Forces in Ferguson: Why it's a Strategic & Tactical Frontline

1,217 deadly police shootings from 2010 to 2012 captured in the federal data show blacks age 15 to 19 were killed at a rate of 31.17 per million, while just 1.47 per million white males in that age range died at the hands of police.

The US, in desperation semantically eradicated REVOLUTION and of course has declared "communism dead". Revolution, resistance, self-defense against US domination officially is "terrorism","violent extremism", to provide endless pretexts for its state terrorist death squads al-Q and clones, now including ISIS. The GWOT is one massive counter-revolutionary war, dependent on P20G operations.>

Reality refuses to cooperate with US 'strategic communications" however. India, the Philippines, and Nepal are primary reasons why: unbeatable successes of what most threatens its survival because genuine revolutionaries are 'fish in the ocean' of the people as Mao put it
Example: today the 'news' informed us the Maoist-led revolution that began in 1967 in West Bengal India is "India’s Quiet Role as a Hotbed of Terror" 11/26/14<>....The majority of India’s terrorism incidents in 2013 were related to the Maoist groups operating in Bihar, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh responsible for almost half of terrorism-related deaths in the country last year. That includes the attack on a Congress Party convoy in Chhattisgarh’s Darbha Valley in May 2013, where over 20 people, including senior Congress politicians, were shot dead by the insurgents. “Police are overwhelmingly the biggest targets of Maoists..."
July 14,1953 Adlai Stevenson II wrote “Will India Turn Communist?” Look magazine. May 24, 2010 Indian PM Manmohan Singh declared the Maoist Naxalites the greatest threat to India's national security .
Dec. 1, 2014, today we read "Maoist attack kills at least 13 paramilitary troops in India", India: At least 13 paramilitary troops were killed in an attack by Maoist rebels in central India Monday, police said.R.K. Vij, a top police official in Chhattisgarh state, said the attack took place in Sukma district, 385 kilometers south of Raipur, the state capital. Troops from the Central Reserve Police Force were engaged in fighting the rebels in an area known to be their stronghold when they were surrounded by Maoists who opened indiscriminate fire,The rebels have been called India's biggest internal security threat. They operate in 20 of India's 28 states and have thousands of fighters, according to the Home Ministry"

US Counter-revolutionary Counter- terrorism, in myriad shapes and disguises worldwide, including its 'homeland where it provokes 'race war':

Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States
“Several recent incidences of violent extremists in the United States who are committed to fighting here and abroad have underscored the threat to the United States and our interests
posed by individuals radicalized at home. Our best defenses against this threat are well informed and equipped families, local communities, and institutions. The Federal Government will invest in intelligence to understand this threat and expand community engagement and development programs to empower local communities...."
National Security Strategy, May 2010

Throughout history, violent extremists — individuals who support or commit ideologically-motivated violence to further political goals — have promoted messages of divisiveness and justified the killing of innocents...since the September 11 attacks, we have faced an expanded range of plots and attacks in the United States inspired or directed by al-Qa’ida and its affiliates and adherents as well as other violent extremists....
...Building Government and Law Enforcement Expertise for Preventing Violent Extremism
Although we have learned a great deal about radicalization that leads to violence, we can never assume that the dynamics will remain the same. We must be vigilant in identifying, predicting, and preempting new developments....We are working to support and expand community-oriented policing efforts by our state, local, and tribal partners, and to assist them in enhancing cultural proficiency and other foundations for effective community engagement...
The Federal Government will often be ill-suited to intervene in the niches of society where radicalization to violence takes place, but it can foster partnerships to support communities through its connections to local government, law enforcement, the private sector, local service providers, academia, and many others who can help prevent violent extremism. Federal departments and agencies have begun expanding support to local stakeholders and practitioners on the ground and positioned to develop grassroots partnerships with the communities they serve...
In addition to engaging communities the Federal Government is using its convening power to help build a network of individuals, groups, civil society organizations, and private sector actors to support community-based efforts to counter violent extremism. Myriad groups with tools and capabilities to counter radicalization to violence often operate in separate spheres of activity and therefore do not know one another...the Federal Government with its connections to diverse EmPowEring LocaL PartnErS to PrEVEnt VioLEnt ExtrEmiSm in thE UnitEd StatES networks across the country, has a unique ability to draw together the constellation of previously unconnected efforts and programs to form a more cohesive enterprise against violent extremism....
Radicalization that leads to violent extremism includes the diffusion of ideologies and narratives that feed on grievances, assign blame, and legitimize the use of violence against those deemed responsible. We must actively and aggressively counter the range of ideologies violent extremists employ to radicalize and recruit individuals by challenging justifications for violence and by actively promoting the unifying and inclusive vision of our American ideals

