Israel gets apology for ‘anti-Semitic’ Netanyahu cartoon ; Comedian Dieudonné ; Herzl's Zionist Pledge; US Proxy's QME

Israel demands apology for ‘anti-Semitic’ Netanyahu cartoon
1/28/13 Raphael Ahren diplomatic correspondent

Sunday Times apologizes for Netanyahu cartoon. Rupert Murdoch, billionaire CEO of News Corp. which owns The Times, tweeted a harshly worded apology. Cartoonist apologizes for publication timing. Netanyahu cartoon Outcry over UK paper’s cartoon showing bloody Israeli oppression..One day after the caricature sparked outrage among Jewish groups for its depiction of a bloodthirsty Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu building a wall with the blood and bodies of Palestinians, leading Israelis joined the chorus of condemnation. In a meeting Monday with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Tony Blair, the representative of the Middle East quartet and also former British premier, deplored the caricature, according to a press release from the PM’s Office... Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Minister Yuli Edelstein told Army Radio the government would probably refrain from filing an official complaint with the London-based paper. However “We will think about how to act against the paper’s representative here in Israel.”The cartoon is “certainly” anti-Semitic..Efraim Zuroff, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center Israel office, called the cartoon “absolutely disgusting...makes all the talk of fighting anti-Semitism seem irrelevant,” and Michael Salberg of the Anti-Defamation League said “The Sunday Times has clearly lost its moral bearings — a spokesman for the London newspaper told The Times of Israel the cartoon was not anti-Semitic but critical of the prime minister’s policies, as it was “aimed squarely at Mr. Netanyahu and his policies, not at Israel, let alone at Jewish people.”
Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin wrote a letter Monday to his British counterpart, Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, expressing the Israeli people’s “extreme outrage” at the cartoon, drawn by veteran caricaturist Gerald Scarfe. Scarfe’s cartoon, captioned “Israeli elections: Will cementing peace continue?”, “blatantly crossed the line of freedom of expression” Rivlin said. Jewish Agency chairman Natan Sharansky drew a direct connection between the cartoon and the increase in anti-Semitic violence in 2012. “There is a very tragic alliance between primitive, anti-democratic, nationalist, racist, fundamentalist forces committing most of the violence, and enlightened, liberal, intellectual representatives of the intelligentsia in Europe,” Sharansky told The Times of Israel. By using clear double standards towards Israel, Western intellectuals evidently accept the delegitimization of Israel thus “helping to justify” anti-Jewish violence. While Israel respects other nations’ right to freedom of speech, it is was “necessary and important” to label people such as Scarfe, the cartoonist, as anti-Semites, he added.
Some Israelis came to Scarfe’s defense... Nissim “Nusko” Hezkiyahu, one of Israel’s most famous caricaturists, defended Scarfe. While Sunday’s cartoon turned his stomach, it is not anti-Semitic, Hezkiyahu told Army Radio. “You need to know this man. He wasn’t born yesterday nor did he start publishing caricatures yesterday, We’re talking about Gerald Scarfe, one of the world’s most famous caricaturists, who doesn’t just make fun of Bibi” but of many politicians, treats them all equally disrespectfully. “If you look at other caricatures, Bibi came off easy. To say this caricature shows Bibi with a big nose — compared to all the caricatures published here, I think that was the smallest nose he ever had,” Hezkiyahu said.

Theodore Hertzl founder of political zionism
In 1896, Theodore Hertzl published The State of the Jews manifesto for a new political Zionist movement. Hertzl said Israel is to become "a bulwark against advance post of civilization against barbarism." Israel is to become the watchdog. There is no fear Israel will undertake any aggressive policy towards the Arab states when this would explicitly contradict the wishes of the U.S. and Britain. But, if for any reasons the western powers should sometimes prefer to close their eyes, Israel could be relied upon to punish one or several neighboring states whose discourtesy to the west went beyond the bounds of the permissible.

