2/15 Fascist Fantasy: “government in a box ready to roll in”; "A crisis is a terrible thing to waste"; Xian Predators


Let our position be absolutely clear: an attempt by any outside force to gain control of the Persian Gulf region will be regarded as an assault on the vital interests of the United States of America, and such an assault will be repelled by any means necessary, including military force.
President Jimmy Carter, State of the Union Address, 20 January 1980

"I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger " National Security Advisor Gen. James Jones

U.S.'s Jones In 5-Day South Asia Trip To Launch Offensive
February 13, 2010
Top U.S. official concludes visit to Afghanistan and Pakistan before major offensive
WASHINGTON D.C. National Security Advisor General Jim Jones completed a five-day trip to Afghanistan and Pakistan to view first-hand the current status efforts to implement the President's strategy in the region, the White House said on Friday. General Jones met with Senior Afghan, U.S., and ISAF leadership and traveled to Kabul, Kandahar, Jalalabad, and Panjshir. He reviewed U.S. efforts in the critical areas of security, development, and governance.
General Jones met with Pakistani President Zardari, Prime Minister Gilani, Foreign Minister Qureshi, and Chief of Army Staff Kayani to "discuss a variety of issues of mutual concern to both countries" the White House added. General Jones reiterated the U.S. commitment to a long-term and comprehensive relationship with Pakistan. He also traveled to the Swat Valley and elsewhere in North West Frontier Province. Stop NATO http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stopnato

Moloch in Helmand: A Price Worth Paying for Imperial PR
Chris Floyd Empire Burlesque
15 February 2010 http://chris-floyd.com/
The grand attack on Marja was scarcely out of the starting blocks before it claimed its first child sacrifices: five children blown to pieces in a rocket strike on "a compound crowded with Afghan civilians," the New York Times reports. Up to 12 civilians in total were killed in the strike, which occurred, we're told, when American artillery landed "a few hundred yards away" from another "mud-walled compound" from which U.S. Marines were reportedly taking fire. In keeping with the way of the modern warrior, the computer-guided rockets were launched from a base more than 10 miles away: "Don't fire until the GPS tracker sends back remote data indicating the whites of their eyes are within 500 yards, boys!"... Gen. Black Ops Stanley McChrystal, now heading the "humanitarian" military mission in Afghanistan, immediately apologized for "this tragic loss of life"... The invading forces are also packed with civilians ... encouraged to provide the steady stream of heroic "Normandy landing" and "Battle of Stalingrad" type stories, with rugged leathernecks slogging their way through enemy fire, cracking wise and fighting on despite their wounds....

just the beginning ...
Troops face gunfights and minefields in offensive against Taliban in Afghanistan
February 14, 2010
"It's painstaking," said Lt. Col. Cal Worth, the battalion commander.... Nicholson said. ""We accomplished what we wanted to do today: get the forces into Marja, It went very well in terms of the complexity of what we attempted to do in an unknown environment. We'll attempt to expand our positions tomorrow." But he cautioned the task ahead remains daunting. Taliban fighters, he said, do not seem to have deserted the area in droves or thrown down their weapons to blend into the civilian population....

Marines focus on civilian safety in Afghanistan
Feb. 13 www.stripes.com/article.asp?section=104&article=67901
U.S. Marines are keenly aware of one factor that could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory: Afghan civilian casualties.... So in the weeks leading up to the imminent offensive to take the Helmand River Valley town of Marjah in southern Afghanistan, the Marines' commander, Brig. Gen. Larry Nicholson, sat with dozens of Afghan tribal elders, drinking endless cups of sweet tea offering reassurances that his top priority will be the safety of Afghan civilians. "In counterinsurgency, the people are the prize," ...
Nicholson and others expect the Taliban to push civilians into harm's way, in hopes some will be killed and provide the insurgency with a propaganda victory. "We are up against a cunning, immoral enemy who will try to exploit war among the people," said British Maj. Gen. Nick Carter, commanding general of NATO's Regional Command South, which includes Helmand province.At some meetings with elders, Nicholson has been accompanied by the commander of the Afghan forces, Brig. Gen. Mahayoodin Ghoori. His presence at Nicholson's side at the shuras is meant to convince elders that Afghan soldiers are full partners with the Marines in this operation...

