5/31 Major Escalation of Global War: Pretexts for Strike on Pakistan


“We are no less powerful, We are shifting from mostly direct application and exercise of American power,” to one of indirection that requires patience and partners, and gets results more slowly. In a world like this, American leadership isn’t needed less. It is needed more... the simple fact is that no global problem can be solved without us.”
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, 5/27/10 at the Brookings Institution.

Notice US terror dots always conveniently connect to serve the bipartisan global hegemony agenda
plan just awaiting new pretext
U.S. Plans Pakistan Strike
May 29, 2010
The U.S. military is reviewing options for a unilateral strike in Pakistan in the event that a successful attack on American soil is traced to the country's tribal areas, that leaves President Obama convinced the ongoing campaign of CIA drone strikes is insufficient.according to senior military officials. Ties between the alleged Times Square bomber, Faisal Shahzad, and elements of the Pakistani Taliban have sharpened the Obama administration's need for retaliatory options, the officials said.... "Planning has been reinvigorated in the wake of Times Square," one of the officials said...Obama said during his campaign for the presidency that he would be willing to order strikes in Pakistan, and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said in a television interview after the Times Square attempt that "if, heaven forbid, an attack like this that we can trace back to Pakistan were to have been successful, there would be very severe consequences." Obama dispatched his national security adviser, *James L. Jones, and CIA Director Leon Panetta to Islamabad this month to deliver a similar message to Pakistani officials...U.S. spy agencies have engaged in a major buildup inside Pakistan over the past year. The CIA has increased the pace of drone strikes against al-Qaeda affiliates, a campaign supported by the arrival of new surveillance and eavesdropping technology deployed by the National Security Agency....

* "I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger " National Security Advisor Gen. James Jones

5/27 US Demands Crackdown on Pakistan Taliban Within Weeks
May 27, 2010 AP
The US has put Pakistan "on a clock" to launch a new intelligence and counter-terrorist offensive against the group, which the White House says was behind the Times Square bomb attempt, according to the official. Two top Obama administration chiefs have told Pakistan that it has only weeks to show real progress in a crackdown against the country's Taliban, a senior US official said.White House national security adviser *James Jones and CIA director Leon Panetta delivered that message to Islamabad last week, said the official. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article25552.htm

Mullen: U.S. Does Not Invade Sovereign Countries
July 24, 2009
Daily Times Monitor
LAHORE: Talking to Al Jazeera TV on Thursday, top U.S. Commander US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen said he believed the top leadership of Al Qaeda, including Osama Bin Laden, was in Pakistan....that Al Qaeda was on top of the US list of priorities and threats around the world. When asked why the United States was not in FATA despite having the knowledge that Al Qaeda was present there, he said, "Because FATA is in Pakistan and Pakistan is a sovereign country and we don’t go into sovereign countries."...
He said Al Qaeda could strike the US from FATA therefore the top objective of the current US strategy was to defeat it, adding that Washington did not have any troops on ground in Pakistan chasing the Taliban. "We have had trainers there for a significant period of time to train their trainers, which is [an] ongoing support function that is actually moving in the right direction," he said, adding that some of the US troops were special forces and some were general purpose troops.
Mullen said there had been a positive shift across Pakistan, especially its military, in recent months against the Taliban...Mullen said the Taliban could be politically engaged in the long run. "I think at some point [in the] long-term, they [Taliban] become part of the political process".
Mullen said Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) had to change its strategic thrust in the long run, which, he said, had been to "foment chaotic activity you know in its border countries". He said Islamabad’s "view to its own survival and its own security" had to change at some point in the future. http://www.uruknet.de/?p=56352

P20G: Into the Dark: The Pentagon Plan to Foment Terrorism
Darkness Visible: The Pentagon Plan to Foment Terrorism is Now in Operation
From the Moscow Times, Jan. 25, 2005 follow-up to "Into the Dark."

another timely terrorist attack
5/29 Attackers Hit Mosques of Islamic Sect in Pakistan
In an unusually strong statement, the American ambassador to Pakistan, Anne W. Patterson,said Pakistan, an ally of the United States, had witnessed an increase in “provocative statements that promote intolerance and are an incitement to extremist violence.”... The assault, which began during Friday Prayer and lasted more than three hours at the Dar-ul-Zakir Mosque, and about an hour at the Bait-ul-Noor Mosque, occurred amid a surge of sectarian violence in Pakistan in the last two years. Minority sects like the Ahmadis and the Shiites and have come under increasing pressure as religious extremism has taken hold, fomented by sectarian groups like Jaish-e-Mohammad and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, formerly state-sponsored organizations....

US Secret Pakistan Raids in Hunt for al-Qaida
12-22-09 By Declan Walsh in Islamabad
December 22, 2009 The Guardian - US special forces conducted multiple clandestine raids into Pakistan's tribal areas as part of a secret war in the border region where Washington is pressing to expand its drone assassination programme... A former Nato officer said the incursions, only one of which has been previously reported, occurred between 2003 and 2008, involved helicopter-borne elite soldiers stealing across the border at night, and were never declared to the Pakistani government..."This is crunch time," said a senior Pakistani official. "The tone of the Obama administration is growing more ominous. The message is 'you do it, or we will'." http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article24239.htm

Pakistan and U.S. Have Tacit Deal On Airstrikes
By Karen DeYoung and Joby Warrick
The United States and Pakistan reached tacit agreement in September on a don't-ask-don't-tell policy that allows unmanned Predator aircraft to attack suspected terrorist targets in rugged western Pakistan, according to senior officials in both countries. In recent months, the U.S. drones have fired missiles at Pakistani soil at an average rate of once every four or five days.
The officials described the deal as one in which the U.S. government refuses to publicly acknowledge the attacks while Pakistan's government continues to complain noisily about the politically sensitive strikes. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/11/15/AR200811... http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article21233.htm

