9/20 Palestine and the Question of Statehood, p.1

"The three great imperatives of geopolitical strategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant, and to keep the barbarians from coming together."
Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Grand Chessboard, 1997 - Obama adviser

The 'peace process' is part of the war to destroy the just struggle of the Palestinian people for the liberation and self-determination of their nation
Sick joke: More frankly - fascist prez. hopefuls handed Obama a liberal burnishing boon, denying reality to trump US top-zionist hand: Rick Perry accusing him of a "policy of Palestinian appeasement undermining U.S. security interests in the Middle East"; his main GOP rival Mitt Romney, issuing a statement saying: “What we are watching unfold at the UN is an unmitigated diplomatic disaster. It is the culmination of President Obama’s repeated efforts over three years to throw Israel under the bus and undermine its negotiating position.”.

Statehood is a class question, a political question. Global capitalism, dominated by the US, decides which states will be destroyed and which new ones will be born to serve its global agenda. The current bruhaha about the 'Palestinian leadership' taking its case for 'statehood' to the UN is another very sick joke. Recall it was the UN, an imperialist instrument, that conferred 'statehood' legitimacy on US proxy 'israel' (and more recently on US sponsored and supported 'South Sudan' and TNC in Libya, among others)
"Statehood: No definition is binding on all members of the community of nations on criteria.. In actual practice, the criteria are mainly political, not legal " http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sovereign_state#cite_note-14
For a fuller, still timely examination of the nature of the capitalist state and capitalist democracy see Lenin's 1917 The State and Revolution on States as the machinery of class oppression by whatever class rules, instruments of power to protect its class rule and to suppress opposition by whatever violent means necessary...citing Marx in the Paris Commune, saying in effect that under capitalism the oppressed, every few years get to 'chose' which representatives of the oppressing class should exploit and repress them in the same manner.

'The Palestine Papers' leaks (part 2), like recent history, attest to Obama's continuation of US imperialist-zionism. They provide unequivocal proof of fact that PA / PLO "Palestinian leaders' for many years have been, and are now, USraeli collaborators, agents charged with subverting the undefeatable Palestinian struggle for national liberation, including armed struggle, by promoting 'peace, reconciliation, development' with the genocidal occupiers.
In partnership with USAID, WB, IMF, UN backed NGOs (under collective PNGO umbrella), they wage 'soft power' war to win public approval for this campaign and seduce pro-Palestinian activists into slick 'non-violent alternatives' to Palestinian Intifada, with millions of dollars, countless propaganda resources and thousands of political groups all backing, intentionally or not, US support of its invaluable regional proxy. (earlier digest issues cover 'soft power' arm of imperialism, merged under Pentagon with hard power)

U.S. apologists try to let US off the hook by telling 'progressives' the israeli lobby, AIPAC, holds the poor helpless u.s. 'hostage', controlling its foreign policy, hijacking its democracy, damaging its global 'leadership'. When you stop puking or laughing, ask such liberal propagandists to cite one instance in its entire ignominious history where the US did anything that did not serve the ruling capitalist class and its state - through 'humanitarian 'soft' and/or 'hard', military power. Remind this fifth column of liberal fascist appeasers that amerika's foundations, genocide and slavery, exploitation, oppression, terror and wars for 'manifest destiny', predate AIPAC as US 'manifest destiny' expands its drive for global domination in a bogus 'war on terrorism' for capitalism's security. Big lies of US being the victim of its proxy don't fly in most of the world where, from horrific experience, too many learn that struggling to live necessitates resistance and death from liberation by the U.S. dog and its 'israeli' tail.

The myth of 'the jewish people' (part 2) confounding religion (judaism) with imperialist politics (zionism) is the foundation of one of history's biggest lies. The racist colonial settler entity 'israel', Palestine, was created by anglo-american imperialism under UN aegis, with * jewish zionist and Nazi help, as a crucial regional outpost. US 'manifest destiny' & 'eretz israel', a perfect match. Imperialism and zionism are inseparable. Without US billions outright, endless military 'gifts', interest free loans, and non-stop propaganda behind it, 'israel' would not exist -- and US would lose its attack-dog for so much of its dirty work not only in Palestine, but throughout the region and the world, from Africa to Latin America.

