12/31/09 New 911: Harbinger of 2010, part 1


Power in defense of freedom is greater than power on behalf of tyranny and oppression.
Malcolm X

PFLP: One year after aggression, resistance is necessary to break the siege on Gaza
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Dec. 29, 2009
The resistance and steadfastness of the people of Gaza remains powerful and strong one year after the criminal war and aggression on Gaza, said the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on December 26, 2009 in a statement marking the first anniversary of the assault. The occupation massacres claimed the lives of nearly 1500 Palestinians and wounded and displaced tens of thousands, demolishing tens of thousands of homes which still await reconstruction today. The Front's statement said that "it is clear to all, month after month, and year after year, that the words of the United States about 'peace' and 'negotiations' are nothing more than meaningless sweet talk, false promises, and cheap attempts at bribery of our people while the occupation steals our land, violates our rights, slaughters our people." At the same time, the noise of the so-called 'peace process' hides the crimes of the occupier and serves as a mechanism of the Zionist occupation and its strategic ally in Washington to block our Palestinian efforts to end the division, restore national unity, and uphold our national rights, said the Front. The statement went on to say that the leaders of the occupation war machine believed that they could win security and political victory and break the will of our people to steadfastness and resistance, our commitment to our national rights through a massive display of massacres and barbarism. However, in reality, they have gained no political victory and no so-called security, and their attempts to dislodge the resistance from Lebanon and Palestine have utterly failed. The Front's statement also said that the Gaza massacre demonstrated clearly before the eyes of the world the utter lies of any Zionist claims of "military ethics" or "democracy" as it used internationally banned weapons, including white phosphorus, to rain destruction and devastation upon Gaza, noting the people of the world responded in horror at the occupation state and solidarity with our Palestinian people, even as the official international community remained silent and complicit... Comrade Dr. Maher Taher, member of the Political Bureau of the PFLP and leader of its branch in exile... said "the Israeli enemy wants the Palestinian people to raise flags of surrender, abandon their resistance, and accept the terms and conditions of the U.S. and Zionism, but the Palestinian people, despite all, continue the fight, refuse to surrender and will continue to raise the banner of resistance, whatever the circumstances."

Genuine support of Palestine requires exposing and opposing U.S. imperialism supporting its israeli proxy
December 27th, the first anniversary of Israel’s brutal attack on Gaza that left 1,400 dead (mostly civilians) thousands wounded, and hundreds of thousands homeless, about 2,000 people met at Times Sq. in N.Y.C.... timed to coincide with marches in solidarity with the people of Gaza that are taking place all over the world... marched through the streets filled with both New Yorkers and tourists in holiday mode, passing crowded Rockefeller Center, and ending at the Israeli Consulate on 42nd St. and 2nd Avenue. Participants represented all ages and all racial and ethnic groups. The march was http://www.uruknet.de/?p=61587

An International Crime Called Gaza
By Dr. Elias Akleh
A fully pre-meditated international crime of genocide has been taking place during the last 62 years in the heart of the Arab World. The victims are the Palestinian people especially those in the Gaza Strip. The assassin is the worst ever terrorist group deceptively called the Israeli Defense Forces under the leadership of the theocratically most racist "god’s chosen" deceitfully self-proclaimed "democratic Jewish-only".... [U.S.] this international power is fighting the resisting spirit of these people against colonial occupation. They are afraid that such spirit may spread over and impede their own occupation in the region. To destroy this spirit these Western governments are willing to unconditionally support terrorist Israel financially, militarily and politically... Like all colonial puppet local regimes, the present Palestinian Authority, under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas and his thugs, had hijacked the Palestinian leadership and offered Palestine and its people on the Israeli altar... The worst accomplices in this international crime are the Arab governmental regimes... While some had completely withdrawn from the Arab/Israeli conflict, others like Jordanian and Egyptian regimes had actively contributed to the suppression of all forms of Palestinian resistance against Israeli occupation....The Arab League... issued a resolution calling for breaking Israel’s siege of Gaza, yet donated money to Abbas’ security forces, controlled by American general Dayton, to oppose the democratically elected Hamas government....
The US is the largest arms exporter to Israel. Successive American Administration had sold Israel the latest and most technologically and most devastating weapons. According to Amnesty International the US had provided Israel with $8.3 Billion worth or weapons between 2004 and 2007. In 2002 the US granted Israel $21 Billion worth in military aid. Israel’s 2006 war against Lebanon and its 2008/09 war against Gaza were carried using American weapons. Still Obama’s administration had delivered late last January 14,000 tons of weapons to Israel delivered by the German cargo ship, Wehr Elbe, to Israeli port of Ashdod. Recently, peace prize winner, President Obama signed off $2.775 Billion in further defense aid for Israel...12/21 Obama approved a defense spending bill that includes $2.2 Million in funds for Israel’s missile defense program, more than double what was approved last year....

PFLP denounces occupation assassinations of 6 Palestinians, demands end to security cooperation
December 27, 2009 - The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine denounced the bloody crimes of the occupation killing of 6 Palestinians in Nablus and Beit Hanoun in cold blood on December 25, 2009, demanding a complete end to any form of "security cooperation" with the occupation. In a statement, the PFLP said that these killings are systematic assassinations carried out and ordered by the leaders of the occupation and the settlers, saying that they do not only reflect the bloody, brutal and racist nature of the occupation state, but also the reality that Israel is based on state terror and war crimes. It demanded international action to protect Palestinian rights and self-determination against the vicious occupier...http://www.uruknet.de/?p=61497

"...now the exaltation of state power over any claim of individual rights is being openly declared, avidly pursued, and judicially ratified....It is very simple: all the government has to do is declare, arbitrarily, with no due process, that you -- yes, you, Mister and Ms American Citizen -- are a terrorist, or suspected terrorist, or enemy combatant, and you can be stripped of your legal personhood, plunged into a gulag, confined indefinitely, plunged into isolation -- or killed....not very pleasant to think about. But pretending that it is not a reality will not make it go away.."
Chris Floyd

"US army soldiers are refusing to serve at the highest rate since 1980, with an 80 % increase in desertions since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, according to the AP"
'The US military is exhausted'
By Sarah Lazare
December 26, 2009
The call for over 30,000 more troops to be sent to Afghanistan is a travesty for the people of that country who have already suffered eight brutal years of occupation. It is also a harsh blow to the US soldiers facing imminent deployment. As Barack Obama, the US president, gears up for a further escalation that will bring the total number of troops in Afghanistan to over 100,000, he faces a military force that has been exhausted and overextended by fighting two wars.
Many from within the ranks are openly declaring that they have had enough, allying with anti-war veterans and activists in calling for an end to the US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, with some active duty soldiers publicly refusing to deploy. This growing movement of military refusers is a voice of sanity in a country slipping deeper into unending war. US army soldiers are refusing to serve at the highest rate since 1980, with an 80 per cent increase in desertions since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, according to the Associated Press.