US Rockets Strike Afghan Home, Kill 12 Civilians
Feb.14, 2010
The civilian deaths were a blow to NATO and Afghan efforts to win the support of residents in the Marjah area, a major goal of the biggest ground offensive of the eight-year war. Marjah, which had a population of 80,000 before the offensive... top NATO commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, apologized to President Hamid Karzai for "this tragic loss of life"..."The inability to stop people who don't have weapons is the main hindrance right now," said 1st Lt. Gavin McMahon

Creating public opinion: blaming puppet Karzai for US defaet and permanent occupation
“We’ve got a government in a box, ready to roll in,”
A Test for the Meaning of Victory in Afghanistan
Dexter Filkins
Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the American commander who persuaded Mr. Gates, and ultimately Mr. Obama, to try his form of counterinsurgency, insisted last week that the “transfer” element of the strategy had been prepared and would kick in as soon as the Taliban fled or were defeated. “We’ve got a government in a box, ready to roll in,” General McChrystal said...But as one of Mr. Obama’s advisers conceded in December... “it’s not about the battle, it’s about the postlude.”The problem is that in the long run, postlude is largely out of Mr. Obama’s hands. It depends almost entirely on the abilities of President Hamid Karzai — who was deeply reluctant to start the battle in Marja — and, at the same time, on those of tribal leaders who deeply distrust Mr. Karzai... on whether “the Afghans themselves can create conditions that would keep the Taliban from returning.” In other words, whether after eight years of corruption and unfulfilled promises, the Afghan military and government could provide security, turn on the lights, run the schools and pipe in the water. ...

The Last Station: Surging Into the Savage Past in Afghanistan
Feb. 13, 2010 Empire Burlesque - Chris Floyd
The current Nobel Peace laureate is continuing his noble and inspiring work of war this week in the latest PR blitz in Afghanistan: "Operation Moshtarak," the much-ballyhooed, extravagantly telegraphed "attack" on the city of Marja. Is it even worth discussing this monstrous sham? The perpetrators of the attack know full well that there will be no "battle." Even American commanders cannot be so sealed in their arrogant ignorance that they do not know their insurgent opponents...(the many insurgent factions ...falsely given the single rubric "Taliban")... will do what every guerrilla army does when facing concentrations of conventional military force: disperse into the countryside, and into the urban populace [ed: as Mao said, like 'fish in the sea', their strength, is popular support] biding their time until the occupiers draw down their forces -- and in the meantime launching small ambushes with sniper fire and roadside bombs aimed at the sitting-duck cannon fodder placed in harm's way by their publicity-driven commanders.... the embedded Western media has fully bought into the hackneyed, transparently false narrative of "the largest military operation of its kind since the American-backed war began eight years ago," with a plucky band of Marines and their faithful Afghan allies facing down "hundreds" of hardened fighters in the "largest Taliban sanctuary inside Afghanistan" ...tracked the countdown to the attack as if they were hunkered down in the landing craft on their way to Omaha Beach. Except, of course, when one is genuinely planning an actual major attack on a strong, entrenched enemy -- as at Omaha Beach -- one does not advertise it around the clock for weeks on end beforehand. If, however, one is attempting to galvanize public support for a long, grinding, bloody war of domination and occupation.. why then, a nice set-piece "battle" which will end in a guaranteed, low-cost "victory" is just the ticket. It will demonstrate that the "new and improved" strategy of your "new and improved" president is "working," and that we are "winning" -- so we can't quit now!
digest note: Chris Floyd does laser-sharp exposure of US imperialism's crimes -- but then undermines those giving their lives to stop its rampages by resisting it for their -- and all of our --very lives by supporting only non-violent resistance.

