10/10 Bury the Imperialist Legacy of Columbus

"Christopher Columbus not only opened the door to a New World, but also set an example for us all by showing what monumental feats can be accomplished through perseverance and faith."
George H.W. Bush, 1989 speech

"Their hands are covered in blood and there is no water, there is no river or ocean able to clean them. No matter how powerful they are, the fancy parties they go, the elegant houses and the expensive dresses, no matter their smiles and the lies they hide behind. They are miserable gangsters, bloody war criminals, responsible for unspeakable atrocities. They belong to jail and deserve our deepest contempt."
Gabriele Zamparini
Civilization, genocide style
Meet the New Empire, Same as the Old Empire

( http://www.transformcolumbusday.org/pdf/Meet%20the%20New%20Empire%20Same... )

"These mortal enemies of human kind trained hunting dogs to track them down - wild dogs who would savage a native to death as soon as [it] looks at him, tearing him into shreds and devouring his flesh as though he were a pig."
Bartolome de Las Casas, 1542

Christopher Columbus
"Christopher Columbus is a symbol, not of a man, but of [Western] imperialism.
... Imperialism and colonialism are not something that happened decades
ago or generations ago, but but they are still happening now with the exploitation of people. ... The kind of thing that took place long ago in which people were dispossessed from their land and forced out of subsistence economies and into market economies -- those processes are still happening today."
John Mohawk, Seneca, 1992

Columbus Day: American As Apple Pie
"The history of this small island is, in many ways, a microcosm for what's happening in the whole world...This wasn't just the story of Hispaniola; the same has been done to indigenous peoples worldwide. Slavery, apartheid...The story of Columbus and the Taino is just one example...It is our way of life..."
Thom Hartmann

Columbus Day Celebration? Think Again..
"...And on the basis of that mistaken landfall, was unleashed a process of conquest and colonization unparalleled in the history of humanity. Every indigenous people of this hemisphere - but we will concern ourselves for the moment only with Turtle Island because those to the South, even the States to the South, are not engaged in the globalization process; they are not its locus, the locus is here as I said - so you've got 500, 600 indigenous nations each of which was ultimately - how did they put it in their euphemistic, self-congratulatory language: discovered? Well, I'm "discovering" each and every one of you today because I've never encountered any of you before; I guess maybe next I need to "explore" you despite the fact that you probably know yourselves very well, and don't require exploration. Nonetheless, having explored you I guess I'm going to "settle" you, are I not? Yeah, right, every single indigenous nation was 'discovered', was 'explored', was 'settled', that is to say conquered and pacified, subjugated and colonized.
Ward Churchill

Resistance to War, Occupation, and Empire


* Columbus is responsible for the murder of millions of indigenous people.

* Columbus was a slavetrader in Africa before invading America. He began the slave trade in the Americas. He deserves no holiday, no parades, no statues.

* Columbus Day celebrates the doctrine of "discovery" – the legal process that stole Indian people's territories, and continues today.

The Anti-Kolumbus Day Manifesto
Every year in October, in cities throughout the US and occupied America, celebrations and parades are held on Kolumbus Day, in honor of Khristopher Kolumbus. And every year, though in fewer cities, these celebrations are met with resistance by those concerned with indigenous sovereignty and colonialism. This year, the protests continue.

We oppose Kolumbus Day because it is a de facto celebration of conquest, including the genocide and land theft waged against First Nations. Upon arriving in modern-day Haiti/Dominican Republic and viewing the native Tainos, Kolumbus remarked, “with fifty men, we could subjugate them all.” Thirty years after his arrival, the island’s Native population had declined by 90%. This pattern would be recreated across the Americas, particularly in the United States, where a campaign of genocide was waged against First Nation peoples by White settlers. Kolumbus would also pioneer slavery in the Americas, a phenomenon that would officially last nearly 400 years yet remains in the form of exploitation of the masses south of the militarily-imposed US-Mexico border and throughout the Third World.

We oppose Kolumbus Day because it is a de facto celebration of the exploitation of subjugation of many peoples by a handful. Kolumbus’s original voyage was a landmark of Spanish imperialism, yet Kolumbus Day transcends this original meaning. Today, the United States stands above the rest of the world, dominating, in part by operating over 700 military bases around the globe. Today, over a billion people are faced with undernourishment, yet virtually every Amerikan is part of the world’s richest 15%. Kolumbus Day is a celebration of this ongoing imperial legacy.