U.S. led troops accused of executing 10 Afghan civilians, including children
By Jerome Starkey In Kabul
htm http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/Afghanistan/article6971638.e...
American-led troops were accused yesterday of dragging innocent children from their beds and shooting them during a night raid that left ten people dead. Afghan government investigators said eight schoolchildren were killed, all but one from the same family. Locals said some victims were handcuffed before being killed... led to protests in Kabul and Jalalabad, with children as young as 10 chanting “Death to America” and demanding that foreign forces should leave Afghanistan... In Jalalabad, protesters set alight a US flag and an effigy of President Obama after chanting “Death to Obama” and “Death to foreign forces”. In Kabul, protesters held up banners showing photographs of dead children alongside placards demanding “Foreign troops leave Afghanistan” and “Stop killing us”....
Western military sources said that the dead were all part of an Afghan terrorist cell responsible for manufacturing improvised explosive devices (IEDs)... But admitted that “the facts about what actually went down are in dispute”.
• Eight Americans were killed in an attack in eastern Afghanistan yesterday (Jerome Starkey writes). Nato’s International Security Assistance Force said that the dead were not uniformed soldiers. Afghan sources said that they were civilians killed in a suicide attack on a compound in Khost province. The US Embassy in Kabul said: “Eight Americans have been killed in an attack on RC-East,” referring to the military region of eastern Afghanistan that includes 14 provinces. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article24290.

proving again that arrogant imperialist invaders cannot count on puppet govt. soldiers
Panetta admits killings were result of 'terrorist attack'...
Afghan suicide bomber kills seven CIA agents after attacking base
Jerome Starkey in Kabul
January1, 2010
A suicide bomber disguised as an Afghan soldier[SIC] killed seven CIA agents at a base in Afghanistan in the agency’s worst loss of life since the 1983 bombing of the US Embassy in Beirut by Hezbollah, when eight agents died. Taleban said the bomber was an army officer called Samiullah, but the Afghan Ministry of Defence insisted their claims were baseless.
Leon Panetta, CIA chief, said the deaths were “the result of a terrorist attack” and the victims were “far from home, doing the hard work that must be done to protect our country from terrorism”. [ed: check 'em out - comments say it like it is contrary to u.s. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article24290.htm

CIA director confirms 7 agents died in suicide bombing by Taliban at US base in Afghanistan
Seven CIA agents were among the Americans killed in a suicide bombing by an Afghan Army soldier invited onto a U.S. base because he was being courted as an informant.... An eighth victim reportedly was a State Department worker. An Afghan also was killed in the attack and six other Americans were wounded.President Obama praised the agents as "part of a long line of patriots who have made great sacrifices for their fellow citizens and for our way of life."...The killings raise concerns about working so closely with Afghan forces, a major tenet of the U.S. military's counterinsurgency tactics - and Taliban leaders vowed to carry out more attacks. "Let occupation forces expect more of these attacks," the Taliban said in its statement.

Afghan civilian deaths prompt anti-US rallies:
The protestors chanted "death to Obama" and "death to foreign forces", torched a US flag and an effigy of US President Barack Obama.

"Since the man was an officer, he had not much difficulties."
Afghan attacks kill 8 CIA employees...
DECEMBER 31, 2009
KABUL -- A suicide bomber penetrated a foreign army base in Afghanistan and killed eight CIA employees on Wednesday, one of the U.S. agency's largest death tolls, while four Canadian troops and a journalist died in a separate attack. The attack is one of the most ambitious of the war, highlighting the insurgency's reach and coordination at a time when violence has reached its highest levels since the overthrow of the Taliban regime by U.S.-backed Afghan forces in 2001... the explosion casts a long shadow over Western plans to bolster the Afghan army and police, in order to eventually hand over security and bring their own troops home. If an Afghan army official turned on the foreign troops and officials who are meant to be mentoring and partnering them, after a series of similar incidents this year, it will raise tough questions about trust and loyalty. If he was not an Afghan soldier visiting or stationed on Forward Operating Base Chapman, then U.S. concerns about security controls will be even more grave, after a year that has been the deadliest of the eight-year war for foreign troops.
The CIA has been expanding its presence in the country, stepping up strikes against Taliban and al Qaeda militants along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, although its role has been criticised by rights groups and Afghans. The site of the suicide attack is near the Pakistan border, in one of the areas where the Taliban insurgency is strongest. Security in the region was stepped up on Thursday... U.S. President Barack Obama is sending 30,000 extra troops to tackle the mounting violence and NATO allies are contributing thousands more. An Afghan army official said this week Washington had pledged $16 billion to train the army and air force.

Asked how the attacker launched the assault in a foreign military base, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid replied: "Since the man was an officer, he had not much difficulties."

