5/25 Etan Patz Case in Context

The state's strategic shift into fascist gear, green-lighted by 911, is exemplified by the brazen flouting of over-ruling its liberal 'rule of law' and justice system. The most provocatively menacing example is the public 'debate' over Zimmerman's legal rights for the murder of Trayvon Martin despite evidence on tape, signaling legal 'open season' for intensifying US white supremacist genocide against the Black nation and all oppressed nationalities. Taking 'divide and conquer' to new depths by stripping away the 'homeland' facade of legal 'equality' domestic 'rights' and 'rules' illusions is an integral and necessary oart of its terror 'wars' for global hegemony. Executing the shift under a presidential Black mask is calculated.

Original Zimmerman 911 audio tape


State Attorney made Zimmerman 'no charge' call in person
State Attorney Norman Wolfinger, in person, advised Sanford police chief Bill Lee and Capt. Robert O'Connor investigations supervisor, to not charge and to release George Zimmerman Feb.26 http://www.thegrio.com/specials/trayvon-martin/source-sanford-police-chi...

George Zimmerman’s History of 911 Calls: Complete Log


deadly if taken at face value
"Pedro Hernandez ...no known motive and or physical evidence against him..."
NYT News Alert: Suspect Formally Charged With 2nd-Degree Murder in Etan Patz Case
Pedro Hernandez, the former bodega worker arrested Thursday and accused of killing Etan Patz in 1979, was formally charged with second-degree murder early Friday evening after being held overnight Thursday under a suicide watch and transferred to Bellevue Hospital Center, an official briefed on the matter said...
The police were led to Mr. Pedro Hernandez by a person who called the Police Department’s missing persons bureau this month...The person, according to the police, said Mr. Hernandez told a family member and others, as far back as 1981, that he had killed a child in New York, but never identified anyone by name....Armand Durastanti, an assistant district attorney, said Mr. Hernandez had “made statements that he in fact killed Etan Patz” to prosecutors, the police and “civilian witnesses.”... Despite the confession Mr. Hernandez provided, some investigators involved in the case said they were reserving judgment. ...an investigator who has worked on the case at different times...said he also found Mr. Hernandez’s story of carrying the boy’s body out of the basement in a box a short distance away in daylight implausible, and found it extremely odd that the search of the neighborhood later that day and the next day did not turn up a box with Etan’s body. “With the searching they were doing,” the investigator said, “no one comes across this box in the alley?” A law enforcement official briefed on case said Mr. Hernandez’s account was very strange...NYPD defended itself against suggestions it moved too quickly when it arrested Mr. Hernandez, with no known motive and or physical evidence against him...

Etan's father, photographer Stanley Patz, said a few years ago, "Jose Antonio Ramos is the man who abducted my child. We lost our child to a predator...
Mr. Ramos said in his Web posting the allegation of his guilt in Etan's case "is a lie from the former US assistant attorney for the Southern District of New York City who conducted an improper interview and reported the lie to the media." Last year, the Patz case became a lightning rod in the divisive race for district attorney. Mr. Morgenthau said it was "irresponsible" to promise to convene a grand jury in the case. "We spent a huge amount of time on that case. If we could go to a grand jury, we would in a minute," Mr. Morgenthau said last summer. "There's not sufficient evidence, and there's absolutely no reason to open a grand jury investigation when you don't have any admissible evidence." Mr. Morgenthau declined Tuesday a request to talk about the case.

DA Reopens Infamous Abduction Case
5/26/12 http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000142405274870334190457526707022220333...
Despite the fact that the case received international attention, Mr. Patz said Mr. Morgenthau refused for decades to meet with him personally. Mr. Patz said he's not concerned Mr. Vance will be swayed by the opinion of his predecessor. Mr. Morgenthau endorsed Mr. Vance in last year's race. The decision to look into the Patz case is one of several campaign promises Mr. Vance has fulfilled since taking office in January...Mr. Patz said it's time for a grand jury "We can not build a stronger case. It is what it is," he said.

 Pedro Hernandez confesses to murdering NYC Jewish boy in basement, ending decades long investigation
5/25/12 AP Israel at Your Fingertips http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4234146,00.html
Hernandez, questioned by police for more than three hours after being picked up in New Jersey Wednesday, gave police a signed confession, Kelly said. His motive is not yet clear. It's not clear if he had an attorney...focus on Hernandez came after other leads stalled... taking investigators as far as Israel tracking reported sightings of the boy.

