7/19 African Resistance v. Hard & Soft Power Predators; "Taliban" Proves "Kandahar Means Afghanistan"


7/20/11 120-Day War: 15,308 NATO Sorties Over Libya, 5,767 Strike Missions
LIBYA videos: USNATO war is up against the Libyan people

Million Libyans Rally in Tripoli to defend their country and their government and to repudiate US NATO aggression.
Not counting Cyrenaica currently occupied by US NATO and its mercenaries, Libya's population is approximately 5 million,1.5 million of whom live in the capital itself.
The government has distributed 2 million machine guns to the civilian population http://www.voltairenet.org/Immense-1st-of-July-demonstration

Children as young as seven being trained to fight on the front lines against Gaddafi

Libya is one of the few countries not stuck in the spider web of the international money lenders and vampires of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and Bank of International Settlements. As shown in a diplomatic cable published by Wikileaks on January 20th, the U.S. Ambassador in Tripoli was informed that the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) had deposited 32 billion dollars in U.S. banks. Five weeks later, on February 28th, the U.S. Treasury "froze" them. According to official statements, this is "the largest sum of money ever blocked in the United States, which Washington holds "in trust for the future of Libya."The robbery of Libyan funds will have a particularly strong impact in Africa. On this continent, the Libyan Arab African Investment Company made investments in over 25 countries, including 22 in sub-Saharan Africa...
Even more important were the Libyan investments in the realization of three financial institutions launched by the African Union, the African Investment Bank, whose headquarters are in Tripoli, the African Monetary Fund, based in Yaoundé (Cameroon), the African Central Bank, located in Abuja (Nigeria).
The development of these organisms would allow African countries to escape the control of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, both instruments of neo-colonial domination, and should mark the end of the CFA franc, the currency that 14 ex-colonies are required to use . The freezing of Libyan soverign funds deal a very hard blow to the entire project.

How the US controls "civil society" throughout Africa
Enemy-sponsored organisations threaten nation
by Tafataona Mahoso
7/17/11 http://bulawayo24.com/index-id-opinion-sc-blogs-byo-5670-article-Enemy-s... http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article28614.htm

(excerpt) How the US controls "civil society" throughout Africa
Because of the disastrous effects of neoliberal economic structural adjustment and (in Zimbabwe) because of the effects of illegal sanctions as well, the number of foreign-funded NGOs has increased more than 10 times since the late 1980s. Moreover, this aid is not limited to the civilian NGO sector. It is also military and strategic.
Africa is opening itself to much worse manipulations if it allows the US Africom project to grow and spread on African soil.
The Anglo-Saxon powers, led by the US, already control a continental network and superstructure of "civil society" throughout Africa. It ranges from individual activists and NGOs at the village level to national headquarters of the same NGOs operating on a nation-wide basis; it ranges from donor-funded, quasi-judicial human rights commissions to regional bodies such as the Sadc Tribunal, all the way to the African Commission on Human and People's Rights (ACHPR.)
Running parallel to the "civil society" network superstructure is the series of military and intelligence co-operation programmes which Africom is supposed to consolidate.
How the US controls "civil society" throughout Africa
Because of the disastrous effects of neoliberal economic structural adjustment and (in Zimbabwe) because of the effects of illegal sanctions as well, the number of foreign-funded NGOs has increased more than 10 times since the late 1980s.Moreover, this aid is not limited to the civilian NGO sector. It is also military and strategic.
Africa is opening itself to much worse manipulations if it allows the US Africom project to grow and spread on African soil.
The Anglo-Saxon powers, led by the US, already control a continental network and superstructure of "civil society" throughout Africa. It ranges from individual activists and NGOs at the village level to national headquarters of the same NGOs operating on a nation-wide basis; it ranges from donor-funded, quasi-judicial human rights commissions to regional bodies such as the Sadc Tribunal, all the way to the African Commission on Human and People's Rights (ACHPR.)
Running parallel to the "civil society" network superstructure is the series of military and intelligence co-operation programmes which Africom is supposed to consolidate. Once Africom is in place, the recolonisation process will have been completed... there would be no end to co-ordinated manipulations such as recently attempted against Zimbabwe in Tel Aviv during the fourth week of June 2010 at the Kimberley Process Certification meeting.
In a recent paper, Professor Issa Shivji of the University of Dar es Salaam's School of Law quoted Amilcar Cabral, Archie Mafeje and Frantz Fanon that African leaders must rise in a world and context where the ground has been undercut and paved over by imperialism. They therefore have to reclaim Africa by unpaving the Cape to Cairo tarmac left by Cecil Rhodes and his descendants. "Cabral makes the point that ‘so long as imperialism is in existence, an independent African state must be a liberation movement in power, or it will not be independent'...