"we don't call it a war"
Predators, Warriors And Ravens: CIA Drone War
The Obama administration has more than doubled the number of drone strikes...influential policymakers, including Vice-President Joe Biden, advocate relying even more heavily on drones to fight al-Qaeda and the Taliban, to keep US soldiers out of battle. March 24th the state department legal advisor, Harold Koh, made the clearest statement yet of the Obama administration policy on drone strikes... the strikes were legal under the 2001 Congressional Authorisation for Use of Military Force, and under the principle of self-defence. He called them "targeted killings", the Israeli term, not assassinations..... inviting journalists to a press conference celebrating the millionth hour "Congratulations 1,000,000 Army Unmanned Aircraft System Flight Hours"..."We've reached a turning point in the history of war, and maybe in humanity" says Peter Singer, director of defence studies at the Brookings Institution and author of Wired for War, which chronicles the shift to robotic warfare... "there are more than 7,000 airborne drones, some 12,000 ground-based robots....Very soon there will be tens of thousands....But we
don't call it a war. We perceive it differently". Predator drones have been used extensively by the CIA to assassinate alleged al-Qaeda and Taliban militants in the tribal areas of northwest Pakistan...CIA does not comment on its top-secret programme...the New York Times reported this month that the intelligence agency believes it has killed more than 500 militants in the past two years "and a few dozen nearby civilians".Other estimates of civilian victims range much higher. The army uses drones mostly in what it calls TIC (troops in combat) incidents. “If it’s a target I want to prosecute, I can do it,” says Col Messer. “If it’s a target I want to kill, I can do it. It is the sexiest programme in the army.”

Mullen releases goals for Afghanistan, U.S. force in 2010
Traveling in Afghanistan last week, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff spoke often about the ticking clock to get the job done... laying out his objectives for 2010, Adm. Mike Mullen only hints at the challenge presented by the 18-month window before troops will start to withdraw from the country.
"Afghanistan has deteriorated in the last year" and Pakistan needs to continue progress with its internal security. He also pointed to Iran as a critical threat, saying force must be an option there...The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will end, and we must think today about how the U.S. military will need to adapt to future threats...I remain concerned that the pace of operations prevents us from training for the entire range of war and erodes our ability to counter future threats."
"We must put more resources - intellectual, money and people - into accelerating development of our cyber capabilities and integrating them into our daily operations. Impeded progress here is a serious risk in our national security posture....We do not yet understand the military implications of the changing global environment, and must examine them closely to be ready...We must rethink what deterrence means where familiar problems are coupled with transnational, non-state and proliferation threats."

In US: A Successful Bomb You Didn’t Hear About
by Ahmed QureshiEditorials, May 16, 2010
A Failed Attempt Traceable To Pakistan Is News, A Successful Attempt Traceable To Local American Terrorists? Who Cares. A lethal pipe bomb planted by a domestic American terrorist exploded at a mosque and an Islamic center in Jacksonville, Florida four days after the Times Square incident. Since there was no way of linking this to Pakistan, American media extremists US govt. psy-ops did’nt pay attention....
America’s apologists in Pakistan and PR experts working for the US State Department and US Embassy in Islamabad are inundating Pakistani newspapers with fake letters and planted articles spinning Mrs. Clinton’s disastrous threat of war against Pakistan... the US government launched an orchestrated media campaign against Pakistan to exploit the incident for political and strategic gains. Here is the story...this time a real car bomb and not the Mickey-Mouse-clock-and-firecracker version in New York City. This one parked in front of a Mosque in Florida. Since it involves domestic American extremists and terrorists, you didn’t hear about it in the media did you?

"counterterrorism" legalizes state terrorist assassination
White House won’t deny report saying it approved killing of American without trial
The White House won't deny reports claiming that it authorized the killing of an American citizen purportedly involved in planning al Qaeda attacks and said to be hiding out in Yemen.
The New York Times and the Washington Post reported late Tuesday that Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki was added to the CIA's list of alleged terrorists the US has targeted to kill. American forces have killed myriad suspected terror suspects using armed drone planes in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen...The Washington Post reported that US President Barack Obama had embraced predecessor George W. Bush's policy of authorizing the killing of US citizens involved in terrorist activities overseas..."The Obama administration has adopted the same stance..." An earlier wrinkle in the US drone policy published in the Nation alleged that the US has used the security firm Blackwater in its targeted killing program, as part of a US effort to deny it has on the ground troops in that country...rawstory.com/rs/.../white-house-deny-report-approved-killing-citizen-trial/

U.S. Approval of Killing of Cleric Causes Unease
The Obama administration’s decision to authorize the killing by the Central Intelligence Agency of a terrorism suspect who is an American citizen has set off a debate over the legal and political limits of drone missile strikes, a mainstay of the campaign against terrorism. The notion that the government can, in effect, execute one of its own citizens far from a combat zone, with no judicial process and based on secret intelligence, makes some legal authorities deeply uneasy. President Obama, campaigned for the presidency against George W. Bush-era interrogation and detention practices...like the debate over torture during the Bush administration, public discussion of what officials call targeted killing has been limited by the secrecy of the C.I.A. drone program. ...Mr. Awlaki, a charismatic preacher ...who the C.I.A. believes is actively plotting violence. The attempted bombing of Times Square on May 1 is the latest of more than a dozen terrorist plots in the West that investigators believe were inspired in part by Mr. Awlaki’s rhetoric.