U.S. Blitzkreig Faces Same 'Outcomes'
30-Year War: Pentagon Chief/Ex-CIA Director Pays Tribute To Wilson
U.S. Department of Defense American Forces Press Service, February 11, 2010
WASHINGTON: Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates today remembered former Rep. Charlie Wilson, a 12-term Congressman from Texas, as “an extraordinary patriot” for his work in liberating Afghanistan from Soviet occupation. Wilson, who led the effort to arm Afghans against the Soviet Union in the 1980s when Gates was CIA director, died yesterday at 76. Wilson was profiled the 2007 movie, "Charlie Wilson's War." Gates released the following statement in remembrance of Wilson: "I had the unforgettable experience of knowing Congressman Wilson when I was at CIA and he was working tirelessly on behalf of the Afghan resistance fighting the Soviets. As the world now knows, his efforts and exploits helped repel an invader, liberate a people, and bring the Cold War to a close. After the Soviets left, Charlie kept fighting for the Afghan people and warned against abandoning that traumatized country to its fate - a warning we should have heeded then, and should remember today. http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=57927

sound familiar? Feb. 12, 2010 US, Afghan Forces Begin Assault in Helmand Province

Jan.28, 2010 Marines Draw Out Taliban in Helmand
By Marine Corps Lance Cpl. James W. Clark Special to American Forces Press Service
HELMAND PROVINCE, Afghanistan, A company of Marines with the 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, and the Afghan soldiers attached to them, are driving out the Taliban in southern Helmand province

Marines Start Operation in Helmand Province
American Forces Press Service
WASHINGTON, More than 1,000 International Security Assistance Force troops partnering with Afghan forces to begin a large-scale operation in northern Helmand

the grand propaganda war revs up as US supremacy weakens...
Washington anticipates new 9/11 within six months
The top US intelligence chiefs created a commotion at their annual hearing before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, on 2 February 2010.
Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair first alluded to a cyberwar, implying that it would be triggered by China and would jeopardize the entire world internet infrastructure. He later affirmed rather bluntly that the U.S. intelligence community has authority to target anyone, including American citizens, for assassination anywhere in the world if they present a direct terrorist threat to the United States and to other Americans.
Admiral Dennis C. Blair, CIA Director Leon Pannetta, FBI Director Robert Mueller, Defense Intelligence Agency Director Ronald Burgess and Acting U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Intelligence and Research John Dinger each stated that Al Qaeda is preparing an attack against United States territory in the next three to six months, by adapting their methods in ways that make it difficult to detect. At the domestic level, this declaration aims to prepare US public opinion for a new cataclysm... But vis-à-vis the rest of the world, it is meant to counter the rumour disseminated by certain Middle East mainstream newspapers such as Kheyan (Iran), Al-Binaa (Lebanon) or Al-Wataan (Syria) to the effect that, in order to relaunch the "clash of civilizations", Israel is planning to organize a new 9/11 which would be pinned on Al-Qaeda.

Gen. McChrystal sees progress in Afghanistan
Feb. 5, 2010
The situation is no longer deteriorating, his most optimistic assessment yet. He says the open talk of an upcoming offensive in Helmand is also a signal to Afghans that things are improving... the offensive would advance a counterinsurgency campaign begun in Helmand last summer to expand the area under government control... in part to showcase the involvement of Afghans in its planning, but also to give militants a chance to lay down their weapons or flee..."We are trying to signal to the Afghan people we are expanding security where they live," McChrystal said. "We are also trying to signal to the insurgents... it is about to change. If they want to fight, that is an outcome. But if they don't want to fight, that's fine too."

"Operation Moshtarak" / "Together"
US, Afghan Forces Begin Assault in Helmand
12 February 2010
The operation will be a critical test of the Obama administration's new strategy based on a "surge" of military and civilian personnel deployed to take and hold population centers, while driving insurgents to the countryside.... NATO intelligence estimated as many as 2,000 militants were dug in and have mined the approaches to town. Buildings are likely to be bobby-trapped, and the Taliban are expected to take up firing positions among civilians in their homes....most of the 80,000 people in Marjah and the surrounding villages are still in their homes, raising the risk of civilian casualties...Radio broadcasts and leaflets dropped over the area warned residents to remain indoors and not to shelter the Taliban. Around 15,000 coalition and Afghan troops are taking part in the offensive, called Operation Mushtarak ("together," in the Dari language). US Marines are targeting Marjah, British forces the nearby villages of Nad Ali district. Afghan troops will play a prominent role, both to avoid the appearance of an invasion by foreigners and to show the world that Afghan security forces are capable of mounting such operations. A successful buildup of the Afghan military is essential to the eventual withdrawal of international troops.... Securing Helmand is expected to be followed by similar operations in other provinces in the south, especially Kandahar, the spiritual home of the Taliban movement....