NGOs... created and funded by Western governments and imperialist billionaires like George Soros ... have nothing to do with black citizens of Zimbabwe... funded by white supremacists, led by black pikininis given large fat salaries
by Cain Mathema 2011 June 06 http://bulawayo24.com/index-id-opinion-sc-columnist-byo-3885-article-Myt...

u.s. "aid" in geostrategically critical Horn of Africa
US 0perates torture compound in Somalia
7/19, Tom Carter, http://www.uruknet.de/?s1=1&p=79732&s2=20
The Obama administration operating a secret CIA prison compound in Somalia into which targeted individuals are "rendered" without trial to be tortured. According to an investigative report by journalist Jeremy Scahill last week, the walled facility is on the site of Mogadishu’s Aden Adde International Airport. Adjacent to the compound are eight large metal hangers, and the CIA has its own aircraft at the airport.The compound doubles as a prison and a training site for Somali "counterterrorism" intelligence operatives used in assassinations and kidnappings of targeted individuals... Prisoners are from Kenya, Somalia, and other countries in the Horn of Africa targeted for "rendition" by US agents...Jeremy Scahill confirmed the existence of the compound by means of interviews with senior Somali intelligence and government officials, US government officials speaking on condition of anonymity, former inmates at the compound, and former Somali intelligence operatives who worked with CIA agents inside the compound.

US creates crises, driving out millions of refugees, and blames anti-imperialist resistance for blocking soft power "aid"

7/20/11 USAID Pledges Aid for Drought-Stricken Somali Refugees
With the drought in Somalia officially declared a famine, the administrator of USAID, Rajiv Shah, was in the Dadaab refugee camps of Kenya, with more than 400,000 refugees, mostly from Somalia, to pledge American support...he told reporters the United States was pledging $28 million ...Oxfam International accused Western governments of "willful neglect," saying barely a quarter of the $800 million needed to combat the famine had been delivered...Shah said Shah told reporters that much of the humanitarian effort to address the crisis had been blocked by the Somali insurgent group al-Shabab...preventing access to the population... the U.S. would "test the willingness" of al-Shabab to allow aid to the affected areas, but he would not specify how that willingness would be tested.... meanwhile Somalis are expected to keep pouring across the border, into Kenya's refugee camps at an estimated rate of 1,300 per day.

USAID chief to Congress: Don't play games with national security
Rajiv Shah, head of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), preparing to unveil USAID's first policy on combating violent extremism and executing counterinsurgency...has a message for Congress members who want to slash development and foreign-aid budgets. "That first and foremost puts our national security in real jeopardy because we are working hand and glove with our military to keep us safe," said Shah, referring to USAID missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan, the Horn of Africa, and Central America... that Defense Secretary Gates, Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen, and ISAF Commander Gen. David Petraeus all have come out in strong support of increasing USAID's capacity to do foreign aid... "... a high-value, low-density partner to the national security mission..."