Obama on Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan: "I Am Accountable"
Jeremy Scahill
During his White House press conference Wednesday with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, President Obama addressed the issue of civilian deaths caused by US operations in Afghanistan. "I take no pleasure in hearing a report that a civilian has been killed...That's not why I ran for president, that's not why I'm Commander in Chief....Let me be very clear about what I told President Karazi: When there is a civilian casualty, that is not just a political problem for me. I am ultimately accountable, just as Gen. McChrystal is accountable, for somebody who is not on the battlefield who got killed," That statement is quite remarkable for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it is not true... http://www.uruknet.de/?p=65917

CIA drones get secret broader list of targets
May 5, 2010
The CIA received secret permission to attack a wider range of targets, including suspected militants whose names are not known, as part of a dramatic expansion of its campaign of drone strikes in Pakistan's border region. The expanded authority, approved two years ago by the Bush administration and continued by President Obama, permits the agency to rely on what officials describe as "pattern of life" analysis ... to target suspected militants, even when their full identities are not known, the officials said. Previously, the CIA was restricted in most cases to killing only individuals whose names were on an approved list. Instead of just a few dozen attacks per year, CIA-operated unmanned aircraft now carry out multiple missile strikes each week against safe houses, training camps and other hiding places used by militants in the tribal belt bordering Afghanistan. "There are a lot of ethical questions here about whether we know who the targets are," said Loch Johnson, an intelligence scholar at the University of Georgia and a former congressional aide. President Bush secretly decided in his last year in office to expand the program. Obama has continued and even streamlined the process, so that CIA Director Leon E. Panetta can sign off on many attacks without notifying the White House beforehand, an official said.

US continues to detain, torture prisoners at secret Afghan base
By David Walsh
May 12, 2010 - The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has confirmed to the British Broadcasting Corporation that the US military is operating a second "black jail" at its Bagram airbase near Kabul in Afghanistan, contrary to the Pentagon’s public denials. The BBC’s Hilary Andersson writes that in response to a question about the existence of the secret facility, "The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said that since August 2009 US authorities have been notifying it of names of detained people in a separate structure at Bagram." The Red Cross has not had access to these prisoners...http://www.uruknet.de/?p=65934

30 US troops killed as US helicopter shot down in Helmand: Taliban website
May 15, 2010
A US helicopter was shot down in Helmand’s Sangin district, killing about 30 American soldiers and crew members aboard, Mujahideen officials said... The wreckage of the helicopter reported to exist at site and people are approaching to catch a close sight of it. Mujahideen shot down three US helicopters in the provincial capital of Zabul province, on May 10, 2010.

US military’s private spy and murder ring continues to operate in Afghanistan, Pakistan
By David Walsh
18 May 2010 - The New York Times reported May 15 that the US military was continuing "to rely on a secret network" of spies and paramilitary assassins in Afghanistan and Pakistan, two months after the newspaper first brought the unit to public attention. At the time, in March 2010, the network, under the supervision of Michael Furlong, a longtime Pentagon dirty tricks operator, was routinely described by the media and military US officials as "off-the-books" or "unauthorized." Much ado was made about a Defense Department criminal investigation into Furlong’s activities and the millions of dollars spent on the program he allegedly directed... http://www.uruknet.de/?p=66119

The effort to win over Afghans on former Taliban turf in Marja put American and NATO commanders in the unusual position of arguing against opium eradication, pitting them against some Afghan officials who are pushing to destroy the harvest.http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/21/world/asia/21marja.html

US-NATO in Afghanistan: World War in One Country
Rick Rozoff
Afghanistan has by convenience, design or some combination of the two, been transformed into a vast training ground for the consolidation of a fifty-nation military structure already extended into Central Asia, the Caucasus, Eastern Europe, the Horn of Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Middle East....also a testing range for new 21st century weapons and combat systems intended for future use around the world...[the] U.S. European Command website described it, on the Pentagon’s new emphasis on international counterinsurgency operations, the laboratory for which is Afghanistan: “The 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review highlighted the importance of increasing rotary-wing availability as one of the most significant elements to achieving success in large-scale counterinsurgency, stability and counterterrorism operations worldwide.” ...
The ongoing war in Afghanistan has also been used, particularly by current U.S. and NATO commander McChrystal, former head of Joint Special Operations Command, to qualitatively transform U.S. military doctrine and practice worldwide with an emphasis on counterinsurgency and expanded use of special forces... Last week U.S. Army Chief of Staff General George Casey laid stress on the counterinsurgency role of his branch of the armed services, stating “the Army has to posture itself and train to operate across the spectrum.” [28]...The Afghan war is the prototype of the missions he spoke about....
From May 10-13 over “550 defense ministers, chief of staffs and senior military officials from 82 countries across the globe” gathered in Amman, Jordan for a major Special Operations Forces Symposium and Exposition (SOFEX) event, the Middle East Special Operations Commanders Conference.
The four-day meeting was “designed with a view to enhance the capabilities of Special Operations Forces around the world to network for global security and combat terrorism.

U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan get mixed response
"Targets are chosen with extreme care, factoring in concepts like necessity, proportionality and an ironclad obligation to minimize loss of innocent life and property damage... Militants have an incentive to spread stories of atrocities resulting from the drone operations but have been unable to provide any detail to back up such propaganda claims, the official said...
The Khan family had been sleeping for an hour when a Hellfire missile pierced their mud hut...Black smoke and dust choked villagers as they dug through the rubble.
Four-year-old Zeerak's legs were severed. His sister Maria, 3, was badly scorched. Both were dead. When their cousin Irfan, 16, saw them, he gently curled them into his arms, squeezed the rumpled bodies to his chest, lightly kissed their faces, and slid into a stupor....In August 2009, a drone strike killed Baitullah Mehsud... according to an analysis by the New America Foundation think tank, drone attacks missed him at least 16 times in the preceding 14 months. An estimated 280 to 410 people died in those attacks...Pakistani news reports have quoted authorities as saying that 708 civilians were killed in U.S. drone strikes in 2009 alone.... Since 2004,Drones have transformed combat against Islamic militants in Pakistan's tribal areas, the rugged belt of villages and badlands hugging the border with Afghanistan... The small unmanned planes can hover for hours gathering infrared camera footage. Onboard lasers pinpoint targets for supersonic Hellfire missiles or 500-pound bombs. The attacks cost no American lives... the deaths inflame anti-American suspicions...
Drone strikes are not the only risk in the tribal areas. Al-Qaida and the Taliban have responded to the aerial assaults by stepping up assassinations of residents accused of providing targeting information to Pakistani or U.S. intelligence agencies, researchers say...

