5-15-10 The Nakba: Support the Palestinian National Liberation Struggle to Victory

5-15-2010 The Nakba --- the catastrophe --- suffered 62 years ago when the Palestinian Arab homeland was stolen from under them by the Great Power predators, led by the U.S. and Britain, acting through their proxy calling itself "State of Israel."

Invitation sent by Lana Habash
Commemorating the 62nd Anniversary of the Nakba in Palestine
please join us for an evening of readings from the work of Palestinian writer Ghassan Kanafani
and featuring:
Sameer Abu-Alsaoud
Laila Murad
Nada Samih
Dara Bayer
Lana Habash
Viviane Saleh-Hanna
Gina Rodriguez
Ashanti Alston, former political prisoner
There will be readings of Kanafani's work, musical performance, a photo exhibit, and Palestinian food.

May 20th, 2010 7:00 PM Cambridge Public Library, Central Square 45 Pearl St, Cambridge., Mass
(The Cambridge Public Library is not a sponsor of this event.)

This May marks the 62nd anniversary of the Nakba (Arabic for "catastrophe") in Palestine in 1948 when over
935,000 Palestinians (85% of the indigenous population of Palestine at that time) were forced off their
land, in some cases at gunpoint, in other cases through massacres or threats of massacres like the massacre
at Deir Yassin. As a result, 530 of an estimated 550 total villages were completely destroyed or depopulated.
"Israel" was founded on the racist ideology of zionism. It has followed the expansionist and genocidal
logic of white supremacy and colonialism for over sixty years. Today, the genocide in Palestine continues:
from the planned expulsion of thousands of Palestinians in the West Bank, to the demolition of Palestinian
homes in occupied Al Quds (Jerusalem), to the continued siege of the people of Gaza-- deprived of food,
water, electricity, and medicine-- to the mass detention of over 11,000 Palestinian political prisoners.

Ghassan Kanafani, beloved Palestinian writer, was murdered by Zionist forces in 1972. His work reminds us of the spirit of resistance that has sustained the Palestinian people for generations.

From Ghassan Kanafani's "Returning to Haifa", 1969:
"What happened to you, Said? "Nothing. Nothing at all. I was just asking. I'm looking for the true Palestine, the Palestine that's more than memories, more than peacock feathers, more than a son, more than scars written by bullets on the stairs. I was just saying to myself: What's Palestine with respect to Khalid? He doesn't know the vase or the picture or the stairs or Halisa or Khaldun. And yet for him, Palestine is something worthy of a man bearing arms for, dying for.... Tens of thousands like Khalid won't be stopped by the tears of men searching in the depths of their defeat for scraps of armor and broken flowers. Men like Khalid are looking toward the future, so they can put right our mistakes and the mistakes of the whole world..."

The Nakba and the Two-State Solution
By Dina Jadallah
...Nakba...stands as an event in human history that exists beyond the reach of dominating systems – even though the latter may have caused it. This makes change possible and limits the power of a hegemonic or dominating system. The Nakba is a historical reality that refuses to go away, providing the fuel for emergent movements and resistance. Nevertheless, dominant powers continue their efforts to marginalize the Nakba as a central unresolved crisis....By focusing exclusively on the Two State Solution and its accompanying and derivative details, it becomes possible (for some) to lose sight of the origin of the ongoing Palestinian predicament: namely, the Nakba. The details are a method of exercising power over Palestinians. (1) They are evident, not only in the obvious control mechanisms that I just listed, but are also apparent in the very "negotiations" that took and take place between Israel / US and the Palestinians... Another example is 'Abbas’ recent reference to the land of historical Palestine as the land of the tanakh... he acceded to Netanyahu’s racist demand that Palestinians recognize Israel as "Jewish homeland" by buying into the Zionist myth that Jews were the original inhabitants of the land...He also urged Palestinians to abide by "peaceful popular resistance,"...a new term with an old meaning: a submission that is rationalized by "realism."...
Just in time for the commemoration of the Nakba, U.S. mediator George Mitchell is meeting with Israeli and Palestinian officials (after Palestinian officials sought and got approval from Arab officials), in order to start the process that will lead to so-called indirect proximity talks that were announced by U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. The Washington Post reported that Mitchell is trying to break the stalemate "in recent months," (3) perhaps forgetting that, from the perspective of most Palestinians, there has not been progress, in fact there has been retrogression, on the "solution" to the conflict since Madrid and Oslo happened almost two decades ago.
According to the article, "For the Palestinians, the two paramount issues are territorial borders -- precisely how much of the West Bank Israel will surrender and the future of Jerusalem." Yet again confirmation that externally designated Palestinian "leaders" are making a complete mockery of the Nakba, not even referencing that the crux of the problem is the dispossession of millions of people and the usurpation and colonization of Palestinian land...
The last several wars that Israel has launched against Lebanon and the Palestinians have revealed a serious decline in its capacity to accomplish its military and political goals. Despite the wanton destruction wreaked by its vastly more superior military, the image / myth of its invincibility has been irrevocably shattered.... Israel is also failing in the key category of providing guaranteed results to empire. Prominent among those failures is its inability to impose peace on its terms, nor to wage war from which it is confident to emerge as victor....