Biden: "You don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. I am a Zionist.”
March 8, 2010 / 22 Adar 5770

US Outlines Israel's Role for Netanyahu
'A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm,' document drafted by U.S. advisers for Benjamin Netanyahu incoming Israeli prime minister
July 1996 From The Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies Washington, Jerusalem
Richard Perle, American Enterprise Institute, Study Group Leader
James Colbert, Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
Charles Fairbanks, Jr., Johns Hopkins University/SAIS
Douglas Feith, Feith and Zell Associates
Robert Loewenberg, President, Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies
Jonathan Torop, Washington Institute for Near East Policy
David Wurmser, Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies
Meyrav Wurmser, Johns Hopkins University

This report is written with key passages of a possible speech marked TEXT, that highlight the clean break which the new government has an opportunity to make. The body of the report is the commentary explaining the purpose and laying out the strategic context of the passage. {...]

A New Approach to Peace
Early adoption of a bold, new perspective on peace and security is imperative for the new prime minister. While the previous government, and many abroad, may emphasize "land for peace"— which placed Israel in the position of cultural, economic, political, diplomatic, and military retreat — the new government can promote Western values and traditions. Such an approach, which will be well received in the United States, includes "peace for peace," "peace through strength" and self reliance: the balance of power.
A new strategy to seize the initiative can be introduced:

We have for four years pursued peace based on a New Middle East. We in Israel cannot play innocents abroad in a world that is not innocent. Peace depends on the character and behavior of our foes. We live in a dangerous neighborhood, with fragile states and bitter rivalries. Displaying moral ambivalence between the effort to build a Jewish state and the desire to annihilate it by trading "land for peace" will not secure "peace now." Our claim to the land is legitimate and noble. It is not within our own power, no matter how much we concede, to make peace unilaterally. Only the unconditional acceptance by Arabs of our rights, especially in their territorial dimension, "peace for peace," is a solid basis for the future.

Securing the Northern Border
Syria challenges Israel on Lebanese soil. An effective approach, and one with which American can sympathize, would be if Israel seized the strategic initiative along its northern borders by engaging Hizballah, Syria, and Iran, as the principal agents of aggression in Lebanon, including by: striking Syria’s drug-money and counterfeiting infrastructure in Lebanon... paralleling Syria’s behavior by establishing the precedent that Syrian territory is not immune to attacks emanating from Lebanon by Israeli proxy forces. striking Syrian military targets in Lebanon, and should that prove insufficient, striking select targets in Syria proper. Israel also can take this opportunity to remind the world of the nature of the Syrian regime
Negotiations with repressive regimes like Syria’s require cautious realism. One cannot sensibly assume the other side’s good faith. It is dangerous for Israel to deal naively with a regime murderous of its own people, openly aggressive toward its neighbors, criminally involved with international drug traffickers and counterfeiters, and supportive of the most deadly terrorist organizations.

Changing the Nature of Relations with the Palestinians
We believe that the Palestinian Authority (PLO) must be held to the same minimal standards of accountability as other recipients of U.S. foreign aid. A firm peace cannot tolerate repression and injustice. A regime that cannot fulfill the most rudimentary obligations to its own people cannot be counted upon to fulfill its obligations to its neighbors.

Forging A New U.S.-Israeli Relationship
Self-reliance will grant Israel greater freedom of action and remove a significant lever of pressure used against it To reinforce this point, the Prime Minister can use his forthcoming visit to announce that Israel is now mature enough to cut itself free immediately from at least U.S. economic aid and loan guarantees at least, which prevent economic reform. [Military aid is separated for the moment until adequate arrangements can be made ...
under these conditions better cooperate with the U.S. to counter real threats to the region and the West’s security. Mr. Netanyahu can highlight his desire to cooperate more closely with the United States on anti-missile defense in order to remove the threat of blackmail which even a weak and distant army can pose to either state. Not only would such cooperation on missile defense counter a tangible physical threat to Israel’s survival, but it would broaden Israel’s base of support among many in the United States Congress who may know little about Israel, but care very much about missile defense. Such broad support could be helpful in the effort to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.
To anticipate U.S. reactions and plan ways to manage and constrain those reactions, Prime Minister Netanyahu can formulate the policies and stress themes he favors in language familiar to the Americans by tapping into themes of American administrations during the Cold War which apply well to Israel. If Israel wants to test certain propositions that require a benign American reaction, then the best time to do so is before November, 1996. [...]