In another incident, a number of civilians were killed by a foreign forces' air strike in southern Helmand province on Wednesday, Daoud Ahmadi, the provincial governor's spokesman, said. He did not know how many had died. "A patrol of foreign troops came under Taliban ambush at 3 p.m. After the ambush, planes came and bombed the area, which caused civilian casualties," he said. An investigation is already under way at the site. A press officer for NATO-led forces declined immediate comment on the incident. The incident is the second report of civilian casualties at the hands of foreign forces in less than a week, and has heightened tensions between the Afghan government and foreign troops. Afghan officials say foreign troops killed 10 civilians, mostly teenagers, in a raid in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday, sparking street protests around the country. The NATO-led force said it was questioning the claims of civilian casualties and maintains they were insurgents. It called for a joint investigation with Afghan authorities. The news of more casualties came as hundreds of people protested in Kunar, where Saturday's raid took place.

but not as this attempts to convey...
Shadow of 9/11 Is Cast Again
U.S. and its media mouthpieces invoke 911 to further the fascist state agenda 911 2001 served to unleash and to dispel 'the echoes' of widespread suspicions that again, the 12-25-09 incident was an 'inside job'
"...Thomas H. Kean, chairman of the national Sept. 11 commission said “It’s almost like the words being used to describe what went wrong are exactly the same.” Eleanor Hill, staff director of the joint Congressional inquiry into Sept. 11, called the emerging story “eerily similar to the disconnects and missteps we investigated.”... The echoes of Sept. 11 are obvious. Before the attacks on New York and the Pentagon, the N.S.A., the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation all had gathered bits of intelligence about the future hijackers. The C.I.A. sounded the alarm about an impending attack, including the now-famous President’s Daily Brief of Aug. 6, 2001, titled, “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” But the information that could have unraveled the plot remained at each of the three agencies and was never put together.
U.S. needs new 911 in attempt to salvage its doomed juggernaut with more of the fascist terror that ultimately will defeat these real terrorists -- but convincing the world gets less possible by the hour and the lie

Welcome to Orwell’s World 2010
By John Pilger
December 30, 2009 - "Information Clearing House" -- In Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell described a superstate called Oceania, whose language of war inverted lies that “passed into history and became truth. ‘Who controls the past’, ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past’.”
Barack Obama is the leader of a contemporary Oceania. In two speeches at the close of the decade, the Nobel Peace Prize winner affirmed that peace was no longer peace, but rather a permanent war that “extends well beyond Afghanistan and Pakistan” to “disorderly regions and diffuse enemies”. He called this “global security” and invited our gratitude. To the people of Afghanistan, which America has invaded and occupied, he said wittily: “We have no interest in occupying your country.”
In Oceania, truth and lies are indivisible. According to Obama, the American attack on Afghanistan in 2001 was authorised by the United Nations Security Council. There was no UN authority. He said the “the world” supported the invasion in the wake of 9/11 when, in truth, all but three of 37 countries surveyed by Gallup expressed overwhelming opposition. He said that America invaded Afghanistan “only after the Taliban refused to turn over [Osama] bin Laden”. In 2001, the Taliban tried three times to hand over bin Laden for trial, reported Pakistan’s military regime, and were ignored. Even Obama’s mystification of 9/11 as justification for his war is false. More than two months before the Twin Towers were attacked, the Pakistani foreign minister, Niaz Naik, was told by the Bush administration that an American military assault would take place by mid-October. The Taliban regime in Kabul, which the Clinton administration had secretly supported, was no longer regarded as “stable” enough to ensure America’s control over oil and gas pipelines to the Caspian Sea. It had to go.
Obama’s most audacious lie is that Afghanistan today is a “safe haven” for al-Qaeda’s attacks on the West. His own national security adviser, General James Jones, said in October that there were “fewer than 100” al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. According to US intelligence, 90 per cent of the Taliban are hardly Taliban at all, but “a tribal localised insurgency [who] see themselves as opposing the US because it is an occupying power”. The war is a fraud. Only the terminally gormless remain true to the Obama brand of “world peace”.
Beneath the surface, however, there is serious purpose. Under the disturbing General Stanley McCrystal, who gained distinction for his assassination squads in Iraq, the occupation of one of the most impoverished countries is a model for those “disorderly regions” of the world still beyond Oceania’s reach. This is a known as COIN, or counter-insurgency network, which draws together the military, aid organisations, psychologists, anthropologists, the media and public relations hirelings. Covered in jargon about winning hearts and minds, its aim is to pit one ethnic group against another and incite civil war: Tajiks and Uzbecks against Pashtuns.
The Americans did this in Iraq and destroyed a multi-ethnic society. They bribed and built walls between communities who had once inter-married, ethnically cleansing the Sunni and driving millions out of the country. The embedded media reported this as “peace”, and American academics bought by Washington and “security experts” briefed by the Pentagon appeared on the BBC to spread the good news. As in Nineteen Eighty-Four, the opposite was true.
Something similar is planned for Afghanistan. People are to be forced into “target areas” controlled by warlords bankrolled by the Americans and the opium trade. That these warlords are infamous for their barbarism is irrelevant. “We can live with that,” a Clinton-era diplomat said of the persecution of women in a “stable” Taliban-run Afghanistan. Favoured western relief agencies, engineers and agricultural specialists will attend to the “humanitarian crisis” and so “secure” the subjugated tribal lands.
That is the theory. It worked after a fashion in Yugoslavia where the ethnic-sectarian partition wiped out a once peaceful society, but it failed in Vietnam where the CIA’s “strategic hamlet program” was designed to corral and divide the southern population and so defeat the Viet Cong -- the Americans’ catch-all term for the resistance, similar to “Taliban”.
Behind much of this are the Israelis, who have long advised the Americans in both the Iraq and Afghanistan adventures. Ethnic-cleansing, wall-building, checkpoints, collective punishment and constant surveillance – these are claimed as Israeli innovations that have succeeded in stealing most of Palestine from its native people. And yet for all their suffering, the Palestinians have not been divided irrevocably and they endure as a nation against all odds.
The most telling forerunners of the Obama Plan, which the Nobel Peace Prize winner and his strange general and his PR men prefer we forget, are those that failed in Afghanistan itself. The British in the 19th century and the Soviets in the 20th century attempted to conquer that wild country by ethnic cleansing and were seen off, though after terrible bloodshed. Imperial cemeteries are their memorials. People power, sometimes baffling, often heroic, remains the seed beneath the snow, and invaders fear it.
“It was curious,” wrote Orwell in Nineteen Eighty-Four, “to think that the sky was the same for everybody, in Eurasia or Eastasia as well as here. And the people under the sky were also very much the same, everywhere, all over the world … people ignorant of one another’s existence, held apart by walls of hatred and lies, and yet almost exactly the same people who … were storing up in their hearts and bellies and muscles the power that would one day overturn the world.”