Kandahar fears greater peril as West rethinks its planned offensive
In recent weeks, Western military officials in Afghanistan have stopped referring to the Kandahar campaign as an offensive. "What we plan is mainly an Afghan, politically led process ... slowly incremental changes of security, which enables governance and development," said Army Col. Wayne Shanks, the chief public affairs officer for NATO's International Security Assistance Force. "So this is not going to be anything that is immediate or quick."...As U.S. officials seek to emphasize the campaign's political goals rather than its military ones, insurgent assassins are systematically targeting precisely the kind of people [TRAITORS] on whom Western planners are relying to help woo the populace to the side of the Afghan government: tribal elders, municipal employees, security officials, aid workers and others...misgivings [!] in Kandahar are heightened by the fact that troops are finding it extremely difficult to establish security and governance in Marja, a farming town in neighboring Helmand province that was the scene of a major Marine-led offensive three months ago.

because the goal is world domination
Hillary Clinton: We'll Still Be In Afghanistan in 50 or 60 Years
Washington's blog December 23, 2009 - On December 1st, President Obama talked about withdrawing U.S. troops from Afghanistan within 18 months. Everyone now knows that there is no firm withdrawal date from Afghanistan. But in testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee on December 2nd, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton actually gave a much longer horizon for the presence of U.S. troops in America... "as we have with so many other countries— obviously, we have troops in a number of countries around the world; some have been there for 50, 60 years, but we have long-term economic assistance and development programs in many others... that’s a likely outcome in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, that we would be there with a long-term commitment. U.S. charities [sic]working in Afghanistan report are subject to Pentagon sponsorship and control so the Afghani people view them as part of the U.S. military... Therefore, whether or not troops will remain in Afghanistan for a half century or more, the Afghani people and the rest of the world may consider it a permanent occupation.... while the U.S.promised to withdraw by December 31, 2011 from Iraq it is building numerous permanent military bases.....http://www.uruknet.de/?p=61385

U.S. Push to Expand in Pakistan Meets Resistance
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Steps by the United States to vastly expand its aid to Pakistan, as well as the footprint of its new embassy...vast new building in Islamabad for about 1,000 people, with security for some diplomats provided through a Washington-based private contracting company, DynCorp ... are aggravating an already volatile anti-American mood as Washington pushes for greater action by the government against the Taliban
An aid package of $1.5 billion a year for the next five years passed by Congress last week asks Pakistan to cease supporting terrorist groups on its soil and to ensure that the military does not interfere with civilian politics. But many here, especially in the powerful army, object to the conditions as interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs, and they are interpreting the larger American footprint in more sinister ways.... In particular, the Pakistani military and the intelligence agencies are concerned that DynCorp is being used by Washington to develop a parallel network of security and intelligence personnel within Pakistan, officials and politicians close to the army said. ... The expanding American security presence has become another club. DynCorp has attracted particular scrutiny after the Pakistani news media reported that Blackwater , the contractor that has generated controversy because of its aggressive tactics in Iraq, was also in Pakistan....
Jahangir Tareen, a former cabinet minister and a member of Parliament, [said] in an interview. “Some people think the United States is out to get Pakistan, to defang Pakistan, to destroy the army as it exists so it can’t fight India and to break down the ISI’s ability to influence events in India and Afghanistan. Everyone is saying about the Americans, ‘Told you so.’ ”
The embassy setup, with American demands for importing more armored vehicles, is a significant expansion over the last 15 years. It comes at a time of intense discussion in Washington over whether to widen American operations and aid to Pakistan..

In a public statement, the American ambassador, Anne W. Patterson , suggested last week that Pakistan should eliminate the Afghan Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, a onetime ally of the Pakistanis who Washington says is now based in Baluchistan, a province on the Afghanistan border. If Pakistan did not get rid of Mullah Omar, the United States would, she suggested. Reinforcing the ambassador, the national security adviser, Gen. James L. Jones , said Sunday that the United States regarded tackling Qaeda sanctuaries in Pakistan as “the next step” in the conflict in Afghanistan.
The Pakistani army chief, Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani , in an unusually stern reaction last week, said that missile attacks by American drones in Baluchistan, as implied by the Americans, “would not be allowed.”

Analysis: Hard Reality as US Pushes Pakistan
ISLAMABAD (AP) -- Pakistan will not go as far as Washington wants, and there's nothing the U.S. can do about it: That's the sobering reality as the U.S. tries to persuade a hesitant Pakistan to finish off the fight against terrorists....Pakistanis are deeply suspicious of America's power and motives, making it difficult for their leaders to accede to Washington's pressure in public, lest they look like U.S. puppets. U.S. officials say that while Pakistani officials cooperate more in private, there are definite limits....A senior U.S. diplomat hinted at a separate agreement that would allow the U.S. itself to take on some of the hidden war against Pakistan's militants...The diplomat said the stepped-up U.S. action would come with Pakistani support, but would not elaborate on the potential cooperation....Most of the groups aligned against the U.S. are in North Waziristan, a tribal area not pressed hard by Pakistan's army. The only firepower directed at militants there comes from American missile-loaded drones.... Without additional pressure from inside Pakistan, the only other option is for the U.S. to finish the fight against terrorists on its own...

