6/3 Massacre by Proxy: US Exonerated as it Mops Up with 'Terrorism' Card

The coldblooded Gaza flotilla massacre is another USraeli state terrorist act which, regardless of reliable information regarding its planning, has generated controlled and manipulated 'news' serving the US and its proxy's mutually coordinated hegemonic agendas with their favorite 'terrorist' card.
While worldwide we denounce this crime and its manipulation worldwide, welcome and stand with all those denouncing the killers, we should also recognize and resist falling into the trap of US 'humanitarian' NGOs to further imperialist 'soft power' against Palestine. Executing genocide against the Palestinian nation 'israel' acts with US support. This fundamental fact is being buried by 'progressives' in tune with major media, exonerating the US while blaming its attack dog partner and proxy. We musn't be fooled into support for the enemy's hard and/or soft power. So as we denounce US-Israel, don't fall into the trap of supporting USAID/NGO 'soft power' agencies --- including 'Free Gaza' ---- established by the major enemies of Palestinian liberation to seduce well-meaning activists into organizations designed to undermine the Palestinian just armed struggle for national liberation. more at http://www.burbankdigest.com/node/113

What is Professor Mearsheimer up to? (excerpts)
May 24, 2010
Prof Mearsheimer, like millions of his countrymen, still has not learned the fundamental lessons of the so-called “Israeli-Palestinian” conflict. What appears to be “Israel” versus Palestine is in fact U.S. imperialism versus Palestine. Israel is the U.S. proxy.
The Palestinians are up against an American empire that has had the suppression of the Palestinian people’s rights in its gunsights from the moment that David Ben-Gurion’s faction of the Zionist movement came into predominance in the middle of the Second World War. In the notorious essay Profs Mearsheimer and Walt delivered to the world a few years back, they called this war criminal the Father of his Country.
The U.S. became the sole guarantor of the Israeli military machine in the wake of the 1956 Suez debacle...The State of Israel was a creation of the American empire....a globalised form of the basic class struggle that drives the entire historical process forward The U.S. empire’s modern form emerged during 1945-47 as the national security state...
For those who continue to insist that apartheid rule — a system of imposing civil death on a population to keep them enslaved as your workforce, without any rights but also without any of the security of a slave whose welfare is looked after by his master — is the sum-total of the State of Israel’s aims regarding the Palestinians, I must ask: exactly when and by which apartheid laws was the Black African majority’s right to be in and on their own land attacked and-or taken away by the nationalist Afrikaners and their mostly British financiers? From the outset at their First Congress in Switzerland in 1897, the modern Zionist movement’s aim regarding the Arab population indigenous to Palestine was to eliminate their people-hood. Herzl babbled in his diaries about shoving them across the borders “discreetly and circumspectly” but the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 finally called this sort of this what it really was: genocide. The fact that the State of Israel keeps British Mandate military law on its books to deal with the Palestinians may look like “apartheid,” but the aim is extermination of the Palestinians as a people, not merely their submission to a foreign occupier’s regime of public law and private property...
The issue is the U.S. empire, which deploys Israel as its proxy. Even those so-called “Israeli” nukes are a strategic reserve of the U.S. empire.The fact that the State of Israel keeps British Mandate military law on its books to deal with the Palestinians may look like “apartheid,” but the aim is extermination of the Palestinians as a people, not merely their submission to a foreign occupier’s regime of public law and private property...
If anyone anywhere really wants to do something about Israel, let them do something about the power and influence of the United States in their own countries, including slugging it out with “their own” ruling elites who have likely been bought and sold many times over by U.S. imperialism. Reining in and-or eliminating US diktat everywhere and anywhere, including Israeli relations, is the single greatest act of solidarity one can manifest on the side of the Palestinians’ struggle today.

US - UN decides where it applies since no law or justice exists in the abstract, beyond political power
1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG), Article 2, defines genocide as any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article II

The Gaza Siege: A Fact Shee
Palestine Center Brief No. 203, 3 June 2010
By Yousef Munayyer
In recent days, coverage of the attack on the aid flotilla headed to the Gaza Strip has focused on the lack of availability of certain humanitarian goods. This fact sheet is a reference tool based on international aid agencies and human rights groups on the impact of the siege on the population of Gaza.
This article originally appeared on Foreignpolicy.com.Yousef Munayyer is Executive Director of the Palestine Center. This policy brief may be used without
permission but with proper attribution to the Center.The views in this brief are those of the author and do
not necessarily reflect those of The Jerusalem Fund. http://www.thejerusalemfund.org/ht/display/ContentDetails/i/13264/pid/22...