timely "scientific" study says.... Ask & Tell: Killing for amerika is OK, You're OK, all US Patriots love you
Study Suggests Veterans May Be Helped by Talking About Killing
Shira Maguen, a psychologist at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center and principal investigator on the study, said the results suggested mental health professionals need to incorporate killing more explicitly into their assessments and treatment plans for veterans. That would include finding ways to discuss the impact of killing, in public forums and in private treatment, to reduce the stigma and shame... “We need as a culture to find ways to not blame soldiers who are ashamed of killing,” said Ms. Maguen, who is also an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco...

Building a US proxy state: “We’ve got a government in a box, ready to roll in”
Afghan Offensive Is New War Model
KABUL, Afghanistan — For all the fighting that lies ahead over the next several days, no one doubts that the American and Afghan troops swarming into the Taliban redoubt of Marja will ultimately clear it of insurgents. And that is when the real test will begin. For much of the past eight years, American and NATO forces have mounted other large military operations to clear towns and cities of Taliban insurgents. And then, almost invariably, they have cleared out, never leaving behind enough soldiers or police officers to hold the place on their own.And so, almost always, the Taliban returned — and, after a time, so did the American and NATO troops, to clear the place all over again.
“Mowing the grass,” the soldiers and Marines derisively call it. This time, in Marja, the largest Taliban stronghold, American and Afghan commanders will do something they have never done before: bring in an Afghan government and police force behind them. American and British troops will stay on to support them. “We’ve got a government in a box, ready to roll in,” said Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the top American commander here. Marja is intended to serve as a prototype for a new type of military operation, based on the counterinsurgency thinking propounded by General McChrystal in the prelude to President Obama’s decision in December to increase the number of American troops here to nearly 100,000. More than at any time since 2001, American and NATO soldiers will focus less on killing Taliban insurgents than on sparing Afghan civilians and building an Afghan state....
The chief worry among both American and Afghan commanders is that if a large number of civilians are killed, the Afghan government — including its sometimes erratic president, Hamid Karzai — could withdraw its support. The Americans are hoping that the largely Afghan composition of the invading force...will give Mr. Karzai’s government sufficient cover if anything goes wrong. But at some point the operation will end, and when it does General McChrystal has set goals for the Americans and the Afghans that are less dramatic, but far more ambitious, than fighting. For the first time, NATO and Afghan officials have assembled a large team of Afghan administrators and an Afghan governor that will move into Marja the moment the shooting stops. More than 1,900 police are standing by. Setting up a government in this impoverished country is no small task. Across Afghanistan, the Afghan government and its police are reviled for their inefficiency and corruption. “We want to show people that we can deliver police, and services, and development,” said Lt. Gen. Mohammed Karimi, the deputy chief of staff of the Afghan Army. “We want to convince the Afghans that the government is for them.”

At a broader level, the attack on Marja is the first move in an ambitious effort to break the Taliban in their heartland. Over the next several months, the Americans are hoping to secure a 200-mile long horseshoe-shaped string of cities that runs along the Helmand River, through Kandahar and then on to the Pakistani border. The ribbon holds 85 percent of the population of Kandahar and Helmand Provinces, the Taliban’s base of support. In the next several months, the Americans and Afghans are planning to pour thousands of troops into that area. “We are trying to take away any hope of victory,” General McChrystal said. That would set the stage for a political settlement that General McChrystal believes is the only way the war will end.
The risks in the strategy are obvious enough. Eight years after being expelled from Kabul, the Taliban are fighting more vigorously, and operating in more places, than at any point since the American-led war began here in 2001. The Taliban have “shadow governors” in every province but Kabul itself. Twice the number of American soldiers were killed last year as the year before. And there is some chance, even after the offensive, that the insurgents will simply flee to another part of the country. They have done it before; many of the fighters now inside Marja once operated in other Helmand towns.
Finally, there is only so much the Americans and their NATO partners can do. The rest is up to the Afghans themselves. Despite years of work, the Afghan Army cannot sustain itself in the field, the police are loathed in nearly every place they work, and the government of Mr. Karzai has only a few serious worldwide rivals in corruption and graft.... a senior American official in Kabul said that his greatest worry was not the Taliban, or even that the Marja operation would fail. “What do I worry about?” he said, “Dependency." the fear Afghanistan’s leaders and people will not, in the end, stand up for themselves. In that sense, who emerges as the victor in Marja may not be clear for many months.