911 Inside Job: Ex-ISI Chief General Hamid Gul on Destabilizing Pakistan
Written by Satinder Singh www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/64925/milton-bearden/obamas-war
April 9, 2009
With a military solution effectively out of reach, the immediate task for the Obama administration will be to redefine its mission...
...In early April, NATO members pledged an additional 5,000 troops and trainers for Afghanistan. Even if these numbers actually materialize, however, they will have little effect on the combat tempo of the war. Some Pentagon officials quietly acknowledge that even the planned increase of U.S. troop levels by another 21,000 may only replace departing NATO forces over the next two years. With a military solution effectively out of reach, the immediate task for the Obama administration will be to redefine its mission. The first step would be to reclassify its adversaries in Afghanistan and the border areas of Pakistan. Committed al Qaeda fighters should be shown no quarter. The Taliban, however, range from irreconcilable Salafist fanatics and narco-traffickers to bored punks carrying Kalashnikovs for less than ten dollars a day. Although a small percentage of hardened fighters may need to be hunted down, most Taliban members and sympathizers should be viewed as targets for reconciliation....
To realize its goals in Afghanistan, the United States will have to address instability in Pakistan...Among many Pakistanis, repeated U.S. lectures about the battle with extremists being as much Pakistan's war as it is the United States' are wearing thin. These warnings might elicit more understanding if they included U.S. acknowledgement of the cause-and-effect relationship between Pakistan's problems within its borders and past U.S. military strategies in Afghanistan... there is simply no alternative to a strong U.S. alliance with Pakistan. The overwhelming majority of supplies vital to the U.S.-led effort in Afghanistan flow through Pakistan. The United States is now negotiating with Russia and the Central Asian republics for new supply routes, but they are geographically complex and would come with great logistical costs, not to mention the surely Faustian deal that Russia would likely pursue in exchange for helping U.S. forces in the area of its lost empire.
As the United States deepens its relationship with Pakistan, it will also have to engage India as a regional player in Afghanistan. This should include a frank conversation among India, Iran, Pakistan, and the United States on India's growing involvement in Afghanistan. Pakistan has always sought -- but never fully achieved -- a "safe" western flank in Afghanistan as a hedge against India, its traditional adversary. Pakistanis at all levels view India's activities in Afghanistan -- such as road-building projects, development programs, and military cooperation -- as a security threat. Unless the United States takes those concerns seriously, any U.S. effort to convince Pakistan to move more forcefully against Islamic militants in its hinterlands will be undermined.

Mumbai in the making...
29 Aug 2008 Top U.S., Pakistani brass have secret strategy session
In a meeting cloaked in secrecy, an unusually high-level roster of U.S. military officials huddled with senior Pakistani military officers this week aboard an aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean to discuss the increasing violence along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. The U.S. commanders—including Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen and Army Gen. David Petraeus—met with Pakistan’s army chief, Gen. Ashfaq Kayani, aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln on Tuesday in the first meeting of senior U.S. and Pakistani military leaders since former Gen. Pervez Musharraf stepped down as Pakistan’s president last week. The meeting also occurred amid concerns about the increasingly deadly Taliban-led insurgency in Afghanistan and lingering questions about the effort of Pakistan’s military and new government to help contain it.
Petraeus is winding down his tour as the top commander in Iraq and will soon take over as the head of U.S. Central Command, which helps oversee the war in Afghanistan.
The timing of the meeting and the high rank of the U.S. commanders involved underscore the Pentagon's desire to strengthen ties to Pakistan's military leaders during a tumultuous period on Pakistan's political scene. Musharraf was widely considered the Pentagon's and Bush administration's closest ally in Pakistan, and it remains uncertain whether Pakistan's new government will continue to cooperate as closely with the U.S... it is unclear whether any of the candidates—the front-runner is former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's widower, Asif Ali Zardari—would have the political will or authority to take on the growing militant problem. Mullen said he was encouraged that Kayani has taken action to improve the security situation along the border areas but he said more needs to be done. "There are areas that we can do better ...There are areas that the Pakistan military can do better.

Mumbai: A Battle in the War for Pakistan
Author: Daniel Markey, CFR Senior Fellow for India, Pakistan, and South Asia
Working with and through Pakistan to advance the U.S. counterinsurgency/terror agenda in Afghanistan and to facilitate India's emergence as a rising, democratic power in Asia is bound to be slow, costly, and frequently frustrating, but there are no other realistic options... In the coming months and years, an enhanced U.S. commitment to economic development, education, and health care could target areas now under the influence of JuD and other extremist operations. Vice President-elect Joseph R. Biden, Jr. has long championed a plan to ramp up nonmilitary assistance to Pakistan, and Obama's national security team would be well-advised to follow through on that commitment. At present, however, the United States lacks the institutional capacity to implement sophisticated, targeted development programs in Pakistan. Any increased levels of assistance programming must be complemented by a significant expansion of USAID and State Department officers based in Pakistan and supported by additional staff in Washington. The Pakistan mission is difficult, owing to poor security conditions throughout the country, so incoming U.S. officials will require an unusual degree of flexibility and logistical support in order to formulate and monitor programming. New procedures, training, and personnel suited to the operating environment will be needed....
Mumbai serves as a timely reminder that Pakistan's terrorism problem is not confined to the Pashtun badlands bordering Afghanistan. Over decades, extremism and militancy has seeped into the institutions, political culture, and society of the entire country, from its Punjabi heartland to its coastal megacity of Karachi. Winning the war for Pakistan will require an urgent, massive, and sustained effort by the United States in coordination with other international partners and allies in Pakistan.

The Pakistan Connection
Pakistan's president, Asif Ali Zardari, must face up to his country's involvement in the Mumbai terrorist attacks -- whether official or nearly so.... Islamabad must finally shut down all the Lashkar training camps and recruitment activity.... India and Pakistan must settle their dispute over Kashmir, the biggest flashpoint....
If the two countries are going to inch back from the brink, they will need strong support from the United States, China and others powers. These countries also must develop a strategy to strengthen Pakistan’s fragile civilian government and stop the country from becoming even more ungovernable.... the leaders of Pakistan’s military and intelligence services must finally realize that the extremists pose a clear and present threat to their own country’s survival.