Parts 1 & 2 of this digest issue will present proof that, with the help of leading zionists and nazis, the US zionist proxy has always existed "in the service of US imperialism"

Israel is in the service of U.S. imperialism
from Iraq, Palestine, and U.S. Imperialism July 27, 2004 By Toufic Haddad
...Israel’s role, in the words of founding Zionist thinker Theodore Hertzl in 1896, is to be "a bulwark against Asia…an advance post of civilization against barbarism."6 All Zionist leaders from the pre-state days to the present have understood that loyalty to the objectives of Western imperialism would guarantee support to the state, and domination over the Arab world. Co-founder of the World Zionist Organization Max Nordau explicitly declared this in a July 12, 1920 speech delivered at Albert Hall in London. Describing the event, Nordau writes:
On stage were Mr. Balfour, Marquise Carew, Lord Robert Cecil, members of the British Cabinet, MPs, and Politicians.… I turned to the Ministers and said: During a dangerous moment in the World War you thought that we, the Jews, could render you a useful service. You turned to us, making promises that were rather general but could be considered satisfactory. [This is a reference to Lord Balfour’s declaration promising the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine in 1917—T.H.] We considered your views and were loyal towards your proposals. We only want to continue. We made a pact with you. We consider carefully the dangers and commitments of this pact. We know what you hope to receive from us. We must protect the Suez Canal for you. We shall be the guards of your road to India as it passes through the Middle East. We are ready to fulfill this difficult military role but this requires that you permit us to become powerful so as to be able to fulfill our role. Loyalty for loyalty, faithfulness in return for faithfulness.[7. Max Nordau, "Zionist Works," vol. 4, The Zionist Library, The Executive of the Zionist Organization, Jerusalem, 1962, 203]
After the 1967 war, U.S. imperialism replaced Britain and France as Israel’s backer. But the nature of this relationship and of Israel’s role has never changed, but rather has expanded to include not only the protection of the Suez Canal, but most importantly, the protection of Western access to Middle East oil. As the establishment Israeli daily paper Haaretz wrote,
Israel is to be the watchdog. There is no fear that Israel will undertake any aggressive policy towards the Arab states when this would explicitly contradict the wishes of the U.S. and Britain. But, if for any reasons the western powers should sometimes prefer to close their eyes, Israel could be relied upon to punish one or several neighboring states whose discourtesy to the west went beyond the bounds of the permissible.8...
Israel’s principle purpose is to subvert, suppress, uproot, and destroy the forces of Arab nationalism...makes it an indispensable ally of the U.S., far and above the value of any pro-Western Arab proxy regime whose instability derives from their illegitimacy in the eyes of their own people. For these reasons, American military expert–Major General George Keegan and former air force intelligence officer–was quoted as saying it would cost U.S. taxpayers $125 billion to maintain an armed force equal to Israel’s in the Middle East, and that the U.S.-Israel military relationship was worth "five CIAs."11
Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalon confirmed the strategic significance of Israel for U.S. objectives in the Middle East, in a 2004 interview with Charlie Rose on PBS: "... we are protecting the interests of the United States in our region. Just try to imagine if Israel did not exist. If Israel was not there, what would happen in this region with this hostility towards the United States and the values it represents? When we are there, we are not letting those extremists, those fanatics to focus only on the Americans: they [the fanatics] have to do it with us...we are helping very much the Americans not less than they are helping us. It is mutual interest of both our countries and our peoples.12
[12 Interview with Silvan Shalom on "Charlie Rose," PBS, March 23, 2004. NB: the latter half of this quotation (beginning with "Just try to imagine…) was deliberately cut from the transcript of the show published by the Israeli foreign ministry Web site, retrieved by author listening and transcribing it from the original recording.