It is therefore time to re-assess the "realistic" approach. For many years now, the dominant view of Israel in much of the Arab world has reflected an internalization of the myth of Israeli superiority, not morally or ethically, but militarily and economically. Conveniently, it was parroted and propagated by successive different Arab governments in order to rationalize and justify the shirking of their historic responsibility to help Palestinians in achieving self-determination and independence based on the liberation of all usurped land. ...

But ultimately, the historically insurmountable reality that is the Nakba stands. It is distressing that the Palestinians as a people, need to remind their so-called leaders as well as most other Arab leaders, of their lived reality which has struggled for decades to ensure that their fundamental and inalienable rights are not forgotten or whittled away by the pseudo pragmatic reality of a Two State solution. Once again, for those who may have forgotten, these are: the right to their land and a national home, the right of return, the right to determine their own destiny, and the right to compensation for dispossession and the horrors and crimes of occupation....

Thus, there is hope in recognizing the persistence of the Nakba. It stands as an event in human history that exists beyond the reach of dominating systems – even though the latter may have caused it. This makes change possible and limits the power of a hegemonic or dominating system. The Nakba is a historical reality that refuses to go away, providing the fuel for emergent movements and resistance. www.uruknet.info?p=65936 www.counterpunch.org/jadallah05122010.html

Zionism is political, not religious, based on the lie that Jews are a nation entitled to self-determination in Palestine

The Invention of the Jewish People
Book Review By Jim Miles
May 11, 2010
The Invention of the Jewish People. Shlomo Sand. Verso, New York, 2009
There have been revisionist historians concerning the modern era, in particular with the Nakba and the thoughts and processes that created the new state in its various wars on the Palestinian people. While that is beneficial to the current view of Israeli activities towards the Palestinian people, it still leaves the overall historical mythology in place. This book opens up that whole messy area that basically denies the myth of a wandering nation of people returning to their homeland, replacing it with a story that supports the intent of a particular group within the Jewish religion to claim the right to colonize a land that had continuous settlement of Judean peoples throughout the mythologized years of exile and wandering.... "the Zionists needed to erase existing ethnographic textures, forget specific histories, and take a flying leap backward to an ancient, mythological and religious past."...
The arguments return to the racist pseudo-biology, the eugenics of the early Twentieth Century, of determining a pure Jewish biology in order "to serve the project of ethnic nationalist consolidation in the taking over of an imaginary ancient homeland." It continues to the modern calling of "Jewish genetics" who "regularly blended historical mythology and sociological assumptions with dubious and scanty genetic findings." After discussing various presentations on Jewish heredity the conclusion is that "no research had found unique and unifying characteristics of Jewish heredity based on a random sampling of genetic material whose ethnic origin is not known in advance…after all the costly "scientific" endeavours, a Jewish individual cannot be defined by any biological criteria whatsoever."

Obama seeks $205 million for Israel rocket shield:
President Barack Obama will ask Congress to provide $205 million...beyond regular annual defense assistance to Israel ...to spur production and deployment of a new short-range rocket defense system, Iron Domehttp://www.ynet.co.il/english/articles/0,7340,L-3889421,00.html

White House meets with rabbis to assuage concerns on Israel:
Jack Moline, a Conservative rabbi at Congregation Agudas Achim in Alexandria, Va., initiated the meetings after a talk with his friend Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff, about the Obama administration's perceived deficit of friendliness toward Israel.http://snipurl.com/w92pc

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