5-19 Noam Chomsky Was Not Prevented From Entering Israel

Chomsky, lying liberal zionist imperialist

Noam Chomsky Was Not Prevented From Entering Israel
By Sam Husseini
May 18, 2010 - Many reported that Noam Chomsky was recently stopped from entering Israel. This is false. Totally false. He was prevented from going to the Palestinian city of Ramallah by Israeli forces. This important distinction highlights among other things that Israel controls the borders into occupied Palestinian areas, a large part of the problem...Some got the facts right, noting that Chomsky was denied entry into the West Bank by Israel - Israel controls access to Palestinian areas, among many other aspects of everyday life that most people take for granted... Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo: http://www.uruknet.de/?p=66130

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digest note: Chomsky is a critical left-liberal friend of the zionist outpost. This little episode burnished Chomsky's 'anti-zionist' creds when he's increasingly being discredited by genuine anti- zionist imperialists worldwide. More on chomsky's treachery at http://5thparttreacheryof.blogspot.com/

Atzmon is respected for being a consistent, courageous exposer of liberal zionists, unfortunately not of israel's crucial role as a proxy, dependent on US for its existence. Not because of the AIPAC lobby ---- tails don't wag dogs. US imperialism and zionism are inextricably bound together based on their fascist agendas. US imperialism's world war for global domination is served by its state terrorist proxy partner's 'eretz isreal' agenda. 'Israel' is rewarded well for doing US dirty work far beyond genocide against Palestine, from Africa, Latin America and Asia to the US 'homeland' information war. Much more at http://www.burbankdigest.com/

Planet Chomsky Vs. Dershowitz’s Orbit
by Gilad Atzmon / May 18th, 2010
The Israeli Interior Ministry on Sunday denied entry to Jewish American linguist Prof. Noam Chomsky turning him back from the Allenby Bridge border crossing in the Jordan Valley. Seemingly, the moral ash cloud that is pouring out of the morbid Jewish ghetto known as Israel is not going to clear. It is there to stay.
On the face of it, Chomsky’s border incident shouldn’t take us by surprise. Israel is the Jewish state and as such it operates as a synagogue of great magnitude. The synagogue is an exclusive entity, it only allows in those who fit. The synagogue is neither democratic nor liberal, it is actually subject to tribal judgments that have very little to do with ethics or universalism.
In the Jewish State, Prof Noam Chomsky is apparently a persona non grata, however, Alan Dershowitz, a shallow intellect is seemingly the hero of Tel Aviv University.
A week ago, during a University symposium, Dershowitz said that Israel’s biggest problem is Israel-bashing ‘Jews’ like Norman Finkelstein and Gilad Atzmon. He said some people live on what he calls “Planet Chomsky”. Dershowitz didn’t do his homework. Clearly I myself share very little with Chomsky. As if this is not enough, I am not a Jew for more than a while.
However, it doesn’t take a genius to detect a continuum between Israel and Dershowitz. A week ago Chomsky was a ‘planet’. Yesterday, at a Jordan valley border crossing, he was denied entry to the ‘Jews only universe’. The astronomy of the Jewish cosmos is pretty simple. You do not need a Galileo figure. The Jewish planet seeks total submissive tribal conformity.

Interestingly enough, Chomsky is not exactly the harsh anti Zionist figure that Dershowitz wants us to believe. Along the years, Chomsky was flirting heavily with Zionism. He was often visiting Israeli universities. I myself attended his Tel Aviv University lectures in the 1980’s. Chomsky was spreading some bizarre ungrounded ideas defying early Zionist commitment to the Jewish state. As American activist Jeff Blankfort pointed out recently, Chomsky has been dismissing the power of the pro-Israel lobby. He opposed the BDS movement and made some efforts to “dissuade people from using the term, apartheid, to describe Israel’s control over Palestinian society”. Chomsky also opposes the Palestinian right of return and a one-state solution. Chomsky is in fact, a liberal Zionist as well as a kibbutz enthusiast. He may as well be the prototype of the righteous Jew and Zionist fig leaf. And in spite of that Israel denied the entry of the 82 year old American academic
Israel now admits that it made a mistake. In fact Israel couldn’t inflict more harm on itself. As it happens, Chomsky’s border incident yesterday may as well be the biggest contribution the American academic has ever made to the anti Zionist struggle.
As the truth of Israeli barbarism is unfolding, more and more Westerners admit that time is ripe for the nations to spit out Israel, for the Jewish state doesn’t have room amongst nations. But the nations shouldn’t stop there. Time is also overdue to spit the Dershowitzes and other Zionist comic figures from our public, academic, social and intellectual life. De-Zionification is of the essence in the search for peace and humanity.
Gilad Atzmon was born in Israel and served in the Israeli military. He lives in London and is the author of two novels: A Guide to the Perplexed and the recently released My One and Only Love. Atzmon is also one of the most accomplished jazz saxophonists in Europe. He can be reached at: atz@onetel.net.uk. Read other articles by Gilad.