Conclusions: Transcending the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Israel will not only contain its foes; it will transcend them.
Notable Arab intellectuals have written extensively on their perception of Israel’s floundering and loss of national identity. This perception has invited attack, blocked Israel from achieving peace, and offered hope for those who would destroy Israel. The previous strategy, therefore, was leading the Middle East toward another Arab-Israeli war. Israel’s new agenda can signal a clean break by abandoning a policy which assumed exhaustion and allowed strategic retreat by reestablishing the principle of preemption, rather than retaliation alone and by ceasing to absorb blows to the nation without response.
Israel’s new strategic agenda can shape the regional environment in ways that grant Israel the room to refocus its energies back to where they are most needed: to rejuvenate its national idea, which can only come through replacing Israel’s socialist foundations with a more sound footing; and to overcome its "exhaustion," which threatens the survival of the nation.
Ultimately, Israel can do more than simply manage the Arab-Israeli conflict though war. No amount of weapons or victories will grant Israel the peace its seeks. When Israel is on a sound economic footing, and is free, powerful, and healthy internally, it will no longer simply manage the Arab-Israeli conflict; it will transcend it. As a senior Iraqi opposition leader said recently: "Israel must rejuvenate and revitalize its moral and intellectual leadership. It is an important — if not the most important--element in the history of the Middle East." Israel — proud, wealthy, solid, and strong — the basis of a new and peaceful Middle East.

Peres: We cannot exist without the United States
Israeli President Shimon Peres: "We cannot exist alone. For our existence we need the friendship of the United States of America. It doesn't sound easy, but this is the truth," he said. In a speech to Jewish leaders Thursday evening broadcast by Israel Army Radio, Peres urged the Israelis to try to meet US demands in order to be assured of their existence....

Obama and Peres link peace process to Arab revolution
President Barack Obama and Israeli President Shimon Peres discussed how the Israeli-Palestinian peace process fits into the wave of democratization sweeping through the Arab world... Tuesday...Obama was joined at a working lunch by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, National Security Advisor Tom Donilon, NSC Chief of Staff Brooke Anderson, NSC Senior Director Dennis Ross, incoming U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro, Special Envoy for Middle East Peace George Mitchell, and NSC Senior Director Puneet Talwar....Obama and Peres also addressed the issue of Iran...The two presidents also agreed on continuing cooperation on missile defense against the Iranian threat and the necessity of maintaining economic sanctions on Tehran....Peres told Obama Israel is increasingly concerned about the flow of Russian strategic weaponry into the region...

Ensuring Israel's QME (Qualitative Military Edge)
Andrew J. Shapiro, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs to The Washington Institute for Near East Policy
President Obama said: “the United States sees the historic changes sweeping the Middle East and North Africa as a moment of great challenge, but also a moment of opportunity for greater peace and security for the entire region, including the State of Israel.”…"A Strong Partnership Supports U.S. National Security. So let me first turn to why this relationship is so important to the United States….The most direct tool the US uses to ensure Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge is security assistance. For some three decades, Israel has been the leading beneficiary of US security assistance through the Foreign Military Financing program, FMF...each year Israel accounts for 60% of U.S. security assistance funding distributed through FMF....Our total FMF funding amounts to $5.5 billion per year, of which more than 80% goes to the supporting our partners and allies in the Middle East....Ensuring Israel’s military strength and its superiority in the region, is critical to regional stability and as a result is fundamentally a core interest of the United States. 
The United States and Israel see eye to eye on host of strategic questions. Indeed, a new Washington Institute report by Robert Blackwill and Walter Slocombe articulates the strategic benefits of the relationship for the United States...” Israel is a vital ally and serves as a cornerstone of our regional security commitments....
Maintaining Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge is therefore a multi-faceted endeavor that includes more than security assistance or ensuring Israel has access to technologically advanced defense systems. It also involves building operational capability through exercises, training, and personnel exchanges. It involves a close bilateral relationship with constant consultations. It includes taking Israel’s QME into consideration when conducting defense cooperation with other countries in the region. And lastly it involves maintaining and strengthening our very close ties with countries throughout the region...above and beyond the $3 billion in Foreign Military Financing we provide...[....]

