11/15 Tripping: Dominator Dons 'Partner' Drag; 'Advice': Follow US in Human Rights; Heavy U..S. Provocations: Iran & Korea


IRAN: US state terrorist "counterterrorism seizure"
U.S. Moves to Seize Properties Tied to Iran
...Federal prosecutors in Manhattan began legal action to seize properties in Queens and across the country where several mosques are located in a broad move against a nonprofit organization accused of illegally providing money and other services to Iran. The organization, the Alavi Foundation, owns the land on which the mosques sit, as well as a majority interest in an office tower at 650 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, which has also been slated for seizure by the government. The authorities accused the Alavi Foundation of spending millions of dollars to obtain and develop the properties, in violation of federal laws that ban trade with Iran. In addition to the Queens property, which... houses the Imam Ali Mosque, the government sought forfeiture of the foundation’s ownership in seven other properties, several of which house mosques. Another of the properties is a 36-story granite-and-glass tower at 52nd Street known as the Piaget Building...its Web site...says [the Alavi Foundation] has promoted “Islamic culture and Persian language, literature and civilization” for more than 30 years, through grants and other activities. The prosecutors’ action came on the same day the White House said President Obama had renewed longstanding economic sanctions against Iran, Reuters reported. The president said, “Our relations with Iran have not yet returned to normal.”..

KOREA PROVOCATION: US client state S.K attacks N.K. ship
Obama embarks on a nine day Asia tour . His final stop will be South Korea.
'Warmongers who play with fire will pay an expensive price'
"The armed clash on the West (Yellow) Sea was not an accident but was a premeditated act of aggression by the South's military seeking intensifying of tensions on the Korean peninsula." North's Korea's official Rodong Sinmun daily said the South will pay an expensive price for Tuesday's clash. "Warmongers who like to play with fire will be certain to pay an expensive price," the paper said in an editorial. ... North Korea has threatened its southern neighbor after naval clashes between the two Koreas intensified tension in the region, according to North Korean media outlets. South Korea would face costly consequences if it continues its aggressive posture, the North's government-run Minju Joson newspaper said Thursday.
The navies of the two sides clashed off the countries' west coast Tuesday for the first time in seven years, leaving a North Korean naval boat severely damaged.... the two Koreas accused each other of violating the controversial maritime border. South Korea put its forces on alert but says it does not want the clash to damage relations. However, the South has sent one of its newer destroyers equipped with torpedoes and guided missiles closer to the border in addition to two extra patrol boats. ... The two Koreas are still technically at war as the
[US ENGINEERED] 1950-53 Korean War ended with a ceasefire and not a peace treaty...

Prevent the Reemergence of a New Rival
Regional Defense Strategy, 1991-1992
NYT March 8, 1992
Pentagon's Feb. 18 draft of the Defense Planning Guidance for the Fiscal Years 1994-1999: addresses the fundamentally new situation which has been created by the collapse of the Soviet Union, the disintegration of the internal as well as the external empire, and the discrediting of Communism as an ideology with global pretensions and influence. The new international environment has also been shaped by the victory of the United States and its coalition allies over Iraqi aggression -- the first post-cold-war conflict and a defining event in U.S. global leadership. In addition to these two victories [...]

"it's about global hegemony..."
Risky Geopolitical Game: Washington Plays ‘Tibet Roulette’ with China
By F. William Engdahl, April 10, 2008
... New York Council on Foreign Relations analysis in their Foreign Affairs magazine from Zbigniew Brzezinski from September/October 1997 is worth quoting. Brzezinski, a protégé of David Rockefeller... is today the foreign policy adviser to Presidential candidate, Barack Obama. In 1997 he revealingly wrote:

‘Eurasia is home to most of the world's politically assertive and dynamic states. All the historical pretenders to global power originated in Eurasia. The world's most populous aspirants to regional hegemony, China and India, are in Eurasia, as are all the potential political or economic challengers to American primacy. After the United States, the next six largest economies and military spenders are there, as are all but one of the world's overt nuclear powers, and all but one of the covert ones. Eurasia accounts for 75 percent of the world's population; 60 percent of its GNP, and 75 percent of its energy resources. Collectively, Eurasia's potential power overshadows even America's.