Blaming the lobby
As someone who has been facing the full brunt of the might of the pro-Israel lobby in the US, Joseph Massad* explains the deceit behind blaming the lobby for US policies towards the Palestinians and the Arab world
the AIPAC lobby is powerful in the United States because its major claims are about advancing US interests and its support for Israel is contextualised in its support for the overall US strategy in the Middle East. The pro- Israel lobby plays the same role that the China lobby played in the 1950s and the Cuba lobby still plays to this day. The fact that it is more powerful than any other foreign lobby on Capitol Hill testifies to the importance of Israel in US strategy and not to some fantastical power that the lobby commands independent of and extraneous to the US "national interest." The pro-Israel lobby could not sell its message and would not have any influence if Israel was a communist or anti-imperialist country or if Israel opposed US policy elsewhere in the world.... Israel has indeed been very effective in rendering services to its US master for a good price, whether in channelling illegal arms to central American dictatorships in the 1970s and 1980s, helping pariah regimes like Taiwan and apartheid South Africa in the same period, supporting pro-US, including Fascist, groups inside the Arab world to undermine nationalist Arab regimes, from Lebanon to Iraq to Sudan, coming to the aid of conservative pro- US Arab regimes when threatened as it did in Jordan in 1970, and attacking Arab nationalist regimes outright as it did in 1967 with Egypt and Syria and in 1981 with Iraq when it destroyed that country's nuclear reactor. While the US had been able to overthrow Sukarno and Nkrumah in bloody coups, Nasser remained entrenched until Israel effectively neutralised him in the 1967 War. It is thanks to this major service that the United States increased its support to Israel exponentially. Moreover, Israel neutralised the PLO in 1982, no small service to many Arab regimes and their US patron who could not fully control the organisation until then. None of the American military bases on which many more billions are spent can claim such a stellar record. Critics argue that when the US had to intervene in the Gulf, it could not rely on Israel to do the job because of the sensitivity of including it in such a coalition which would embarrass Arab allies, hence the need for direct US intervention and the uselessness of Israel as a strategic ally. While this may be true, the US also could not rely on any of its military bases to launch the invasions on their own and had to ship in its army. American bases in the Gulf did provide important and needed support but so did Israel.
AIPAC is indeed powerful insofar as it pushes for policies that accord with US interests and that are resonant with the reigning US imperial ideology....
The writer is associate professor of modern Arab politics and intellectual history at Columbia University. His recent book The Persistence of the Palestinian Question was published by Routledge.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the connection between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel cannot be denied. The connection between the Jewish people and Jerusalem cannot be denied. The Jewish people were building Jerusalem 3,000 year ago and the Jewish people are building Jerusalem today. Jerusalem is not a settlement. It is our capital.”
'Israeli' Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2010 U.S. AIPAC Convention

When and How Was the Jewish People Invented? "Matai ve'ech humtza ha'am hayehudi?"
Ixraeli professor Shlomo Sand's historical study marshals evidence to prove that the idea of a Jewish nation, used to justify the state of Israel, is a myth invented little more than a century ago....that the whole edifice of “Jewish history” taught at Israeli universities is built like a house of cards. The problem with the teaching of history in Israel, Dr. Sand said, dates to a decision in the 1930s to separate history into two disciplines: general history and Jewish history. Jewish history was assumed to need its own field of study because Jewish experience was considered unique. “There’s no Jewish department of politics or sociology at the universities. Only history is taught in this way, and it has allowed specialists in Jewish history to live in a very insular and conservative world where they are not touched by modern developments in historical research...