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano
Obama answers failed airline bombing with threat of new wars
By Bill Van Auken
WSWS, December 30, 2009
Three days after the failed attempt by a 23-year-old Nigerian student to trigger an explosion on a Northwest Airlines passenger jet, President Barack Obama threatened to unleash US military power in Yemen and across the globe...Obama interrupted his Hawaii vacation Monday to deliver his bellicose remarks in the face of a crescendo of..."soft" on terrorism... fueled in part by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's initial claim that "the system worked"...
In fact, there are serious questions about how the student, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, was able to board the plane. He reportedly bought a one-way ticket, paid for in cash, and checked no luggage. Moreover, according to an account given by fellow passengers, he and an accomplice had tried to get him on the flight without showing a passport. On Tuesday, the Associated Press cited unnamed intelligence officials as stating that they had recordings of conversations between Abdulmutallab and at least one member of al Qaeda. His father had informed the US Embassy in Lagos more than a month earlier that his son had fallen in with Islamist extremists in Yemen, which resulted in his name being placed on a terror watch list. [If true]... these should have triggered intense scrutiny. That they did not suggests the possibility that Abdulmutallab’s boarding the flight was facilitated from within the national security apparatus, allowing him to carry out an action that is now being used to justify yet another US military intervention abroad...
Obama vowed "to use every element of our national power to disrupt, to dismantle, and defeat the violent extremists who threaten us—whether they are from Afghanistan or Pakistan, Yemen or Somalia, or anywhere where they are plotting attacks against the US homeland." The US is already in the midst of an escalation that is sending another 30,000 US troops into Afghanistan. It has mounte d an intensified campaign of Predator drone missile attacks against Pakistan, while, according to recent press reports, also sending Special Operations units and CIA operatives into the country to conduct covert assassination and "snatch and grab" missions...
The December 25 bombing attempt on the Northwest flight may now be used to make the US military interventions in both countries more direct, overt and deadly....justified as a means of keeping the American public "safe and secure" in the face of what Obama termed "a serious reminder of the dangers that we face and the nature of those who threaten our homeland."...
[If] Three hundred innocent people had lost their lives... on December 25 their deaths would have been one more episode of "collateral damage" in a military offensive by US imperialism that has cost the lives of well over a million [ed: in fact several million, 1.5 million Iraqis alone] people...in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere....driven by the interests of US capitalism in asserting dominance over the strategic oil supplies as well the pipelines and shipping routes of the Middle East and Central Asia. In targeting Yemen and Somalia, Washington is preparing to militarily straddle the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, giving it control of the chokepoint in a key route for shipping oil from the Persian Gulf to the West. America’s ruling financial elite pursues these aims with cold-blooded indifference to the loss of human life that they entail, including innocent American civilians forced to pay the price for the criminal acts of their government.

Threats to Yemen Prove America Hasn't Learned the Lesson of History
By Patrick Coburn
There is ominous use by American politicians and commentators of the phrase "failed state" in relation to Yemen, as if this some how legitimised foreign intervention. It is extraordinary that the US political elite has never taken on board that its greatest defeats have been in just such "failed states" ... Despite sectarian, ethnic and tribal loyalties in the countries where the US has intervened in the Middle East, they have a strong sense of national identity. Yemenis are highly conscious of their own nationality and their identity as Arabs. One of the reasons the country is so miserably poor, with almost half its 22 million people trying to live on $2 a day, is that in 1990 Yemen refused to join the war against Iraq and Saudi Arabia consequently expelled 850,000 Yemeni workers.
It is extraordinary to see the US begin to make the same mistakes in Yemen as it previously made in Afghanistan and Iraq... Once there it will face the same dilemma it faces in Iraq and Afghanistan. It became impossible to exit these conflicts because the loss of face would be too great. Just as Washington saved banks and insurance giants from bankruptcy in 2008 because they were "too big to fail," so these wars become too important to lose because to do so would damage the US claim to be the sole superpower.
In Iraq the US is getting out more easily than seemed likely at one stage because Washington has persuaded Americans that they won a non-existent success. The ultimate US exit from Afghanistan may eventually be along very similar lines. But the danger of claiming spurious victories is that such distortions of history make it impossible for the US to learn from past mistakes and instead it repeats them by fresh interventions in countries like Yemen. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article24292.htm

U.S. may have persuaded fat'nhappy amerikans they won a 'victory', but the Iraqis don't buy it -- as attacks on its 'sovereign' proxy govt. prove
Iraq attacks leave 30 dead:
Blasts in central and western Iraq killed 30 people and wounded the Anbar provincial governor, the latest in a series of attacks against government targets in recent months.

In wake of airline incident: Drumbeat for US war in Yemen
Bill Van Auken, Dec. 29
The Northwest Airlines incident has provoked calls for more direct military action from both Democratic and Republican politicians...while US officials initially said they believed that the suspect acted alone and had no formal ties to any terrorist organizations, this did not deter leading politicians of both political parties and much of the US media from immediately raising the prospect of war in Yemen, where Abdulmutallab has family ties (his mother is Yemeni), and where Al Qaeda has a presence. Media reports have subsequently cited unnamed US officials as saying that Abdulmutallab told interrogators he had attended an Al Qaeda camp in Yemen, while a web site claiming to speak for the organization claimed credit for the failed bombing.Whatever the truth of the Yemeni connection to the incident, it has proven highly fortuitous for the Obama administration... the New York Times reported Monday, "In the midst of two unfinished major wars, the United States has quietly opened a third, largely covert front against Al Qaeda in Yemen.".Citing unnamed US intelligence and military officials, the Times reports that the US Central Intelligence Agency has dispatched "several of its top field operatives with counterterrorism experience to the country," while "some of the most secretive Special Operations commandos have begun training Yemeni security forces in counterterrorism tactics."... US military aid to Yemen has been raised to $70 million under the Obama administration, compared to virtually nothing in 2008.
The reports on increased activities by CIA operatives and Special Operations military commandos in Yemen follow a series of covert US airstrikes. On December 17, US warplanes firing cruise missiles targeted what officials in Washington claimed were Al Qaeda training camps in the provinces of Sana’a and Abyan. Officials in Yemen, however, said that the attacks claimed the lives of more than 60 civilians, 28 of them children.
A second airstrike was carried out on December 24 in the remote region of Shabwa against what US officials described as a meeting of Al Qaeda operatives. Again, Yemenis in the area said that there had been no such meeting.
US intelligence officials indicate that one of the intended targets of the December 24 airstrike was Anwar al Awlaki, a Muslim cleric who is a US citizen born in New Mexico. While Awlaki has been linked to the US Army major, Nidal Malik Hasan, who is charged in last month’s mass shooting at Fort Hood, he has himself been accused of no crime [ed: No lie too big, U.S. propaganda now claims links between the alleged 12/25 airplane Nigerian "terrorist" and Anwar al Awlaki!]
The aim of US imperialism is to impose hegemonic control over the world’s strategic energy supplies and the pipelines and shipping routes that deliver them to the world’s major powers. Yemen commands the Bab-el-Mandeb strait connecting the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea and providing access to the Suez Canal, a vital chokepoint through which tankers carry some three million barrels of oil every day...
The growing threat of US war... demonstrates the impossibility of opposing American militarism within the framework of the capitalist system.. the driving force of imperialist war.

