7/19 Terror in Damascus, the Road to Iran

U.S. Strategy in the Muslim World After 9/11...RAND Project AIR FORCE (PAF) ...suggests exploiting Sunni, Shiite and Arab, non-Arab divisions..."

"... Now it's time to get on with Plan B - to plunge Syria into civil war...."
Pepe Escobar 2/10/12 http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/NB07Ak02.html
...A Greek choir of the "disgusted" and the "outraged" predictably greeted BRICS members Russia and China double veto to the UN Security Council resolution imposing regime change in Syria... backed by that haven of democracy, the GCC (Gulf Counter-Revolution Council)...Hillary Clinton calling the double veto a "travesty"... duly incited "friends of democratic Syria" to keep working for regime change ... the object of the resolution...working to create a [US] NATOGCC "Friends of the Syrian People Group" in charge of implementing the regime change plan. Right on cue, Paris puppet Burhan Ghalyun, head of the Syrian National Council (SNC) opposition umbrella group summoned countries “friendly to the Syrian people”... US, Britain, France, Israel, GCC members Qatar and Saudi Arabia. With “friends” like these “the Syrian people” don’t need enemies. US ambassador to the UN Susan Rice – a top R2P aka humanitarian bombing cheerleader – called the Russia-China veto “disgusting”.Even the venerable stones of the Umayyad mosque in Damascus know that only Washington has the right to wield veto power at the UN... Now it's time to get on with Plan B - to plunge Syria into civil war... [...]

"...Political Islam is not targeted by the US ... resistance to US hegemony and agenda for control is, not Islam..."
As'ad al-Azzouni, Jordanian Marxist activist and writer

‘CIA, MI6 conduct intel ops in Syria’
2/8/12 http://edition.presstv.ir/detail/225666.html

Syrian opposition getting 'daily arms shipments'
2/9/12 http://rt.com/news/syria-opposition-weapon-smuggling-843/
Professor Ibrahim Alloush at Zaytouneh University in Jordan said “weaponry is being smuggled into Syria in large quantities from all over...It is pretty clear the rebels have been receiving arms from abroad, Syrian television has been showing almost daily shipments of arms being smuggled into Syria via Lebanon, Turkey and other border crossings. Since the rebels are being supported by the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council] and by NATO it is safe to assume they are getting their financing and weaponry from the same sources offering them political cover and financial backing”... This help has nothing to do with democracy or reforms in the country he says. “What we are dealing with is an armed rebellion that does not express the will of the Syrian people” ... the goal is to install “a puppet regime in Damascus that will obey dictates from Washington and NATO.”[e.g U.S.]

Universal US law: All who resist US state terrorist aggression are by definition the source of the violence, 'insurgents', 'extremists', terrorists', requiring 'humanitarian' aid.
US intensified its war on Iran by its 'opposition' attacking the legitimate Syrian govt. in the capital, Damascus as its 'activists' manufacture ever-more rabid reports of government 'crimes' as pretext for 'humanitarian' invasion as the state and its majority supporters, heroically resist another US 'arab spring' -'regime-change' operation, to defend Syrian sovereignty.
Adding fuel to the US escalation fire, its proxy israel immediately claimed Iran was directly behind the extremely timely 'terrorist attack' on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria... 'a familiar pattern of Iranian 'global terrorism', no evidence needed, just total 'strategic information' control. Obama denounced it as "a barbaric terrorist attack" - he should know - pledged eternal US support for its zionist attack dog and assistance finding the culprits! Thursday Netanyau blamed Hezbollah 'the long-arm of Iranian terrorism', no evidence needed.

7/18 Israel accuses Iran for attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria with no evidence and threatens hard revenge
...Israel, without citing evidence, quickly pointed to Iran in the Bulgarian incident. "All signs point towards Iran," Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.In a televised statement Thursday, he said the attack was "perpetrated by Hezbollah, Iran's leading terrorist proxy," as part of a global campaign that has reached a dozen countries on five continents. But he offered no evidence. Israel's U.S. Embassy said Wednesday that it had no proof Iran was the instigator of the attack. Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman calls assertions of Iranian involvement baseless

7/19 US/BBC evening public diplomacy/strategic information 'news' skipped this
Israel softens response to bus bombing, with eye to Iran talks
7/19/ http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Middle-East/2012/0719/Israel-softens-resp...
With negotiations between Iran and the West over its nuclear program fragile, Prime Minister Netanyahu is treading carefully to avoid knocking them off track.... For now, Israel is deferring to US efforts to apply economic pressure through sanctions and negotiations with Iran

Russia said US using Syrian 'opposition activists as proxy'
Russia and China Veto Syria Resolution
 Video http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article31928.htm
US ambassador Susan Rice said the suggestion that the resolution would give the green light for foreign forces to enter Syria was "paranoid if not disingenuous".