Along with blocking rescue and relief, US hasn't provided other survival needs like military tents, equipment, gear

culled from pro-US wikipedia:
The U.S. Navy listed its resources in the area as "17 ships, 48 helicopters and 12 fixed-wing aircraft" in addition to 10,000 sailors and Marines.[181] Hospital ship Comfort Jan.20 completing the arrival of the first group of sea-base vessels as a new flotilla of USN ships were assigned to Haiti, including survey vessels, ferries, elements of the maritime prepositioning and underway replenishment fleets, and a further three amphibious operations ships, including another helicopter carrier, USS Nassau (LHA-4).[182] On 22 January the UN and United States formalised the coordination of relief efforts by signing an agreement giving the U.S. responsibility for the ports, airports and roads, and making UN and Haitian authorities responsible for law and order. The UN stated it had resisted formalising the organisation of the relief effort to allow as much leeway as possible for those wishing to assist in the relief effort, but with the new agreement "we’re leaving that emergency phase behind"....

January 14, 2010 Haiti earthquake: Obama pledges $100 million. Send tents, says aid official.
"What we need is tents, tents and more tents. We need large or individual tents, whatever is available, and financial support quickly."
Ms. Pineiro explains this isn't a call to fish out a musty old tent from your attic -- the logistics of coordinating individual deliveries of tents from individuals would be daunting. But she says her group will need a major cash infusion to buy tents in the coming days. She says the IOM has about 10,000 tents in Haiti left over from a previous hurricane relief operation and is trying to get them out into the field. But she says the current IOM plan is to provide shelter to 1 millions Hatians, an effort the group estimates will require about 200,000 tents. In the near term, the US military is likely to play a crucial role in getting aid supplies rolling out from the port and airport. The US Southern Command (Southcom), which is responsible for the Caribbean, said on Thursday morning the destroyer USS Higgins, with a ship's complement of about 280 sailors and officers, is already on site, as is a Southcom emergency assessment team and Air Force Special Operations team that has cleared runways at Port-au-Princes airport and is providing air traffic control services. The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, with 19 helicopters aboard, is expected to arrive off the Haitian cost on Thursday. The USS Bataan Amphibious Ready Group, with 2,200 members of the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, is in the process of deploying. The USS Normandy and USS Underwood are already en route. The military says the first order of business will be search and rescue operations, but is likely to be involved in helping to ensure the port is open and running as smoothly as possible to enable aid operations. Pineiro at IOM, who was in the Indonesian province of Aceh after deadly Tsunami's crashed ashore there in the wake of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, recalls that "without the US military help there, aid deliveries would have gone a lot less smoothly."

Haiti has approved plans for more than a dozen sprawling tent cities in and around Port-au-Prince, the first step in an epic relocation effort that could reshape the country as up to one million people displaced by the earthquake find new places to live.
Haiti’s homeless to get tarps, promised tents
Aid agencies tell quake refugees they need to get by with plastic sheets
"Give us a tent. Few will get one. Aid agencies and Haitian officials have given up plans to shelter the homeless in tents, even if that means many will likely face hurricane season camped out under flapping sheets of plastic. Tents are too big, too costly and too inefficient, aid groups say....
2/11/10 On Wednesday, with just 49,000 of a requested 200,000 tents provided, officials announced that deliveries will stop. Foreign governments, aid groups and Haitian officials have decided that tents take up too much space and will not last long enough ''Tents are great, they're a lot better than nothing, but they basically impede the process of economic development and reconstruction,'' said Lewis Lucke, the U.S. Special Coordinator for Relief and Reconstruction. Instead, 250,000 families will get one sheet of plastic each between now and May 1, and will later receive temporary, earthquake-resistant structures of metal and wood. If those numbers hold up, they will help about 60 percent of the population in need....
After 1 Month of Chaos, Haitians Help Themselves http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2010/02/11/world/AP-CB-Haiti-Earthquake....