Instant Karma: New US War Target Gets Its Own Terror Icon
Empire Burlesque, Chris Floyd
26 Dec 2009
Wow, that didn't take long at all. Scant days after the American war machine took the cloaking device off its direct military involvement in Yemen, we have an alleged attempted terrorist attack by an alleged attempted terrorist who, just scant hours after his capture, has allegedly confessed to getting his alleged attempted terrorist material from ... wait for it ... Yemen! Yemen-trained terrorists on the loose in American airplanes! At Christmas! Great googily moogily! It's a good thing our boys are on the case over there right now, pounding the holy hell outta some of them Al Qaeder ragheads! And to think, a few pipsqueaky fifth columnists had been starting to wonder why we were killing dozens of innocent civilians on behalf of an authoritarian regime embroiled in a three-way civil war on the other side of the world. Well, now they have their answer, by God! Alleged attempted terrorists allegedly trained in Yemen! What else do you need -- a freaking warrant or something? We would obviously be justified in nuking that desert hell-hole and everybody in it! Just think of it -- some guy with some kind of something on an airplane, right there in the Heartland! You gonna stand for that? Exterminate the brutes!

And yet, because we are good, because we are godly, because our heart is always in the right place, even when -- as President Obama himself admitted in his noble Nobel Speech -- we sometimes make mistakes, we have not brought down the full force of the iron rod that God himself has placed into our hands for the chastisement and right order of the world. No, there will be no nukes falling on the children of Yemen tonight. But boy howdy, they'd better get ready for some sure-enough heavy ordnance -- fired from distant ships, from far-flung bases and from computer consoles in leafy Stateside suburbs, where you can bravely kill some alleged attempted somebody-or-other (and everyone in their immediate vicinity), and still make it home in time to to eat supper with the kids.

So here we are. Just one day after the alleged attempted terrorist incident in Detroit, we already have headlines blaring in the New York Times, the "paper of record," tying the alleged attempt to Yemen. How quick and convenient is that? Already the echo chamber is roaring with the all-justifying cacophony: "Terror, Yemen, al Qaeda, Homeland, Bomb, Terror, Yemen, Yemen, al Qaeda."...must be true, right? Of course, the NYT noted that "authorities have not independently corroborated the Yemen connection claimed by the suspect" (nor, they could have added, have they independently corroborated that the claim was actually made), but still, the completely anonymous "law enforcement official" said that the suspect's claim "was plausible," and even added: "I see no reason to discount it."... you can be absolutely sure that, as always, the "facts will be fixed around the policy." And what is that policy? Why, endless war, of course! The American war machine (which now dominates most of "civilian" society as well) is like a shark: it must keep moving, and feeding, or die. "Terror, Bomb, Yemen!"

P20G: Into the Dark: Pentagon Plan to Foment Terrorism
Moscow Times, Nov. 1, 2002.
Darkness Visible: The Pentagon Plan to Foment Terrorism is Now in Operation
Moscow Times, Jan. 25, 2005.

Mumbai terror suspect David Headley a ‘rogue US secret agent’
December 17, 2009, Times of London

CIA working with Palestinian security agents
US influence over agencies detaining and allegedly torturing Hamas supporters West Bank is so great they could be considered "an advanced arm of the war on terror".

like 'dirty' is something new for USraeli imperialist state terrorism
'P2OG' allows Pentagon to fight dirty
By David Isenberg
As well-known military analyst William Arkin pointed out in an October 27 column in the Los Angeles Times, the development of the Pentagon's covert counter-terror capability has its roots in the 1979 Iran hostage crisis. The army created a highly compartmentalized organization that could collect clandestine intelligence independent of the rest of US intelligence and follow through with covert military action. Today, it operates under the code name Grey Fox. In Afghanistan it operated alongside the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) paramilitary Special Activities Division and the Pentagon's Joint Special Operations Command. Then there are numerous recent initiatives, such as net assessment capabilities at combatant commands, a new campaign support group at Fort Bragg, a counter-terrorism Technology Support Office, to name a few. Yet the Pentagon wants more. Its Defense Science Board (DSB) conducted a 2002 "Summer Study on Special Operations and Joint Forces in Support of Countering Terrorism". Excerpts from that study, dated August 16, were leaked and obtained by the Federation of American Scientists, which posted them on their website. The report was produced by a 10-member panel of military experts that included Vice Admiral William O Studeman, former director of the National Security Agency. ... the Pentagon is not subject to rules that require the CIA to report its covert activities to Congress.
According to the leak, the United States...global war on terrorism is "a real war"... a "committed, resourceful and globally dispersed adversary with strategic reach" against whom the US will wage "a long, at times violent, and borderless war" which "requires new strategies, postures and organization"... "preemption/proaction/interdiction/disruption/quick-response capabilities"... consistent with the administration’s new National Security Strategy, which called for preemption...push the military into territory traditionally the domain of the CIA... "The CIA executes the plans but they use Department of Defense assets," William Schneider Jr, chairman of the DSB said...The DSB summary document suggests that many changes are already under way. It cites the expansion of existing intelligence analysis centers and the creation of new management teams to direct covert operations at such installations as Fort Bragg, where US special forces such as Delta Force are based.
It recommends the creation of a super-Intelligence Support Activity, an organization it dubs the Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG), to bring together CIA and military covert action, information warfare, intelligence and cover and deception...