WSJ weighs in with *James Cohen's possible legal option, in case you hadn't realized this absurd-on-the-surface state-media campaign isn't what it seems
Confession Not Enough in Patz Case
In April of this year, the FBI and NYPD descended on an apartment building.. in Manhattan's Soho neighborhood, half a block from the Patzes' house. Prosecutors brought a formal murder charge against the man who allegedly confessed to murdering 6-year-old Etan Patz in New York City in 1979, but will face challenges trying a decades-old case with little evidence...said Bennett Gershman, a law professor at Pace University and a former prosecutor. "A confession is not enough to prove guilt without proving that the confession is credible." ... NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said it was highly unlikely Etan's body would ever be recovered but expressed confidence in Mr. Hernandez's confession. According to the New York State Criminal Code, "a person may not be convicted of any offense solely upon evidence of a confession or admission made by him without additional proof that the offense charged has been committed."
.. the case is wrought with legal pitfalls, including: his confession came days before the anniversary of the child's disappearance; others have previously come forward to falsely admit to the crime; and that questions have been raised about the defendant's mental health.[*note State/media silence that in "May 2004 the judge declared Jose R. Ramos responsible for Etan Patz' boy's because he disobeyed her orders to answer deposition questions under oath for a lawyer representing Etan's parents." (see below)...
"The boy's remains have not been recovered, there is no forensic or DNA evidence and I am unaware of anything in the admission that is fact specific beyond what anyone could read in the newspaper or gather from other media sources over the years," said Jeremy Saland, a criminal defense attorney and former Manhattan prosecutor.
However, *James Cohen, a professor of law and an expert on criminal procedure, said in a case of such notoriety, a jury may not be very difficult to sway on thin evidence. Mr. Cohen said something as simple as someone testifying that Mr. Hernandez lived in the area where Etan lived and was present at work on the day of the murder could serve to bolster the use of defendants' confession as the centerpiece of a prosecution.

*James Cohen is the same NYU prof/ lawyer, who, with US State Dept. and its Texas-based pro-life christian China Aid NGO, managed the "blind Chinese dissident' Chen's 'heroic escape', got him installed at NYU as live-in-scholar & will likely manage his trip home to pursue US China destabilization 'soft power' war against its big capitalist rival]

Etan Patz case: Identifying remains are 'do-able' say experts
Advances in DNA could help investigators solve decades-old disappearance
4/21/12 http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/etan-patz-case-identifying-remains-d...
According to Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky, skeletal remains — even after decades — can indicate the age, height and ethnicity of a victim. Patz disappeared May 25, 1979, and his body was never located.“Over the past 30 years, we have benefited from improved technology in forensic science,” said Kobilinsky, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. “Identifying the bones of Etan Patz is certainly doable.” The professor also suggested the killer of the 6-year-old boy likely left behind clues to his identity. “So there may very well be, in addition to a body, there may be other trace evidence that still remains even after 30 years.” “I think it’s questionable as to whether they will find anything.”
An anthropologist with the city medical examiner was onsite Friday to analyze any recovered remains as a joint FBI/NYPD team began tearing up the basement.
NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said advances in other areas, including the use of X-rays and luminol, would aid in the hunt for the remains. 

DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated, Scientists Show - With fabricated blood or saliva, “you can just engineer a crime scene,” said the lead author of a new study.

Israeli Scientists: DNA easily fabricated

TEL AVIV, Israel, Aug. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Nucleix, Ltd., an emerging life science company specializing in forensic DNA analysis, announced that company researchers have proven DNA evidence found at crime scenes can easily be falsified using basic equipment, know-how and access to DNA or a DNA database... DNA fingerprinting used as evidence in criminal proceedings relies on the assumption the DNA sample is genuine. However, standard molecular biology techniques, such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), molecular cloning and more recently available whole genome amplification, enable anyone with basic equipment and limited know-how to synthesize unlimited amounts of artificial (in-vitro) DNA with any desired profile. Such fake DNA can easily be incorporated into genuine human tissues (e.g., blood, saliva) or applied to surfaces and planted at crime scenes. As reported in the paper, Nucleix's research demonstrated that current forensic procedures cannot distinguish between real and fake DNA evidence. Moreover, Nucleix showed that in vitro-synthesized DNA samples that were profiled by a leading independent forensic laboratory were indistinguishable from in vivo-generated or real DNA.

see below "...October 1985 the focus of the investigation shifted to Israel..."

