International Crisis Group: http://www.crisisgroup.org
International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF): http://www.afnorth.nato.int
The European Union: http://www.europa.eu

Afghanistan Elections 2009
9 September 2009
Canada's Ambassador William Crosbie's statement on Afghan elections
"On August 20, 2009, millions of Afghans, men and women alike, went to the polls to elect their President and Provincial Council representatives.These elections, the second set of democratic elections the country has seen since the fall of the Taliban in 2002, are a historic undertaking. They reinforce Afghanistan’s ongoing democratic transition - giving the people of Afghanistan influence over decisions that affect their lives.The first democratic Presidential elections were held in 2004 and the first Parliamentary and Provincial Council elections were held in 2005. As part of its six priorities, Canada is helping to advance Afghanistan’s capacity for democratic governance by contributing to effective, accountable public institutions and electoral processes. Canada supports Afghan-led efforts to hold elections that are perceived as credible by Afghans."
Canada’s Program
For the first time since the fall of the Taliban, Afghans led their own electoral process through the Afghan Independent Election Commission with the support of the international community. Canada’s contribution of up to $35M by 201 makes Canada a leading participant within a coordinated multi-donor effort led by the United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan (UNAMA) . Canada contributes a large portion of its funding towards the United Nations Development Programme Enhancing Legal and Electoral Capacity for Tomorrow (UNDP-ELECT) supporting Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission. By working directly with the Independent Election Commission (IEC) of Afghanistan, UNDP-ELECT offers the main vehicle through which Canada supports the core mechanisms of these elections
Support to the National Democratic Institute (NDI) ($800,000) As part of Canada’s fifth priority to help strengthen and promote democratic development and national institutions in Afghanistan, one of Canada’s targets for 2011 is the establishment of an Independent Electoral Complaints Commission. This target was achieved by the establishment of the ECC through UNDP ELECT, supported in part by Canada. 
$25 million over three years to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) “Enhancing Legal and Electoral Capacity (ELECT)” project.
Support to the Asia Foundation ($2 million) to promote civic education activities in southern Afghanistan....


Iran Blames U.S. Britain and Pakistan in Attack
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Iranian officials claimed Monday that they had evidence of American and British involvement in the country’s worst suicide bombing attacks in years, raising tensions as Iran meets with Western nations for another round of delicate talks on its nuclear program. At least five commanders of Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps were killed and dozens of other people were left dead and wounded Sunday in two bombings in the restive southeast along Iran’s frontier with Pakistan, according to Iranian state news agencies... The bombers struck early Sunday as the Guards prepared to bring regional Shiite and Sunni leaders together for a conference in Pishin to try to improve relations among the different communities, according to the Iranian news reports.... The coordinated strike, one of the largest against the Guards in the region, appeared to mark an escalation in hostilities between Iran’s leadership and the Baluchi ethnic minority. Iranian officials accused foreign enemies of supporting the insurgents, singling out the intelligence agencies of United States, Britain and Pakistan.... Mohammad Ali Jafari, the Guards’ commander in chief, told the semiofficial ISNA agency Monday: “ Behind this scene are the American and British intelligence apparatus ...Iran had documents proving their and Pakistani involvement....” ... Iranian officials said they had evidence the attack was launched from within Pakistan, where Jundallah is based...
Iranian officials are due to meet Monday in Vienna with officials of several countries to discuss an accord to ship uranium to Russia for enrichment, part of an effort by the West to try to halt Iran’s nuclear program

US considering ways to officially announce agreement to Iran uranium enrichment
18 Oct 2009 http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=109024&sectionid=351020104
The US has held private meetings with its European allies in order to inform them about the decision, the sources close to the upcoming meeting between Iran and Western powers in Vienna told Press TV on Sunday....Experts from Iran, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the United States, Russia and France are scheduled to attend a meeting scheduled to be held in Vienna on Monday (October 19) to discuss Iran's latest package of proposals... first introduced on October 1, when Iranian representatives and diplomats from the five permanent members of the UN Security Council - Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States - plus Germany (P5+1) held high-level negotiations in Geneva. Iran says it needs nuclear energy as solely aimed at producing electricity, and rejects Western allegations that the country is after atomic weapons. The IAEA has made "25 unannounced inspections" of Iran's nuclear facilities and published over 20 reports -- all of which confirm the non-diversion of Iran's uranium enrichment...

US denies involvement in Iran suicide attack

18 Oct 2009
"We condemn this act of terrorism and mourn the loss of innocent lives," US State Department Spokesman Ian Kelly said... "Reports of alleged US involvement are completely false." The US reaction followed Sunday's remarks by Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani "The regretful terrorist attack in Sistan-Baluchistan was the result of US action," Larijani said on Sunday.