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The driving force behind the Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin murders, beyond being 2 more 'justifiable homicides' in white supremacist north american systemic, systematic genocide, was strategic. Explosions of anger and grief following both murders were cold-bloodedly calculated and organized - with massive strategic communications 'news' and top-to-bottom leadership to execute tactical plans - to intensify and advance "race" war fronts: identify and organize State friends & enemies in the US NSA strategy to preempt revolutionary class war to overthrow the entire political-economic system.

brief recent background
After the 1965 L.A. so-called Watts "race riots". SWAT team operations began in Los Angeles. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed by Congress in 1990 authorized transfer of old and/or excess military equipment from the Pentagon to police agencies for “the war on drugs" targeting Blacks after US/LAPD tried drugging Blacks to death with cocaine
In 1997 the NDAA expanded the * 1033 program, further merging police and military "support" operations and equipment...
Ferguson, (see part 1) is a preemptive major front in post-911 counter-revolutionary strategy & tactics (aka "counterterrorism").
counterrevolutionary tactical operations provoking opposition with alleged illegal activities as pretexts for attacks and/or elimination. Black and Lation youth, feared potential US revolutionary leaders, are most extremely targeted as 'suspected', 'homegrown terrorists' 'militants' etc. 'news' media cryptically allude to as "guns in the wrong hands", "violence", "mental health issues"

2010 National Security Agenda, strategic and tactical preparations: 8/16 Behind Brown's Murder & Martial Law

Obama calls for calm after Zimmerman acquittal
7/14/13 "We are a nation of laws and a jury has spoken.We should ask ourselves if we're doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country daily"

"blurring" for fascist military-police lmerger
Obama Calls for Calm and 'Limited' Use of National Guard in Ferguson
“There is a big difference between our military and our local law enforcement and we don’t want those lines to be blurred"

The United States has traditionally kept military action and civil law enforcement apart, codifying that separation in the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. On the other hand, Congress has occasionally authorized the Department of Defense (DOD) to undertake actions specifically intended to enhance the effectiveness of domestic law enforcement through direct or material support. One such effort is the “1033 Program,” named for the section of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 1997

* Ferguson and other St. Louis area police agencies are in the *1033 program...

Defense Dept. Support of Law Enforcement
Defense Logistics Agenc11/27/14
The Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO), facilitates the *1033 program, which originated from the National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 1997 (FY 97) allows transfer of excess Department of Defense property that might otherwise be destroyed to law enforcement agencies across the U.S. and its territories...the 1033 program has transferred more than $5.1 billion worth of property. In 2013, $450 million worth was transferred to agencies. Requisitions cover the gamut of items used by U.S. military. 8,000 police agencies are enrolled...

Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, COPS Office, in the U.S. Department of Justice
Since 1995 it has awarded over $14 billion to advance community policing, including grants to more than 13,000 state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies to fund the hiring and redeployment of approximately 125,000 officers and provide knowledge resource products including publications, training, and technical assistance

Additional Background on Collaborative Reform:
In August following the shooting of Michael Brown, President Obama asked Attorney General Holder to send COPS Director Davis to work with police officials on the ground in Ferguson to reduce tensions and build trust. Under COPS CRI-TA, the COPS Office provides more intensive, comprehensive assessment and technical assistance..

