8/18 National Guard & Counter-Insurgency

8/18/Digest intro:
US finance capitalist global domination is in deep trouble. There is nothing it won't do to reverse course. The 'sudden' June ISIS CRISIS", was the long-planned starting gun in a desperate attempt to salvage all the defeats suffered since its world war, (GWOT) was greenlighted by 911.
This now-or-never attempt is essential to do the 2 things necessary to stay world-dominant: (1) crush any potential or active counter-revolutionary movements ...from Black Africa to Black america, from Palestine to Iraq and everywhere between (2) Reverse its standard divide-to-conquer tactics in order to 'unite' with its client states and proxies against major anti-US hegemony capitalist rivals, led by Russia and China.
The context is world domination by any means necessary. The 'national security' '3 Ds' Democracy, Defense & Development' are based and dependent upon total information control and surveillance - backed up by the ruling state's monopoly on violence. (see previous issues for specifics)

US must crush Black resistance to prevent its greatest 'homeland fear: Black-led working and oppressed people revolution to overthrow the capitalist state
Obama Calls for 'Limited' Use of National Guard in Ferguson
“There is a big difference between our military and our local law enforcement and we don’t want those lines to be blurred," Obama said.
8/18/14 http://www.defenseone.com/threats/2014/08/so-much-demilitarizing-ferguso...
Government Executive Media Group, 600 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20037
Deployment of National Guard combat troops to Ferguson marks at least the seventh time since 1957 the Guard has been called to race-related rioting on American streets....

January 2003 Pentagon White Paper recommended creation of a "Rapid Reaction Media Team" for Iraq... "a critical interim rapid response component of the US strategic information campaign for Iraq to liberate Iraq."
National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 219...

US 'ISIS crisis' propaganda prior to June 13
On its Twitter account, ISIS gloated  about seizing arms and vehicles abandoned by the city’s supposed defenders. Elsewhere in the country, its fighters have been spotted driving Humvees captured from government forces in previous encounters...

strategic communications/public diplomacy
Public Diplomacy: Shaping a New Narrative through the American Center
The Future of Diplomacy Project
http://belfercenter.ksg.harvard.edu/project/61/future_of_diplomacy_proje... ><">http://belfercenter.ksg.harvard.edu/events/5973/public_diplomacy.html>
As part of the Future of Diplomacy Project international speaker series, Tara D. Sonenshine, Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs will discuss how public diplomacy under the Obama Administration has evolved to reach critical audiences around the world, including through its American centers. Sonenshine was formerly Executive Vice President of the US Institute of Peace. Prior to that she was strategic communications adviser to many international organizations including USIP, the International Crisis Group, Internews, CARE, The American Academy of Diplomacy, and the International Women’s Media Foundation. Ms. Sonenshine served in various White House capacities during the Clinton Administration, including Transition Director and Director of Foreign Policy Planning for the National Security Council (NSC) and Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of Communications for the NSC...Her broadcast career began working for David Burke at ABC News in New York, then as vice president of ABC News...become editorial producer of ABC News’ Nightline for more than a decade. She was a Pentagon off-air reporter for ABC World News Tonight. A former Newsweek contributing editor...author of numerous articles on foreign affairs in the New York Times, Washington Post, other newspapers, national print and online media...Ms. Sonenshine produced network TV news programs ...and is the recipient of 10 News Emmy Awards and other awards for domestic and international issues broadcast programs.

Mrs. Clinton is represented on the Board of Broadcast Directors by Ambassador Tara D. Sonenshine Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs

The Broadcasting Board of Governors
BBG is the name of the independent federal agency that oversees all U.S. civilian international media and the board that governs those broadcasts.The BBG mission is to inform, engage and connect people around the world in support of freedom and democracy. Broadcasters in the BBG network include the Voice of America (VOA), Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFERL), Middle East Broadcasting Networks (Alhurra TV and Radio Sawa), Radio Free Asia, and the Office of Cuba Broadcasting (Radio and TV Marti)
The Committee on Foreign Relations in the Senate and the Committee on Foreign Affairs in the House have jurisdiction over non-military U.S. international broadcasting. The Committees on Appropriations of the House and Senate appropriate funds for U.S. international broadcasting on an annual basis and provide program and policy guidance or direction for the use of appropriated funds.  These committees also have oversight authority over BBG programs...

