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Attack Iran And You Attack Russia
Pepe Escobar
The barely reported highlight of Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Tehran for the Caspian Sea summit last week was a key face-to-face meeting with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. A high-level diplomatic source in Tehran tells Asia Times Online that essentially Putin and the Supreme Leader have agreed on a plan to nullify the George W Bush administration's relentless drive towards launching a preemptive attack, perhaps a tactical nuclear strike, against Iran. An American attack on Iran will be viewed by Moscow as an attack on Russia.

Bush heads for a dreadful miscalculation over Iran
By Philip Stephens
Financial Times
October 25 2007
George W. Bush warns that Iran’s nuclear ambitions threaten world war three. Vice-president Dick Cheney speaks of “serious consequences” unless Tehran falls into line. Joe Lieberman, the independent Democrat, says we are already fighting world war four against Islamist radicalism. As someone in the Hollywood movie said, it is time for the rest of us to be afraid, very afraid...

Bipartisan Consensus: Iraq, Many More Years of War
by Jack A. Smith
After a few skirmishes, congressional Democrats have fled the field of battle with the Republicans over the matter of withdrawing some U.S. troops from Iraq. Ending the war itself was never a serious part of the several-month debate, although many Americans thought it was. A consensus seems to be building in Washington that views a long term U.S. military presence in Iraq as a valuable geostrategic asset in the quest for regional and global hegemony. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is now talking about an occupation of an unlimited number of years with a minimum of 40,000 U.S. troops. The Democratic Party and the majority of its politicians in Congress are expected to go along with this.

The Democratic leadership has declared it now seeks compromise with the Bush Administration and Republicans in Congress, and isn¹t willing to force the issue of troop withdrawal. Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama and John Edwards ‹ leading candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination ‹ have all been quoted as suggesting that the war will not end for at least five-and-a-half more years (the end of the new presidential term). According to a Sept. 29 article in the Washington Post, the important question for these candidates "is no longer whether U.S. forces will remain in Iraq but what size, mission and length a post-buildup [post-surge], post-Bush force would take on."

It also appears that the centrist majority of the Democratic delegation in the House and Senate is committed to keeping a large contingent of American troops in Iraq at least as long as Clinton, Obama and Edwards predict. Public opinion polls in September showed that only 5% of the American people want the troops to remain that long, but they will be ignored unless a great deal more pressure is exerted by the American people and the U.S. peace movement. Democratic leaders will make efforts to convince the voters throughout the year leading to the 2008 elections that they are doing their best to bring U.S. troops home. But it will be for show, in order to propel a Democrat into the White House on the basis of antiwar opinion. Democratic House and Senate leaders, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid, claim that the threat of a Republican filibuster and a veto from President George W. Bush constitute a double whammy preventing the Democratic majority in both houses of Congress from passing legislation to withdraw the U.S. Army of Occupation from Iraq....

All the Democrats in Congress need do is exercise their constitutional right to withhold funds to continue the war, allocating monies only for the swift withdrawal of all American troops. A majority can do it. In the Senate, if the Democrats can¹t accumulate 51 votes, all they¹d need is 41 to mount a filibuster which would prevent the funding bill from being called for a vote. The refusal to attempt such action is an indication that the Democrats have other plans in mind. The Democratic congressional leadership insists de-funding would be unpopular with the voters and may cost them the election. But that is misleading.

Once the March 2003 invasion began, the Democratic Party has been as committed as the Republicans to winning the Iraq war, despite the antiwar views of a small minority of legislators within its ranks. Democratic leaders think they can conduct the war better than the blundering Bush Administration. Winning in Iraq was their position in the 2004 election with John Kerry and it is their position now. The difference is that Democratic leaders said it openly then and conceal it now because public opinion has changed....