Jundullah claims responsibility for terror attack
18 Oct 2009
...A 2007 Sunday Telegraph report revealed that the CIA created Jundullah to achieve 'regime change in Iran', and said the US intelligence agency was trying to destabilize Iran by 'supplying arms-length support' and 'money and weapons' to the group. Another report posted by ABC also revealed that the US officials had ordered Jundullah to 'stage deadly guerrilla raids inside the Islamic Republic, kidnap Iranian officials and execute them on camera', all as part of a 'programmatic objective to overthrow the Iranian government'. In a recent interview with Press TV, Rigi's brother Abdulhamid also confirmed that the Jundullah leader had established links with the US agents. His brother said that in just one of his meetings with the US operatives, Rigi had received $100,000 to fuel sectarianism in Iran.


Jundullah—also known as " the Iranian People’s Resistance Movement", "Army of God", "Allah's Soldiers", and "God's Brigade" —is a Sunni "Pakistani tribal miltant group responsible for a series of deadly guerrilla raids inside Iran." It is "made up of members of the Baluchi tribe and operates out of the Baluchistan province in Pakistan, just across the border from Iran," Brian Ross and Christopher Isham reported April 3, 2007, for ABC News.

The group, which "has taken responsibility for the deaths and kidnappings of more than a dozen Iranian soldiers and officials", "has been secretly encouraged and advised by American officials since 2005, U.S. and Pakistani intelligence sources tell ABC News," Ross and Isham wrote.
Following the February 2007 bombing attack on Zaheden, which lies in the southeastern Iranian province of Sistan-Baluchestan, bordering on both Afghanistan and Pakistan, Brigadier General Mohammad Ghafari "renewed Iranian accusations that Jundullah was receiving support from British and US forces in neighboring Afghanistan for its campaign of violence in Sistan-Baluchestan," David Eshel wrote in the March 2007 Defense Update.
"CIA is supporting Iranian ethnic groups like sunni Balochs and Kurds inside Iran. Iranian relation with pakistan are becoming tense. Pakistan is playing role of surrogate for americans even though they hate this role. Jundullah a sunni militant group is getting full support of CIA," the blog my views about world as i see it (Dr. Sanghar) stated February 25, 2007.
Because direct U.S. funding to the group "would require an official presidential order or 'finding' as well as congressional oversight, ABC News was told by tribal sources "that money for Jundullah is funneled to its youthful leader, Abd el Malik Regi, through Iranian exiles who have connections with European and Gulf states." [3]
Regi "used to fight with the Taliban" and is "part drug smuggler, part Taliban, part Sunni activist," according to Alexis Debat, a "senior fellow on counterterrorism at the Nixon Center and an ABC News consultant who recently met with Pakistani officials and tribal members," Ross and Isham wrote.
"Pakistani government sources say the secret campaign against Iran by Jundullah was on the agenda when Vice President Dick Cheney met with Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf in February," Ross and Isham wrote. "A senior U.S. government official said groups such as Jundullah have been helpful in tracking al Qaeda figures and that it was appropriate for the U.S. to deal with such groups in that context."..."Some former CIA officers say the arrangement is reminiscent of how the U.S. government used proxy armies, funded by other countries including Saudi Arabia, to destabilize the government of Nicaragua in the 1980s," Ross and Isham wrote....

"In fact, we’ve probably been executing military operations inside Iran for at least 18 months," retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Sam Gardiner said September 18, 2006, on CNN. "The evidence is overwhelming, From the Iranians, Americans, and from congressional sources... to gather intelligence... to prepare dissident groups .."[3] [ Col. Sam Gardiner on CNN, 9/18/06 http://thinkprogress.org/col-sam-gardiner-on-cnn-91806/]
"Bush sent US forces to attack the inviolate territory of a foreign diplomatic mission, the Iranian mission in northern Iraq - legally, the land of a foreign nation - and took the Iranians hostage," John Aravosis of AMERICAblog wrote January 11, 2007. "It's hard to see under international law how this is legal, let alone how this isn't an act of war. And it's beyond ironic that we appear to have condoned the very action that we condemned Iran for - attacking diplomatic missions in violation of international law.
"But what's most troubling about this is the transparency of what Bush is up to. He's trying to provoke a war with Iran, either by forcing Iran to strike back, or by discovering secret Iranian diplomatic documents that would prove their complicity in helping the insurgents in Iraq. We just invaded Iran last night, folks. Foreign embassies and diplomatic outposts are legally the foreign soil of the country represented. We invaded Iran. This is an act of war," Aravosis said.
Also see U.S. & U.K. Intelligence Reports on Iran: August 2006. ...