‘Eurasia is the world's axial super-continent. A power that dominated Eurasia would exercise decisive influence over two of the world's three most economically productive regions, Western Europe and East Asia. A glance at the map also suggests that a country dominant in Eurasia would almost automatically control the Middle East and Africa. With Eurasia now serving as the decisive geopolitical chessboard, it no longer suffices to fashion one policy for Europe and another for Asia. What happens with the distribution of power on the Eurasian landmass will be of decisive importance to America's global primacy….’

Rand Study Suggests U.S. Loses War With China
Published: 16 Oct 11 2008

Geithner Hints at Harder Line on China Trade
...“President Obama — backed by the conclusions of a broad range of economists — believes China is manipulating its currency,” Mr. Geithner wrote... suggesting a more confrontational stance toward that country than under the Bush administration.... It remained unclear whether Mr. Geithner was signaling that Mr. Obama would officially declare later this spring that China was engaging in currency manipulation... Mr. Geithner would be as aware of China’s sensitivity as anyone, and no one has suggested that he made his statement in error. Before taking his current post as president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Mr. Geithner was a policy director at the I.M.F. Before that, he was the under secretary of the Treasury for international affairs in the Clinton administration, a crisis manager during the Asian financial crisis of the 1990s and a Treasury attaché to Japan. By his own description, Mr. Geithner’s expertise is in matters of currency exchange rates and monetary policy. In his written statement to the Senate panel, Mr. Geithner further noted Mr. Obama’s support as a senator for “tough legislation to overhaul the U.S. process for determining currency manipulation and authorizing new enforcement measures so countries like China cannot continue to get a free pass for undermining fair trade principles.”

China Denies Charge
Geithner charged China is “manipulating” its currency, fueling concern foreign demand for U.S. debt may ease. A Chinese commerce ministry spokesman... responded today, saying the country hasn’t manipulated the currency’s value....

China’s Leader ‘Worried’ Over U.S. Treasuries
...Speaking ahead of a meeting of finance ministers and bankers this weekend near London to lay the groundwork for next month’s Group of 20 summit meeting of the nations with the 20 largest economies, Mr. Wen said that he was “worried” about China’s holdings of United States Treasury bonds and other debt, and that China was watching economic developments in the United States closely. As the financial crisis has unfolded, China has become increasingly vocal about what it perceives as Washington’s mismanagement of the global economy and financial system, joining a chorus of foreign critics of unbridled American capitalism...
In January, Mr. Wen gave a speech [at Davos] criticizing what he called an “unsustainable model of development characterized by prolonged low savings and high consumption.” There was little doubt that he was referring to the United States. Mr. Wen sounded similar themes in his remarks on Friday, in response to questions at a news conference at the end of the Chinese Parliament’s annual session. While refraining from direct criticism of the Obama administration’s economic policies, he reminded Washington of China’s status as its largest creditor. With budget deficits mounting rapidly, the United States needs China if it is to finance all that new debt at low interest rates....
Mr. Wen’s confident performance also underscored the growing financial and geopolitical importance of China, one of the few countries to retain enormous spending power despite slowing growth. It has the world’s largest reserves of foreign exchange, estimated at $2 trillion, the product of years of double-digit growth. Economists say at least half of that money has been invested in United States Treasury notes and other government-backed debt, mostly bonds issued by the Treasury and government-sponsored enterprises, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ...

[Timothy Geitner, 'China Hand' &] The China Puzzle
...After Dartmouth, [Geitner] attended the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins. He then spent three years at Kissinger Associates, working with Brent Scowcroft, the future national security adviser, and helping Henry Kissinger write chapters on China and Japan for one of his books. From there, he joined the Treasury Department and began a meteoric rise through the bureaucracy.In the five months since Barack Obama introduced him as the next Treasury secretary, Geithner has already run through what seems to be a career’s worth of images: the brilliant technocrat whose appointment caused stocks to soar; the neophyte public figure who flopped in his debut; the regulator who has grown too close to Wall Street...One image that hasn’t yet attached itself to him, however, is his original professional image. By training, Tim Geithner is a China hand. And though the immediate financial crisis is likely to dominate his tenure at Treasury, the economic relationship between the United States and China may ultimately prove just as important. It could be crucial to preventing the next crisis....