The geostrategic reason for Washington to remain a politically and militarily dominant force in Iraq is to facilitate the extension of U.S. hegemony throughout the Middle East, with Russia and China very much in mind. The U.S. is engaged in an undeclared new cold war with both China and the revived, Putin-era Russia. The principal area of contention between Beijing and Moscow on the one hand, and Washington on the other, is that both China and Russia are aligned in opposing the concept of a unipolar world order wherein the United States operates as the dominating superpower and world cop, as it has done since the Soviet downfall.... This contradiction will be resolved in the next decades, one way or the other. In an important speech Oct. 15, Chinese President Hu Jintao declared that the ³trend toward a multipolar world is irreversible.²...
The U.S. will be empowered significantly in this geostrategic struggle if it can sufficiently control the oil-rich states of the Middle East to the point of influencing which outside states can and cannot purchase or drill for the region¹s oil...
The author is editor of the Hudson Valley Activist Newsletter and former editor of the U.S. left weekly, the Guardian. He may be reached at jacdon@earthlink.net.

The "Great Game" Enters the Mediterranean: Gas, Oil, War, and Geo-Politics
By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya
This article is part of The Sino-Russia Alliance: Challenging America’s Ambitions in Eurasia (September 23, 2007). For editorial reasons the article is being published by Global Research in three parts.

Preface: The Caspian Sea Summit and the Historical Crossroads of the 21st Century
History is in the making. The Second Summit of Caspian Sea States in Tehran will change the global geo-political environment. This article also gives a strong contextual background to what will be in the backdrop at Tehran. The strategic course of Eurasia and global energy reserves hangs in the balance.
It is no mere chance that before the upcoming summit in Tehran that three important post-Soviet organizations (the Commonwealth of Independents States, the Collective Security Treaty Organization, and the Eurasian Economic Community) simultaneously held meetings in Tajikistan. Nor is it mere coincidence that the SCO and CSTO have signed cooperation agreements during these meetings in Tajikistan, which has effectively made China a semi-formal member of the CSTO alliance. It should be noted that all SCO members are also members of CSTO, aside from China.

This is in addition to the fact that the U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, and the U.S. Secretary of Defence, Robert Gates, were both in Moscow for important, but mostly hushed, discussions with the Kremlin before Vladimir Putin is due to arrive in Iran. This could have been America’s last attempt at breaking the Chinese-Russian-Iranian coalition in Eurasia. World leaders will watch for any public outcomes from the Russian President’s visit to Tehran. It is also worth noting that NATO’s Secretary-General was in the Caucasus region for a brief visit in regards to NATO expansion. The Russian President will also be in Germany for a summit with Angela Merkel before arriving in Tehran.
On five fronts there is antagonism between the U.S. and its allies with Russia, China, and their allies: East Africa, the Korean Peninsula, Indo-China, the Middle East, and the Balkans. While the Korean front seems to have calmed down, the Indo-China front has been heated up with the start of instability in Myanmar (Burma). This is part of the broader effort to encircle the titans of the Eurasian landmass, Russia and China. Simultaneous to all this, NATO is preparing itself for a possible showdown with Serbia and Russia over Kosovo. These preparations include NATO military exercises in Croatia and the Adriatic Sea.

In May, 2007 the Secretary-General of CSTO, Nikolai Bordyuzha invited Iran to apply to the Eurasian military pact; “If Iran applies in accordance with our charter, [CSTO] will consider the application,” he told reporters. In the following weeks, the CSTO alliance has also announced with greater emphasis, like NATO, that it too is prepared to get involved in Afghanistan and global “peacekeeping” operations. This is a challenge to NATO’s global objectives and in fact an announcement that NATO no longer has a monopoly as the foremost global military organization.

The globe is becoming further militarized than what it already is by two military blocs. In addition, Moscow has also stated that it will now charge domestic prices for Russian weaponry and military hardware to all CSTO members. Also, reports about the strengthening prospects of a large-scale Turkish invasion of Northern Iraq are getting stronger, which is deeply related to Anglo-American plans for balkanizing Iraq and sculpting a “New Middle East.” A global showdown is in the works.

Finally, the Second Summit of Caspian Sea States will also finalize the legal status of the Caspian Sea. Energy resources, ecology, energy cooperation, security, and defensive ties will also be discussed. The outcome of this summit will decide the nature of Russo-Iranian relations and the fate of Eurasia. What happens in Tehran may decide the course of the the rest of this century. Humanity is at an important historical crossroad. This is why I felt that it was important to release this second portion of the original article before the Second Summit of the Caspian Sea States.
Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Ottawa, October 13, 2007. [article con't.]