Feb. 3, NYT Rebuilding Effort in Haiti Turns Away From Tents
Officials are also trying to recruit Haitian comedians to promote the plans.
Shifting tactics in the race to shelter an estimated one million Haitians displaced by the earthquake, aid groups on Wednesday began to de-emphasize tents in favor of do-it-yourself housing with tarpaulins at first, followed by lumber. Large camps of tents outside the city will continue to be part of the plan at a few locations. But to avoid creating huge refugee camps permanently dependent on foreign aid, officials said the camps would become the exception, not the rule. The same goes for tents. So far, aid groups have given out more than 10,000 family tents, and there are 55,000 more in stock or being sent to Haiti, according to the migration organization. There are already more tarpaulins in the pipeline: 100,000 are in stock or have been handed out, and 176,000 are on the way.

William J. Clinton & Conrad Hilton Foundations are funding and coordinating the shipment
Donated Circus Tents To House Haiti Government
Thanks to a generous Nevada real estate developer, Cirque du Soleil tents are en route to Haiti to serve as a temporary headquarters for Port-au-Prince government, CNN reports. The tents have 33,000 square feet of interior floor space, including heating and air conditioning systems, interior and exterior lighting, toilets and 900 padded chairs, Schrade said. Thirteen steel shipping containers hold the 400,000 pounds of cargo, he said. The Conrad Hilton Foundation and The William J. Clinton Foundation are funding and coordinating the shipment.

NB: US / UN imperialist ruling occupier forces have done media propaganda disappearing act from the utter horror they created and enforce. ABC's Diane Sawyer feigned shock hearing that (officially) 69% of all Red Cross, NGO and other donations have not been used ... as usual, 'saved for the next crisis' she happily chirped. This is a tiny piece of the real picture, that taken out of context, serves to distract from and obscure the real issue: the US-led geostrategic operation invading and taking over Haiti under the guise of 'humanitarian aid' is to 'develop' Haiti for US political-economic-military regional dominance, critical to its global 'full spectrum dominance'.

After massive criticism of US aid-blocking for 8 days -- ensuring the death and permanent disability of countless hundreds of thousands -- as 'special envoy' Clinton bragged about US/UN long-term 'development plan' to 'build back better -- US propaganda switched to 'miraculous' western rescues...

Haiti aid effort 'could have saved more' instead of 'preening'
guardian.co.uk, 22 January 2010
...The Lancet report said aid agencies contributed to the post-earthquake bedlam... the aid sector was an industry in its own right and needed scrutiny of motives and performance..."think about the millions not under the rubble... you have to value the lives of tens of thousands...dying now every day from infections.... International teams pulled out more than 80 people alive, including several after more than eight days. Two barely alive survivors were rescued yesterday.... an Israeli rescue team freed a 22-year-old man from rubble...a 25-year-old was pulled out 12 hours later there were more than 100 firefighters, dog handlers, paramedics and other emergency workers...."This could be one of the last rescues so everyone wants in on it," said one US airman. With at least a dozen media organisations present the US team wanted to use a helicopter to airlift the woman to hospital but dropped the idea after the Haitians and French said that was needless and would hog the limelight... a block away... [starving and injured] survivors were drinking ditch water.... and cheered when she was driven away in an ambulance...

