12/15 Massive Iran Bombing: US - Jundullah History

Dozens Killed in Apparent Iranian Suicide Attack
15 December 2010 http://www.voanews.com/english/news/Blast-Kills-Pilgrims-in-Iran-1119095...
Iranian media report suicide bombers have killed at least 41 people in Chahbahar, a mainly Sunni city in troubled Sistan-Baluchistan province. More than 50 other people were wounded in the attack, which occurred at a mosque where people were marking the eve of the key Shi'ite holy day.Reports say the militant group Jundullah has taken responsibility for the carnage.
Worshippers had been gathering at the mosque in Chahbahar on the eve of Ashura, which marks the death of Shi'ite martyr Imam Hussein, grandson of the Prophet Mohammad.
One of those taking part in the ceremony, identified only as Rahimi, condemned the violence. Rahami says the goal of the attack is to divide Muslims and incite differences among them.
Shi'ites celebrating the holy day have been frequent targets during Ashura, especially those making pilgrimage to Iraq, where Hussein died.
Jundullah has carried out high-profile attacks in the past, including violence at mosques and gatherings of Iran's Republican Guard. The government had hoped the group was weakened after it executed its leader, Abdolmalek Rigi, in June. Iran has in the past accused the United States of aiding Jundullah, but Washington recently also designated it a terrorist organization.

'US spy service behind Iran attack'
Iranian Deputy Interior Minister Ali Abdollahi said the perpetrators of the attack were supported by regional and US intelligence services. "The equipment and backup of the terrorists behind the attack indicate that these individuals were supported by advanced regional and US intelligence services,"... The group obtained explosive belts from Saudi Arabia, Press TV has learned...The terrorist group Jundallah claimed responsibility for the attack, the Arabic-language *al-Arabiya satellite news channel reported on Wednesday. Jundallah, a Pakistan-based terrorist group, has carried out numerous bombings, assassination attempts, and terrorist attacks in Iran. Its leader Abdolmalek Rigi was arrested by Iranian intelligence forces in February 2010 and executed in June for 79 counts of crimes, including armed robbery, bombing operations and armed attacks on police and civilians.

*Al Arabiya http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Arabiya
...created to be a direct competitor of the Qatar-based Al Jazeera.[2] According to a 2008 New York Times profile of Al Arabiya director Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed, the channel works "to cure Arab television of its penchant for radical politics and violence,"...Al-Rashed says the channel has pushed Al Jazeera to be more critical of the insurgency in Iraq. "Now Al Jazeera is a very soft, reasonable station when it comes to the Iraqis," he claims. Al Arabiya has, in turn, drawn accusations of pro-American or pro-Saudi bias...
January 26, 2009 President of the United States Barack Obama gave his first formal interview as president to Al Arabiya,[11] delivering the message to the Muslim world that "Americans are not your enemy", while also reiterating that "Israel is a strong ally of the United States" and that they "will not stop being a strong ally of the United States".[4] The White House contacted Al Arabiya's Washington Bureau chief, Hisham Melhem, directly just hours before the interview and asked him not to announce it until an official announcement was made by the administration.[11]... "A voice of moderation helps transform Arab media" by Robert F. Worth (NYT 2008-01-04).

One of Al Arabiya’s regular features is “Sina’at al Mowt,” or “The Death Industry,” which focuses on terrorism. Some critics have lambasted Al Arabiya as an American vehicle, mockingly calling it Al Hebraia, The Hebrew, accusing it of being even more pro-American than Al Hurra, which is financed by the United States and widely dismissed in the Arab world as propaganda. -- Jan. 27, 2009, NYT

11/4/10 Iran welcomed US decision to label Jundullah 'terrorist' group " a move in the "right direction."