An occupied demilitarized 'sovereign state'
US support for 'israel' is and always has been bipartisan: media-hyped 'news' of US - israel "rifts" is same political con as dem-repub. 'fierce opposition' electoral charade
Barack Obama’s vision of a demilitarized Palestinian mini-state on parts of the territories occupied by the Israel Occupation Forces (IOF) in 1967...a Bantustan with its foreign policy dictated by the occupiers is a mockery of the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination....no demilitarized sovereign state exists in the world...there are over two dozen ‘entities’ which do not have regular armed forces – their agreed borders protected by the former colonial powers....Iceland, Monaco, Vatican, Grenada, Samoa, etc.

US threat to Palestinians: change leadership and we cut PA funds
The Obama administration privately made clear it will not allow any change of Palestinian leadership in the West Bank, the leaked papers reveal, let alone any repetition of the Hamas election victory that briefly gave the Islamists control of the Palestinian Authority five years ago...despite the fact the democratic legitimacy of both Palestinian president and Fatah leader, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), and prime minister, Salam Fayyad, is strongly contested among Palestinians, and there are no plans for new elections in either the West Bank or Gaza.
"The new US administration expects to see the same Palestinian faces (Abu Mazen and Salam Fayyad) if it is to continue funding the Palestinian Authority," the then assistant secretary of state David Welch is recorded as telling Fayyad in November 2008. Most of the PA's funding comes from the US and European Union.
Almost a year later, the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, reacted angrily to news that Abbas had threatened to resign and call for new presidential elections. She told Palestinian negotiators: "Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas] not running in the election is not an option – there is no alternative to him." The threat was withdrawn and no election was held.
Unlike the PLO, Hamas rejects negotiations, except for a long-term ceasefire, and refuses to recognise Israel. Supported by Iran and Syria, the group is classed as a terrorist organisation by Israel, the US and the EU.
The leaked documents quote General Keith Dayton, US security co-ordinator for Israel and the Palestinian Authority, was in charge of building up PA security forces until last October. He warned Palestinian leaders in 2007 about rumours the "Fatah old guard" were undermining Fayyad, who he confirmed as the linchpin of US strategy in the West Bank.
"As much as President Bush thinks Abu Mazen is important," Dayton told them, "without Fayyad, the US will lift its hand from the PA and give up on Abu Mazen." Unlike Abbas, Fayyad – a US-trained economist who formerly worked for the World Bank and and the IMF – is not a member of the secular Fatah party.
Abbas was elected president in 2005, but his mandate expired in 2009 and is no longer recognised by Hamas, among others, as the legitimate Palestinian leader. Fayyad was appointed prime minister by Abbas after the Hamas takeover of Gaza but his legitimacy is also strongly contested as his appointment was never confirmed as required by the PA's parliament.
The Obama administration's determination to keep control of who runs the PA underlines the continuity of policy from the Bush years. In the runup to the 2007 Hamas takeover of Gaza, then US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice was revealed in leaked US official documents to have as good as instructed Abbas to "collapse" the then joint Fatah-Hamas national unity government.
The dependence of the existing PA and PLO leadership on US support is well understood by those leaders, as the documents underline. Referring to Obama's attempt to kickstart Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in 2009, US state department official David Hale told chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat: "We need the help of friends like you." Erekat replied that the US president's "success is my survival".
The US consulate in Jerusalem reported in December 2009: "It is axiomatic amongst our contacts that Fatah remains the only near-term alternative to Hamas in Palestinian politics. Despite the toll of corruption and stagnant peace process, our contacts believe that only Fatah has the national liberation credentials, breadth of appeal and organisational structure to mobilise and win a Palestinian election for the foreseeable future ... Despite all its warts and imperfections, Fatah rermains the only viable alternative to Hamas if Palestinian elections occur in the near future."