NB: As always US uses genocidal disasters it creates for deeper domination, blames anti-imperialist resistance
World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis in Somalia: U.S. Sends Marines and Drones
Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
While U.S. militarization of the Horn of Africa has contributed massively to the threatened starvation of millions -- Americans announce an escalation of drone attacks against Somalia and the establishment of a Marine task force for the region.... Not coincidentally, the epicenter of the disaster is the area where Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia meet – also a focus of U.S. Special Forces, surveillance and logistics activity.
The Americans blame the al-Shabab resistance for exacerbating the drought emergency, but for at least two years the Americans have used food as a weapon [7] of war in Somalia, in an effort to starve out those who might be supporting the Shabab. The U.S. has armed an array of militias operating near the Ethiopian and Kenyan borders, making normal agricultural pursuits all but impossible, and the current world-class catastrophe, inevitable.
Whenever the U.S. rachets up armed interventions in Somalia, disaster follows. Four years ago, after the Americans instigated an Ethiopian invasion of Somalia to overthrow an Islamist government that had brought a semblance of peace to the region, it set off what the United Nations then called “the worst humanitarian crisis in Africa... Today, many of those same refugees are confronted with the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet – once again, largely courtesy of the United States.
“The Obama administration has upgraded Somalia and Yemen as hotspots in its endless war-making.”
The original crime – from which all the other horrors flow – was the theft of Somalia’s government, and the crushing of its people’s dreams for peace. The American proxy aggression, largely conducted through Ethiopia and now Kenya, directed from U.S. AFRICOM in Djibouti – is the root cause of the social disintegration of Somalia, which has pushed much of the population to the edge of extinction...the International Criminal Court, a tool of the aggressor, proposes to deploy U.S. military as its deputies...The newly activated Marine task force augments America’s stepped up drone attacks against the Shabab, escalating Obama’s second shooting war in Africa, war number 6, globally.
In addition to the Marines and the drones, the U.S. recently committed $45 million to equip and train Ugandan and Burundian soldiers -- that prop up the puppet Somali government in Mogadishu. The Obama administration has upgraded Somalia and Yemen as hotspots in its endless war-making, claiming al-Qaida operatives in the region are even more dangerous to the U.S. than their counterparts in Afghanistan and Pakistan – which essentially tells us that al-Qaida isn't really relevant to why American is spreading war and misery all over the planet --- that the world's greatest humanitarian threat lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
For Black Agenda Radio, I'm Glen Ford www.BlackAgendaReport.com BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at Glen.Ford@BlackAgendaReport.com

"...starving the people of Somalia to destroy the social base of resistance to U.S. proxy rule over the country..."
U.S. and Proxy Ethiopia Kill Somalis With Food Weapon
A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford
“The Ethiopian government has blocked the International Red Cross and other aid agencies from carrying out relief work in the region.”
At least 10 million people are in danger of starvation in Kenya, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Somalia, under the worst drought conditions in 60 years. This should be taken as fact. But when it comes to which humans are to blame for relief supplies being unavailable to the victims, don’t believe a word that the United States government says. Washington is not only the greatest purveyor of violence in the world, it is also the biggest liar on the planet, none of whose words can be taken at face value.
The Americans claim the Shabab Islamist fighters made the drought crisis worse by preventing international aid agencies from distributing food relief. But only last year, in February 2010, the New York Times was running a headline, “UN Officials Assail U.S. for Withholding Somali Aid [8].” We explored that story [9] in Black Agenda Report. Back then, United Nations officials charged the U.S. with imposing conditions that made it “impossible” to deliver tens of millions in food aid to hungry Somalis. The Americans refused to allow food to be transferred from warehouses in Kenya, claiming it might enrich the coffers of the Shabab, who controlled about half of Somalia. The U.S. finally let some food pass through, but only on the condition that aid workers not pay any fees at Shabab checkpoints around the country. Aid workers on the ground said that following U.S. orders would make them “look like spies.”... they were right...it is a clear case of US using food as a weapon of war, starving the people of Somalia to destroy the social base for the resistance to U.S. proxy rule over the country....
The Obama administration, which now gives the Ethiopian dictatorship more money than any regime in Africa, could force the doors to the Ogaden open with one phone call. But it won't, because Ethiopia and the U.S. are on the same mission, and there is nothing humanitarian about it. For Black Agenda Radio, I'm Glen Ford. On the web, go to www.BlackAgendaReport.com [12].
BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at Glen.Ford@BlackAgendaReport.com http://blackagendareport.com/content/us-and-ethiopia-kill-somalis-food-w...