The technology for sequencing human DNA is advancing so rapidly that the number of individuals whose DNA has been mapped is expected to grow "...to millions of people (probably within three years)," according to a new report to the Pentagon from the JASON defense science advisory panel...."Both offensive and defensive military operations may be impacted by the
applications of personal genomics technologies through enhancement of the health, readiness, and performance of military personnel....be beneficial to know the genetic identities of an adversary and, conversely, to prevent an adversary from accessing the genetic identities of U.S. military personnel."

The FBI and the Myth of Fingerprints "100% Certainty"
2/20/06 By Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair http://www.counterpunch.org/
Few law enforcement institutions have been so thoroughly discredited in recent years as the FBI forensic lab. In 1997 the Bureau's inspector general of the time issued a devastating report, stigmatizing one instance after another of mishandled and contaminated evidence, inept technicians, and outright fabrication. The IG concluded that there were "serious and credible allegations of incompetence" and perjured courtroom testimony...

An exploited tool for the state databasing info on 'lost and exploited children all over America. President Reagan named May 25th National Missing Children’s Day'

Etan Patz--First Child On A Milk Carton--May, 25, 1979
...The search for Etan Patz began that evening. Nearly 100 officers combed the area, knocking on doors, searching rooftops and basements. The Patzes' apartment was used as a temporary command post because Etan knew his phone number. Julie and Stanley hovered by the phone, praying for him to call. The police stood by in case a kidnapper called in with a ransom demand. The night wore on. Just before midnight it started to rain. Julie fretted because Etan had left that morning with only a light jacket. Detective Butler quietly worried that the rain would wash away Etan's scent. Bloodhounds were being brought in from upstate, but they weren't scheduled to arrive until 8 a.m. He hoped there'd be something left for the hounds to smell. The next morning when the bloodhounds finally arrived, they were given a pair of Etan's pajamas to identify their subject then sent out into the streets with their handlers. In the meantime the search area was expanded to encompass the entire lower end of Manhattan from 14th Street to Battery Park. Police helicopters hovered over the search zone, scanning rooftops. Police boats scoured the waterways. The police appealed to the public for any tip that could lead to the boy's whereabouts. Toll-free telephone numbers were set up, and calls started pouring in, some from as far away as California. Neighborhood residents helped in the search, papering the city with color posters of Etan's face. The media jumped on the story and propagated several erroneous leads regarding Etan Patz sightings in Boston and other places. On Sunday, May 27, a witness came forward who claimed to have seen a boy who fit Etan's description talking to a "suspicious-looking man" three blocks from the corner of Prince and Wooster Streets where Julie had last seen her son. Under hypnosis, the witness described the man as white, about 40 years old, with freckles and dyed blond hair. It was a tenuous lead because the witness wasn't sure if the boy she'd seen was actually Etan Patz, but the police couldn't discount any possibility. For days it seemed that Etan's smiling face was everywhere—on lamp poles, in store windows, in the newspapers, on television. The police continued the search, giving it everything they had. But on June 6, 13 days after he disappeared, the emergency response was terminated. Etan Patz's disappearance remained an open case, but most of the officers who had taken part in the search were eventually reassigned to other cases...
It wasn't until 1982 that detectives in the Bronx picked up a suspect in an unrelated crime and stumbled upon a solid lead. The suspect was a known pedophile. Jose Antonio Ramos was a drifter who sold cheap jewelry and small toys on the street to get by...in 1985, federal prosecutor Stuart GraBois was assigned to the Patz case. His boss at the time, then U.S. Attorney Rudy Giuliani, instructed him to do whatever it took to get a conviction and promised to give GraBois whatever he needed to make that happen....