America: Beware The Siren Song Of Disengagement
"the perception of threat has driven American engagement abroad...support for a vigorously engaged America is necessary today"
8/15/14 http://fortunascorner.com/2014/08/15/america-beware-the-siren-song-of-di...

The war on terrorism is bogus: The 9/11 attacks gave the US the ideal pretext to use force to secure its global domination
by Michael Meacher, former member British Parliament
9/6/03 http://politics.guardian.co.uk/attacks/comment/0,1320,1036772,00.html

"Democracy has justified itself by keeping for the white race the best portion's of the earth's surface."
Theodore Roosevelt

"Whether the whites won the land by treaty, by armed conquest, or both...mattered little so long as the land was won...all men of sane and wholesome thought must dismiss with contempt the plea that these continents should be reserved for the use of a few scattered savages whose life was a few degrees less meaningless, squalid, and ferocious than that of the wild beasts." 
Theodore Roosevelt

If we have to use force, it is because we are America. We are the indispensable nation. We stand tall. We see further into the future.
US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright

Leslie Stahl, 60 Minutes, asked Albright if half a million dead Iraqi children was a price worth paying to remove Saddam Hussein
Albright "...we think it was"

"It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true."
Henry Kissinger
"People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction, and anyone who insists on remaining in a state of innocence long after that innocence is dead turns himself into a monster" 
James Baldwin

STATE TERRORISM: white supremacist north american history of ‘manifest destiny’ world domination based on genocide and slavery:
"From 1945 to 2003, the US attempted to overthrow more than 40 foreign governments, to crush more than 30 popular-nationalist movements fighting intolerable regimes. In the process, the US bombed some 25 countries, ending life for several million people, and condemned many millions more to a life of agony and despair."
William Blum, author of Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions since World War II, America's Deadliest Export: Democracy and more

"The conscious, intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society... dominated by the relatively small number ... who pull the wires which control the public mind, harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world." 
Edward Bernays - Propaganda, 2005

“ media’s the most powerful entity on earth...with the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent... Because they control the minds of the masses.”
Malcolm X

"Revolution is never based on begging somebody for an integrated cup of coffee...never fought by turning the other cheek....never based upon love-your-enemy..never waged singing 'We Shall Overcome.'...never based upon begging a corrupt system to accept us into it. Revolutions overturn systems. And there is no system on this earth which has proven itself more corrupt, more criminal, than this system that in 1964 still colonizes 22 million African-Americans, still enslaves 22 million
Malcolm X April 8, 1964

"In the technotronic society the trend would seem to be towards the aggregation of the individual support of millions of uncoordinated citizens, easily within the reach of magnetic and attractive personalities effectively exploiting the latest communications techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason."
October 28, 2003 Zbigniew Brzezinski, Address to New American Strategies Conference

...Cultural domination has been an underappreciated facet of American global power.... As the imitation of American ways gradually pervades the world, it creates a more congenial setting for the exercise of the indirect and seemingly consensual American hegemony. And as in the case of the domestic American system, that hegemony involves a complex structure of interlocking institutions and procedures, designed to generate consensus and obscure asymmetries in power and influence....
1997Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Grand Chessboard and American Imperatives

“In brief, the U.S policy goal must be unapologetically twofold: to perpetuate America’s own dominant position for at least a generation and preferably longer still; and to create a geopolitical framework that can absorb the inevitable shocks and strains of social-political change...”
1997 Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives

"...depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World."
Henry Kissinger, National Security Memo 200, dated April 24, 1974

"Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy"
Henry Kissinger

Capital is dead labor, which vampire-like, only lives by sucking living labor.... What the bourgeoisie therefore, produces above all, are its own grave-diggers.
1848 The Communist Manifesto —Karl Marx and Frederic Engels,

Let our position be absolutely clear: an attempt by any outside force to gain control of the Persian Gulf region will be regarded as an assault on the vital interests of the United States of America, and such an assault will be repelled by any means necessary, including military force.
1/20/80 President Jimmy Carter, State of the Union Address

"Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet"
Central Command General James Mattis

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."
1994 David Rockefeller, Statement to the United Nations Business Council

Secretary of state Hillary Clinton explains why US trained and supported Osama Bin Laden
Katie Couric Interviews Clinton about Afghanistan and the Road Ahead http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/10/06/eveningnews/main5367884.shtml

Gen. Franks Doubts Constitution Will Survive WMD Attack
11/21/03 http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2003/11/20/185048.shtml
"...the potential of a weapon of mass destruction and a terrorist, massive casualty-producing event somewhere in the Western world – may be in the United States of America – that causes our population to question our own Constitution and begin to militarize our country in order to avoid a repeat of another mass, casualty-producing event...."

Secretary of state Hillary Clinton admits US trained and supported Osama Bin Laden

Kissinger: global upheaval presents 'great opportunity' -- Obama primed to create 'New World Order'
Kissinger reply to question about international crises facing Obama administration, interview with CNBC "Squawk on the Street" hosts Mark Haines and Erin Burnett at the New York Stock Exchange, video was aired on CNBC Jan. 5, 2009. http://rawstory.com/news/2008/Henry_Kissinger_Obama_should_act_to_0106.h...

"I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger "
Gen. Jones's Remarks to the Munich Security Conference By James Jones National Security Adviser Obama Administration
2/9/09 http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2009/02/jones_munich_conferenc...
Thank you for that wonderful tribute to Henry Kissinger yesterday.... As the most recent U.S. National Security Advisor, I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger, filtered down through Generaal Brent Scowcroft and Sandy Berger chain of command in the National Security Council

the liberation theologist minister obama dumped
"...God damn America..."
Rev. Jeremiah Wright denounced America's racist treatment of African Americans from the pulpit, and shortly after 9/11 was quoted: "We have supported state terrorism against Palestinians and black South Africans, and now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is brought right back to our own front yards. America's chickens are coming home to roost...". In a 2003 sermon denouncing the national oppression of U.S. Blacks he said, "The government gives them drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and wants us to sing 'God Bless America.' No, no no, God damn America, that's in the Bible for killing innocent people..."

The illusion of freedom (in America) will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, pull back the curtains, move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.
Frank Zappa, musician

Friendly Fascism: The New Face of Power in America
1980 by Bertram Gross
"...Under the militarism of German, Italian, and Japanese fascism violence was openly glorified... applied regionally-by the Germans in Europe and England, the Italians in the Mediterranean, the Japanese in Asia...administered by professional militarists...The emerging friendly fascist militarism is global It involves weapons of doomsday proportions, something Hitler could dream of but never achieve. It is based on integration of corporate, science, military, paramilitary, and civilian elements....The old buzzwords duty, honor, and patriotism used to justify subservience to the interests of transnational corporations and the presentation of threats to corporate investments as threats to the interest of the people as a whole... in sharp contrast with classic fascism's glorification of violence, the friendly fascist orientation is to sanitize, even hide, the greater violence of modern warfare behind such "value-free" terms as "nuclear exchange," behind the huge geographical distances between the senders and receivers of destruction through missiles or on "automated battlefields," and the even greater psychological distances between First World elites and ordinary people consigned to quick or slow death....
...William E. Shirer, whose monumental The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich qualifies him as a penetrating observer, commented that America may be the first country where fascism comes to power through democratic elections… The main source of this new-style despotism is not the frenetics of the Ku Klux Klan right...nor left crazies...which may play facilitating, tactical or triggering roles...he new world order likely to emerge through the hidden logic of capitalism's transitional growth and the groping responses to mounting crisis in a dwindling capitalist world.”

“Political power is the organised power of one class for oppressing another...The ideas of the ruling class state are in every epoch the ruling ideas...The tradition of past generations weighs like the Alps on the brains of the living...men have formed wrong ideas about themselves...arranged their relations according to ideas of god, normal etc. The products of their brains got out of their hands... the creators, bow down before their creations...Necessity is blind until it becomes conscious. Freedom is the consciousness of necessity.”
Karl Marx

America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between.
Oscar Wilde

Fascism is capitalism in decay.
V.I. Lenin