12-22-03 CIA, UK Reports List Pakistan, Iran As Targets After Iraq
By Elissa Sherry, South Asia Tribune
Who after Iraq is the biggest question being asked by every think tank round the world. Latest official documents released by the US and UK give some idea of who it could be and Pakistan is one of them, in fact high on their list. Alongside Iraq and North Korea, NATO and the European Union countries consider Pakistan, Iran, Libya, Syria and Sudan as potential threats to global security with their weapons of mass destruction and missile capabilities, these documents show. The possible responses suggested in the British government document, among a host of other measures, include disruption of the defense programs including missile and nuclear programs, of countries considered as a cause of concern to the NATO-EU countries.
The US document, a CIA report submitted to the US Congress on January 7, includes damaging ‘speculations and concerns’ that Pakistan, along with India and Iran might be in the group of countries considered as secondary proliferators - a term used to describe countries trading the WMDs. “…Some traditional recipients of WMD and missile-related technology, particularly maturing state-sponsored programs, are beginning to supply technology and expertise to other proliferators. Such "secondary proliferators" as India, Iran, North Korea and Pakistan are not members of control regimes like the Nuclear Suppliers Group, Australia Group, and Missile Technology Control Regime and do not adhere to their export constraints,” the CIA report says. Click to View Text
The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) in the document titled “Missile Defence: A Public Discussion paper,” claims that North Korea provided ‘Nodong missile’ technology to Iran and Pakistan, enabling them to acquire their own versions. Click to View Text: PDF Format
The British document, like the US CIA report, examines the growing threat posed by the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery and considers possible responses to these potential threat.
The claims in the British and the American official documents were preceded by media reports in both the US and the UK that Pakistan was a key supplier to North Korea’s secret nuclear program in exchange for the missile technology. However, the press reports were vehemently denied by Islamabad before its coalition partners in London and Washington gave them official stamp. “The potential threat of most concern both to national populations and to deployed forces is not from the strategic arsenals of Russia and China but from the increasing proliferation of ballistic missiles, not least owing to the potential for their combination with chemical, biological and nuclear weapons of mass destruction,” the British MoD document said.
Interestingly, apart from North Korea as the supplier for ballistic missiles, the British document mentions only the Muslim countries with missile systems posing a threat to UK, US, NATO or the Allied forces. The British document is silent about the missile programs of a number of non-Muslim countries, including Israel and India. On the other hand, the US CIA report, while it included India along with the list of Muslim countries mentioned in the British document, remains silent about Israel and it’s WMDs.

Analysts in the Islamic world believe the two reports make the intentions of the US and the UK governments clear about the possible list of target Muslim countries in the unfolding new world (dis)order. In the CIA report, Iran is mentioned before Iraq with a claim that “despite Iran's status in the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), the US is “convinced” Teheran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program.”
While the CIA report mentions that the US is “convinced” about Iran pursuing the nuclear weapons program, it expresses only “added concern” about Iraq, which is currently being subjected to UN weapons inspections under US prodding. As opposed to conviction about Iran’s nuclear weapons program, the CIA report in a not so convincing manner said, “Saddam’s repeated publicized exhortations to his "Nuclear Mujahideen" to "defeat the enemy" added to our concerns that since the Gulf War Iraq has continued research and development [R&D] work associated with its nuclear program.”
The CIA report, covering the period from July 1 to December 31, 2001, said that during the reporting period, Pakistan continued to acquire nuclear-related equipment, some of it dual use, and materials from various sources, principally in Western Europe. “If Pakistan chooses to develop more advanced nuclear weapons, seeking such goods will remain important…We cannot rule out, however, the possibility of continued contacts between Chinese and Pakistani entities on Pakistani nuclear weapons development. Pakistan's ballistic missile program continued to benefit from significant Chinese entity assistance during the reporting period.” Both the US and the UK documents have added to the concerns in the Muslim world about Iran being the first possible next target of the NATO-EU alliance after Iraq.

Press Release: America’s Undeclared War on Pakistan
London, UK, October 17, 2008
"SPECIAL REPORT: America's Undeclared War on Pakistan 08 November 2008 .

"Report: US Special Forces Sent into Pakistan ... The military offensive in the Swat Valley has already displaced more than a million people. ..."

"Pakistan is a failed state"
Condemning the Mumbai carnage, senior US Congressman Frank Pallone has said the terrorists involved in the attack tried to give the impression that they were local Indian Muslims...“The US has sent both the secretary of state as well as military leaders to both India and Pakistan. I know that the new Obama administration and the new Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, want to do whatever they can to shore up India’s security,”... He said the Pakistani government had to play a role in its unorganised territories and make sure that they were not being used to launch another attack by al-Qaeda or the Taliban. “If not, then the US has to go there itself”.http://www.thenews.com.pk/top_story_detail.asp?Id=18895

Pak on track to being named terrorist state
7 Dec 2008
WASHINGTON: The United States is dusting off a long-discarded proposal to declare Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism...a decision in this regard is being left to the incoming Obama government, sources said, contingent on corrective actions taken in the meantime by Islamabad to the satisfaction of India, US and other countries affected by Pakistan's toxic export of death. A few months later a US commander, Lieutenant Colonel Chris Nash, who worked with the Afghan police, made a widely discussed slide presentation on his return to Washington, saying "ISI involved in direct support to many enemy operations ... classification prevents further discussion of this point." The support included "training, funding, [and] logistics," he added. But the most damning, and most recent, piece of evidence came after the bombing of the Indian Embassy in Kabul when US intercepted communications between Pakistani intelligence officers and militants who carried out the attack. The messages, US officials said later, indicated that the ISI officers involved in the bombings were not "renegades," or "stateless actors," and "their actions might have been authorized by superiors."
Washington now believes that is also the case with Mumbai, which is why, notwithstanding a soft public stance, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has conveyed to President Zardari what her predecessor Baker told Nawaz Sharif: Pakistan is on track to being declared a state sponsor of terrorism if it does not act.
It was because of this long history of Pakistan's corrosive terrorist record that an outraged Rice dismissed Islamabad's request for evidence this time, saying, there is a "lot of information about what happened here, a lot of information... And so this isn't an issue of sharing evidence."