Massive psychological ops and "strategic information' war by major media sources and 'soft power' NGO 'activists - including the one-man UK-based "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" operation - further reveals the fascist nature of US finance capitalist democracy in this critical historic conjuncture

Blast Kills Core Syrian Security Officials
The blast in Damascus Syria state television called a suicide bomb attack killed at least three of president Assad's top aides... hitting at the very military structure directing the harsh repression of the 17-month-old uprising against his rule...There were conflicting accounts of how the attack took place and competing claims about who carried it out....The attack came as diplomatic maneuvers remained deadlocked by differences between Syria’s international adversaries and sponsors, principally Russia (ed.&China), ahead of a UN Security vote...delayed until Thursday...

The *Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) ... said all the members of the crisis group set up by President Assad to put down the revolt were are either dead or injured....“The Syrian regime has started to collapse,” said Rami Abdul-Rahman who heads the Syrian Observatory... (ed: who IS SOHR)
The assassinations, the first of such high-ranking members of the elite ... could represent a turning point in the conflict analysts said...represented as much a psychological blow as a physical one, emboldening the opposition, analysts said, challenging Mr. Assad to demonstrate quickly that his forces can still confront the rebels. “Can they demonstrate the ability to put down this challenge and show they are on the way to survival?” said an analyst with long experience in Damascus, speaking in return for anonymity because he still works there. “The opposition cannot defeat the regime militarily but they can defeat it through psychology.” ...
The nature and target of the attack strengthened the opposition’s claims its forces have been marshaling strength to strike at the centers of state power....US Defense Secretary Panetta said the situation in Syria “is rapidly spinning out of control” and warned Mr. Assad’s government to safeguard its large stockpile of chemical weapons. “It’s obvious what is happening in Syria is a real escalation of the fighting,” he said at a joint news conference with the British defense minister, Philip Hammond....
Reporting contributed by Alan Cowell from London, Hwaida Saad from Istanbul, J. David Goodman and Rick Gladstone from New York, Ellen Barry from Moscow, Isabel Kershner from Jerusalem, Elisabeth Bumiller and Eric Schmitt from Washington, and an employee of The New York Times from Damascus, Syria.
*VOA link to SOHR calls it NGO (omitting US connection) in tiny print http://www.voanews.com/content/divided-security-council-to-vote-on-syria...

US wars for imperialist stabilty & peace
"...cease to make false distinctions between peacekeeping and prevention; they are in fact inextricably linked..."
...For the US, preventive diplomacy means combining all the tools of international leverage -- including the use of force -- to prevent conflicts from breaking out or preventing conflicts from getting out of hand... building sustainable economies and functioning democracies..."Peace, prosperity, and democracy cannot endure if imposed from the outside," U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice said (no hint of irony)...."We should cease to make false distinctions between peacekeeping and prevention; they are in fact inextricably linked"....