In October 1985 the focus of the investigation shifted to Israel where a previously unpublished photo of Etan appeared in an Israeli magazine with the caption "Etan Ben-Haim." The photo had been taken by Stanley Patz...It was not one of the photos released to the press, which made the investigators suspicious. Stuart GraBois traveled to Israel and enlisted the help of the Israeli police, but attempts to track down the source of that photograph yielded nothing of substance. The focus of the investigation remained on Jose Antonio Ramos. In the summer of 2000, police in New York did a thorough search of the building on East 4th Street on Manhattan's Lower East Side where Ramos lived in 1979. They scoured the apartment and the basement, looking for bone fragments for DNA analysis. Their efforts were exhaustive but ultimately fruitless. "He's a predator," Stanley Patz said of Ramos in an interview broadcast on 60 Minutes II, "and he should never be allowed to be near children again. He should be kept behind bars until he's too old to walk." Every year on October 9, Etan's birthday, and May 25, the day he disappeared, Stanley Patz sends Ramos a copy of Etan's missing-persons leaflet. On the back he always types the same message: "What have you done with my little boy?" On November 15, 2000, Stanley and Julie Patz signed a petition asking the court to declare Etan legally dead so that they could file a wrongful-death suit against Ramos. They are convinced that Ramos is responsible for the disappearance of their son. Ramos' sentence will be up on March 13, 2014, unless he is granted parole. He was denied parole in June 2000, but will become eligible for reconsideration in 2003.... http://www.crimelibrary.com/serial_killers/predators/etan_patz/index.htm... http://www.nyc.gov/html/nypd/html/missing/patz.html

replacing original frame-up
Etan Kalil Patz
The Doe Network: http://doenetwork.org/cases/123dmny.html Case File 123DMNY
Right: Age-progressed image of Patz at age 17 (circa 1989)
Missing since May 25, 1979 from New York City, New York
Jose Ramos, a known pedophile currently serving time in a Pennsylvania prison for child abuse charges, is the prime suspect in Patz's disappearance. Ramos was a drifter and former mental patient who had a history of luring young boys while traveling across the United States in the 1970's. Ramos, in NYC at the time of Patz's disappearance, was an acquaintance of a former employee of the Patz family, a woman who escorted Etan to school during a short-lived bus-strike in 1979. The police believe Ramos may have been stalking her, that leading him to Etan. He also claimed he was with a child fitting Patz's description the day the boy vanished. He states he approached the boy by saying he was a friend of the woman who used to work for the Patzes. A former cellmate of Ramos' claimed he confessed to Patz's abduction and murder in 2000, claiming he killed him and that authorities never will find the body. The Patz family filed a wrongful death civil suit against Ramos and in * May 2004 the judge declared Jose R. Ramos responsible for Etan Patz' boy's because he disobeyed her orders to answer deposition questions under oath for a lawyer representing Etan's parents. Patz has never been located.

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact: New York office of the FBI 212-384-1000
OR New York City Police Department 1-212-694-7781 Agency Case Number: KFBC26321
NCMEC #: NCMC603392 NCIC Number: M-095614454 Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

Source Information:
The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children
The New York Post On-Line
The Villager

Judge orders inmate to pay $2 million to family of missing N.Y. boy
NEW YORK (AP) — An imprisoned child molester and former mental patient was ordered to pay $2 million to the family of a 6-year-old boy whose 1979 disappearance helped give rise to the national movement to publicize the cases of missing children. The judge who ordered Jose R. Ramos to pay the money ruled in May 2004 that Ramos was responsible for Etan Patz' death after the inmate ignored orders to answer deposition questions for a lawyer for the boy's parents. Brian O'Dwyer, lawyer for Stanley and Julia Patz, tried unsuccessfully to interview Ramos at the Pennsylvania prison where he is serving a 20-year sentence for sexually abusing an 8-year-old boy.


*False Confessions - The Innocence Project - Newark Star-Ledger: Years later ... No audio or video record exists of Mr. Goldwire's confession ... murdering high school classmate in 1990 based on false confession he later retracted...charges dropped...www.innocenceproject.org/news/Blog-Search.php?check=true&tag=48

*Police-Induced False Confessions - American Psychology-Law Society... admission to a criminal act – usually accompanied by a narrative... Forty years later no research evidence
www.ap-ls.org/links/confessions.pdf -

*Internalized False Confessions

*In Spite of Innocence Lloyd Eldon Miller Jr. November 1955 arrested for the murder of Janice ... no evidence linking Miller to the crime, he became the ... sued for child support, but after two days of intense interrogation Miller confessed. ... eleven years and seven stays of execution...www.jcon999.com/Essays/In%20Spite%20of%20Innocence.htm

*The Unbelievable Lightness of False Confessions ... confessed years later that several methods of torture had been used...www.adalah.org/newsletter/eng/aug04/ar1.pdf -

*Norfolk Four- four of the five men convicted in the brutal rape and murder... largely based on confessions... charges were later dropped https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norfolk_Four -