a long treacherous affair
Why they love Mahmoud Abbas
12/1/04 Hasan Abu Nimah

7/27/07 Haaretz
Israel sanctioned transfer of thousands of machineguns and other military equipment from Jordan to PA chief Mahmoud Abbas's forces in the West Bank, according to... Ha'aretz quoting a responsible PA security official saying the procedure had taken place under complete secrecy.... that similar shipments to the Gaza Strip earlier this year fell into the hands of Hamas fighters after they took control of the Strip two months ago. The source said a big shipment entered the West Bank from Jordan in mid July according to prior agreement between Israel, Jordan and the PA presidency. The paper pointed out that the Hebrew state and the PA on Wednesday resumed full civilian coordination after re-operation of the liaison offices which followed resumption of security coordination between the two sides. Israeli premier Ehud Olmert is currently studying Abbas's request to allow entry of armored vehicles, bullet-proof vests and other military equipment in addition to the Badr forces stationed in Jordan to boost his power against Hamas.

US: PLO mission can now fly flag
7/25/10 http://www.jpost.com/LandedPages/PrintArticle.aspx?id=182489
WASHINGTON – “There has been no change in the status of the Palestinian mission here in Washington,” State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said. “It operates under guidance provided by the State Department. It does not have diplomatic privileges or immunities.”...changes to a general delegation in keeping with the terminology it uses in Canada, Europe and several South American countries... having “symbolic value” reflecting improvement in US relations with the Palestinian Authority...The changes at the PLO mission come as the US has been pushing the Palestinians to move to direct talks with the Israelis as envoy George Mitchell continues his proxy talks between the parties....There have been signs following the visit of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu earlier this month and PA President Mahmoud Abbas before him, that there would be additional gestures to the Palestinians to help pave the way for direct negotiations.

'PA seeks future NATO presence'
05/19/2010 http://www.jpost.com/MiddleEast/Article.aspx?id=175908
Report: Abbas to ask int'l troops keep future Palestine demilitarized.
NATO forces would be able to prevent arms smuggling into the future state and to monitor that it would remain demilitarized. Under any peace agreement likely to be formulated between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Israel would expect the Palestinian entity to remain demilitarized. The Palestinian Authority will also ask NATO and the US to commit to “defending the Palestinian state from Israel" ...US envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell is meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas Wednesday afternoon. According to the report, Abbas would be making this offer and request in the meeting....Abbas will stress “the Palestinian Authority’s commitment to combating violence, incitement and to the war against terrorism,” as well as its continued cooperation with Israel and the US on security issues.

USNATO Mitchell dictates PA/PLO job, exposing how US 'opposition' to an occupied 'palestinian state' is another name for ongoing genocide
NATO forces would be able to prevent arms smuggling into the future state and to monitor that it would remain demilitarized.
Under any peace agreement likely between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Israel would expect the Palestinian entity to remain demilitarized.
The Palestinian Authority will also ask NATO and the US to commit to “defending the Palestinian state from Israel," were relations to break down and were Israel to threaten the future Palestinian state with invasion, the report said. US envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell is meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas Wednesday... Abbas will make this offer and request then. Abbas will stress “PA commitment to combating violence, incitement and to the war against terrorism,” as well as its continued cooperation with Israel and US on security issues.

Peres: Israel Needs US for Existence
By Press TV October 22, 2010
Israeli President Shimon Peres has acknowledged Israel's existence depends on its friendship with the United States."We cannot exist alone. For our existence we need the friendship of the United States of America. It doesn't sound easy, but this is the truth," he said. In a speech to Jewish leaders on Thursday evening broadcast by Israel Army Radio, Peres urged the Israelis to try to meet US demands in order to be assured of their existence.

Hamas opposes PA bid for recognition at the United Nations
09-17-11 http://www.uruknet.info/?p=81522 http://en.ammonnews.net/article.aspx?articleNO=13742
The Islamic Palestinian Resistance Movement statement issued Saturday expressed regrets of what they called PA's “one side decision” regardless of Palestinian national unity.
They stressed that a Palestinian state will come through “armed resistance” not negotiations.