We oppose Kolumbus Day because it is a celebration of parasitism and imperialist decadence. The ritualistic Kolumbus Day parade, usually consisting of closing roads for slow-moving processions of large vehicles filled with flags-waving crackers, is one made possible only through the exploitation of various countries, including their oil resources, for benefit of a decadent First World population. We protest Kolumbus Day in solidarity with those who suffer for the luxuries Amerikans receive 365 days a year, not just on this or that imperialist holiday.

Though a good start, ending Kolumbus Day alone doesn’t cut deep enough into the problem. Therefore, The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement presents the following program:
1) The end of all US territorial claims; national liberation for oppressed nations. Return of land to First Nations throughout the US and Klanada. National liberation for Mexicanos on both sides of the militarily-imposed border and reunification. National liberation and sovereignty for Puerto Rico and for the Kanaka Maoli of Hawai’i. National liberation and self-determination for the Black nation. The surrender of all US-controlled land throughout the world.
2) The imposition of a globalized democracy of the world’s oppressed and exploited masses upon the United States and First World. The creation of zones throughout the current US and elsewhere to be used as the global proletariat sees fit.
3) The massive payment of reparations from Amerikans to the Third World, to be accomplished through the redistribution of land, capital and through labor.
4) Relocation of many Whites, including to the Third World, and reeducation for all Amerikans, resulting in the liquidation of much of the White nation and eradication of their parasite culture.
These are the demands of a world that suffers from deep problems and requires truly revolutionary solutions. Until these demands are met, resistance will continue.
The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement-Denver
October 1st, 2010

"The European invasion and domination of the "New World," i.e., the Columbus Enterprise, set the pattern for centuries. It continues. This pattern has produced the most egregious genocide of ancient native cultures in world history. Columbus revealed a new arrogant attitude in the hemisphere when he entered into his diary in 1492, upon being greeted by the Arawak natives on the Caribbean Island of Hispaniola: "They would make fine servants...With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want."
Native Americans have told us over and over again that the "white man" speaks with "forked tongue." Their knowledge of EuroAmerican veracity comes from being sad victims of every one of the 400-plus treaties and agreements signed with them, then violated by the U.S. government. The natives were forced to virtually eliminate their own culture, land and language (deraced) if they desired to survive (without dignity)...
This past is present in our character and it taints every aspect of our so-called Columbus Enterprise of modern economics and technology. We are blinded by this deep racism...
The majority of residents and citizens of the United States and most other "industrialized" countries have relinquished much of their spiritual, intellectual, emotional health and integrity in order to receive the "benefits" of protected materialism in our nation states..."
Brian Willson
Celebrating Columbus is Blasphemy

Who benefits? The conquerors, the imperialists, the state terrorists of today US, UK and Israel.

"...the victor’s insanity extends to a mythical patent on the very words of holocaust and genocide, terrorism and barbarism. Those who write the definitions, histories, make the movies, and develop the propaganda claim intellectual property rights to even the words and stories as they codify their stories and erase the stories of their victims. Those who dare to use the word, “holocaust” when speaking of the genocides and the wars of terrorism against the First People of North, Central and South America; the natives of Africa in the past; and the Iraqi and Palestinians presently are accused of “anti-Semitism. Jobs are lost, tenured denied, and rendition and prison if they are a Semitic Arab. Thus, even the history of the Arab people as Semites has been erased and now only applies only to the Jews. He who writes the rules, rules.

Who benefits? The conquerors, the imperialists, the state terrorists of today US, UK and Israel.
Therein resides the majority of 4% of the class who own the biggest weapons of mass destruction, the most nukes, and the control of the media and who directly benefit from which peoples stories are mandated and those whose stories are erased and denied. Today, it is the stories of the genocide and holocausts of the Iraqi and Palestinian people being erased in the corporate media of the USA. When the stories are told, they, like the indigenous peoples of Africa and North America, are painted as savages and terrorists deserving of a program of extermination. After all, if one does the crime of resistance by fighting the imperialists, one will do the time. Their story will be erased if not mandated by their advocates and lobbyists. Without a mandated history they are invisible, they do not exist. No Hollywood films for indigenous oppressed people unless it includes a white hero who tells their story and comes to rescue them in the super power’s super hero fairy tale..."