The War on Terror, now starring Yemen and Somalia
The Obama administration has escalated the existing drone program and begun a new CIA drone campaign in Yemen (that just killed numerous people over the weekend); it also, contrary to public denials, provided arms to Saudi Arabia to attack a rebel group in Northern Yemen. Yemen is also the justification for Obama's attempt to institutionalize a due-process-free assassination program aimed at U.S. citizens. The administration has commenced a separate drone campaign in Somalia... relying on interrogations conducted in a secret prison in Mogadishu, filled with [Somalians] and those rendered at U.S. behest from other African nations. Just as The Communist was seamlessly replaced by the Terrorist when a new enemy was needed, the death of Osama bin Laden and virtual non-existence of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan means Yemen and Somalia are the New War on Terror Battlegrounds.
Typifying the subservient role played by establishment media in propagating this is The Los Angeles Times article by Brian Bennett "Al Qaeda's Yemen branch has aided Somalia militants, U.S. says," granting anonymity to "U.S. counter-terrorism officials" to echo the official administration line: we now face "a widening alliance of terrorist groups."... In other words, anonymous, unaccountable intelligence officials went to the L.A. Times to depict a scary Terrorist alliance as fact, which the paper uncritically headlined...nothing notable...granting anonymity to government officials to spout the official line and uncritically printing it is... Real National Security Journalism...

Predator Drones and the International Mafia
by Dr. Reza Pankhurst
American predator drone attacks killed a reported 708 people in Pakistan...According to the Brooking Institution more than 90 percent civilians... more drone strikes were carried out in Pakistan during the first year of President Barack Obama’s term in office than during the whole second term of his predecessor George W. Bush, the number of attacks in 2010 more than double those in 2009, and continued growth in their use in 2011. Extra-judicial killing seems to have become the modus operandi of the Obama administration... significantly extending the use of Predator drones in Yemen as well.... its current incumbent Ali Abdullah Saleh...we know courtesy of Wikileaks... told the Americans to kill whomever they pleased in Yemen with their drones, and they would tell Parliament they did so....You would think the loss of such a servile client might force a change in American policy. It has. The drone program in Yemen will be shifted to CIA control...“ CIA operates under different legal restrictions, giving the administration a freer hand to carry out strikes even if Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, receiving medical treatment in Saudi Arabia, reverses his past approval of military strikes or cedes power to a government opposed to them.” ...The US has also extended attacks to Somalia, a country... the US government has teams of appointed lawyers who decide when the Pentagon has the legal right to murder someone... The last administration's Attorney General legalized torture; doctors work alongside interrogators while the torture was being administered, and so on. This mirage of civilized behavior – groups of lawyers lending legitimacy to what is by any standard is straightforward murder, doctors giving aid and health-checks while [victims] they under various forms of torture... America has shown itself to the world to be a reflection of everything it claimed evil about those they are against, lack of respect for innocent life, lack of adherence to rule of law, the use of terror as a political weapon. In reality the 'war of terror’ is a more apt description of their response since 9/11 than 'war on terror’, with the use of Predator drones just another example therein... dressed up as legal by willing accomplices....


when US trained & armed Mujahideen proxy was fighting to kick out the SU, its major geopolitical rivals
"To watch the courageous Afghan freedom fighters battle modern arsenals with simple hand-held weapons is an inspiration to those who love freedom. Their courage teaches us a great lesson—that there are things in this world worth defending. To the Afghan people, I say on behalf of all Americans that we admire your heroism, your devotion to freedom, and your relentless struggle against your oppressors."
Ronald Reagan 1983

As bogus as the US pretext for its state terrorist 'war' Millions of refugees, many who patriotically resisted the invaders/occupiers, driven from Iraq & formerly sovereign nations the U.S. has destroyed under false pretexts in its global war for domination, are unlikely 'loyal patriots': "If you aren't with US, you're with the terrorists"
Iraqi refugees in U.S. rechecked for terrorism links
Officials fear lapses in immigration security may have let insurgents and potential terrorists enter the country. More than 58,000 Iraqis are being screened again