Haiti elite sees business opportunities emerging from reconstruction
By Juan Forero
Haiti's elite -- a small, politically connected group as comfortable lobbying President René Préval as lawmakers in Washington -- is positioning itself for business opportunities emerging from their country's reconstruction. The textile industry in particular, which survived the temblor largely intact, is gearing up to add tens of thousands of jobs, thanks to U.S. legislation approved in 2008 that gives Haitian garments duty-free, quota-free access to the United States....for some Haitians, a cruel irony that a business community they consider clannish, corrupt and responsible for the country's backwardness could be spearheading efforts to jumpstart the economy."...they exploit the workers, lie to the multinational agencies about working conditions," said Yannick Etienne, with Batay Ouvriye, a workers' rights group. "When you see the way they treat people here, it's difficult to really expect much from them." Haiti's business community is central to a rough blueprint for reconstruction being developed by the Préval administration, Haitian entrepreneurs and multilateral lenders such as the Washington-based Inter-American Development Bank, or IDB. Business leaders and economists say the plan would curtail corrupt practices and find a way to jump-start moribund industries to generate tens of thousands of jobs in this country of nearly 10 million... The IDB estimates $3 billion to $4 billion is needed to rebuild homes and government buildings and add the infrastructure and state services necessary for a long dysfunctional country... Eduardo Almeida, the IDB's representative in Haiti, said the goal is to rebuild "in a vision of increasing the productivity, in a vision of providing the infrastructure so that the cost of products in Haiti are much lower."... 70 percent of the population is unemployed and millions live on less than $1 a day....Marcelus Desfauleau, who has five children, said he has been unemployed for five years.... "The bourgeoisie look out for the interests of the bourgeoisie." Eliacin Cadet, 24 searching for work at Sonapi Industrial Park, said.. "They always say they are creating jobs -- but it is not true. We are still hungry." Georges Sassine, president of the manufacturers association in Haiti, bristles at such criticism... factory pay, hovers around $4 a day, amounts to sweatshop wages, but Sassine said that is three to four times what most Haitians earn... With the help of American trade preferences, he and IDB economists say, that number will quickly reach 150,000, with each of those jobs indirectly creating three more...A sort of envoy for industry, Sassine travels worldwide to meet with investors and to lobby influential lawmakers, such as Rep. Charles B. Rangel (D-N.Y.), chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. With a wry smile, Sassine talked of such distant prospects as tax credits for Americans who invest in Haiti and even a railroad someday.
"I remember someone saying, 'A crisis is a terrible thing to waste,' " Sassine said. "It is true...Haiti is going to be Haiti of 1950."

Christian Missionaries: agents of imperialist the national & cultural destruction essential to US domination

"Albania, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala*, Haiti, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, ... Christian World Adoption is one of the largest international adoption ..."

Child: U.S. Adoption Agency Bought Me - CBS News
"Christian World Adoption is one of 70 agencies licensed to operate in ... Look at the actual trafficking attempted there in Haiti. ..."

Open Directory - Home: Family: Adoption: Agencies:
International adoption agency specializes in ... Christian World Adoption - Children's House International - Specializing in adoptions from Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti...

Ethiopia is not party to the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption

Did “CWA” Christian World Adoption get Hague accredited when they transported the wrong children into the U.S.? How are they still licensed in Ethiopia? ..."

NB: Ethiopia is a US Client State

U.S. Agencies Licensed in Ethiopia 9-25-07

Adoptions Advocates International
709 S. Peabody, Port Angeles, WA 98362
Phone: 360-452-4777
Email: merrily@adoptionadvocates.org

Adoption Associates International
1338 Baldwin, Jenison, MI 49428
Phone: 616-667-0677
Email: adopt@adoptionassociates.net

Adoption Avenues Agency
9498 SW Barbur Blvd Ste 30 Portland OR 97219
Phone: 503 977 2870 Fax: 503 977 5095
E-mail: info@adoptionavenues.org

All God’s Children International
3308 NE Peerless Place Portland, OR 97232
Phone: 1.800.214.6719

Americans For African Adoptions, Inc.
8910 Timberwood Driv Indianapolis, IN 46234-1952
Phone: 317-271-4567 Fax: 317-271-8739
Email: amfaa@aol.com

America World Adoption Agency
6723 Whittier Ave. Ste 20 McLean, VA 22101
Toll Free: 888-663-2445
Phone: 703-356-8447 Fax: 703-356-8973
Email: info@awaa.org