China Now in Firm Control of U.S. Debt Markets
by Jeff Nielson May 26, 2009
It is hilarious listening to the propagandists try to “spin” the events in bond and currency markets to make it sound like the U.S. government is still operating from a position of strength. While there are many Western, corporate-media outlets spouting such drivel, I'll use the Financial Times as my example.“China stuck in dollar trap”, crows FT on May 24th. Then, later “...[Beijing] has little choice but to keep pouring the bulk of its growing reserves into the U.S. Treasury”. What somehow escaped this “analysis” by FT is...

China's Military Rise Means End of US Hegemony?
08 May 2009
U.S. military spending continues to increase even though conventional threats against the United States are de minimis. China is the leading contender for Enemy Number 1.
But if Beijing poses a threat, it is to U.S. domination of East Asia, not the country itself. Only the latter is worth fighting for. Commonly expressed is fear of growing Chinese military outlays. The Pentagon highlighted its concern with the latest annual report on the Chinese defense budget. Yet Beijing's armed forces remain dwarfed by America's military, which starts at a vastly higher base and spends several times as much. The Pentagon report states that the United States ``encourages China to participate responsibly in the international system." True enough, but how does Washington define ``responsibly"? One suspects it means accepting American military hegemony in East Asia ― something with which Beijing isn't likely to agree.... In fact, Beijing's military buildup is focused on preventing the United States from attacking China. The Pentagon admits as much without explicitly saying Beijing is focused on deterring Washington.... In fact, Beijing's military buildup is focused on preventing the United States from attacking China. The Pentagon admits as much without explicitly saying that Beijing is focused on deterring Washington....

Obama affirms renewed U.S. interest in Asia
President Obama said today that an era of U.S. disengagement in the globe's fastest-growing region is over and warned that the United States and its Asian partners "will not be cowed" by North Korea's defiance over its nuclear weapons and other provocations. Obama also said a robust China should be welcomed, not feared, as a powerful partner on urgent challenges... Obama called for harnessing that nation's clout to make progress on shared interests such as weapons proliferation, a more solid global economy and climate agreements....

"Obama is now in the great game of global competition — and in that game, presidents rarely get to set the agenda"

Obama Says U.S. Seeks to Build Stronger Ties to China
“I know there are many who question how the United States perceives China’s emergence,” Mr. Obama told an audience in Tokyo’s Suntory Hall. But he added, “In an interconnected world, power does not need to be a zero-sum game, and nations need not fear the success of another.”...

China’s Role as Lender Alters Dynamics for Obama’s Visit
...That stark fact — China is the largest foreign lender to the United States — has changed the core of the relationship between the United States and the only country with a reasonable chance of challenging its status as the world’s sole superpower... Mr. Obama has struck a mollifying note with China. He pointedly singled out the emerging dynamic at play between the United States and China during a wide-ranging speech in Tokyo on Saturday that was meant to outline a new American relationship with Asia. “The United States does not seek to contain China,” Mr. Obama said. “On the contrary, the rise of a strong, prosperous China can be a source of strength for the community of nations.” He alluded to human rights but did not get specific. “We will not agree on every issue,” he said, “and the United States will never waver in speaking up for the fundamental values that we hold dear — and that includes respect for the religion and cultures of all people.” ...members of Mr. Obama’s foreign policy team said that the United States’ interactions with the Chinese had been far too narrow in past years, focusing on counterterrorism and North Korea. Too little was done, they said, to address China’s... expansion of influence in Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa, where China has invested heavily and used billions of dollars in aid to advance its political influence.... James B. Steinberg, deputy secretary of state, who has deep roots in China policy argued that China needed to adopt a policy of “strategic reassurance” to the rest of the world, a phrase that appeared intended to be the successor to the framework of the Bush era, when China was urged to embrace a role as a “responsible stakeholder.” “Strategic reassurance rests on a core, if tacit, bargain...Just as we and our allies must make clear that we are prepared to welcome China’s ‘arrival,’ ” he argued, the Chinese “must reassure the rest of the world that its development and growing global role will not come at the expense of security and well-being of others.”... The official China Daily newspaper ran a column just before Mr. Obama’s arrival suggesting the United States needed to provide some assurance of its own — to “respect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” code words for entirely backing away from the issues of how China deals with Taiwan and Tibet.... China seems mostly immune to the Obama fever.. growing more confident that their country has the wherewithal to compete with the United States on the world stage, analysts say. ...

