11/17/12 War on Gaza: US Target Iran

Peres: Israel Needs US for Existence
10/22/10 By Press TV
Israeli President Shimon Peres has acknowledged Israel's existence depends on its friendship with the United States."We cannot exist alone. For our existence we need the friendship of the United States of America. It doesn't sound easy, but this is the truth," he said in a speech to Jewish leaders, broadcast by Israel Army Radio, urging Israelis to try to meet US demands in order to be assured of their existence

geopolitical context: all roads lead to Iran for US hegemony
US priorities in Syria, and the broader Mideast
Israeli-Palestinian peace talks under threat from Hamas. Can Syria help?
9/16/10 Correspondent, CSMonitor http://axcessnews.com/index.php/articles/show/id/20874
Beirut, Lebanon - With Gaza rocket fire and Israeli air strikes providing a potent reminder of Hamas's potential to destabilize Israeli-Palestinian peace talks US envoy George Mitchell arrived in Syria today looking to secure broader regional support. The US believes that hopes of an eventual Israeli-Syrian peace track are dependent on the continuation of the Palestinian track.
"If Hamas succeeds [in scuttling the talks], the prospects for eventual Syria-Israel talks are zero," says an analyst closely following the talks, who asked not to be identified. "... the priority of effort - virtually all of it - is putting Palestinian-Israeli direct talks on a sound basis."...American diplomats have trodden the path to Damascus repeatedly the past 18 months as part of a renewed attempt to engage Syrian leadership ... The US signaled a renewal of diplomatic relations in 2009... calculated to woo Damascus away from Iran and tap its leverage over Hamas and Hezbollah. But more than a year later, Washington has yet to send a new ambassador, and sanctions remain in place. The Obama administration decided to focus instead on relaunching the Israeli-Palestinian peace track, regarded the keystone to resolving the broader Israeli-Arab conflict. Aside from the Israeli-Palestinian talks, the US has grievances with Syria that can hamper diplomatic moves to resume negotiations between US ally Israel and Syria. They include Syria’s continuing support for militant anti-Israel groups such as Hamas and Iran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon.... Syria's sometimes contradictory policies tend to divide analysts into two camps: some believe Syria is the lynchpin for Middle East stability. If Syria's interests are satisfied, such as the return in its entirety of the Golan Heights captured by Israel in 1967, and perhaps permitted a proprietary role in neighboring Lebanon, it will distance itself from Iran... Other analysts believe Syria prefers to sit in the middle and play regional spoiler, ensuring it cannot be ignored - but deferring hard decisions that could end up undermining the regime.

Disclosure puts IAEA head and Iran on collision path
Tehran's accusation of Yukiya Amano's bias gains credibility
12/2/2010 Reuters, http://gulfnews.com/news/region/iran/disclosure-puts-iaea-head-and-iran-...
UN IAEA Director-General Yukiya Amano... "solidly in the US court" on key issues including Iran, US diplomatic cables cited by the Guardian newspaper said...Amano said in his first report on Iran in February the IAEA feared Tehran may be working to develop a nuclear-armed missile.at a sensitive time in world diplomacy over the Islamic state's disputed nuclear programme...
before he took office in December 2009, the US mission in Vienna described him in a cable as a "DG [Director General] of all states, but in agreement with us". It said Amano reminded the US ambassador on several occasions he would need to make concessions to developing countries, "but that he was solidly in the US court on every key strategic decision, from high-level personnel appointments to the handling of Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program." The IAEA and the US mission were not immediately available to comment on the report....

US Provides IAEA a Nuclear Power Human Resource Modeling Tool
9/22/2011 http://www.iaea.org/About/Policy/GC/GC55/
A Nuclear Power Human Resources (NPHR) modeling tool... will be invaluable helping Member States understand their workforce requirements when planning to start a nuclear power programme... a good example of the potential for cooperation among the IAEA, the USA and the International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation (IFNEC)," said Alexander Bychkov, Deputy Director General for Nuclear Energy accepting the modeling tool... originally developed by Los Alamos National Laboratory under contracts with the US Office of Nuclear Energy/Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration ...

Iran says U.S. uses IAEA as "tool"
11/7/11 http://news.xinhuanet.com/english2010/world/2011-11/07/c_131233885.htm
...Iran's Foreign Minister Ali-Akbar Salehi said the IAEA documents on its missile program are "unfounded and baseless." Also, a member of Iran's Assembly of Experts Seyyed Mahmoud Alavi warned against the harangue by the United States and Israel before the release of the IAEA report....