Torture, Paramilitarism, Occupation and Genocide
...Today around 200,000 private contractors operate in Iraq. Up to 100,000 of them are paramilitary mercenaries from companies like Blackwater, DynCorp, ArmorGroup, Erinys, Triple Canopy and others like the Australian-owned Unity Resources that murdered two Iraqi women October 9. Blackwater is the largest, is close to the Bush administration, and is cashing in big as a war profiteer from huge continuing no-bid contracts.

The company was founded in 1996 by former Navy SEAL Eric Prince who's also closely allied to the extremist Christian Right. Blackwater came into its own post-9/11 and is now the world's best connected, largest paramilitary army. It employs 2300 personnel in nine countries with 20,000 or more others on call as needed. The company also has its own 20 aircraft fleet that includes helicopter gunships as well as a private intelligence division and a 7000 acre Moyock, North Carolina headquarters Scahill calls "the world's largest private military base."...

US administrations under GHW Bush, Bill Clinton and GW Bush are criminally liable under "the genocide convention" and other relevant international law. Up to the March, 2003 attack and invasion, more than 1.5 million Iraqis, including over one million children, likely died from the combination of war and economic sanctions. Two UN heads of Iraqi humanitarian relief resigned under them in anger and frustration with Dennis Halliday saying in 1998 he did so because he "had been instructed to implement a policy that satisfies the definition of genocide: a deliberate policy that has effectively killed well over one million individuals, children and adults" including 5000 Iraqi children monthly in his judgment.

To date, most members of Congress [digest: congress as a state institution is totally complicit] are mute on the Iraq genocide and continue funding it...

Dr. Gideon Polya is a well-published biological scientist who's book, "Body Count: Global avoidable mortality since 1950," came out this year. It "documents....non-reported (worldwide) avoidable death(s) of 1.3 billion people since 1950" including in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also published his data on millions of violent and non-violent deaths under the three most recent US administrations in October 7 Countercurrents.org. In it, he cites data on Iraq from the Lancet, UN and British polling firm ORB. "Asian Wars" totals in Iraq, Afghanistan, Occupied Palestine and Lebanon are horrific, and, if correct, exceed any others published to date. A summary of his data follows.

-- Eight million total violent and non-violent deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Lebanon breaking down as follows:

-- 70,000 "US-backed" Israeli-caused deaths in Lebanon from 1978 - 2006, 10,000 of which were violent killings "by Israelis" or their "surrogates;"

-- 300,000 1967-2007 Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) deaths plus another 10,000 violent deaths;

-- 200,000 violent 1990-91 Gulf war deaths;

-- 1.7 million 1990-2003 Iraqi sanctions-caused deaths including 1.2 million children under age five;

-- 3.2 million 2001-2007 US Afghanistan war deaths including UN Population Division data totaling 2.5 million plus 700,000 children under age five;

-- 2.0 million 2003-07 US Iraq war deaths including 1.2 million UK polling firm ORB violence-related estimates plus 800,000 children under age five from UNICEF data; and

-- 500,000 2001-07 opiate drug-related deaths resulting from the resurgent Afghan opium industry under US-UK occupation; the UN Office on Drugs and Crime estimates its output at 93% of world production....
Push eventually will come to shove. We better hope it arrives soon. The world can't wait much longer.
["Push" is up to us here in the belly of the beast, standing up to join worldwide resistance to bipartisan imperialist-zionist crimes against humanity]

Papier Mâché...
Layla Anwar, An Arab Woman Blues
....You are not only being fed lies, you entertain those lies by constantly lying to yourselves as well. The ILLEGAL invasion and occupation of Iraq. Its massive, irremediable DESTRUCTION. Its untold suffering. Its deaths in the millions. Its refugees in the millions. Its plundering in the billions of $. Its rape and torture; physical, geographical, psychological, social, spiritual...right down to the individual body. Its contamination with the most lethal chemical weapons in history; DU, phosphorus bombs, Neutron bombs, cluster bombs, Napalm...
Its stripping it away from any identity, from its history, from its roots, from its people...and I can go on and on and on... ALL of that has failed to MOVE YOU TO ACT. And that despite your knowing "alternative medias" and reading hundreds of articles, and joining hands in prayers, and participating in conferences and giving speeches and showing up on you tube, and blogging and interviews... and, and, and... And you want me to believe your lies of how you have been robbed of the ideals of what your nation stood for ? Who are you kidding here ? You are kidding none but yourselves. Iraq was the golden opportunity that you have deliberately or stupidly failed to seize. And I call that BAD FAITH. Iraq was the golden historical opportunity for you to finally put into practice those "ideals of your founding fathers" that you o' so preach about all the time... But you did NOT. And that is a FACT!.... http://www.uruknet.de/?p=37533