'Palestinians' = US agents & apologists
Palestinians See U.N. Bid as Best Option
RAMALLAH, West Bank — The Palestinian decision to apply for full United Nations membership at the Security Council, announced by President Mahmoud Abbas, was the most viable of the only options possible: surrender, return to violence or appeal to the international community, a senior Palestinian official said Saturday. Nabil Shaath said the appeal would change the ground rules of the conflict...the United Nations move would bring new legitimacy to the Palestinian leadership which, under Mr. Abbas, had “succeeded in bringing in a new culture of nonviolence,” adding, “We are not going back to violence.” He said Palestinian security forces would make sure that street demonstrations in coming days would be contained and peaceful.In an example, hundreds of Palestinian and Israeli women and supporters demonstrated Saturday for an independent Palestine on both sides of the Kalandia checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem. The usually traffic-clogged crossing, a point of friction where young Palestinians often clash with Israeli soldiers, was closed to cars by the Israeli military. Despite the demonstrators, the atmosphere remained calm... Some Palestinian youths made V-signs and posed for photographs next to Israeli soldiers....
Going to the Security Council where there is no veto and a pro-Palestinian majority is virtually guaranteed, has been considered a riskier and more confrontational approach because it invites an American veto. But American, European and Israeli officials are now quietly arguing the Security Council may prove easier for diplomats seeking a formula to get Israelis and Palestinians back to negotiations.

Blaming the lobby
As someone who has been facing the full brunt of the might of the pro-Israel lobby in the US, Joseph Massad* explains the deceit behind blaming the lobby for US policies towards the Palestinians and the Arab world
The AIPAC lobby is powerful in the United States because its major claims are about advancing US interests and its support for Israel is contextualised in its support for the overall US strategy in the Middle East. The pro- Israel lobby plays the same role that the China lobby played in the 1950s and the Cuba lobby still plays to this day. The fact that it is more powerful than any other foreign lobby on Capitol Hill testifies to the importance of Israel in US strategy and not to some fantastical power that the lobby commands independent of and extraneous to the US "national interest." The pro-Israel lobby could not sell its message and would not have any influence if Israel was a communist or anti-imperialist country or if Israel opposed US policy elsewhere in the world.... Israel has indeed been very effective in rendering services to its US master for a good price, whether channeling illegal arms to central American dictatorships in the 1970s and 1980s, helping pariah regimes like Taiwan and apartheid South Africa in the same period, supporting pro-US, including Fascist, groups inside the Arab world to undermine nationalist Arab regimes, from Lebanon to Iraq to Sudan, coming to the aid of conservative pro- US Arab threatened regimes as it did Jordan in 1970, and attacking Arab nationalist regimes outright as it has including Egypt in 1967, Syria in 1981, Iraq when it destroying its nuclear reactor. While the US had been able to overthrow Sukarno and Nkrumah in bloody coups, Nasser remained entrenched until Israel effectively neutralised him in the 1967 War, neutralised the PLO in 1982, no small service to many Arab regimes and their US patron who could not fully control the organisation until then.
It is thanks to its major services the United States has increased its support to Israel exponentially. American military bases on which many more billions are spent cannot claim such a stellar record... AIPAC is indeed powerful because it pushes in accord with US interests and resonate with US imperial ideology....
The writer is associate professor of modern Arab politics and intellectual history at Columbia University, author of The Persistence of the Palestinian Question .

Israel would never declare war without U.S. permission
6/5/10 http://www.haaretz.com/misc/article-print-page/syria-israel-would-never-...

“U.S Committed To Recognizing Israel As A Jewish State”
10/13/10 Saed Bannoura
Philip Crowley, US State Department spokesperson said the United States is committed to the recognition of Israel as a Jewish State and the Obama administration backs the issue as a fundamental demand in peace talks: that the US recognizes Israel as a state for the Jewish people and recognizes its special nature in this regard

U.S. to Israel: Defense export arrangements must be reorganized
2/28/06 http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=687487
Israel will institute a number of comprehensive changes to its defense export arrangements at US insistence following the crisis over Israel's export of attack drones to China.