Creating an "Arc of Crisis": The Destabilization of the Middle East and Central Asia
The Mumbai Attacks and the “Strategy of Tension”
Andrew G. Marshall
...Ultimately, the aims of the Mumbai attacks are to target Pakistan for balkanization. The question of who is responsible – either the ISI, largely rogue of Pakistan’s civilian government and under the authority of Anglo-American intelligence; or separate Indian terrorists, likely supported by the same Anglo-American intelligence community – while important, is ultimately a secondary consideration in comparison to the question of Why?...
The recent attacks in Mumbai, largely blamed on Pakistan’s state-sponsored militant groups, represent  the latest phase in a far more complex and long-term “strategy of tension” in the region; being employed by the Anglo-American-Israeli Axis to ultimately divide and conquer the Middle East and Central Asia. The aim is destabilization of the region, subversion and acquiescence of the region’s countries, and control of its economies, all in the name of preserving the West’s hegemony over an entire region, stretching from the Horn of Africa to India: the “Arc of Crisis,” as it has been known in the past. http://www.uruknet.de/?p=49402

Security Blanket: Western Democracy and the "Strategy of Tension"
Chris Floyd
...We've written often of the Pentagon's plan to foment terrorism where needed to achieve the goals of the "National Security State" ... the "El Salvador option," death squads, "High-Value Targeting," etc. have been an integral part of the Anglo-American subjugation of Iraq. Indeed, they are a pillar of the "counterinsurgency doctrine" proclaimed by the other president-in-waiting, David Petraeus, and now avidly embraced by the War Machine. As Tara McElvey reports in The American Prospect, the Pentagon is eager to apply "High-Value Targeting" and refinements of the "Phoenix Program" -- in which U.S. forces and local proxies murdered more than 20,000 people -- and the whole panoply of "psy-ops" to imperial imbroglios around the world, applying them "to Afghanistan, then Pakistan, the Philippines, Colombia, Somalia, and elsewhere."... This is but one of a staggering array of examples of the use of "the strategy of tension" by "advanced" Western democracies of the modern world. This week came yet another. As Robert Mancini reports in the Guardian, the former president of Italy, Francesco Cossiga, let a great many cats out of the bag [ http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2008/nov/24/comment] ...
... more war is what we've been promised by our agents of change....an even bigger War Machine, "tougher" security measures, national ID cards packed with personal data and tracking devices, more surveillance cameras, new "preventive detention" laws--and more unbounded authority to use public money to bail out the elite. Yet how to make this happen in the current atmosphere of exhaustion and anxiety? How to catalyze the public into continuing to support the Security State? How to discredit the rising chorus of opposition to neocolonialism, elite cronyism, rampant militarism and growing authoritarianism?. Was Joe Biden was talking about " the strategy of tension", The Gladio way, when he said the "young president" would be tested by a crisis, and forced to take unpopular measures in response? www.chris-floyd.com/component/content/article/3/1650-security-blanket-we...

US drone attack kills 13 in Pakistan
Sat, 15 May 2010 17:43:48 GMT
US drone strikes have left at least 13 people dead and several others wounded in the troubled northwestern Pakistan, intelligence officials say. The attack targeted the Tira valley of Khyber tribal district on Saturday. Officials and local residents said two drones fired six missiles into three compounds in the region. The death toll is expected to rise as some of the injured are said to be in critical condition. Since August 2008, such strikes have killed nearly a thousand people, many of whom were civilians.

5-14-10 http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=126464&sectionid=351020403
Head of the local provincial council, Hajji Jamal, said that one of the protesters had been shot dead...thousands of furious Afghans took to the streets of Jalalabad in eastern Nangarhar province on Friday protesting against the killing of 11 civilians by US-led troops. The protesters brought out the bodies of dead civilians killed in overnight raids.
A NATO spokesman confirmed some operations had been conducted in the area, saying the alliance was checking the incident. US forces usually attack Afghan homes at nights under the pretext of finding militants mostly claim the lives of civilians. According to figures released by the UN 2009 was the deadliest year for Afghan civilians since the United States started the war in 2001. Afghan officials say at least 170 Afghan civilians were killed between March and April 2010 alone, an increase of 33 percent compared to the same period last year.

...protesters brandished sticks, threw stones and burned an American flag Friday in eastern Afghanistan as they accused NATO forces of killing civilians in an overnight raid, but the alliance said eight insurgents were killed in the attack...Afghan President Hamid Karzai's office said in a faxed statement that ten "innocent people" were killed in the Surkh Rod village of Saydan, and that he "strongly condemned" the operation...NATO said the raid involved allied and Afghan forces and targeted insurgents. Eight -- including a Taliban sub-commander -- were killed in a firefight, said alliance spokesman Col. Wayne Shanks.Col. Shanks revised NATO's original version of events, saying militants had not fired rocket-propelled grenades at coalition forces, as had been first believed. He said the suspected insurgents had fired machine guns.