'Hard' & 'soft' imperialist power merger essential for U.S. global penetration & domination: Obama's assignment is to win with friendlier 'partners' face
Winning hearts and minds: strategy to polish America's image with communications and 'humanitarian aid' strategies.
By Peter A Buxbaum in Washington, DC for ISN Security Watch (28/07/08)
...Two documents emblematic of enhanced US outreach efforts are worth noting. The first, a report from the Pentagon's Defense Science Board, released in September 2004, calls for the development of a national strategic communication strategy and the establishment of an independent Center for Strategic Communication to support the US National Security Council in its efforts to win the world's hearts and minds. The other, also emanating from the Pentagon, is Department of Defense Directive 3000.05, issued in November 2005, which states that addressing the basic human needs of civilians is "a core US military mission that the Department of Defense shall be prepared to conduct and support. They shall be given priority comparable to combat operations."

The fact that both of these documents originate with the Department of Defense is significant....both communication and humanitarian efforts are being funded and supported by the US military...." to synchronize diplomacy with military psychological operations to develop an overarching concept of creating the right message for the right audience delivered in the right way to help shape perceptions."...
"Military humanitarian projects are similar to those conducted by civilian aid agencies and non-governmental organizations," he told ISN Security Watch. "The difference lies in the strategic rationale with which these projects are selected and chosen by the military, rather than the principal focus on humanitarian need and sustainability that is held by civilian development experts." This has been borne out by the experience of the USAID. "I have worked with military officers who acted as development officers in Afghanistan," Elisabeth Kvitashvili, deputy assistant administrator in the Bureau of Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance at USAID, told ISN Security Watch....
That the provision of humanitarian assistance is a strategic Pentagon priority was highlighted by the launch of the US Africa Command, or AFRICOM, in 2007. "As with other regional commands, AFRICOM will have responsibility for US military operations with a particular area of responsibility," said Brigety. "Yet it is distinguished from other regional commands because its primary mission will be conducting non-military operations."

Leaving no imperialists behind: the 'soft power arm' of US imperialism, USAID/NGOs and 'homeland's' hard-power-only pushers
After years US state terrorist war, imprisonment and torture Guantánamo prisoners will be tried in US for "terrorism"
November 14, 2009 - US Attorney General Eric Holder announced Friday that ten of the prisoners now held in the Guantánamo Bay detention camp would be transferred to US locations and placed on trial on terrorism charges. The purpose of these high-profile trials is to reinforce the claims by first Bush and now Obama that US military aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan is part of a "war on terror" triggered by the 9/11 attacks...

only terrorist - symp anti-americans of course would suggest that repeated near-death torture influenced his confession
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed 'waterboarded 183 times'
A 2005 Justice Department memorandum revealed the simulated drowning technique was used on Mohammed 183 times in March 2003...Mohammed apparently admitted to interrogators that he organised the attacks, allegedly proposing the concept to Osama bin Laden, the al-Qaeda leader, as early as 1996, obtaining funding for the attacks, overseeing the operation and training the hijackers in Afghanistan and Pakistan. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/article61301...

Detainee torture photo battle likely over
NBC Pete Williams
A bill signed into law by President Obama today gives the federal government new authority to withhold photos of detainees who may have been subjected to abuse by their U.S. captors.After first agreeing to release them, Obama reversed himself earlier this year and directed the Justice Department to seek court rulings that would allow the government to withhold them. They were sought in a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union. The pictures, several dozen, were taken during investigations into prisoner abuse in Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama said releasing the pictures would "further inflame anti-American opinion" and would "put our troops in greater danger." http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2009/10/29/2113260.aspx
Secretary Gates signs order barring release of torture photos
By Stephen C. Webster
November 14, 2009
Pursuant to new powers delegated to him by Congress, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates executed an order blocking the release of photos depicting the torture of detainees. In doing so, it becomes highly unlikely that the Supreme Court will further consider making the photos public, as a lower court had ordered. In a new supplemental brief [PDF link] filed with the high court, the administration's attorneys argue that the new law Congress passed to allow Gates this authority effectively exempts the photos from the Freedom of Information Act, therefore invalidating an earlier lawsuit..."In order to withhold the photos, Gates simply had to certify, as he did in the court filing, that 'public disclosure of these photographs would endanger citizens of the United States, members of the United States Armed Forces, or employees of the United States Government deployed outside the United States'...http://www.uruknet.de/?p=60064