If not operative yet, coming soon, with already operative military-police 'fusion centers', in oppressed nationality bantustans known to be resistance/revolution prone
To Track Militants, U.S. System Never Forgets a Face
U.S. technology scanned eyes, fingerprints and facial images to record and register biometric identifying information in databases, on more than 1.5 million Afghans and 2.2. million Iraqis, particularly men of fighting age... A citizen in Afghanistan or Iraq would have to spend every minute in a home village and never seek government services to avoid crossing paths with a biometric system....millions of digital files can be scanned in a matter of seconds...even at remote checkpoints, using hand-held devices distributed widely at checkpoints. While the system is attractive to American law enforcement agencies, there is serious legal and political opposition to imposing routine collection on American citizens...In Afghanistan and Iraq, there are some complaints — but rarely on grounds recognizable to Americans as civil liberties issues...Even Afghan officials who support the program want to take it over, not have Americans do it...
Instant, computerized iris scans as a tool of population control used to be science fiction...biometric identification technologies was for intelligence agencies and military elite hunter-killer commando units. But a new generation of hand-held biometric systems has spread across the military... expanding biometrics for wholesale application on the battlefield was first tested in 2004 by Marine Corps units in Falluja, a militant stronghold in Anbar Province, Iraq. The insurgent safe haven was walled off, and only those who submitted to biometrics were allowed in and out....Gen.Petraeus, reviewing these efforts when he took command in Iraq in 2007, ordered a surge of biometric scans across the war zone to match the increase in American troops. General Petraeus lauds the technology... not only for separating insurgents from the population... but also for cracking cells that build and plant roadside bombs, the greatest killer of American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Fingerprints and other forensic tidbits can be lifted from a defused bomb or from remnants after a blast, and compared with the biometric files on former detainees and suspected or known militants. “This data is virtually irrefutable and generally is very helpful in identifying who was responsible for a particular device in a particular attack, enabling subsequent targeting,” said General Petraeus, retiring as commander in Afghanistan to become director of CIA. “You can present a fake identification card. You can shave your beard off. But you can’t change your biometrics” said Sgt. Maj. Robert Haemmerle of the Combined Joint Interagency Task Force 435 that conducts detention, judicial and biometrics operations...Defense Department spending on biometrics programs is set at $3.5 billion for 2007 through 2015 fiscal years, according to the Government Accountability Office...

Petraeus will now head CIA to expand US deadly and doomed state terror ops in its world war
Gen. David H. Petraeus turned over command of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan on Monday to Marine Gen. John Allen, as the United States and its allies begin to withdraw troops from the country where they have waged war for nearly a decade.Petraeus ends his tour in Afghanistan without conclusive signs that the counter-insurgency strategy he helped design has turned the tide in the war against the Taliban. The more than 140,000 NATO troops under his command have weakened the insurgency in some of its key strongholds in the south, but other parts of the country remain dangerous, and Taliban leaders still operate with relative impunity from Pakistan.