U.S. Department of Justice Two-Day “Fair and Impartial Policing” Training for St. Louis County Law Enforcement
COPS Office to Hold Media Availability on Fair and Impartial Policing Friday, Nov. 7, 2014

Ferguson Police, Protesters Agree to 'Rules of Engagement'
11/21/14 5:21pm
Ferguson Law enforcement have agreed on "rules of engagement" with some organized activist groups to ensure demonstrations are peaceful when a grand jury decision is issued

November 21, 2014 Department of Justice Releases Resource Guide to Help Law Enforcement Strengthen Relationships with Communities
The Resource Guide is available at

"To prevent acts of terrorism on American soil, we must enlist all of our intelligence, law enforcement, and homeland security capabilities. We will continue to integrate and leverage state and major urban area fusion centers that have the capability to share classified information and operations"
National Security Strategy, May 2010

"domestic enemies"
Violent, Strategic Dislocation Inside the United States.
August 2011
Widespread civil violence inside the United States would force defense to reorient priorities in extremis...employment of weapons of mass destruction or other catastrophic capabilities, unforeseen economic collapse, loss of functioning political and legal order, purposeful domestic resistance or insurgency, pervasive public health emergencies, and catastrophic natural and human disasters are all paths to disruptive domestic shock....this might include use of military force against hostile groups inside the United States. Further, DoD...already challenged by stabilization abroad... would be by necessity, an essential enabling hub for the continuity of political authority in a multi-state or nationwide civil conflict or disturbance...operationalizing the oath of service in a widespread domestic emergency that entails rapid dissolution of public order in all or significant parts of the United States....clearly a “Black Swan” that merits visibility in DoD and the Department of Homeland Security. To the extent events like this involve organized violence against local, state, and national authorities and exceed the capacity of the two... DoD would be required to fill the gap. This is largely uncharted strategic territory...long-standing conventions would be severely tested....civilian authorities, on advice of the military would need to rapidly determine the parameters defining the legitimate use of military force inside the United States....

Obama Calls for Calm and 'Limited' Use of National Guard in Ferguson
“There is a big difference between our military and our local law enforcement and we don’t want those lines to be blurred"

Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), component U.S. Department of Justice
The COPS Office federal agency responsible for advancing community policing nationwide. Since 1995, COPS has awarded over $14 billion to advance community policing, including grants awarded to more than 13,000 state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies to fund the hiring and redeployment of approximately 125,000 officers and knowledge resource products including publications, training, and technical assistance.

Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) Fair and Impartial Policing training Nov. 6and 7, part of St. Loius County Collaborative Reform Initiative and technical assistance...
will include command-level law enforcement leadership from St. Louis County, St. Louis Metropolitan, Missouri Highway Patrol and Ferguson, Missouri, Police Departments, and local community members. The training is closed press; there will be a media availability Friday at the conclusion of the training session. ...Note: All media must present government-issued photo I.D. (such as a driver's license) as well as valid media credentials...
Additional Background on Collaborative Reform:
In August, following the shooting of Michael Brown, President Obama asked Attorney General Holder to send Director Ronald L. Davis, Director of the COPS Office at the U.S. Department of Justice, to work with police officials on the ground in Ferguson...Under the COPS CRI-TA, the COPS Office provides more intensive, comprehensive assessment and technical assistant support for agencies experiencing significant systemic challenges...

U.S. Department of Justice, Justice Information Sharing Office of Justice Programs
As part of the U.S. Department of Justice's (DOJ) Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative's (Global) efforts to develop fusion center guidelines, the Criminal Intelligence Coordinating Council (CICC), in support of the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), Office of Justice Programs (OJP), recommended the creation of the Fusion Center Focus Group. This focus group was tasked with recommending guidelines to aid in the development and operation of fusion centers.

A fusion center is an effective and efficient mechanism to exchange information and intelligence, maximize resources, streamline operations, and improve the ability to fight crime and terrorism by merging data from a variety of sources. In addition, fusion centers are a conduit for implementing portions of the National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan(NCISP).

“State and Local Fusion Centers: Key Challenges for the Next Decade”
..."The Committee’s review concludes the Network is not functioning as cohesively as it should and fusion centers are facing numerous challenges preventing the Network from realizing its full potential to help secure the homeland."  In 2007, the National Strategy for Information Sharing called for the establishment of "baseline operational standards" for fusion centers. In 2008, the federal government, in collaboration with federal, state, local, tribal and territorial (SLTT) partners published Baseline Capabilities for State and Major Urban Area Fusion Centers  (PDF, 37 pages - 4.6 MB) to establish baseline operational standards and outline capabilities necessary for fully operational fusion centers.

by Ronald L. Davis, COPS Director,
..As we celebrate Black History Month this year, we also mark the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. As the first African-American director of the COPS Office, I can personally appreciate the advancements that both our society and this profession have made in terms of racial and ethnic equality in the last half- century....Last August, the Attorney General launched the “Smart on Crime” Initiative that includes efforts to reform the criminal justice system to make it, “smarter, fairer, and more effective.” On the anniversary of the March on Washington he noted that this reform effort “will usher in a more equitable and effective criminal justice system…and help us to ensure the safety of our neighborhoods, to forge a more just society, and to continue building the more perfect Union that remains our common pursuit.”...