P2OG would launch secret operations aimed at "stimulating reactions" among terrorists and states possessing weapons of mass destruction, meaning it would prod terrorist cells into action, thus exposing them to "quick-response" attacks by US forces... by far greater use of special operations forces....

P2OG would be vested in a "Special Operations Executive" in the National Security Council (NSC). The NSC would plan operations but not oversee their execution.. NSC plans would be executed by the Pentagon or the CIA.

The Washington Post reported last month that the Pentagon was preparing to consolidate control of most of the global war on terrorism under the US Special Operations Command, signaling an intensified but more covert approach to the next phase in the battle against al-Qaeda and other international terrorist groups. Special Operations units have been active in Pakistan for months and are training military forces in Yemen and Georgia. These missions could provide a cover for conducting any covert raids and other actions against suspected al-Qaeda members in the two countries. The United States also has more than 500 Special Operations troops in the African nation of Djibouti, near potential hot spots such as Yemen and Somalia....

"The Joys of Airstrikes and Anonymity"
Glenn Greenwald, Salon
December 26, 2009 - Each time the U.S. bombs a new location in the Muslim world, the same pattern emerges. First, officials from the U.S. or allied governments run to their favorite media outlet to claim -- anonymously -- that some big, bad, notorious, "top" Al Qaeda leader "may have been" or "likely was" killed in the strike, and this constitutes a "stinging" or "devastating" blow against the Terrorist group. These compliant media outlets then sensationalistically trumpet that claim as the dominant theme of their "reporting" on the attack, drowning out every other issue. As a result, and by design, there is never any debate or discussion over the propriety or wisdom of these strikes. After all, what sane, rational, Serious person would possibly question a bombing raid or missile strike that "likely" killed a murderous, top Al Qaeda fighter and struck a "devastating blow" to that group's operationg abilities? Having the story shaped this way also ensures that there is virtually no attention paid to the resulting civilian casualties (i.e., the slaughter of innocent people)...

Detroit Airliner Terror Incident: A Convenience Theory
By Grant Lawrence
December 30. 2009 "Information Clearing House" -- I am not one that sees conspiracies everywhere, but I do like a good Convenience Theory. Like the one that is coming together out of the botched terror attempt by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to blow up an airliner just as it was arriving in Detroit. For the last couple of months Saudi Arabia [ed: a major U.S. client state] has been bombarding Yemen with fighter jets. Just recently the US sent cruise missles into Yemen in a reported attempt to hit Al Qaeda sites, US fighter jets joined [SIC] the attacks on Yemen. In return, Al Qaeda reportedly issued a warning that it would avenge US raids. Now it appears the Detroit bound Airline Terrorist Suspect from Nigeria has supposed links to Yemen. Or at least the suspect is supposedly saying his bomb was made in Yemen.

Well just when America needs a good excuse to [ed: officially] attack Yemen, conveniently we have one. Now never mind that we initiated the US and Saudi attacks before this recent terror attempt. Just keep in mind that the Nigerian is a Yemeni terrorist.

Some are beginning to question how a No Fly list that bans Cat Stevens and a guy that was writing a critical book on the CIA could miss this 'Nigerian/Yemeni' terrorist. Reports are that the terror suspect was on a Watch List and his dad reported to the US Embassy in Nigeria that his son (the future terrorist) was possibly dangerous. Also some are a bit concerned that this Watch List Detroit Terrorist Bomber was allowed to get on the plane with explosives strapped to his body. Something smells of a needed convenient incident to promote the attacks on Yemen and the expansion of our terrorist war there.

As luck would have it, and conveniently, Congresspersons are calling for a needed expansion of the terror wars to include Yemen....
Still one other point ...regarding my Convenience Theory of the Nigerian/Yemeni airliner bombing incident. Parts of the Patriot Act are due to expire this New Years Eve.... talk about a real convenience. Just as controversial aspects of the Patriot Act are expiring, and there is not a lot of political will to extend them, you get a terrorist attempt with links to Yemen.How convenient... for those...that want to extend the War on Terror abroad and the Technological Police State here at home.

Obama takes 'war on terror' to Yemen
Simon Tisdal
According to a report aired on 18 December by the American ABC News network and not denied by the White House, US and Yemeni government forces jointly targeted al-Qaida training camps in the Arhab district, 60km north-east of the capital, Sana'a on 17 December. Another alleged camp in the village of al-Maajala, in Abyan, 480km south-east of Sana'a, was also hit after US officials determined "an imminent attack against a US asset was being planned" there. Both targets were bombed repeatedly from the air by Yemeni air force planes. Subsequent official estimates said about 35 militants were killed. But Yemeni opposition spokesmen said a total of between 60 and 120 people had died during bombardments of the two targets and a third location. They said many of those killed were civilians, including women and children. They denied the villages contained al-Qaida camps. Television pictures broadcast from Yemen by al-Jazeera on 18 December showed dozens of bodies covered in sheets. Citing unidentified administration sources, ABC News reporter Brian Ross said the US military fired two cruise missiles during the attacks, one at each alleged camp, after Obama personally gave the go-ahead. "White House officials tell ABC News the orders for the US military to attack the suspected al-Qaida sites in Yemen on Thursday came directly from the Oval Office," Ross reported. American officials have neither confirmed nor denied a US role in the air strikes, while the Yemeni government has insisted only its own forces were involved. "We are not going to get into any details at this point," one US official said. The official added that Yemen and the US "co-operate closely on counter-terrorism". But White House officials could confirm Obama telephoned Yemen's, Ali Abdallah Salih, after the raids to "congratulate" him on his efforts to combat al-Qaida...
According to a 19 December Associated Press report, residents of Abyan said there was no al-Qaida training camp in the area, the air attack destroyed homes – a collection of mud brick houses, huts and tents in the rural tribal area...http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2009/dec/29/obama-war-on-terror-yemen/print