"We want to keep Israel in the box militarily, and a strong personal and organizational relationship gives us leverage," said Jeff White, who spent 34 years with the Defense Intelligence Agency, before joining the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a think tank....
U.S., Israel Build Military Cooperation
8/13/10 Charles Levinson / The Wall Street Journal
The increasing military cooperation began to intensify even as diplomatic relations between Washington and Israel frayed...behind the scenes, military commanders dramatically stepped up cooperation... from policy directives the White House gave the Pentagon early in Mr. Obama's presidency to "deepen and expand the quantity and intensity of cooperation to the fullest extent," according to a senior administration official. Two joint U.S.-Israel committees, the U.S.-Israel Joint Political Military Group and the Defense Policy Advisory Group have been beefed up with senior officials, including Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, Michele Flournoy, the top-ranking civilian at the Pentagon, Israeli and U.S....
The intensified partnership is part of the Obama administration's broader policy of boosting military support for American allies in the Mideast amid heightened tensions with Iran and its allies such as Hezbollah and Hamas, according to U.S. officials. The Obama administration believes it may also help induce Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to make [settlement] concessions in talks with Palestinians, these officials said....The senior U.S. official said President Obama felt the increased military support is necessary to assure Israel's security against mounting regional threats, including Iran and its allies: Syria, the Gaza-based Hamas and Hezbollah in Lebanon. "History has shown that Israel is more willing to take risks for peace when it feels it is capable of addressing its security needs,"...
U.S. military aid to Israel increased markedly this year. Top-ranking U.S. and Israeli soldiers have shuttled between Tel Aviv and Washington with unusual frequency in recent months. A series of joint military exercises in Israel over the past months has included a record number of American troops....
Officials in Washington and Israel continue to say they haven't ruled out a military strike against Iran amid Tehran's nuclear standoff with the West... the new cooperation appears to be part saber-rattling at Iran and part reassuring Israel that the U.S. is fully committed to its security....
Washington's stepped-up military support comes amid similar moves to strengthen military ties with America's Arab allies in the region, including those that don't maintain ties with Israel. This week, the Obama administration said it intended to provide new Patriot missile batteries to Kuwait. And Washington is readying a $60 billion sale of advanced F-15 fighter jets and attack helicopters to Saudi Arabia.
U.S.-Israeli military cooperation specifics remain classified, but some have emerged publicly. In the past year, record numbers of soldiers from both countries have participated in joint drills. In the exercises, the two militaries have been drilling as a coalition force, battling a common enemy for the first time, just as the U.S. does with its North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies, according to U.S. and Israeli commanders. Meanwhile, visits by the Israeli and American military brass have jumped dramatically. Since becoming Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 2007, Adm. Michael Mullen has made four visits to Israel, two of them this year alone. Before Adm. Mullen, no chairman of the joint chiefs had visited Israel for over a decade.Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has visited Washington four times so far this year, a schedule unmatched by any recent Israeli defense minister. "There's been a constant stream of American officers coming through," said a senior Israeli army officer. "I haven't seen anything like it in 20 years in the army."

Bond between US, Israel unbreakable
President Obama says he believes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants peace... In an Oval Office meeting with Netanyahu Tuesday, Obama also hailed what he called "real progress" in the Gaza Strip, where Israel recently relaxed an embargo on the entry of goods.Obama said the US would never ask Israel to take any steps that undermine its security and disagreed with notion of US-Israel rift, saying support has never wavered.

Report: Secret document affirms U.S.-Israel nuclear partnership
7/7/10 www.defence.pk/forums/u-s-foreign-affairs/64679-report-secret-document-a...
Israeli Army Radio reported that the United States sent Israel a secret document committing to nuclear cooperation between the two countries. According to Army Radio, the U.S. reportedly pledged to sell Israel materials used to produce electricity, as well as nuclear technology and other supplies, despite the fact that Israel is not a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty...Obama emphasized that the U.S. will continue to work closely with Israel to ensure that arms control initiatives and policies do not detract from Israel’s security, and "support our common efforts to strengthen international peace and stability.