IAEA says foreign expertise has brought Iran to threshold of nuclear capability
11/5/12 http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/iaea-says-foreign-...
Secret intelligence provided to U.N. nuclear officials shows Iran’s government has mastered the critical steps needed to build a nuclear weapon, receiving assistance from foreign scientists to overcome key technical hurdles, according to Western diplomats and nuclear experts briefed on the findings....

After attack on U.S. drone, Iran backs right to defend territory
11/9/12 http://www.cnn.com/2012/11/09/world/meast/iran-fighter-jets/

making clear yet again who calls the shots
Opinions, Henry Kissinger
Iran must be President Obama’s immediate priority
http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/henry-kissinger-iran-must-be-pres... (excerpt)
....“The most urgent decision facing the president is how to stop Iran from pursuing a military nuclear program. The time available for a diplomatic outcome shrinks in direct proportion as the Iranian enrichment capacity grows and a military nuclear capacity approaches,” Kissinger wrote, adding: “We cannot afford another strategic disaster.... However respectfully the views of friends are considered, the ultimate decision over peace or war must remain in the hands of the president....Why negotiate with a country of such demonstrated hostility and evasiveness? Precisely because the situation is so fraught. Diplomacy may reach an acceptable agreed outcome. Or its failure will mobilize the American people and the world. It will clarify either the causes of an escalating crisis, up to the level of military pressure, or ultimate acquiescence in an Iranian nuclear program. Either outcome will require a willingness to see it through to its ultimate implications.” ...

It cannot happen without U.S. participation, we are the most significant single component...there will be a New World Order, and it will force the United States to change its perceptions.
Henry Kissinger: Former US Secretary of State, World Affairs Council Press Conference, 19 April 1994

Obama primed to create 'New World Order'
"The president-elect is coming into office at a moment when there is upheaval in many parts of the world simultaneously...India, Pakistan... the jihadist movement... this period when a new world order can be created presents great opportunity... it isn't just a crisis."
Kissinger, 1/6/09 CNBC interview on "Squawk on the Street" hosts Mark Haines and Erin Burnett at the New York Stock Exchange

"I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger"
Gen. Jones's Remarks to the Munich Security Conference By James Jones National Security Adviser Obama Administration
Hotel Bayerischer Hof Munich, Germany February 9, 2009

U.S. backs Israel on Gaza—including use of ground forces
11/15/12 By Olivier Knox, White House Correspondent
Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren briefed key senators on the operation. The lawmakers—Democrats and Republicans—released a joint statement expressing "solidarity" with Israel...

Obama: Hamas must end ‘cowardly’ Israel attacks
...President Barack Obama spoke by telephone late Wednesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and, separately, with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. "In both conversations, the president reiterated United States support for Israel's right to self-defense....also urged Prime Minister Netanyahu to make every effort to avoid civilian casualties,"
11/15/12 http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/obama-spokesman-hamas-must-end-coward...

Obama...gave Israel the green light for a major offensive in the Gaza Strip that would proceed in close sync with the White House...Obama has plainly decided to use Israel’s counter-terror operation against Tehran’s Palestinian ally in the Gaza Strip as a military threat to squeeze the Iranian supreme leader in to accept talks without resorting to direct American military action...

Israeli Prime Minster Deletes Tweet Thanking Obama
11/15/12 http://www.buzzfeed.com/andrewkaczynski/netanyahu-deletes-tweet-thanking...
"I want to express my appreciation once again to President Obama for his unequivocal clear sided support for Israel's right to defend itself"
The campaign Twitter account for the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, tweeted, then quickly deleted a statement thanking President Obama for his support. A spokesperson for the Israeli Embassy in Washington emails "I know he thanked him publicly more than once in the last 48 hours. Wouldn't give it any significance."

11/16/12 http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/gaza-conflict-test...
...The United States has invested heavily in the Iron Dome system jointly developed by the United States and Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who called President Obama on Friday, expressed “deep appreciation” for the U.S. investment in the Iron Dome defense system, the White House said in a statement...Iron Dome is intercepting nearly 90 percent of Palestinian rockets that appear to be a threat to populated areas, Israel claimed Friday...making clear it is not now seeking U.S. military help...Israel called up (over 75,000) thousands of IDF reservists and massed troops on the Gaza border as fighting escalated Friday in what Israel’s ambassador to the US called an armed conflict that could become a full-scale war. Speaking with reporters in Washington Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren did not rule out the possibility Israel could appeal for U.S. assistance. “Right now we have the military means at our disposal to meet this threat...But we are in constant consultation and communication with our American counterparts about the situation on the ground.”...“They haven’t caused any damage, they haven’t caused any casualties. It’s more of a psychological issue so far” Oren said.
Secretary of State Clinton spoke Friday with the Israeli foreign minister and made her second call to the Egyptian foreign minister...she also spoke with Jordan’s King Abdullah !!...“In all cases, her message has been we are urging a de-escalation of this conflict,” (State Dept. spokeswoman Virginia) Nuland said.