US-NATO Sponsored Sectarian Violence An Instrument of Imperial Conquest
US Engineered "Arab Spring" Proxies: Muslim Brotherhood Joins Chorus for War in Syria.
By Tony Cartalucci ,
http://globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=31259 http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article31458.htm
PR Roll-out of Orchestrated  Regional War
To the general public, the violence in Lebanon seems to have "spilled over" from Syria, with characters like Saad Hariri, a leading figure in an effort at fueling regional bifurcation between Sunni and Shi'ia Muslims, being suddenly "involved" in the ongoing violence. To the general public, because of a willfully deceitful mass media, the Muslim Brotherhood's sudden backing of US-Euro-Israeli and Gulf State calls for foreign intervention seems like a spontaneous reaction to the so-called Houla massacre.
In reality, for those who are informed regarding the true back story of the geopolitical reordering of the Arab World, it is nothing more than the public roll-out of an orchestrated strategy years in the making...Indeed, the Muslim Brotherhood and Saad Hariri have been working together with the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia for years. The Muslim Brotherhood's political resurrection was solely owed to the US-engineered "Arab Spring" , torrents of cash and backroom diplomatic support. The US State Department on record had been preparing since at least as early as 2008 with Egyptian protest leaders flown to New York, trained, equipped, and funded courtesy of US taxpayers before being sent back to destabilize Egypt beginning in 2010 and culminating in the 2011 "Arab Spring." 
And while the Muslim Brotherhood is busy feigning hatred and belligerence toward the US and Israel, they, in turn, feign fear and displeasure at the Brotherhood's rise amidst the political destabilization it created and perpetuates to place the Brotherhood back in power....
A gambit perhaps best exposed with the rise and fall of another Western-backed proxy, Egypt's Mohamed ElBaradei...working directly with the West and using such rhetoric as a smoke screen. Mohamed ElBaradei, for example, attempted to ride the wave of anti-Western sentiment by regularly pointing out the odds he was at with America over Iraq and Iran. Israel and the US in turn accused him of being an "Iranian" agent , as ElBaradei would regularly threaten to make war with Israel , should he be elected president of Egypt.
In reality, ElBaradei sits as a trustee of a US corporate-finance funded think-tank , the International Crisis Group (ICG) along side... George Soros, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Lawrence "Larry" Summers, Richard Armitage.... President of Israel, Shimon Peres, Stanley Fischer, governor of the Bank of Israel, and former-Foreign Minister of Israel Shlomo Ben-Ami. ...
In a March 2010 a Council on Foreign Relations article in "Foreign Affairs" titled, "Is ElBaradei Egypt's Hero?" said:
"Further, Egypt’s close relationship with the United States has become a critical and negative factor in Egyptian politics. The opposition has used these ties to delegitimize the regime, while the government has engaged in its own displays of anti-Americanism to insulate itself from such charges. If ElBaradei actually has a reasonable chance of fostering political reform in Egypt, U.S. policymakers would best serve his cause by not acting strongly." 

Sun. July 15, The International Committee of the Red Cross declaration, on behalf of US, that Syria is 'officially' in a state of 'civil war', meaning imperialist-made international humanitarian law applies throughout the country officially permitting the US-led war-makers to once again use the 'R2P' (Right to Protect} pretext...since the Geneva-based group’s (15 Swiss members http://www.icrc.org/eng/resources/documents/misc/icrc-decision-making-st...) assessment becomes the gauge for how much and what type of force can be used, and form the basis for war crimes prosecutions...ensuring that its US overseer and its proxies are off the hook in their own criminal justice court, ICRC spokesman Hicham Hassan said “We are now talking about a non-international armed conflict in the country.”

ICRC hesitated until forced to call it a civil war because rules of war override and suspend laws the state officially endorses in non-fascist mode. All ruling states have a monopoly on violence to protect the class-based finance capitalist political-economic system it represents. US world dominant, bipartisan state power legitimizes its world dominance via 'homeland' government agencies, and international vehicles like * ICRC (NATO, UN, IMF, WB,etc), plus client state, making, interpreting & breaking its paperbound 'international law' and 'rights' ('universal right to life, to free speech, peaceful assembly',etc.) -- always in the name of security...meaning US capitalist supremacy's security.

* ICRC from whence comes ICRC's et al's power and orders?
US Review reveals how its might makes right, how what it has done, ('customary, dense and exceptional practice') is the basis for what is legal
US government response to the International Committee of the Red Cross study Customary International Humanitarian Law
June 2007 www.icrc.org/eng/assets/files/other/irrc_866_bellinger.pdf
The United States selected these rules from various sections of the Study to review a fair cross-section of the Study and its commentary. Although obviously of interest to the United States, this selection should not be taken to indicate that these are the rules of greatest import to the United States or that an in-depth consideration of many other rules will not reveal additional concerns...
There is general agreement that customary international law develops from a general and consistent practice of States...for many rules proffered as rising to the level of customary international
law, the State practice cited is insufficiently dense to meet the ‘‘extensive and ...the Study often fails to pay due regard to the practice of specially affected States.4 A distinct but related point is that the Study tends to regard as equivalent the practice of States that have relatively little history of participation in armed conflict and the practice of States that have had a greater extent and depth of experience or that have otherwise had significant opportunities to develop a carefully considered military doctrine. The latter category of States, however, has typically contributed a significantly greater
quantity and quality of practice.