[DOC] FEMA Conflict based events, e.g., war, acts of terrorism, civil unrest, riots, revolutions. Related Terms.

Civil Disturbance: A civil unrest activity such as a demonstration, riot... Incident: natural or human-caused
Emergency Management Institute

Training Course: Tactical Community Policing for America's Homeland Security Initiatives
Tactical Community Policing for Homeland Security Initiatives (TCPHS) Train-the-Trainer course focuses on strengthening the capacity of law enforcement agencies to implement an all-crimes approach, based on community policing principles. The fundamental premise for the course is that terrorism and community policing are both philosophical approaches aimed at influencing civilian populations... TCPHS delivers specific training and practical guidance designed to encourage law enforcement practitioners to proactively implement community policing as a homeland security strategy. The course focuses on the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques, initiatives for building community resilience, grassroots intelligence gathering, and enforcement strategies...will include a comprehensive, blended-learning, national Instructor Development Program (IDP) that will provide law enforcement trainers with the knowledge, complete presentation materials, and supplemental resources needed to prepare local officers to effectively engage in homeland security activities... to improve law enforcement capacity nationwide to fully and effectively integrate community policing into local, regional, and national homeland security duties, maximizing resources, building lasting partnerships, enhancing public safety across the law enforcement agencies to partner with relevant stakeholders on homeland security initiatives and to integrate homeland security roles with community policing responsibilities.

Community Policing "Collaborative Reform" stakeholders & partners include:

Through our assistance programs, USAID plays an active and critical role in the promotion of U.S. foreign policy interests. The investment we make in developing countries has long-term benefits for America and the American people. Development now takes its place alongside defense and diplomacy as the three essential components of U.S. foreign policy.

* Advancement Project Honors the Legacy of Attorney General Eric Holder
Attorney General Eric Holder appointed Ronald L. Davis in November 2013 to head the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). COPS Office is responsible for advancing community policing nationwide and supporting community policing activities of state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies. The COPS Office has invested more than $14 billion to-date...

* Advancement Project
Global – Accelerated Microenterprise Advancement Project—Business Development Services Knowledge and Practice II (AMAP BDS K&P II)

.. USAID-funded Accelerated Microenterprise Advancement Project–Business Development Services contract

Advancement Project Award ]5.2.14...including Code of Conduct victory, success around equitable school funding, public funding of elections, and Obamacare work.

USAID: A History of US Foreign Aid -

Nov. 4-6 2014 Conference: Sponsors & Speakers -
U.S. State Department Sr. Advisor for Corporate Responsibility (with major financial & corporate representatives)

BSR |Devex Impact: Where Business and Development Meet.. en/ our-insights/ bsr-insight-article/ devex-impact-where-business-development-meet
A member of the Devex Impact Strategic Advisory Council, BSR...transforming global development through market-based activities and cross-sector partnerships.
BSR...catalyze business change by integrating sustainability into strategy and operations, promote collaboration among companies and stakeholders... just and sustainable world....

Since 1996, Sodexo employees have been supporting our Stop Hunger program―holding fundraisers, donating their time, resources and expertise, and encouraging clients and customers to join the fight against hunger. Today, Stop Hunger is present in 36 countries on 6 continents with the goal of being in all 80 countries where Sodexo does business. Sodexo Group: Please select a country

Defense: As military personnel become increasingly professionalized, armed forces are focusing on their core activity and calling upon experienced partners to provide logistical support for combat missions abroad and day-to-day management during training periods at home.
To respond more effectively to the expectations of institutional and individual shareholders, Sodexo is continuously improving its investor relations programs by developing new information channels and organizing regular meetings with shareholders.
Quotation on November 25, 2014 17:35:02 Stock quote on 79.87>

Behind the Don't Shoot Coalition in Ferguson
Ferguson’s Don’t Shoot Coalition members supplemented by professional social activists, from in, and outside, Missouri.
OUR Call: we call for immediate and long-term change and commit ourselves to achieving:
*A Special Prosecutor to conduct a transparent and independent investigation into Michael Brown’s death, and an expanded Department of Justice investigation into patterns of civil rights violations across North County.*An end to ongoing racial profiling across North County as documented by annual Missouri statistics.*Accountability for police practices and policies, including effective civilian review regarding shootings and allegations of police misconduct.*Ongoing initiatives to ensure local law enforcement departments represent the communities they serve. *We commit ourselves to supporting efforts to lift up youth, provide leadership development and promote the vote, so our democratic institutions appropriately represent all segments of our communities.