As Battlefield Changes, Israel Takes Tougher Approach
11/17/12 NYT
Israel acknowledges its dangerous world is growing more dangerous. For the country and most of its people, that means not concessions but toughness in pursuit of deterrence

Egypt, Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula
Stratfor Global Intelligence Free Report
11/16/12 http://app.response.stratfor.com/e/es?s=1483&e=609991&elq=a9dbca50403148...
...Israel, in the past two years, has approved two Egyptian military increases in the Sinai Peninsula above the levels set in the 1978 Camp David Accords. Egyptian forces do not pose a threat to Israel.. In fact, the biggest threat the Egyptian military could pose to Israel would be by becoming less involved in Sinai....If Egypt allows the Rafah Crossing to stay open...if the fighting in Gaza escalates, Egypt would have decided to oppose Israel, even though also going against its interest to avoid a wave of refugees. Any evidence of Egyptian noncompliance to an Israeli request to draw down added troops would even more clearly show a rift between the two regional powers.

BBC apologises after Chief Rabbi blames Iran for Gaza conflict
11/16/12 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/9682850/BBC-apologises-after-Ch...
BBC apologised to Lord Sacks after he suggested the conflict in Gaza was fuelled by tensions over Iran when caught off guard live
“I think it has got to do with Iran, actually.” Lord Sacks had just completed one of his regular “Thought for the Day” broadcasts on BBC Radio 4 when he was asked by the Today programme presenter, Evan Davis, if he had “any thoughts” on the clashes in the Middle East... Mr Davis’s co-presenter, Sarah Montague, clearly concerned Lord Sacks did not seem to know his remarks were still being broadcast, could be heard to whisper: “We, we’re live.” Lord Sacks then swiftly...suggested the crisis demanded “a continued prayer for peace, not only in Gaza but for the whole region”.

IAEA fails to visit Iran nuclear sites, just ‘constructive’ talks
2/1/12 http://rt.com/news/iran-iaea-talks-un-223/

Iran could have enough uranium for a nuclear weapon in three months: Officials
11/15/12 AP http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/11/15/iran-nuclear-program/
Iran is on the threshold of being able to create weapons-grade uranium at a plant it has heavily fortified against Israeli attack, diplomats told The AP Thursday...cutting in half the time it would take to acquire enough of the substance needed to make a nuclear weapon, reducing it to just over three months. Such a move would raise the stakes for Israel...
Based on intelligence from the United States and other IAEA member nations as well as its own research, the IAEA suspects Tehran has done secret work on developing nuclear weapons....also fear Iran is enriching uranium to reach the ability to make such arms. All three diplomats are from member nations of the IAEA scheduled to release its latest report on Iran’s nuclear program as early as Friday. They demanded anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss restricted information with reporters. While experts agree the Islamic Republic could assemble enough weapons-grade uranium to arm a nuclear weapon relatively quickly, they point out that this is only one of a series of steps need to create a working weapon...that Tehran is believed to be years away from mastering the technology to manufacture a fully operational warhead...

11/17/12 U.N. nuclear inspectors report worrisome steps by Iran
IAEA says Iran has completed an underground uranium-enrichment plant and increased stockpiles.
The Washington Post

US denies visas to Iranian UN delegates
Tension grows as Tehran accuses US officials of 'wanting to prevent us interacting and co-operating with the United Nations'
11/17/12 http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/nov/17/iran-usforeignpolicy

Stop Pretending the US is an Uninvolved, Helpless Party in the Israeli Assault on Gaza
 By Glenn Greenwald, http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/nov/17/israel-gaza-us-polic...
It has long been the case that the central enabling fact in Israeli lawlessness and aggression is blind US support, that continues, more than ever, to be the case under the presidency of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner....pretending the US - and the Obama administration - bear no responsibility for what is taking place is sheer self-delusion, total fiction.