Dr. June Terpstra

Arabian Sights
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The Right of Nations to Self Determination
June 1914 (from Collected Works, 4th English Edition, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1964) http://www.tamilnation.org/selfdetermination/14lenin.htm
"...What is meant by the Self Determination of Nations?.. What should be understood by that term? Should the answer be sought in legal definitions deduced from all sorts of "general concepts" of law? Or is it rather to be sought in a historico-economic study of the national movements?... To accuse those who support freedom of self-determination, i.e., freedom to secede, of encouraging separatism, is as foolish and hypocritical as accusing those who advocate freedom of divorce of encouraging the destruction of family ties. Just as in bourgeois society the defenders of privilege and corruption, on which bourgeois marriage rests, oppose freedom of divorce, so, in the capitalist state, repudiation of the right to self-determination, i.e., the right of nations to secede, means nothing more than defence of the privileges of the dominant nation and police methods of administration, to the detriment of democratic methods..."

Did Vladimir Lenin Predict The Banking Disaster Of 2008?
Digest comment: Lenin applied Marx' analysis of capital and its internal contradictions as capital 'globalized' into an international political-economic system. Genuinely revolutionary Marxism-Leninism isn't dogma, static facts or dictums but a living theory, based on the majority of human beings who make and change the world under different conditions, today against a common US enemy, to take the future in our common hands.

Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism
By V. I. Lenin
The epoch of imperialism opens when the expansion of colonialism has covered the globe and no new colonies can be acquired by the great powers except by taking them from each other, and the concentration of capital has grown to a point where finance capital becomes dominant over industrial capital. Lenin enumerated the following five features characteristic of the epoch of imperialism:

Monopoly, oligarchy, the striving for domination and not for freedom, the exploitation of an increasing number of small and weak nations by a handful of the richest or most powerful nations – all these have given rise to those distinctive characteristics of imperialism which compel us to define it as parasitic or decaying capitalism... the bourgeoisie to an ever-increasing degree lives on the proceeds of capital exports and by “clipping coupons”. It would be a mistake to believe that this tendency to decay precludes the rapid growth of capitalism. It does not. In the epoch of imperialism, certain branches of industry, certain strata of the bourgeoisie and certain countries betray, to a greater or lesser degree, now one and now another of these tendencies. On the whole, capitalism is growing far more rapidly than before; but this growth is not only becoming more and more uneven in general, its unevenness also manifests itself, in particular, in the decay of the countries which are richest in capital....

V. I. Lenin LCW vol.22, http://www.marxists.org/glossary/frame.htm

five features characteristic of the epoch of imperialism:

(1) the concentration of production and capital has developed to such a high stage that it has created monopolies which play a decisive role in economic life;
(2) the merging of bank capital with industrial capital, and the creation on the basis of this “finance capital”, of a financial oligarchy;
(3) the export of capital as distinguished from the export of commodities acquires exceptional importance;
(4) the formation of international monopoly capitalist associations which share the world among themselves, and
(5) the territorial division of the whole world among the biggest capitalist powers by war. Imperialism is capitalism at that stage of development at which the dominance of monopolies and finance capital is established; in which the export of capital has acquired pronounced importance. (p. 266-7)

[Imperialism] is quite different from the old free competition between manufacturers, scattered and out of touch with one another, and producing for an unknown market. Concentration [of production] has reached the point at which it is possible to make an approximate estimate of all sources of raw materials (for example, the iron ore deposits)... [throughout] the whole world. Not only are such estimates made, but these sources are captured by gigantic monopolist associations [now called multi-national conglomerates]. An approximate estimate of the capacity of markets is also made, and the associations "divide" them up amongst themselves by agreement. Skilled labor is monopolized, the best engineers are engaged; the means of transport are captured – railways in America, shipping companies in Europe and America. Capitalism in its imperialist stage leads directly to the most comprehensive socialization of production; it, so to speak, drags the capitalists, against their will and consciousness, into some sort of a new social order, a transitional one from complete free competition to complete socialization. Production becomes social, but appropriation remains private. The social means of production remain the private property of a few. The general framework of formally recognized free competition remains, and the yoke of a few monopolists on the rest of the population becomes a hundred times heavier, more burdensome and intolerable. (p. 205)

The development of capitalism has arrived at a stage when, although commodity production still "reigns" and continues to be regarded as the basis of economic life, it has in reality been undermined and the bulk of the profits go to "geniuses" of financial manipulation. At the basis of these manipulations and swindles lies socialized production; but the immense progress of mankind, which achieved this socialization, goes to benefit... the speculators." (p. 206-207)