Two members of 'Don't Shoot' Coalition:
MORE Missourians Organizing for Reform & Empowerment
MORE seeks to be a powerful organization of low- and moderate-income people building power in our communities. We strive to transcend divisions of class, age and race as we envision and build the more just, sustainable world in which we would like to live....We joined the Hands Up United coalition led by our *Organization for Black Struggle allies and many other national
groups. We are also locally part of the Don't Shoot coalition.”
2010 Grant supporters incl. Foundation to Promote Open Society Founded by George Soros, investor and philanthropist

While cities can call upon major institutions to collect data, it is important to engage the community to collect data in their neighborhoods. This approach involves training individuals to build community trust and develop community engagement and political skills. Structurally, this also ensures that communities build a community knowledge capacity to track data from year to year even when local governance sustain data collection and analysis, cities have been able to operate with local funding and use government funding to leverage support. The data collection field is currently surveying the funding base to project future needs. Youth Service America (YSA) and the Sodexo Foundation have partnered...

We want a Quality Policing Initiative based on the concept police are hired to defend the personal safety and Civil, Constitutional and Human Rights of every person they serve and protect first and foremost. Our Quality Policing Initiative makes all five phases of policing authority—(1) recruitment, (2) training, (3) deployment, (4) accountability and (5) advancement—responsive to the communities that they are policing and to the elected officials who regulate and deploy them.

The usual gaggle of shameless 'negro' agents are part of the state's 'collaborative' community policing plan to 'calm' victim's families, eliminate 'violent extremists' in order to 'rise up' a safe, stable Black bourgeoisie. US imperialist ambassador pope francis was too busy in secular 99% Muslim Turkey approving USNATO 'military force against 'islamist' violence to pressure Erdogan into complying with US demands to make it to Ferguson but his 'holy see' Radio Vaticana sent a message: (Digest search for US_Vatican, Francis)
Archbishop of St. Louis calls for peace in Ferguson
Radio Vaticana

"Burn Ferguson to the ground" says Michael Brown’s stepfather

Rev. Jesse Jackson calls for peace after Ferguson
Jackson criticized the grand jury that decided Monday not to indict Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson...Jackson took aim at other systemic and national racial disparities, including the lack of people of color on the boards of technology companies.He also called on President Barack Obama and others in Congress to go to Ferguson..."It's discouraging sometimes, but we shouldn't give up. We have won so many battles."...

Ferguson’s plan for peace
Rev. Sharpton weighs in on Gov. Nixon’s plan for Ferguson today and how residents can remain peaceful and still demand justice.

Bishop Jackson: Church Must Lead in Racial Healing
Bishop Harry Jackson, with The High Impact Leadership Coalition in Ferguson, Missouri.


"Democracy has justified itself by keeping for the white race the best portion's of the earth's surface." Theodore Roosevelt

"Whether the whites won the land by treaty, by armed conquest, or both...mattered little so long as the land was won...all men of sane and wholesome thought must dismiss with contempt the plea that these continents should be reserved for the use of a few scattered savages whose life was a few degrees less meaningless, squalid, and ferocious than that of the wild beasts."  Theodore Roosevelt

"The same rebellion, the same impatience, the same anger that exists in the hearts of the dark people in Africa and Asia is existing in the hearts and minds of 20 million black people in this country who have been just as thoroughly colonized as the people in Africa and Asia."
Malcolm X

"Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy" Henry Kissinger

Capital is dead labor, which vampire-like, only lives by sucking living labor.... What the bourgeoisie therefore, produces above all, are its own grave-diggers.1848 The Communist Manifesto —Karl Marx and Frederic Engels,

Fascism is capitalism in decay. V.I. Lenin