ICRC International Fact-Finding Commission
ICRC International Fact-Finding Commission was officially constituted in 1991. The Commission is a permanent body and an important mechanism in ensuring implementation of and respect for international humanitarian law in times of armed conflict. The Commission is made up of 25 members elected by States that have recognized its competence. Its members serve in their personal capacity and do not represent the States from which they originate. At 28 February 1997, 49 States had recognized the Commission's competence. (numerous searches for 2012
ICRC member states or state recognizing its 'competence' did not answer question)

Where ICRC currently provides US soft power 'humanitarian' footprint

"ICRC's propaganda campaign against America".
June 18, 2005 * http://kennethandersonlawofwar.blogspot.com/2005/06/icrc-under-more-us-p...
The Wall Street Journal editorial page notes today, June 15, 2005, a new congressional report calling for annual scrutiny by the State Department, Defense Department, and others, of the ICRC and its performance with respect to neutrality, and adherence to its mandate and agreements with the US:
ICRC president, Jakob Kellenberger, responds to the RPC report, in this AFP story ...With respect to charges the ICRC leaked reports to the press and compared US detention facilities to the Nazi camps, Kellenberger issued a denial:"Contrary to what is stated in the document, the ICRC has never compared US soldiers to Nazis and has never leaked to the public or the media any confidential reports submitted to the US authorities."

I favor this kind of annual report, although I do not favor..at this point threatening to cut US donations to the ICRC...The ICRC gets special access to prisons around the world as the neutral observer body designated by the Geneva Conventions. But for more than three years the ICRC has abused that position of trust to wage an unprecedented propaganda war against the US. Leaked ICRC reports described conditions at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as "tantamount to torture"... And last month the ICRC's D.C. office broke its confidentiality agreement with the U.S. government to fan the flames created by Newsweek's false Quran-abuse story...U.S. taxpayers are the largest contributors to the ICRC's budget. They have a right to expect an honest interpretation of the Geneva Conventions not more leaked reports that will be spun to give aid and comfort to al Qaeda....More generally, I continue to hold that the US should bifurcate its disputes with the ICRC on detainees and the war on terror from its funding of the ICRC for humanitarian purposes. There are ways to put pressure on the ICRC without threatening its humanitarian relief funding, and should be using them, aggressively, yet without threatening core funding. Among these should be demands the ICRC quit framing its analysis in terms of 1977 Additional Protocol I, as the US never accepted it as a treaty and does not accept the ICRC's view that it has become customary law. The US should also reject as binding on the US the view of customary law found in the new ICRC study - that the study is an accurate statement of customary law, although the US has never agreed to that - then announcing in its reports and statements to the press yet another set of (tendentious) ways in which the United States is supposedly in violation of international law.

*Kenneth Anderson. Professor of Law, Washington College of Law, American University Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, www.wcl.american.edu/faculty/anderson/

more than any major US 'news' so far, this brings how this developed with 'socialist' French govt. playing lead for US
The influential Syrian general who could bear Assad no more
Julian Borger, Martin Chulov and Kim Willsher report on what the escape of Manaf Tlass reveals about the strategy of the 'Friends of Syria'
7/12/12 http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/jul/12/syria-defection-rocks-assad-...
Last Thursday afternoon in a Turkish hamlet not far from the town of Rehanliya on the Syrian border, two black four-wheel drive cars with tinted windows appeared amid the olive groves and red-soiled farmland of what has become a gathering point for Syrian defectors. They came to a temporary halt to allow a herd of sheep and goats to pass before proceeding gingerly down the tattered concrete lane through the olive trees.They carried a coveted prize in the long covert war with the Syrian regime. Behind the smoked glass was Brigadier General Manaf Tlass, once a confidant of the Assad family, and the most significant defector to have fled Damascus by far.The cars turned right up a steep hill towards a Turkish observation tower, where Tlass's passage to safety had been co-ordinated with the Free Syrian command near the southern Turkish city of Antakya.From Antakya, Tlass was soon on his way to Paris, where breaking news of his defection was greeted with jubilation by a gathering of western and Arab foreign ministers...
Over the past few days, there has been neither sight nor sound from Manaf Tlass and his family...According to a diplomatic source, the former Republican Guard general was being debriefed in Paris by French intelligence officials... The Syrian opposition in Paris promise the former general will surface in the next few days and make his position clear....According to a diplomatic source, the former Republican Guard general was being debriefed in Paris by French intelligence officials, presumably anxious to discover how many other former top loyalists might be ready to bolt in Tlass's wake, and how hollow is the structure keeping Bashar al-Assad in place. The Syrian opposition in Paris promise the former general, once a close friend of the Syrian president, will surface in the next few days and make his position clear....
The patriarch, Mustafa, was at Hafez al-Assad's side when he staged his coup in 1970, and rose to become defence minister. The role was mostly symbolic...said one Syrian businessman.