ABC News Exclusive: The Secret War Against Iran
April 03, 2007 Brian Ross, http://blogs.abcnews.com/theblotter/2007/04/abc_news_exclus.html
A Pakistani tribal militant group responsible for a series of deadly guerrilla raids inside Iran has been secretly encouraged and advised by American officials since 2005, U.S. and Pakistani intelligence sources tell ABC News. The group, called Jundullah, is made up of members of the Baluchi tribe and operates out of the Baluchistan province in Pakistan, just across the border from Iran. It has taken responsibility for the deaths and kidnappings of more than a dozen Iranian soldiers and officials.
U.S. officials say the U.S. relationship with Jundullah is arranged so that the U.S. provides no funding to the group, which would require an official presidential order or "finding" as well as congressional oversight. Tribal sources tell ABC News that money for Jundullah is funneled to its youthful leader, Abd el Malik Regi, through Iranian exiles who have connections with European and Gulf states..."He used to fight with the Taliban. He's part drug smuggler, part Taliban, part Sunni activist," said Alexis Debat, a senior fellow on counterterrorism at the Nixon Center and an ABC News consultant who recently met with Pakistani officials and tribal members. "Regi is essentially commanding a force of several hundred guerrilla fighters that stage attacks across the border into Iran on Iranian military officers, Iranian intelligence officers, kidnapping them, executing them on camera," Debat said.
Jundullah took credit for an attack in February that killed at least 11 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard riding on a bus in the Iranian city of Zahedan.
Last month, Iranian state television broadcast what it said were confessions by those responsible for the bus attack.They reportedly admitted to being members of Jundullah and said they had been trained for the mission at a secret location in Pakistan.The Iranian TV broadcast is interspersed with the logo of the CIA, which the broadcast blamed for the plot. A CIA spokesperson said "the account of alleged CIA action is false" and reiterated that the U.S. provides no funding of the Jundullah group.
Pakistani government sources say the secret campaign against Iran by Jundullah was on the agenda when Vice President Dick Cheney met with Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf in February. A senior U.S. government official said groups such as Jundullah have been helpful in tracking al Qaeda figures and that it was appropriate for the U.S. to deal with such groups in that context. Some former CIA officers say the arrangement is reminiscent of how the U.S. government used proxy armies, funded by other countries including Saudi Arabia, to destabilize the government of Nicaragua in the 1980s.

Rice: US funds for democracy initiative in Iran
By Farah Stockman, Globe Staff | February 16, 2006 Boston Globe
WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice asked Congress yesterday to fund a sweeping initiative to promote democracy inside Iran that would expand satellite broadcasts to enable Washington to ”engage” directly with the Iranian people. The initiative also would lift US restrictions to allow US funding for Iranian trade unions, political dissidents, and nongovernmental organizations. The new request, which was made yesterday at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Bush’s foreign affairs budget, would increase spending on democracy programs for Iran this year from $10 million to $85 million. Rice announced the initiative as Washington steps up pressure on the hard-line regime in Tehran over its nuclear program, which Washington suspects is geared toward producing a nuclear weapon.
”We find it in our interest now . . . to see if we can’t engage the Iranian population,” Rice told the senators. ”In some ways, you could argue that they need it even more now because they are being isolated by their own regime.”...
The initiative could be a boon to a New Haven [ed: US/SOROS] human rights group, the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, which last year received about one-third of the $3.5 million that the State Department spent on promoting democracy in Iran.
Yesterday, a senior State Department official briefing the press on the new effort acknowledged that it will be dangerous for Iranian groups to accept funding from the United States and that activists could be killed or imprisoned for doing so... the lion’s share of the democracy money would therefore go to groups outside Iran that maintain discreet contacts inside the country, but that the State Department was prepared to have direct contact and funding links with eligible groups inside Iran. She said much of the work would go on in secret to protect the identities of Iranian activists.
State Department officials at yesterday’s briefing stopped short of calling for regime change in Iran, but talked of a desire to foment internal drives for massive political change, similar to movements in Ukraine and the former Soviet republic of Georgia, where US funds paid for media and civil society outreach....
Ramesh Setehrrad, president of the National Committee of Women for a Democratic Iran, an advocacy group in Washington, said the administration would have a hard time finding organizations to fund if it rejected the political opposition in exile, most of which is associated with the Mujaheddeen Khalq, which the State Department considers a terrorist organization, or with monarchists associated with the late shah, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. ”There is nothing left as far as the opposition is concerned,” Setehrrad said. She called the move a ‘’step in the right direction,” but said it would be inadequate until Washington decided to openly support the political opposition. Rice’s initiative by itself ”will not bring the regime down and will not weaken the regime’s grip on power,” she said...
Rice’s package for democracy would provide an extra $50 million to broadcast programming into Iran in the hopes that a significant number of Iranians will be able to get it via satellite dishes, which are common despite being banned. Some of the money would go to expand the Persian-language service of Radio Farda, a joint venture between Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, and Radio Liberty, which now runs only four hours per day. State Department officials have traveled to Los Angeles, home to a large Iranian community and nearly two dozen Persian-language television stations, to vet other groups that could broadcast in Persian, officials said yesterday.
An additional $15 million in funds would go to US organizations that would support Iranian labor unions and civic activities, and to fund Iranian groups.
Another $5 million would expand educational exchanges with Iranian students, and $5 million more would expand efforts to reach out to Iranians with the Internet and instant messaging...
© Copyright 2006 Globe Newspaper Company. source- Boston Globe
How Rice and USA in 2006 invested in potentially bringing about the current election chaos in Iran