"President Bush and his team have been huddling in closed-door meetings on Iran, summoning scholars for advice, investing in opposition activities, creating an Iran office in Washington and opening listening posts abroad," the Washington Post reported in March 2006. "Members of the Hoover Institution's board of overseers met with Bush, Vice President Cheney and national security adviser Stephen J. Hadley ... The State Department recently created an Iran desk and increased the number of full-time positions on Iran from two to 10. The U.S. Embassy in Dubai, and "other embassies in the vicinity," are also adding staff "to watch Tehran." Voice of America broadcasts into Iran will increase from one to four hours a day by April 2006, with plans to expand to 24 hours.[4][5]...

Smoking Gun #2 or wishful thinking?: "A History of Concealment and Deception"
In an hour-long PowerPoint "slide show that blends satellite imagery with disquieting assumptions about Iran's nuclear energy program, Bush administration officials have been trying to convince allies that Tehran is on a fast track toward nuclear weapons," the Washington Post's Dafna Lindner wrote September 14, 2005.
The "briefing, titled 'A History of Concealment and Deception,' has been presented to diplomats from more than a dozen countries. Several diplomats said the presentation, intended to win allies for increasing pressure on the Iranian government, dismisses ambiguities in the evidence about Iran's intentions and omits alternative explanations under debate among intelligence analysts."
Smoking Gun #1: diffused
On August 23, 2005, the Washington Post reported that "Traces of bomb-grade uranium found two years ago in Iran came from contaminated Pakistani equipment and are not evidence of a clandestine nuclear weapons program, a group of U.S. government experts and other international scientists has determined."The biggest smoking gun that everyone was waving is now eliminated with these conclusions,' said a senior official who discussed the still-confidential findings on the condition of anonymity."
Bush "Flip-Flop"
March 11, 2005: "Europe and the United States have agreed on a joint approach to negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program after months of dispute, with the Bush administration agreeing to offer modest economic incentives and the Europeans agreeing to take the issue to the United Nations Security Council if negotiations fail, senior American officials said Thursday.
"The American incentives would go into effect only if Iran agreed to halt the enrichment of uranium permanently. The agreement represents a major shift in strategy for both the Bush administration, which has refused for years to offer Iran incentives to give up its program, and for Europe, which had been reluctant to discuss penalties." [19]

Escalating the push for "regime change" with new CIA "non-lethal" "covert operations"
ABC Evening News Tonight's Brian Ross reported May 22, 2007, that the U.S. had "opened a new front in its showdown with Iran." President Bush—who signed a secret "nonlethal presidential finding"—directed the CIA to "carry out covert operations both inside and outside Iran 'aimed directly at weakening the Iranian regime.'" [1]
According to ABC, officials said the "non-lethal" CIA "plan 'takes the place of proposed U.S. military action against Iran, reportedly advocated by Vice President [Dick] [[Dick Cheney|Cheney." [2]

[1] [2] ABC News: Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran
This evening, ABC’s World News Tonight reported that the “United States has opened a new front in its showdown with Iran.” According to the report, President Bush has directed the CIA to carry out covert operations both inside and outside Iran “aimed directly at weakening the Iranian regime.”
ABC’s investigative correspondent Brian Ross said the CIA’s “non-lethal” program had received “secret presidential approval.” Officials told ABC the CIA plan “takes the place of proposed U.S. military action against Iran, reportedly advocated by Vice President Cheney.” Watch it:
[flv http://video.thinkprogress.org/2007/05/rossiran.320.240.flv]
The Blotter has more coverage: The sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the subject, say President Bush has signed a “nonlethal presidential finding” that puts into motion a CIA plan that reportedly includes a coordinated campaign of propaganda, disinformation and manipulation of Iran’s currency and international financial transactions.
“Vice President Cheney helped to lead the side favoring a military strike,” said former CIA official Riedel, “but I think they have come to the conclusion that a military strike has more downsides than upsides.”
The covert action plan comes as U.S. officials have confirmed Iran had dramatically increased its ability to produce nuclear weapons material, at a pace that experts said would give them the ability to build a nuclear bomb in two years.
Vali Nasr, an Iran expert at the Council on Foreign Relations, said “I think everybody in the region knows that there is a proxy war already afoot with the United States supporting anti-Iranian elements in the region as well as opposition groups within Iran. And this covert action is now being escalated by the new U.S. directive, and that can very quickly lead to Iranian retaliation and a cycle of escalation can follow.”