suppression of this, despite NYT 'revelation' 2 years ago, more evidence of US 'strategic information' thinktanks and State mouthpiece media rol
Bodyguard who killed Karzai’s brother was CIA agent
7/19/11 http://intelligencenews.wordpress.com/2011/07/19/01-763/
The bodyguard who killed Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s half-brother was a trusted aide of British and American intelligence and had worked with US Special Forces in Afghanistan, before turning on his employer, according to American and British news media. Ahmed Wali Karzai, influential Afghan drug lord and CIA agent, was shot dead on July 12 by no other than his trusted bodyguard, Sardar Mohammad. The killing shocked Afghan and American officials, who believed Mohammad’s trustworthiness and loyalty to be beyond reproach. Initial reports blamed Karzai’s killing on internal feuds that often feature in bloody Afghan politics. But these early reports may need to be revised following the revelation in The Washington Post that Mohammad had been working closely for years with the CIA and US Special Forces in Afghanistan, prior to turning against his boss. According to the paper, not only was Mohammad working with the CIA, but two of his brother-in-laws served in the Kandahar Strike Force, a paramilitary unit trained and armed by the CIA. Based on this new information, The Post explains Karzai’s killing as yet another spectacular triumph by Taliban intelligence, who must have managed to recruit Mohammad and turn him against the US-supported Afghan government. Commenting on Mohammad’s CIA background, an unnamed “Western intelligence analyst” told British newspaper The Independent that Karzai’s assassination is indicative of the Taliban’s “increasingly sophisticated intelligence apparatus” in Afghanistan. Western intelligence agencies “probably [...] underestimate the [Taliban's] intelligence components”, said the analyst, even though the latter “do have dedicated intelligence officers. And that’s not just about gathering information but also about infiltration, using whatever combination of blackmail or ideological levers [they need to]”. But there is also another possibility, which neither The Post nor The Independent appear to entertain: namely that Mohammad was still acting under the commands of the CIA when he killed Karzai. To be more specific, the two newspapers must have missed a well-informed recent article by Foreign Policy‘s Matthieu Aikins, in which he reminds us that the US “considered putting Ahmed Wali on its ‘kill/capture list’ during the heyday of the debate in late 2009 over what to do with corrupt actors in Afghanistan”.

Governor Ahmed Wali Karzai
By Matthieu Aikins, 6/30/11 http://harpers.org/archive/2011/06/hbc-90008134
The sentiment seems to be that since Ahmed Wali is already the de facto governor, actually giving him the job might make him more accountable.Such a development would bring to an inauspicious close the long-running debate about what to do with Ahmed Wali. In the past three years, the president’s brother has been accused (mostly by American sources cited in the New York Times) of being involved in the heroin trade and of being paid by the CIA to run illegal militias. He also has close ties to Akhtar Mohammad and Ruhollah, the muscle behind the notorious convoy operations of Watan Risk Management, a now-blacklisted entity whose problematic links with insurgents were detailed in the congressional Host Nations Trucking Report...
What actually happened is that senior U.S. military commanders decided to work with Ahmed Wali, particularly on provincial and district appointments that would bolster security and reintegrate insurgents. The decision effectively allowed Ahmed Wali to consolidate his power base in the province.

Who Killed Ahmed Wali Karzai?
The Taliban is taking credit for assassinating the Afghan president's powerful brother. But a personal feud seems more likely...The dilemma that the U.S. military and NATO repeatedly confronted, without success, was that Ahmed Wali was at the heart of both the order underpinning the Afghan government in Kandahar and the corrupt, exclusionary dynamics that have fueled much of the insurgency....As the West began looking ahead to transition and political reconciliation, the hope was that Ahmed Wali would be able to consolidate a stable political order, despite the fact he and his associates had grown vastly wealthy off the conflict and U.S. military presence. Two weeks ago, in an indication of how far this process had gone, there was a high-level push to make Ahmed Wali the next governor of Kandahar province....

"Kandahar means Afghanistan"
In Kandahar, Taliban on the Rise
U.S. NATO Struggle to Check Insurgents in Key Afghan Area
9/13/09 Rajiv Chandrasekaran, http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/09/13/AR200909...
...The slow and quiet fall of Kandahar, the country's second-largest city, poses a complex new challenge for the U.S. NATO effort...factoring prominently in discussions between Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the overall U.S. and NATO commander, and his advisers about how many more troops to seek from Washington. "Kandahar is at the top of the list," one senior U.S. military official in Afghanistan said. Kandahar in many ways is a microcosm of the challenges the United States faces... It is bigger and more complicated than any place in southern Afghanistan -- and there is a growing belief it is more important to the overall counterinsurgency campaign than any other part of the country."Kandahar means Afghanistan, The history of Afghanistan, the politics of Afghanistan, was always determined from Kandahar, and once again, it will be determined from Kandahar" said the governor, Tooryalai Wesa....