12/3/7 U.S. Says Iran Ended Nuclear Arms Work Commentary: political implications

Digest commentary:

This transparent face-saving "news", an admission of what the world has long-known, must be understood for what it is: a serious set-back for U.S. hegemonic plans that reflects its growing geostrategic political-economic and military weakness. The deep capitalist crisis behind the U.S. imperialist world war for the absolute global hegemony needed to resolve the crisis -- [restructuring the globe and finance capital by securing control of oil and other essential resources] -- has resulted in further exacerbating the crisis: Iran's refusal to be bullied into submission, the undefeatable Iraqi resistance emboldening other oppressed peoples and nations, increasing U.S defeat in Afghanistan, the unspeakable state terrorist crimes committed by U.S. and its zionist proxy, with severe and growing isolation, hatred and opposition threatening its supremacy in the face of Russian and Chinese and Latin American anti-U.S. hegemony capitalist bloc-building, plus the too-silent but spreading political disgust with its wars as the financial chickens come home to roost in the 'homeland' --- all this requires new U.S. tactics.

Do not be fooled: this does not indicate defeat for the bipartisan world domination agenda, nor is it an indication of strategic electoral party differences, because the agenda is necessary to the preservation of U.S. capitalist global power and profits, the mission of all electoral representatives. The infrastructural shift from liberal-to fascist capitalist mode will become more draconian under pressure. Any international policy shifts will be only tactical, as proscribed by Zbigniew Brzezinski et al, toward more successfully achieving, instead of sabotaging, U.S. capital's "global leadership".
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What this move does indicate is the possibility and the urgent necessity to grasp, and to act, on objective U.S. strategic weakness, to step up political resistance here and worldwide, go on the offensive to build an anti-imperialist international movement that can stop the U.S. -israeli juggernaut and forge a new 'world order'.

U.S. Says Iran Ended Nuclear Arms Work

A new assessment by American intelligence agencies concludes
that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003 and that
the program remains on hold, contradicting a previous
intelligence report.