"if you aren't with us, you're with the terrorists" warning now more effectively enforced than under last regime
A terror expert on NPR today explained that Muslim anti-american extremist radicalism is now a very serious threat inside the U.S., with 'terrorists' radicalized by the internet. Translation: truthful information about U.S. imperialist terror on the ground is threatens U.S. agenda
the spread of truthful information exposing USreali - British-led state terrorism is a threat to the fascist agenda. Below, Burns, agent par excellence, connects those dots manufacturing good ol' amerikan racist public consent for much worse terror planned in 2010.
Terror Inquiry Looks at Suspect’s Time in Britain
by John Burns
...“What we have to do is to try and understand what is going on in our own backyards...We have to ask ourselves why a young man like Umar Farouk would do this, what the factors were in London that drove him to violence.” Investigators are now, in fact, turning a sharper and retrospective eye to the passage in Mr. Abdulmutallab’s life that began immediately after his summer in Sana, Yemen, in 2005, when he enrolled as a $25,000-a-year mechanical engineering student at University College London. In recent days, officials in Washington and London have said they are focusing on the possibility that his London years, including his possible contacts with radical Muslim groups in Britain, were decisive in turning him toward Islamic extremism. That view, if confirmed, would offer a stark reaffirmation that Britain, the United States’ closest ally, continues to pose a major threat to American security. Critics in Britain and the United States say the British security forces, despite major increases in budgets and manpower in recent years, have not yet succeeded in adequately monitoring, much less restraining, the Islamic militancy that thrives in the vast network of mosques that serve the nation’s 1.5 million Muslims — and on university campuses across the country where nearly 100,000 of the 500,000 students are Muslims, including many, like Mr. Abdulmutallab, from overseas.

Like many of the 19 hijackers on Sept. 11, 2001, and the four suicide bombers who struck in the July 7, 2005, attacks on the London transit system, as well as Islamic militants involved in other terrorist plots in the past two decades, Mr. Abdulmutallab was exposed to contradictory experiences of Western life that might have hastened his radicalization...along with his privileged lifestyle, Mr. Abdulmutallab was immersed in an Islamic culture that was deeply hostile to the West, at least in its interaction with the Muslim world. Details of what he did out of class are emerging slowly, in part because he seems to have lived a Pimpernel’s life, moving in the shadows and disclosing little even to those who counted him as a friend. But one focus for investigators has been his activities in University College London’s Islamic Society, which he joined soon after enrolling at the university, perhaps partly as a refuge from the persistent loneliness he described in teenage postings on Islamic Web sites before he arrived in Britain. Within a year in London, he was reveling in his role as the society’s president, sending an e-mail message to his Californian friend in August 2006 recounting what a “nice time” he was having and how “time has flown by” since he enrolled at University College and joined the society. Left unsaid was the fact that Mr. Abdulmutallab had arrived in Britain at a time of unparalleled intellectual and religious fervor in Britain’s Muslim community in the wake of the July 7 attacks, which killed 56 people, including the four suicide bombers. The bombers were British-born Muslims with no history of fundamentalist violence, young men who were indoctrinated in mosques in Britain and on visits to Pakistan and had recorded “martyrdom videos” attributing their actions to Britain’s role in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
For Mr. Abdulmutallab, whose personal abstinence and insistence on praying five times a day earned him the nickname Alfa, a term for Muslim clerics, when he was at an elite British boarding school in the West African state of Togo, the Islamic Society seems to have provided comfort. Judging from its Web site and videos of its gatherings posted on YouTube, the society has served in recent years as a forum for agitated debate about the “oppression” of the world’s 1.2 billion Muslims by the United States and other Western countries. The society’s guest speakers have included radical imams, former Guantánamo Bay prisoners and a cast of mostly left-wing, anti-American... advocates. In January 2007, with Mr. Abdulmutallab as president, the society sponsored a “War on Terror Week” at venues on the University College campus, which was harshly critical of American conduct in Iraq and Afghanistan [ed: not in London!]. Similar gatherings were being held on campuses in many parts of the world, including the United States and the records of the one at University College offer no evidence by themselves that Mr. Abdulmutallab or his associates in the Islamic Society were promoting anything other than peaceful protest. That, in any case, is the account given by his successor as the society president, Mr. Rafiq... “There were no signs of anything extreme at all ...He never mentioned anything like that. If I could go back in time and speak to him, ask him, I would. There was nothing to suggest that was in him when I knew him.” ...The profile offered by Mr. Rafiq fit with the descriptions from others who knew Mr. Abdulmutallab before he arrived in London.

Investigators in London seem certain to cast their net beyond the campus, and one focus seems likely to be the London Muslim Center, in the capital’s heavily Muslim, mostly underclass district of Whitechapel. An article Tuesday in The Independent, a major London daily newspaper, said, without citing any sources, that Mr. Abdulmutallab had visited the Whitechapel center at least three times while he was a university student. If they confirm a link between Mr. Abdulmutallab and the center, investigators most likely will focus on the center’s history of involvement with Muslim fundamentalists. A particular interest will be its contacts with the American-born, Yemen-based preacher Anwar al-Awlaki, an extremist cleric with links to Al Qaeda who investigators have named as having exchanged e-mail messages with Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, an American Army psychiatrist charged with killing 13 people in a shooting rampage at the Fort Hood, Tex., military base in November. Earlier this year, Mr. Awlaki, who has been banned from entering Britain, made a speech to worshipers at the Whitechapel center by video link from Yemen. There have been conflicting reports that Mr. Awlaki was killed recently in an American-backed strike in Yemen

Al-Qaeda group in Yemen gaining prominence
SANAA, YEMEN -- U.S. authorities say Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab, the Nigerian suspect who tried to ignite explosive chemicals with a syringe sewn into his underwear, may have been equipped and trained by an al-Qaeda bombmaker in Yemen. He allegedly made that claim to FBI agents after his arrest. If the claim is true, it represents a significant increase in the activities of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the emergence of a major new threat to the United States, the Middle East and the Horn of Africa.

Saudi bombers attack Yemen border:
Yemen's Shia fighters on Saturday said Saudi aircraft fired more than 700 missiles overnight on the northern villages along the border with Saudi Arabia.