many made-in-usa terrorists
Zarqawi - Bush's man for all seasons
By Pepe Escobar
...There's no shortage of documentation, in print and online, on how US intelligence agents operating around the world since the 1950s have created and developed their own terrorist groups; their own terrorist warnings concerning these terrorist groups; and then how they applied multibillion-dollar counterterrorism tactics - including 'black' psy-ops - to neutralize these terrorist groups they created in the first place. Disinformation and propaganda are key. Creating a "face" to terror is key. So these psy-ops always include the creation of a cipher. One American psy-ops operative recently leveled with the Australian newspaper The Age: "We were basically paying up to US$10,000 a time to opportunists and criminals who passed off fiction and supposition about Zarqawi as cast-iron fact, making him out as the linchpin of just about every attack in Iraq."
Zarqawi, described as "a master of disguise and bogus identification papers", has had a tendency to appear in several places at the same time, always eluding the efforts of the multibillion-dollar US intelligence machine. The Rupert Murdoch-owned The Weekly Standard, very cosy with the neo-cons, trumpeted that Zarqawi "is mounting a challenge to bin Laden's leadership of the global jihad". But not a single source, anywhere, claims to have actually seen "Zarqawi" since late 2001 in Afghanistan. Ask the Pentagon. Ask the CIA. Ask the Federal Bureau of Investigation. No one, on the record, is able to independently verify that "Zarqawi" actually exists. There are no photos - only that same CIA-owned black and white. The CIA doesn't even know how tall or how fat "Zarqawi" is. All the literature on "Zarqawi" since late 2001 springs from dubious "confessions" by prisoners and "statements"...

The CIA's "Operation Cyclone" - "A Few Stirred up Muslims"
Sun Oct 27 01:09:29 2002
[Zbigniew] Brzezinski not long ago revealed that on July 3, 1979, unknown to the American public and Congress, President Jimmy Carter secretly authorised $500million to create an international terrorist movement that would spread Islamic fundamentalism in Central Asia and "destabilise" the Soviet Union... The CIA called this Operation Cyclone and in the following years poured $4billion into setting up Islamic training schools in Pakistan (Taliban means "student").Young zealots were sent to the CIA's spy training camp in Virginia, where future members of al-Qaeda were taught "sabotage skills" - terrorism. Others were recruited at an Islamic school in Brooklyn, New York, within sight of the fated Twin Towers. In Pakistan, they were directed by British MI6 officers and trained by the SAS. The result, quipped Brzezinski, was "a few stirred up Muslims" - meaning the Taliban. The Wall Street Journal declared: "The Taliban are the players most capable of achieving peace. Moreover, they were crucial to secure the country as a prime trans-shipment route for the export of Central Asia's vast oil, gas and other natural resources."
Operation Cyclone: How the CIA created and funded Al-Qaeda
Why did the Holy Warriors embrace radical Islam? Because the CIA, the Pakistani Intelligence agency (ISI), and Saudi Arabia established Islamic schools and indoctrinated them in Wahhabism, the religion of Saudi Arabia. The Afghans and Afghan Arab warriors were taught they would go to heaven if they killed infidels and died fighting for Allah. The CIA printed thousands of copies of the Koran in Virginia and sent them to the Middle East where they were used to indoctrinate the Mujahideen. [29] The AAE created the CIA, and the CIA created the Islamic terrorists that threaten us today http://www.radioliberty.com/nlmar02.htm

U.S. Gave Secrets to Terror Suspect
September 27, 2002
Federal prosecutors mistakenly turned over 48 classified F.B.I. reports to Zacarias Moussaoui in what a federal judge described as a grave security breach, the government acknowledged in court documents released today. The reports, which were summaries of interviews related to Mr. Moussaoui's case and the bureau's larger investigation of the terror network of Al Qaeda, were retrieved in searches of his jail cell this summer on the order of the judge, Leonie M. Brinkema. Judge Brinkema ordered the searches, which took place over several days, after determining that "significant national security interests of the United States could be compromised if the defendant were to retain copies of this classified information."...

Into the Dark: The Pentagon P20G Plan to Provoke Terrorist Attacks
by Chris Floyd
"Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG)"--will carry out secret missions designed to "stimulate reactions" among terrorist groups, provoking them into committing violent acts which would then expose them to "counterattack" by U.S. forces.... What kind of measures exactly? Well, the classified Pentagon program puts it this way: "Their sovereignty will be at risk."...