Much like Auschwitz
Khaled Amayreh
A few weeks ahead of the upcoming "peace conference" in Annapolis, Maryland, Israel has been displaying its "goodwill" towards the Palestinians. At the notorious Kitziot Prison, a real concentration camp minus gas chambers, crack Israeli soldiers have been ganging up on helpless and fettered Palestinian prisoners, shooting, beating and humiliating them under largely concocted pretexts. On Monday 22 October, in the quiet hours before dawn, hundreds of soldiers from two notoriously brutal army units, code-named Nachshon and Massada, stormed the prisoner camp for what was described as a "routine inspection". During these routine inspections, inmates are forced to take off their clothes and are subject to every imaginable form of humiliation. Whoever protests is normally placed in open-ended solitary confinement...Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo: http://www.uruknet.de/?p=37540

Exposing imperialist cultural propaganda
“A Letter to Ken Burns about The War: An Intimate History”
By Dr. Suki Falconberg

‘The War,’ Mr. Burns, is the Yokosuka rape queues in August 1945, with GI’s lined up for blocks, two abreast, to get at the Japanese girls enslaved in ‘comfort stations’ for them—with the full cooperation of the American and Japanese authorities. Destitute, vulnerable girls were raped into unconsciousness as the men joked and laughed and jostled in line, waiting their turn. Some girls bled to death. Some committed suicide—that is, the lucky ones who could escape. Not one ‘comfort girl’ has told her story—due to shame. Why did you not tell this particular ‘intimate history’ of ‘The War,’ Mr. Burns? Especially since ‘usage’ of the girls was almost 100%. Why has the small detail that almost every GI in Japan, 1945, was a rapist escaped you? Why his this big ‘dirty secret’ of war never been covered?

‘The War,’ Mr. Burns, is the men who lined up to use the prostitutes on Hotel Street in Honolulu: women were raped 100 times a day—a different man entered the girl every three minutes. Why should I mourn these rapists when they were killed in the attack at Pearl Harbor? They slaughtered the bodies of these women in a fashion far more brutal than any bombing could ever be.

‘The War,’ Mr. Burns, is the widespread rape of French girls by GI’s after they ‘liberated’ Paris. Rape by American soldiers was so common that Eisenhower actually had to acknowledge it was happening, although he did nothing to stop it.

‘The War’ is the public parks in Palermo, where pimps considerately laid out mattresses so the GI’s could fuck starving Italian girls comfortably, for a dollar or two a turn.

‘The War’ is homeless, prostituted girls in Berlin doing it in the rubble for a few cents and agreeing to ‘share’ a GI bed so they would simply have a place to sleep that night. This, after they had already had the insides raped out of them by the invading Russian army and then were labeled ‘whores’ since it was a convenient way for the authorities to deal with these ‘ruined’ women.

The War’ is the village in Okinawa where GI’s raped every woman, girl, and child—the victims were too sick and starving to even try to run from their attackers.

‘The War,’ Mr. Burns, is the starvation prostitution forced upon tens of thousands of European and Japanese girls (some barely into their teens) by the ridiculous conflicts men create to display their phallic brutality. It is also the brothel attached to a military base in Arizona stocked with ‘worn-out whores’ and reserved exclusively for black solders, so that the white GI’s would not have to ‘contaminate’ their penises by raping the same prostitutes. Thousands of black GI’s passed through this brothel daily, and who knows what insane, pathetic creatures they left dead of rape and misery.