Airliner plot raises fears about al-Qaida in Yemen
12-27-09 http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/nationworld/2010611174_airlineyeme...
...A year ago, the CIA sent many counterterrorism field operatives to the country, according to a former top agency official. At the same time, some of the most secret Special Operations commandos began training Yemeni security forces in counterterrorism tactics, senior military officers said. Some analysts say increased activity by al-Qaida in Yemen suggests the group has strengthened and taken root in a country whose proximity to the world's top oil producer, Saudi Arabia, and vital maritime routes, makes it strategically more important than Afghanistan... U.S. officials are concerned that Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, could become as volatile as Afghanistan or Pakistan... With fears also growing of a resurgent Islamist extremism in nearby Somalia and East Africa, administration officials and U.S. lawmakers said Yemen could become al-Qaida's next operational and training hub, rivaling the lawless tribal areas of Pakistan where the organization's top leaders operate.... The White House is seeking to nurture enduring ties with the government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, and U.S. and Yemeni officials said a pivotal point in the relationship was reached in late summer after separate secret visits to Yemen by Gen. David Petraeus, the U.S. regional commander, and John Brennan, President Obama's counterterrorism adviser. Saleh agreed to expanded overt and covert assistance in response to growing pressure from the United States and Yemen's neighbors, notably Saudi Arabia...[ed: major U.S. proxy]

Finally getting to the point: officially expand terror war 'here' and 'there': prez stood by awaiting ruling class strategists & propagandists orders -- and may, judging from this article, include moves to replace him probably if the state determines need for all-out martial law
U.S. Had Early Signals of a Terror Plot, Obama Says
Two officials said the government had intelligence from Yemen before Friday that leaders of a branch of Al Qaeda were talking about “a Nigerian” being prepared for a terrorist attack....The government also had more information about where Mr. Abdulmutallab had been and what some of his plans were before boarding the Northwest Airlines flight to Detroit. Some of the information was partial or incomplete at the time, and it was not obvious that it was connected, one senior administration official said, but in retrospect it now appears clear that had it all been examined together it would have pointed to the pending attack...
the government was “increasingly confident” Al Qaeda had a role in the attack, as the group’s Yemeni branch has publicly claimed. Such a conclusion could lead the United States to provide more intelligence and equipment to the Yemeni government and even consider fresh targets in a continuing campaign against radicals in Yemen. The fresh information about what the government knew before the flight on Friday was provided to White House officials Monday night and to the president on Tuesday while he was here vacationing in Hawaii... Mr. Obama suggested that he would overhaul the watch-list system. “We’ve achieved much since 9/11 in terms of collecting information that relates to terrorists and potential terrorist attacks... But it’s becoming clear that the system that has been in place for years now is not sufficiently up to date to take full advantage of the information we collect and the knowledge we have.”

Obama vows to use power to thwart terrorists
12-28-09 http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/politics/2010611941_apusairlinerat...
President Barack Obama on Monday vowed to use "every element of our national power" to keep Americans safe and said the failed Christmas Day plot to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner was "a serious reminder" of the need to continually adapt security measures against changing terrorist threats.
A statement posted on the Internet by al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula said Abdulmutallab coordinated with members of the group and used explosives manufactured by al-Qaida members.Yemen has long been an al-Qaida stomping ground. But officials fear that deepening instability in the Middle Eastern nation ... the lawless country that is fast becoming a key front in the war on terror... may be giving new opportunity for the terror group to establish a base to train and plan for attacks on the West...
Abdulmutallab's family in Nigeria released a statement that his father had reached out to Nigerian security agencies two months ago. The statement says the father then approached foreign security agencies for "their assistance to find and return him home." U.S. officials say that is how Abdulmutallab came to the attention of American intelligence, just last month, when the father, prominent Nigerian banker Alhaji Umar Mutallab, reported his concerns to the American Embassy in Abuja...
Calling Abdulmutallab's action an "attempted act of terrorism" Obama vowed to "do everything that we can to keep America safe" and declared: "The United States will more than simply strengthen our defenses. We will continue to use every element of our national power to disrupt, to dismantle and defeat the violent extremists who threaten us."... he acknowledged the attack showed the need to increase the United States' defenses. He detailed the pair of reviews ordered to determine whether changes are needed in the watchlist system or airport screening procedures. "This was a serious reminder of the dangers that we face," he said. "It's absolutely critical that we learn from this incident....

8 Americans killed at Afghan CIA base
A suicide bomber infiltrated a CIA base in eastern Afghanistan on Wednesday, killing at least eight Americans in what is believed to be the deadliest single attack on U.S. intelligence personnel in the eight-year-long war and one of the deadliest in the agency's history, U.S. officials said.
The Washington Post 12/31/09

Blasts at government building in western Iraq kill 24
BAGHDAD -- A car bomb and a suicide bomber struck a government building in the city of Ramadi on Wednesday, killing at least 24 people and wounding the governor of Anbar province, according to Iraqi police officials and witnesses.
The Washington Post 12/31/09

NB the political-economic dialectic: GEOPOLITICAL POWER driven by FINANCE CAPITALIST WAR determines U.S. corporate capitalist economics
...Travelers on incoming international flights said that during the final hour, attendants removed blankets, banned opening overhead bins, and told passengers to stay in their seats with their hands in plain sight... Leisure travelers, such as the families that packed airports to return home on Sunday after the holiday, are likely to put up with the new inconveniences, as they have before. But business travelers may think twice before flying if stepped-up security means spending hours at the airport. That's troubling to the airlines, because business travelers tend to fly frequently and pay higher fares.... Alarmed by the prospect of losing their best customers, airlines are already asking federal officials to make any new procedures palatable to passengers....
Tougher security measures were imposed after a man flying from Nigeria to Amsterdam then to the U.S. on a Northwest Airlines flight Friday tried to ignite an explosive as the plane prepared to land in Detroit. On Sunday, police met another Amsterdam-to-Detroit flight after the crew reported a "verbally disruptive passenger." A law enforcement official said the
man posed no security risk to the plane. [ed: the terrorized Nigerian businessman and the hysterically hyped for a day story, have been deleted from the 'news']