Counter Terrorism Evaluation Group
The Counter Terrorism Evaluation Group (CPEG), created shortly after the events of September 11, 2001, by Douglas J. Feith, the under secretary of defense for policy

The "Group"
In the April 28, 2004, New York Times, James Risen described the "Group" as "a two-man intelligence team [that] set up shop in a windowless, cipher-locked room at the Pentagon, searching for evidence of links between terrorist groups and host countries."Risen wrote that "Feith created his team a few weeks after the September 11, 2001... The pair spent their days reading raw intelligence reports, many from the Central Intelligence Agency, in the Pentagon's classified computer system." The "Group" reported weekly to Steven A. Cambone, "then Mr. Feith's principal deputy."... "men culled classified material, much of it uncorroborated data from the C.I.A. ... They recorded and annotated their evidence on butcher paper hung like a mural around their small office. By the end of the year, as the rubble was being cleared from the World Trade Center and United States forces were fighting in Afghanistan, the men constructed a startling new picture of global terrorism." (all emphases added) "Old ethnic, religious and political divides between terrorist groups were breaking down, the two men warned, posing an ominous new threat. They saw alliances among a wide range of Islamic terrorists, and theorized about a convergence of Sunni and Shiite extremist groups and secular Arab governments. Their conclusions, delivered to senior Bush administration officials, connected Iraq and Al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden." [...]

'Islamic Terrorist' Implicated as Possible Fraud
Billing himself as a "former terrorist" and a "peace activist", Walid Shoebat, who has described Islam as a "satanic cult", has over the past several years toured Europe and America painting Islam as a religion bent on violent conquest and intent on the killing of Christians and Jews and, bearing that message, Shoebat has appeared on an astonishing range of mainstream media forums. Since 2004, Walid Shoebat and Brigitte Gabriel have been two of the most high profile of a small army of self-appointed "experts", on Islam, the Middle East, and terrorism who have appeared on TV, radio shows, print and in movies bringing American audiences an alleged 'truth' ; Islam, they claim, is inherently bloodthirsty and doctrinally bent on world domination, so Islamic terrorism worldwide, and contemporary conflict in the Middle East, cannot be addressed either non-violently through negotiation, compromise or widened cultural understanding... the extent to which such views on Islam, rather than being anomalous or fringe, have increasingly become the standard consensus within the Pentagon is indicated by a 2006 Pentagon report, "Motivations of Muslim Suicide Bombers", that asserted suicide bombing enjoys mainstream sanction within Islam....
Walid Shoebat is a Christian Zionist whose eschatological view demands an apocalyptic military confrontation, centering around Israel, between Christian and Muslim armies. Both Shoebat and Gabriel are linked, through a welter of ties, to the Israeli Likud Party and may even be currently paid by the Israeli right. Both have demonized Islam in the rawest of terms, and Brigid Gabriel went so far as to state, at the 2007 Christians United For Israel conference, that Muslims and Arabs in the Middle East "have no soul"...
The appearance of Brigitte Gabriel at the Joint Forces Staff College and Walid Shoebat and his fellow "2 ex-Terrorists" at the US Air Force Academy ... paid $13,000 dollars, some of it USAF Academy money, to appear on a panel at a United States Air Force Academy conference on terrorism which, according to the organizers of the event, would be packaged into a report to be delivered to members of the US Congress.

More Fake Al Qaeda info: http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/fakealqaeda.html

keeping up the made-in-amerika terror tradition...
Recruits from West still flock to terror networks
The Washington Post
Midway through a propaganda video released last month by a group calling itself the German Taliban, a surprise guest made an appearance: a cleanshaven, muscular gunman sporting the alias Abu Ibrahim the American. The gunman did not speak but wore military fatigues and waved his rifle as subtitles identified him as an American. The video contained a stream of threats against Germany if it did not withdraw its troops from the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan.... Although the American's part in the film lasted a few seconds, it has alarmed German and U.S. intelligence officials, who are still puzzling over his background, his identity and how he became involved with the terrorist group. U.S. and European counterterrorism officials say a rising number of Western recruits — including Americans — are traveling to Afghanistan and Pakistan to attend paramilitary training camps. German officials say Taliban and al-Qaida leaders are trying to exploit domestic opposition in Germany to the war; surveys show that a majority of German voters favor a withdrawal of their soldiers....

Another sign of the internationalization of the recruitment networks is the small but growing participation of U.S. residents.... Last month, the FBI arrested yet another U.S. resident, Najibullah Zazi, and accused him of plotting a bombing in New York. Zazi, 24, an Afghan national who has lived in New York since he was a child, traveled to Pakistan last year.U.S. intelligence officials have said that he made contact with a senior deputy to al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden and learned how to make homemade bombs. Zazi said he went to Pakistan to visit his wife but has denied going to a training camp.