‘The War,’ Mr. Burns, is not your blind, masculine-centric vision of it, full of all these lies about valor and sacrifice and courage and nobility. There is little that is noble about the raping, war-making brute we call a soldier. I was raped and prostituted by the U.S. Military. Why don’t you tell my story, Mr. Burns? It is far more ‘colorful’ than that of these soldiers who raped their way through Europe and Asia Don’t you want to know what it’s like to be mounted by a line of soldiers? It is a hell beyond any possible imagining. It has happened to me.
My PTSD, as it is so fashionably called, is far more intense than that of the men who raped the life and dignity and beauty out of me. The emotional damage to the soldier does not compare to the suffering he inflicts on the women he ravages.
War is never good for women. War sexually enslaves women. Men gain by war. They have the pleasure of rape: they mount starving women, ‘cheap whores,’ and take their pleasure, and the woman is silenced forever by her shame.
What a male abomination is not just your grandiose seven-part, tidy version of ‘The War,’ but PBS as well. You pretend to be enlightened but you are as blind and callous and cruel as the soldier rapists who destroyed the lives and bodies of so many women.
I looked at your so-called ‘companion volume’ to the series. The index carries not one reference to rape, prostitution, military brothels, or the sexual suffering of millions of woman. How can you overlook, ignore, dismiss a ‘fact’ so enormous? As if these women simply never existed...
Dr. Suki Falconberg, Rape/Prostitution Survivor

The Foundation for International Understanding: Encouraging Innovation in Public Diplomacy
[Rush Transcript; Federal News Service]
...Post-9/11 and at the beginning at the administration's war on terrorism in 2003, Leslie Gelb convened and Pete Peterson chaired a task force -- a Council on Foreign Relations task force on public diplomacy, producing this report: "Finding America's Voice." Its viewpoints were echoed by a series -- a long series of commissions and reports arguing that the Information Revolution has created so many changes, so many new rules in terms of public diplomacy, and changes in international relations and national security mandates a new approach to public diplomacy; that is, it's not in a state of crisis, it's in a state of fundamental disrepair, a viewpoint that even today seemingly unites nearly all parts or all parts of the political spectrum.
The Council on Foreign Relations report argued that public diplomacy needs to be further prioritized; needs to be revolutionized, that is, reinvigorated and rethought and refocused; and even privatized. And it's on that third point that we're here today in the sense that privatization, the council report argued in general terms, could bring new energy, new leadership, new ideas into the mix. And because the council's job is to recommend and encourage and even inspire -- we don't actually do anything in terms of execution -- these gentlemen have actually gone off and done something in this regard, and they will talk to you about that today. They've taken their own focus and model and initiative.

Ambassador Ed Ney, former head of Young & Rubicam ...said this is a Marshall Plan for the spirits and minds of the youth of the world, and I think that's a good caption and it's deeply into the new media.When I was at NATO a couple years ago, I met with the secretary-general, and I said, "What's your number one strategic concern?" He said, "The youth of Europe -- we've lost them." When the Korean president was here, I said, "I fought in Korea, have your people in my company. What's happened?" "We've lost the youth of Korea. In the Muslim world, some of these people have turned to using the very technologies we talk about -- video games, Internet -- for crimes against humanity. So to take the new media and turn it into something that is constructive is our task...

Joan Ganz Cooney and her creation of "Sesame Street," which is unparalleled -- an associate in this endeavor -- this is an example of what can be done in the private sector... Congressman Frank Wolf. During the intermission, he said, you know, "I've come back from Europe. It's just awful, this anti-Americanism. We got to get this idea, if it's called a corporation, resurrected. I will set aside $700,000 if your center will undertake that task." I first said, "Well, you know, we don't take government money." That night, I thought Emerson said, "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds," so I called him the next morning and took it. And we got under way and Phyllis d'Hoop, Jeff Thomas and others -- and working with over 60 associates in this field that are already in it, developed this business plan for a corporation that would -- for a foundation that would get $20 (million) to $40 million of government money annually. It would be privately incorporated, and it would be worldwide on copartners, coproduction, money coming from all over the world...

...Meridian's position... is an institutional home and, if you will, an opportunity to provide infrastructure. We've been in the exchange and public diplomacy business for 47 years... We are a convening forum and have about a hundred staff that work with a network of leaders around the world to help promote understand between the United States and other countries.... a very necessary and needed effort by the private sector and the government to come together and move beyond the 1950s, 1960s-style public diplomacy, where you were confident, if you were Edward R. Murrow and you were doing the "Washington File," or you worked at VOA, that the young kid in rural Czechoslovakia would pick up his news or her news on the radio and that that place would be where they would be getting their definitive news and information...