P20G: Into the Dark: The Pentagon Plan to Foment Terrorism
From the Moscow Times, Nov. 1, 2002.
Darkness Visible: The Pentagon Plan to Foment Terrorism is Now in Operation
Moscow Times, Jan. 25, 2005, follow-up to "Into the Dark."

China slowly awakes to dangers of lead poisoning,
Los Angeles Times
...Lead was a boom industry. As automobile use soared in China, so did demand for the electrolytic lead that is a key component of car batteries. The lead smelters in Jiyuan also imported ores from elsewhere to be refined into electrolytic lead and resold for car batteries in the United States and Europe. "We did the work that developed countries don't want to do, making huge profits from a product that damages the environment," said a 41-year-old lead-factory worker from Jiyuan...

Amerikan E-Waste Poisoning Chinese
The Executive Recycling web page warns of the dangers to Amerikans that e-waste poses: “Here in Colorado, residential customers are not governed by law to recycle electronics; however by putting these items in the trash we are causing a larger issue, as these items leach mercury, lead, and other hazardous elements into our drinking water.” So, how does Executive Recycling keep Amerikans safe from toxic e-waste? Rather than expose Amerikans to their own hazardous trash, Executive Recycling dumps it on Chinese. A recent story by the news journal 60 Minutes [ http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/ ?id=4586903n] documents how toxic materials are shipped by Executive Amerikans have help in poisoning the Chinese population. The Chinese state turns a blind eye. In the 1970’s, Chinese self-determination and independent socialist development was replaced with capitalism. Today, the Chinese state sells the labor and health of its people to imperialism to make a buck. The First World and its Third World lackeys will continue to ruin the lives of Third World peoples until imperialism is defeated, until Third World peoples seize control of their own destinies. http://raimd.wordpress.com/2009/09/06/amerikan-e-waste- poisons-chinese/

U.S., children from poor families more likely to be poisoned... African-American children at increased risk... http://www.afhh.org/chil_ar/chil_ar_lead_poisoning.htm
Childhood Lead Poisoning Rates / Prevalence / Environment Health Watch... Tables: Lead Poisoning and Testing Rates ... suggests number of children with lead poisoning underestimated. ...

Approximately 250000 U.S. children aged 1-5 years have blood lead levels greater than10 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood, the level at which CDC ...

A US Public Health Menace Chronic Lead Poisoning ...
Aug 20, 2008 ... Many older urban centers, have lead poisoning rates that are 5 to10 times permissible levels ... The Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of ...

Government Permissible Standards for U.S. Airborne Lead Emissions
October 2008: The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced new standards setting airborne lead particle exposure limits at 0.15 micrograms of lead per cubic meter of air. -- New York Times ... cleanup for areas that exceed this standard is not required for more than eight years and current airborne lead monitoring systems are "frayed" (133 monitors in operation compared with 800 monitors for airborne lead in 1980)...

The widely endorsed Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty of 1996, outlawing all nuclear bomb tests everywhere, remains a treaty-in-suspension because it awaits ratification by a final nine nations with nuclear weapons or reactors, including the United States, before it can take effect....Obama will host a summit on nuclear security next spring, to discuss ways to keep the stuff of bombs from spreading to terrorist and other hands.... http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/nationworld/2009949092_apunnuclear...

...The CTBT...is a test ban treaty and does not address the use of nuclear weapons in war. Nor does it prohibit non-nuclear explosions that may be relevant to maintaining nuclear weapons such as hydrodynamic tests, hydronuclear experiments, or computer simulations....