Better Future Adoption Services
4813 – 71st Avenue Nort Brooklyn Center, MN 55429
Phone: (763) 566-3458 Fax: (480)247-4270

Children’s Home Society & Family Services
1605 Eustis Street St. Paul, MN 55108
Phone: 651-646-6393 Fax: 651-646-0436
Email: info@chsm.com

Children’s Hope International
Phone: 888-899-2349
Email: Sharon.Turner@ChildrensHope.net

Children’s House International
5711 Vista Suite 101B Ferndale, Washington 98248
Phone: 360-380-147 Fax: 360-383-0640

Christian World Adoption
777 South Allen Road
Flat Rock, NC 28731
Phone: 828-693-7007 x30 Fax: 828-693-8113
Email: cwa@cwa.org

Dove Adoptions International, Inc.
180 North Main Street, Suite A Banks, Oregon 97106
Phone: 503-324-901 Fax: 503-324-9080

Gladney Center for Adoption
6300 John Ryan Drive Fort Worth, TX 76132
Toll free: 800-452-3639
Phone: 817-922-6088 Fax: 817-922-5955
Email: info@gladney.org

International Adoption Guides
21 East Woodrow Avenue Belmont, NC 28012
Phone: 704.829.7880
Email: info@adoptionguides.org

Wide Horizons for Children, Inc.
38 Edge Hill Road Waltham, MA 02451
Phone: 781-894-5330 Fax: 781-899-2769
Email: info@whfc.org

Christian Missionaries: an imperialist army: tip of a big iceberg -- and cover-up
Church Adviser May Face Warrant
After failing to contact any of the approved lawyers provided by the United States Embassy in Port-au-Prince, relatives of the detained Americans arrested for kidnapping, returned a call from Jorge Puello, portraying himself as an attorney who could help free the group... agreed for him to help on a pro-bono basis, said Terry Michaelson, an attorney for the Idaho Central Valley Baptist Church... later relatives learned that Mr. Puello —who spoke to the media on behalf of the jailed Americans, fired a Haitian attorney who was representing them and visited the Haitian judge handling the case —lacked a law license and is being sought by law enforcement agencies in El Salvador and the United States, Mr. Michaelson said....Mr. Puello... said Thursday that he was the president the Sephardic Jewish Community in the Dominican Republic. Public records indicate that in 2007 that organization was registered to Jorge Anibal Torres Puello... Salvadoran police want to question Mr. Puello in connection with a sex trafficking ring broken up last year in which women and girls from Central America and the Caribbean were lured into prostitution through offers of modeling jobs.

GAO 1996 report on US/UN "UPHOLD DEMOCRACY" 'peacekeeping' operation in Haiti [also not included here, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Rwanda}

U.N.-sanctioned, U.S.-led multinational force launched Operation Uphold Democracy in September 1994. The multinational force achieved its mission in January 1995, establishing a secure environment in Haiti. In March 1995, an expanded UNMIH, which included a 6,000-troop force, replaced the multinational force. The reported costs to the U.S. government for support of these activities from fiscal years 1992 through 1995 was over $1.6 billion (see table I.1).

Table I.1
Costs of Peace Operations in Haiti
(Fiscal Years 1992-95)

Agency 1992 1993 1994 1995 95
------------------------------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
DOD $9.3 $2.8 $372.1 $568.7 $952.9
State 2.7 15.2 18.1 78.6 114.6
(U.S. assessment for
UNMIH) (0) (0) (0.5) (51.9) (52.4)
USAID 66.0 111.6 123.9 187.6 489.1
Other\b 1.7 0.8 16.7 40.9\c 60.1
Total $79.7 $130.4 $530.8 $875.8 $1,616
Note: Amounts do not include the costs to aid Haitian migrants in the United States.
\a This figure includes $81,000 in assessments billed by the United Nations in fiscal year 1994 but paid in fiscal year 1995. As of the end of fiscal year 1995, U.S. assessments were paid in full.
\b Other agencies included the Departments of Health and Human Services, Transportation (primarily the Coast Guard), Justice, Commerce, and Treasury.
\c This figure includes $28.3 million transferred from DOD for operations in Haiti.