...actually there were a lot of people who agreed that there was really a need to create a kind of public-service gaming sphere. And gamers came out, foundations came out, people who played games, social advocates, advocacy groups, and we began just getting together four or five years ago and created essentially a national -- what's grown into kind of an international movement to try to avoid, I think, what's inevitable with sort of this vast wasteland speech directed at games. Why is this important? I mean, right now in the U.S. there's 140 million gamers. In China there's an estimated 30 (million) to 35 million gamers. We don't know what's going on in lots of other parts of the world. Games will be delivered in all kinds of technological platforms. There's 2 million -- 2 billion cell phones. So a lot of games right now are developed and essentially sent out mobilely. So you've got, again, a technology platform and a media -- essentially a media revolution that's going on.

The average age of gamers in the U.S. is 29, which is the average age of staffers on the Hill. Interesting to think about, what that's going to mean. Forty percent of the people who play games are women. In fact, the biggest users of AOL's game site are women over 45. So you think about not only reaching the youth with this technology, you also can reach other generations, you can reach across genders, and the question is... how do we use this? It's essentially in the backbone of a whole bunch of technologies that are allowing us to go from sort of a broadcasting paradigm that was one to many -- this was the classical Voice of America paradigm -- to many to many, and hook up essentially millions of people... a tremendous opportunity here to sort of piggyback on, you know, technology that's inevitably going to, I think, propagate across the globe. It's already propagating. It's far more effective than television in the sense that it's incredibly interactive...so there's things that we can do with this technology that would just -- we could never do with radio or television.

There's not a lot of what I would call public diplomacy games, and one of them mentioned here in the slide show is "PeaceMaker." That was developed by Carnegie Mellon University....There's another game that came out about a year and a half ago, called "A Force More Powerful." It was built on Milosevic and basically takes people through the whole idea of being able to bring about some sort of positive regime change within nonviolent methods, was linked -- the game was linked to a whole bunch of television shows, histories of Gandhi, Martin Luther King...

Let's talk about scale and influence... In terms of public diplomacy, last I looked the State Department hired about 1,200 public diplomacy employees worldwide. We all know the budget is relatively small compared to other parts of government, compared, for example, to the Department of Defense....you quoted Napoleon -- "The battle of perception is ultimately three times more important than the army." So given the financial struggle public diplomacy enjoys, in terms of trying to get prioritization -- further prioritization within government, what kind of scale are you all thinking of in terms of this organization? What kind of leverage up given the power of the Gates, Buffett, Clinton models in the private sector? Can you see this thing scaling up dramatically and having a major role in terms of impacting this challenge that we face in terms of public diplomacy, in terms of sheer resource numbers?... we see leveraging... we're in conversations with the Gates Foundation, about to be....we would take people that are in foundations that are leadership or ethics, and... corporations like Procter & Gamble, when they go into these foreign countries they want to hire young people that have got some kind of honor code. And so we're talking about maybe you'd have a cyber academy that people around the world could go to and get their baccalaureates, so Procter & Gamble or GE would be willing to hire them. So it's leveraging. And whereas I mentioned certain American financial entities, but we would -- you know, this is an awful a lot of money in the Gulf states and elsewhere where we would -- that are in production, but people that would come in or heavy financing on a programmatic basis in helping us build some of these academies or cones...

...the one child, one laptop movement that's come out of the MIT Media Lab. What they're trying to do is drive the cost of a laptop down to $100, and give them essentially to everyone on earth. And that's got some major funding from Gates now. But the question is, what's on the laptop? ...
there has been some progress in the last year in terms of having the public diplomacy, the old USIA element, be more influential in the building. That will not be an overnight development, but it is moving in the right direction....the main issue would be that messages that come directly from the U.S. government are not viewed as -- always with the same eye or as credible as messages that come from third parties and that are developed the same way that ISIS (sp) and NED (sp) can go in and work, people know it's the U.S. government, but that when they work with partners locally, there's a, in a sense, one more step, a distance which gives more impact on the ground. [...]