US NEEDS China's support preventing all but chosen US friends from having nuclear power: Who are US Nuclear Threat Initiative ' leaders'?
The Nuclear Threat Initiative / NTI, is working to reduce the global threats from nuclear,biological and chemical weapons. NTI is co-chaired by Ted Turner and Sam Nunn. The NTI Security Project started with the January 4, 2007 Wall Street Journal op-ed by former Secretary of State George Shultz, former Secretary of Defense Bill Perry, former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger and former Senator Sam Nunn. All four authors are leading the Project and NTI serves as the Project Secretariat.
Securing the Bomb 2008, commissioned by NTI, find s the world still faces a "very real" risk that terrorists could get a nuclear bomb. The Obama Administration must make reducing that risk a top priority of U.S. security policy and diplomacy, according to the report, which is accompanied by a paper offering a specific agenda for the presidential transition and the opening weeks of the new administration.
Read the Executive Summary (319KB) or the Full Report (1.28MB)
Read "Preventing Nuclear Terrorism: An Agenda for the Next President" http://www.nti.org/index.php

Betraying the worlds' people and its historical revolutionary contributions, China sells out all pretenses of standing with the oppressed for justice
China exports goods and services amounting to some $3.5 billion to Israel, whereas it imports only about $1 billion-worth from Israel. "China's presence in Israel as an infrastructure builder is new," says Samuels...in recent years Chinese companies have been realizing huge projects, including power stations, airports and railroads..."I keep hearing compliments about the ancient culture of the Jewish people and the old tradition," says Nadai, who took up his post in China about a year ago, "and about the ability to build a modern country out of them in a span of 60 years. These comparisons make the Chinese feel close to us: They, too, have a glorious tradition and they, too, are trying to develop a modern country quickly. They feel that they have something to learn from us. "Only recently a large team of Chinese state television employees visited Israel for a period of three weeks, to research the 'Israeli miracle.' Now they are visiting places in the world that used to have large Jewish communities to examine the Jewish community's influence on its surroundings. Their idea is to try to decipher the secret of the Jews' success. Nadai says that, "as a diplomat who has served in other countries in the past, I can say that there are no parallels today to such an attitude toward Israel and the Jews." http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1011396.html

Video: Israeli Confessions
If one wants to know why and how the conflict started in Palestine more than 60 years ago, the "confessions" of Israeli and Zionist leaders should make it very clear.
700,000 Palestinians (more than half of the Palestinian population at the time) were expelled in 1948.More than 600 towns and villages were ethnically cleansed.
Thousands were killed and maimed.... the crimes continue to this date, and so does the unjustified condoning attitude of "civilized" governments.

Primacy of CIA station chiefs confirmed...National security adviser James L. Jones has decided that CIA chiefs of station in countries across the world will continue also to represent the office of the director of national intelligence, ending a brief turf battle between the heads of the two spy organizations, according to U.S. intelligence officials. At issue was a May directive by Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair, who as head of the 16 agencies that make up the intelligence community, including the CIA, asserted that in "rare circumstances," he could select someone other than a CIA station chief to be his representative to foreign governments or international organizations. The directive provided that, in "virtually all cases globally," the representative would be a CIA station chief and that, before the appointment of anyone else, CIA Director Leon E. Panetta and the local U.S. ambassador would be consulted... The interagency dust-up illustrates the problems that have arisen as Blair continues to explore areas where his four-year-old organization can exercise its authority. However, agreement was also reached Thursday on some broader issues that reinforce Blair's position, DNI spokeswoman Wendy Morigi said. "This agreement, which addresses several key authorities, reinforces the DNI's important mission of advancing an intelligence community team that is greater than the sum of its parts," she said....
Panetta and former CIA director Michael V. Hayden had balked at the idea that someone other than a top CIA official could be considered the senior U.S. intelligence representative in a country... it could confuse foreign leaders and their intelligence agencies, with whom the CIA station chiefs interact regularly. Introducing another, non-CIA intelligence officer could disrupt the normal chain of command in an embassy where the CIA station chief also coordinates all clandestine and covert actions in the country, they said. "The White House has made its decision," a U.S. intelligence official said Thursday, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to discuss administration decisions. The primacy of CIA station chiefs is "consistent from one American embassy to the next" and "precludes any confusion over who speaks for U.S. intelligence abroad," he added.