“Tlass in particular was never really taken seriously in his position as defence minister, neither internally where he was known to be more interested in chasing after beautiful women, nor externally by the Israelis,” the businessman said. “He was a regular in the Damascene social scene always to be found by the swimming pool of the Sheraton hotel during high summer.”
An easy ascent was also offered to his sons. The elder, Firas, was given a business contract to supply uniforms and rations to the armed forces, and Manaf, a member of the tight circle of gilded youth around Bashar al-Assad when the latter inherited the regime in 2000, was made a Republican Guard general under the command of the president’s younger brother, Maher.
The Tlass family complicity in the regime helped to suppress the Muslim Brotherhood revolt in Hama in 1982...(but) As the regime’s reaction to the Syrian spring became more and more ruthless, Manaf Tlass was cast out of the inner circle to brood in his Damascus home....
In Manaf’s wife Thala Khair's emails hacked and leaked by the opposition, she urges the president... “Make sure everyone sees it as Syria 2.0 and not 1.05,” she wrote in December. On New Year’s Day she wrote: “May 2012 be nothing like 2011 and may you lead our beloved country back to peace, stability and prosperity [despite] the evil wishes of all the enemies of our nation. “May God protect you, this country and its people from all the evil that has been orchestrated against all!”
All the while, however, it appears the Tlass family was planning its escape. Thala Khair made her way to Paris in recent months, as did her father-in-law, Mustafa Tlass, supposedly to seek medical care. The clan had a second home in a ...Paris mansion, one of the largest and most majestic homes in the French capital – a huge ‘hotel particuliere’ on Place des Etats Unis in the chic 16th arrondissement. as Mustafa’s eldest child, Nahed had become a glittering presence on the top-tier social scene since 1979. Now 52, she is now known as Nahed Ojjeh. Akram Ojjeh, her now dead husband, was a wealthy Saudi arms dealer whom she married when she was 18 and he was 60....From there (the Paris mansion), Nahed Ojjeh runs a political salon. She was said to be a friend of François Mitterrand, and holds dinner parties attended by Nicolas Sarkozy and the foreign minister, Dominique de Villepin. Her current boyfriend is the editor of Le Point news magazine, Franz-Olivier Giesbert. The intimate link with the French elite has led to speculation that the escape of the youngest son and most pivotally placed member of the family was stage-managed by French intelligence. It does seem clear that solicitation of defections by members of the Sunni elite has become an important strategy for the Friends of Syria states to weaken the Assad regime, especially in view of their continuing failure to persuade the Russians and Chinese to back sanctions. Russia and China have opposed to a more robust Security Council resolution that would invoke Chapter Seven status, allowing for military intervention to deliver aid...

Terrorizing Muslims: A Bipartisan Project
by Deepa Kumar, http://empirebytes.com/2012/07/03/terrorizing-muslims-a-bipartisan-project/>
...the Obama administration... categorizing “all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants”...Muslim men in “combat zones” operationalized as guilty...How did we get to a place where Muslim men can be killed with impunity? The short answer is that Muslims have been thoroughly terrorized... effectively constructed as “terrorists” upon whom righteous terror can be rained. The Muslim as enemy in the US is not new. While Hollywood and television play a key role in conveying that image, they did not create it. The “Islamic terrorist” threat is inextricably tied to a long history of US imperialism. After World War Two, the US began to take control of the Middle East from France and Britain. In so doing, all forces that stood in the way of US hegemony were cast as enemies using the language of Orientalism developed in Europe....Through much of the 1950s and 60s, secular Arab nationalists and leftists who failed to cooperate with this US agenda were seen either as stooges of the USSR or as “terrorists”... intensified with the birth of the (then revolutionary) Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) armed struggle. ... 9/11 brought the legal apparatus into conjunction with foreign policy. Barely had the ashes settled from the Twin Towers when loud proclamations that “Islamic terrorists” represented existential threats to the United States began to echo...“clash of civilizations” rhetoric became the basis for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well domestic attacks on Muslims and Arabs.