Digest note: do your own homework
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Seymour Hersh, Scott Ritter and the 'Imminent' War on Iran, Andrew Winkler, The Rebel Media Group, http://www.uruknet.de/?p=37526
leads into a toxic swamp if you explore its links-- and this is just one sample.

Seymour Hersh, Scott Ritter and the 'Imminent' War on Iran
Andrew Winkler, The Rebel Media Group
For the past couple of years, the dissident media scene has been abuzz with warnings of an imminent USraeli attack on Iran. First, the reason given was the opening of the Tehran oil bourse, then Ahmadinejad's 'wipe Israel off the map' remark. When that was debunked as fabricated by MEMRI, Mossad's free translation service, we were told it's because of Ahmadinejad's persistent questioning of the Holocaust, and the unfounded hysteria about Iran's nuclear programme....Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo: http://www.uruknet.de/?p=37526

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Does the Bionic Woman Menstruate?
by Henry Makow Ph.D.
The answer is no. After a car hit Jaime Sommers, surgeons replaced her uterus with nanomachines called anthrocytes attached to stainless steel testicles. Ever since she has been kicking male butt. NBC's resurrection of this 1970's TV series about a mutant is timely since Sommers' ordeal is a metaphor for what the Rockefeller Foundation did to her unwary sisters.
As result, women are increasingly confused, lost and desperate. Nature designed them to sacrifice for husband and children and to be cherished in return. But elite social engineers taught them that devotion to their loved ones is "oppression." They would have to compete with men and have careers. The elite's ultimate goal is to eliminate the nuclear family as a means of controlling humanity, also the purpose of the "war of terror."...
The Illuminati bankers who control the mass media and education system are programming women not to marry and have children....
There are still good women out there. But men have to be men and that means taking charge. The biggest mistake men make is seeing a woman (sex and romance) as an end in itself. Sex and romance are a chimera. No one is perfect and worthy of adulation. Sex without love is merely a physical function like eating.
A woman is a means to an end: home, family, companionship, life skills, emotional intimacy and security. Children are loved unconditionally but adults earn love by mutual support over time. Guys have got to demand more than sex so women can rediscover themselves.[...]

Jewish Murder Plan Against White Christians Exposed
The History of Jewish Human Sacrifice
By Willie Martin
Posted by The_West on 10/25/2007
6 Million ... and Counting - By Edgar J. Steele

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The Jewish Problem
Written by Andrew Winkler, The Rebel Media Group
Friday, 21 September 2007
Jews have a huge problem. And it will not go away by ignoring it. Or blaming others. Denial causes the problem only to become bigger. It has been around for more than two thousand years, and if we don’t fix it now, the consequences will be catastrophic.
I want to make it very clear: The problem is not anti-Semitism. The latter is just a symptom of the problem, not its cause. The problem is Jewishness itself. Being Jewish does something to our brains. It affects how we think, feel and act. It makes us feel both superior to and afraid of non-Jews. It makes us treat other human beings in ways that cannot be reconciled with universal human values.

Jews Anonymous

* The Jewish Problem
* Twelve Step
Welcome to Jews Anonymous, a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other. The primary purpose of Jews Anonymous is to help Jews to rid themselves of any sense of chosenness and superiority over their fellow human beings and embrace all of mankind, regardless of heritage, nationality, religion or race.
Jews Anonymous is based on the successful model of 'Alcoholics Anonymous'. According to Andrew Winkler, CEO and founder of Jews Anonymous, the biggest challenge for both Jews and alcoholics is the realisation that they have a problem. They need to overcome the 'river of denial' and need the help of others to recover from their condition and solve their common problem.
Starting in 2008, Andrew Winkler plans to set up Jews Anonymous groups in all major cities in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US. Former and recovering Jews interested in becoming a founding member of Jews Anonymous are asked to contact Andrew Winkler on andrew@jews-anonymous.orgThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .

'public diplomacy': unspeakable hypocrisy from the puppet-in-chief of the most criminal state terrorist empire in modern history...
Fact Sheet: Encouraging Freedom, Justice, and Prosperity in Cuba
Council on Foreign Relations
This fact sheet outlines a "series of measures to support growing democratic movements in Cuba" as proposed by President Bush. Bush also gave a speech on foreign policy related to Cuba. President Bush announced measures to help prepare Cuba for transition to a democratic future, including a new initiative to develop an international multi-billion dollar Freedom Fund. Before his speech, the President met with family members of political prisoners in Cuba. The President believes that now is the time to stand with the Cuban people as they stand up for their liberty. The world should put aside its differences and prepare for Cuba's transition to a future of progress and promise.[...]

"The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media."
former CIA Director William Colby, Bernstein's 1977 Oct. Rolling stone

Reality trumps rhetoric: liberation movements show how truth is a revolutionary guide in the struggle for justice and peace...
Truth Matters (excerpt)
By Charles Sullivan
...As propaganda, the elements that are deliberately left out of media are as important as those that are retained. It is propaganda by omission, as much as by content. What people are not told shapes their world view and influences their behavior, as surely as what they are told. Imposed ignorance and selective knowledge go hand in hand to forge public opinion and to shape cultural identity. These conditions set the stage for belligerent government and aggressive nationalism.

It is not coincidental that professional journalists, those who write for profit in the mainstream media, are least likely to tell us the truth... they are part of a fraternity, a part of the cultural orthodoxy, with an incentive in maintaining the established order....Journalists who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo or advancing their careers do not operate in the public interest. Their purpose is not to inform but to deceive.
When a major news anchor reports upon the invasion and occupation of sovereign nations, uncritically putting forth pentagon propaganda as justification for the attack, he or she is in essence acting in the manner of a celebrity athlete endorsing a product. The basketball star may endorse Nike sneakers, manufactured by indentured servants in foreign sweatshops; while the news anchor is endorsing war and disaster capitalism projected around the world by Lockheed Martin and the Carlyle Group. Both are prostitutes. Mainstream corporate journalism is not about speaking truth to power, it is about selling products and perceptions. It is about creating a culture of ignorant consumers incapable of distinguishing between propaganda and news, fact and fiction.... If news stories are not believable to the multitudes, if they fail to garner popular support by masking corporate agendas behind deceptive language, the majority of governmental polices and private agendas could not be enacted. If the people knew what was being done in their name, and who is profiting from those policies, there might be widespread opposition and even social upheaval....

That is the genius of modern capitalism and its impressive marketing apparatus...In our capitalist culture, journalism must not be thought of as a reporting of facts, but as marketing propaganda—the selling of ideas that might not otherwise be embraced by those who must carry out hidden agendas, or the people on the receiving end of them. Seen in this way, the US soldier and the Iraqi citizen are both pawns in a rich man’s game: the former as the implementer of unjust war and occupation, the other as the unwilling recipient of them.The end result for both soldier and Iraqi citizen is tragic: the soldier is told that he or she is protecting their country from foreign threats, something that is patently false; while the innocent Iraqi citizen, defending his or her home from foreign occupation, knows that she or he is not a terrorist, but is treated like one, nevertheless.

Both occupier and the occupied share a common foe, but it is not each other; it is the criminals, aided and abetted by the corporate media, who put them in formal opposition to one another for financial gain.

Our recent history would have been impossible without the consolidation of the media that occurred during the Clinton presidency, and has continued ever since. The entire spectra of mainstream media are now under the control of only four or five corporations. We no longer have reporting on local issues stemming from diverse perspectives rooted in local communities, but a monoculture of state and corporate propaganda ...Aided by the president and congress, the public owned airwaves were hijacked and are being used against the people by giant multinational corporations...

Corporate media is the vanguard of empire and environmental destruction on a global scale. ...

Soon it will be an act of sedition to speak truth in this country. Yet, truth will continue to exist, despite all attempts to destroy it....Speaking truth to power, especially corrupt power, is dangerous business— particularly in war zones and fascist states, like the one evolving in the US.
Let future historical records show that there was opposition to what was being done in our name, that there were people willing to speak truth to power, to stem the evil tide by standing up for justice, cost what it may.... a culture that does not value truth and justice is not worth preserving. Such cultures will self destruct and implode upon themselves; the world will eventually unite against them and bring them down. All of the military might in the world, all the subterfuge, is not powerful enough to overcome simple truth.