Pakistan Taliban overthrow call:
Tariq said the Pakistani people being sacrificed for the sake of the US by their own government..."Jihad will continue as long as the ruling coterie and the unholy army continue to follow the American agenda." ... "All the countries allying with the US will be targeted. America will burn along with its allies."Washington claims the group, allied with al-Qaeda and operating out of Pakistan's northwestern border regions, was behind an attempted car-bomb attack in New York's Times Square on May 1...Azam Tariq, a spokesperson for the Pakistani Taliban, denied responsibility for bombings in public places, saying authorities wanted to malign his fighters for such attacks. http://english.aljazeera.net/news/asia/2010/05/2010514145838312504.html

note re: aljazeera-english: ... former deputy head of Israeli General Security Service, Gideon Ezra, was quoted in ‘Foreign Policy (FP)’, July/August: “I wish all Arab media were like Al-Jazeera“. In fact Al-Al-Jazeera’s (English) senior editor, Vince Ryan and the Editor-in-Chief, Russell Merryman – are both hard-line pro-Israel Zionists. In February, 2006 – Dave Marash former reporter for ABCNews’ “Hotline” joined Washington-based Al-Jazeera English (AJE) as an anchorman. AJE has four news hubs – in Washington, Qatar, London and Kuala Lumpur. AJE’s military analyst is former US Marine captain Josh Rushing. Will Stebbins, former AP TV News foreign correspondent, is Chief of the 125-member Washington bureau. Amy Marash (Dave’s wife), who earlier worked for MSNBC, is AJE producer.

Pakistani militants warned America it will soon "burn" while calling for Pakistan's rulers to be overthrown for following "America's agenda".
The United States is convinced Pakistani Taliban militants allied with al Qaeda and operating out of northwestern Pakistani border regions were behind an attempted car-bomb attack in New York's Times Square on May 1.Pakistan has been cooperating with U.S. investigators trying to determine what links the Pakistani-American man suspected of carrying out the attempted Times Square bombing, Faisal Shahzad, had with militants in Pakistan....The government has denied that any arrests have been made in connection with the case but security officials said the man held in Karachi, Mohammad Rehan, was suspected of having taken Shahzad to northwest Pakistan to link up with militants. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said despite Pakistan's recent improved efforts to tackle militants, it must do more.

Blackwater infiltrates streets of Islamabad
ISLAMABAD – Almost each and every street of the Federal Capital is infiltrated with notorious Blackwater, TheNation’s investigations reveal.
After weeks-long efforts, this newspaper has finally managed to get trails of the exact locations of as many as fifteen houses in the private residential areas of the city that are hired by the notorious spy agency among other 70 residences hired in the sectors of F series, E-7, G-6 and G-8.
Of the aforementioned 15 lodgings, the postal records of that are available with TheNation, three each are located in sectors F-7/3, and F-8/3, two each in F-6/2 and E-7, one each in F-6/3, F-7/1, F-7/4, F-11/4 and G-6/4. Similarly, of over 70 (the number may vary) suspected operative venues of Blackwater, 55 are reportedly located in the F Sector and the remaining 15 in other sectors.
The information received from credible security officials and some informed residents of the localities, where Blackwater personnel are residing, reveals that a significant number of these accommodations are acquired on rent in the name of a renowned US-based international non-governmental organisation, fifteen other fake humanitarian NGOs and security agencies.
In addition, 43 residences are operating in the name of one fake humanitarian NGO that neither exists on ground nor carries any legal documentation. 350 Blackwater personnel are residing in the city along with unspecified number of US marines and spies of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

The US marines, spies, and Blackwater ‘contractors’ all introduce themselves as American diplomats, carry fake diplomatic cards, passports and car plates that provides them the cover of complete diplomatic immunity from Pakistani municipal and criminal laws.
It is also learnt that majority of the personnel of these notorious organisations living in Pakistan not only understands Urdu, its standard and slang versions, but can also speak it. They learn Urdu in Washington before stepping into Pakistan. Most of the Americans arrive here on diplomatic visas or under the garb of humanitarian workers.
A spokesperson of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education confirmed that none but only two of the NGOs used by Blackwater to get rental accommodations were either registered with the Ministry or had any legal record available with the Ministry. The two registered NGOs are granting humanitarian assistance in Pakistan’s military operation-hit areas and do not have any extended offices in Islamabad but dozens of suspicious houses have been acquired for rental use in their names here.
Interior Minister Rehman Malik, several times, has publicly denied the presence of Blackwater in Pakistan.

10-04-03 Pakistan: FBI rules the roost
By Syed Saleem Shahzad
...The roots of this involvement can be directly traced to the fallout from the events of September 11, 2001, which saw Pakistan throw in its lot with the US. This entailed Islamabad withdrawing its long-standing support for the Taliban in Afghanistan, which it had helped propel into power in 1996, and opening its air bases to the US military for operations in Afghanistan. It also allowed US intelligence to establish a finger-hold in the country, which the FBI has now turned into a vice-like grip through an ever-expanding network that has infiltrated, to various degrees, Pakistan's armed forces, the police and intelligence agencies.
The FBI varies its presence according to requirements in its hunt for al-Qaeda suspects, with the total number deployed anywhere between 50 and 100. It has at least three active cells, in Peshawar, on the border of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA)...
The FBI initially kept a low profile, working mostly at the direction of the all-powerful Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan's premier intelligence outfit and effectively the architect and orchestrator of Pakistan's strategic policies. Now, however, the FBI works autonomously, with its own separate organizational setup. This includes communications to track both mobile and land telephone calls, as well as sophisticated bugging devices. Each cell has these capabilities. In Karachi, the FBI cell operates in the Defense Housing Authority Phase VIII complex. Only two or three army officers are attached to this cell, purely for coordination purposes....
"There is no precedent," says a retired army brigadier who was in charge of ISI operations in Afghanistan during the Soviet war of the 1980s. "Pakistan was a frontline state against the former USSR during the Afghan war. The CIA was thickly involved in operations, but the CIA was not allowed to go beyond Islamabad. Their planes, loaded with missiles and ammunition, used to land at Islamabad airport, but these consignments were just handed over to an ISI cell, which used then to pass them on to the mujahideen in Afghanistan," the brigadier said. "Even on a strategic level, the ISI used to plan operations single-handedly. The CIA only looked after the financial aspects of operations." Now, the FBI has virtually unlimited access and control, including airports, and now it has emerged that it has recently been given access to the bank accounts of Pakistani citizens. ...