‘US supported’ Jundullah terrorist group claims responsibility for killing Iran Revolution guards
October 18,200 http://www.newsrescue.com/2009/10/us-supported-jundullah-terrorist-group...
At least 42 people, including ranking commanders of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) were killed by an explosion during a unity conference between Sunni and Shia tribal leaders in the borderline city of Pishin in Sistan-Baluchistan. Iran has condemned Pakistan and the US for these attacks and promises a swift and comprehensive response for the two deadly acts of terror on its citizens. The Jundullah group, according to the Telegraph is a group operating out of Pakistan given tactical support by the USA, in a program established under the Bush administration to destabilize the Iranian regime. Telegraph: “… the CIA is giving arms-length support, supplying money and weapons, to an Iranian militant group, Jundullah, which has conducted raids into Iran from bases in Pakistan.Iranian officials say they captured 10 members of Jundullah last weekend, carrying $500,000 in cash along with “maps of sensitive areas” and “modern spy equipment”….” [Telegraph.co.uk]

One of the most active and violent anti-regime groups in Iran today is the Jundallah, also known as the Iranian People’s Resistance Movement, which describes itself as a resistance force fighting for the rights of Sunnis in Iran. “This is a vicious Salafi organization whose followers attended the same madrassas as the Taliban and Pakistani extremists,” Nasr told me. “They are suspected of having links to Al Qaeda and they are also thought to be tied to the drug culture.” The Jundallah took responsibility for the bombing of a busload of Revolutionary Guard soldiers in February, 2007. At least eleven Guard members were killed. According to Baer and to press reports, the Jundallah is among the groups in Iran that are benefiting from U.S. support. The C.I.A. and Special Operations communities also have long-standing ties to two other dissident groups in Iran: the Mujahideen-e-Khalq, known in the West as the M.E.K., and a Kurdish separatist group, the Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan, or PJAK. [NewYorker]

Indo-US-Israeli Jundullah defeated by Iranian-Pakistani cooperation

"US backs Jundullah to destabilize Iran"
11 Jul 2008
Pakistan's former Army Chief, Retired General Mirza Aslam Baig, says US supporting the outlawed Jundullah group to destabilize Iran. ..." www.liveleak.com/view?i=c4a_1215739671

U.S. Attacks Iran Via CIA-Funded Jundullah Terror Group
Critics say the U.S. government effectively attacked Iran Sunday after its proxy terror group Jundullah launched a suicide bomb attack against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard at their headquarters in Pishin, killing 42 people. Leaders of the Al-Qaeda-affiliated group claimed responsibility for the bombing. According to the London Daily Telegraph, Jundullah is funded and trained by the CIA and Israel’s spy service, Mossad, and is being used to destabilize the Iranian government. The attack killed five Guard commanders plus scores of others. However, the fact that Jundullah is financed and run by the CIA and Mossad is not debatable. In 2007 the Telegraph quoted intelligence sources as saying Bush signed an official document endorsing CIA plans for a disinformation campaign intended to .. eventually topple, the theocratic rule of the mullahs. Part of that campaign involved the CIA “supplying money and weapons to .. Jundullah, which has conducted raids into Iran from Pakistan. Source

Rigi's brother exposes US ties with Jundullah
Abdolhamid Rigi, the brother of Jundullah leader Abdolmalek Rigi reports that the US helped the armed separatist ring carry out terror activities in Iran.
In a recent interview, Abdulhamid Rigi told Press TV that since 2005, his brother had repeatedly met with US agents in Islamabad and Karachi and communicated with them through a common link."In Pakistan, Malik [Abdolmalek Rigi] contacted an individual that resided in the US who then put him through to the FBI. Malik said he would go to Islamabad and meet with the Americans,"...


Invitation by NSA partners Google/YouTube, Facebook and other super surveillance and data collection sites serving the fascist state
Google's You Tube Gives Users Ability To Flag Content That Promotes Terrorism
The Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/12/13/youtube-terrorism-flag_n_796128...
When you flag a video as inappropriate, "promotes terrorism" now appears as an option under the "violent or repulsive content" category on the Google-owned website (see screenshot below) YouTube is leaving it up to the users to decide what does and does not promote terrorism....