US-Israeli state terrorists play predictable geostrategic terrorist card
"Bruguiere, 67, is now the coordinator for the European Union in a terrorism-finance-tracking program jointly run with the United States."
French official says Turkish group behind aid ships had early terrorism ties
The Associated Press
Originally published Wednesday, June 2, 2010 at 5:05 PM

Turkish group behind flotilla is Gaza's new hero
Associated Press Writers
Originally published Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 2:37 PM
The Turkish group that bankrolled the aid flotilla raided by Israel has big plans for Gaza. Its bearded 50-year-old leader has assumed hero status in the impoverished Palestinian territory, where he says his group plans to spend $25 million on housing, medical care and education. Mehmet Kaya has been treated like a star wherever he goes since the deadly raid on Monday. Gazans young and old gather to shake his hand, and he enjoys ready access to leaders of the territory's ruling Islamic militant group Hamas...
It's all part of Turkey's muscular push into the blockaded Gaza Strip and its growing ambition to be an influential player in the Middle East.... Kaya symbolizes Turkey's dramatic shift toward Hamas' key patrons Iran and Syria, at the expense of its traditional alliance with Israel. Ties had been warming gradually, but the sea raid pushed the fledgling partnership out into the open as Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan railed against Israel, accusing it of committing a "massacre" on the high seas. Israeli-Turkish ties had been showing signs of strains even before the raid. Erdogan was an outspoken critic of Israel's war in Gaza last year and in one high-profile incident, stormed off a stage he was sharing with Israeli President Shimon Peres at Davos in the days after the war.
AP writer Selcan Hacaoglu in Istanbul and Tia Goldenberg in Jerusalem contributed to this report.

US 'regrets' deaths in Israeli raid on Gaza aid boats:
"The United States deeply regrets the loss of life and injuries sustained and is currently working to understand the circumstances surrounding this tragedy," White House spokesman Bill Burton said in a statement. ... In a telephone call, Obama "also expressed the importance of learning all the facts and circumstances around this morning's tragic events as soon as possible," the White House statement said. Obama said he understood the Prime Minister's decision to return immediately to Israel to deal with today's events. They agreed to reschedule their meeting at the first opportunity," the statement added....According to Israel's Channel 10 television, 19 passengers were killed and 36 wounded in the confrontation, although the Israeli army gave a toll of 10.
http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5g6AN8EH9GYDcakXsUaqA0... http://www.maannews.net/eng/ViewDetails.aspx?ID=288659

same old US zionist imperialist arrangements
Obama Provided Israel With Historic Guarantees
By Attila Somfalvi
Following the NPT conference decision to name Israel as a country whose nuclear facilities must be inspected, with US endorsement,"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has received unequivocal guarantees from Obama for the State of Israel's preservation of strategic and deterring abilities," a senior State official said. "These assurances include a significant upgrade in the history of US-Israel relations in the line of strategic understandings." http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article25582.htm

Black America, Corporate Media and the Siege of Gaza
06/02/2010 — Bruce A. Dixon
...Israel serves as a permanent military base in a sea of brown people in close proximity to a large fraction of the world's oil supply, absolutely central to US imperial rule...A full scale Israeli military assault at the end of 2008 devastated poultry, dairy and vegetable farms, hospitals, factories, bakeries, along with water and sewage infrastructure and hundreds of buildings. Now a brutal act of slow motion genocide is in progress, engineered by the US, Israel and Egypt... because of decisions made and reaffirmed by our First Black President to continue the illegal collective punishment ... Many black pastors are hamstrung, unwilling to jeopardize the federal funding for their ministries by actively disagreeing with this president, the last one, or the next one, whoever that might be....
After seizing control of the boats, murdering at least nine civilians in the process, the Israeli soldiers took the boats to an Israeli port and arrested the crew and passengers. Journalists were stripped of cameras, notes and recording devices, and all are being held incommunicado in an apparent effort to give fake US and Israeli government accounts of the incident a few days head start in the media.Thanks to the disciplined effort of US corporate media, the brutal blockade of Gaza imposed by the US and its client states of Israel and Egypt is largely invisible to the US public. You will search US media pretty much in vain for the accounts of journalists who live in or who make their way to Gaza, for the damning UN figures on homelessness and malnutrition, on the collapse of health care, trade, education and employment in the besieged zone where half the population is under the age of 15.
Gaza is being punished for the unforgivable sin of rejecting the US and Israeli-sponsored candidates for local office. Having elected candidates not to the liking of the US and Israel, their populations are to be denied food, medical supplies and the like until they come to their senses and choose leaders more to the liking of the US and Israel.

A Middle East Strategy for the Next President
Middle East Strategy proposal for the Obama Administration
December 2, 2008
In Restoring the Balance: A Middle East Strategy for the Next President, experts from the Council on Foreign Relations and the Saban Center at the Brookings Institution propose a new, nonpartisan Middle East strategy drawing on the lessons of past failures to address both the short-term and long-term challenges to U.S. interests.

NB: still strategically operative
1996 A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm
A policy blueprint for incoming Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu prepared by U.S. Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies’ "Study Group on a New Israeli Strategy Toward 2000."