Statistics can’t convey the reality: decades of US sponsored ‘qualitative military edge’ [QME] genocide by proxy and PA/PLO partners
UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA)

December 27,2008 Operation Cast Lead, aerial attacks then ground offensive began Jan. 3, 2009, in 22 days, killed nearly 1400 Palestinians the most devastating military assault against Gaza in nearly 42 years of occupation, destroying over 3500 homes, most infrastructure, hospitals, over 200 schools ...The Gaza Strip 41km long, 6 and 12 km wide (365km, 1.6 million Palestinians.

December 14, 2012 Operation Pillar of Defence, 8 days, estimated death of nearly 200 Palestinians Israeli airstrikes destroyed water and sanitation infrastructure, including sewage pumping station that connected 130,000 refugee camp residents to Gaza’s sewage system.

July 8, 2014, Operation Protective Edge, 50 day ‘war on Gaza terrorism’ 2168 Palestinians killed.

Mofaz: We Must Return to the Policy of Assassinations in Gaza
Mofaz criticized the government's policy regarding Hamas"Israel can not hide behind the Iron Dome defense system while in Gaza life goes on...We must maintain our ability to attack and preserve the IDF's role as a deterrent. Without a deterrent, the Palestinian organizations are the ones that will dictate the agenda,"

US approved and operative
The Mofaz plan for demilitarizing Gaza
MK Shaul Mofaz, former Israel defense minister and IDF chief of staff, submitted a plan to the Prime Minister’s Office advocating the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip as part of an international move constructed along the lines of the agreement that forced Syria to forgo its chemical weapon...PA President Mahmoud Abbas would likely “want to lend a hand to this sort of move and he should be involved in the process.” Mofaz said the plan can gain traction...because the demilitarization of Hamas is and has always been "a central anchor" tin any peace Gaza and administering to 1.8 million Palestinians “is the option of last resort.”...Therefore he put together a working paper titled “The Demilitarization of the Gaza Strip: The Proper Endpoint for Israel of Operation Protective Edge.”..

Secretary of State John Kerry said of Israel’s aerial campaign, “It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation.”...
Operation Protective Edge resulted in the deaths of more than 2,100 Palestinians... UN sources put the civilian casualty number at close to 70 percent.

*below samples of his anti-imperialist politics and popularity, why the enemy must try to stop the movement
Dieudonné M'Bala. Born February 11,1966 in France to an African father and French mother..Actor | Director | Writer ...1997 legislative election his party "Les Utopistes"... fought against National Front, in support of migrants and the Palestinians... Demonstrating shoulder to shoulder with Islamists, he also traveled in August 2006 to meet Hezbollah MPs and fighters ...March 21,2009, Dieudonné announced he would run for the 2009 European Parliament election as head of an "anti-Zionist" party and website ...
Dieudonné is director of Les Ogres website, which denies the official version of 9/11...

Dieudonné's "quenelle" a broken half arm up the butt of the system fuck you
Le Sionisme [Vidéo] ...dans la plupart des pays soit dominés par l’impérialisme américain, alliés à l’impérialisme américain, se déchaîne la diffamation de l’Islam et la discrimination ...

French Comic Stirs Outrage for “Anti-Semitic” Gesture
...Dieudonné claims the *quenelle, a straight-armed gesture usually associated with a regional fish dish... is "anti-establishment but Jewish groups liken to a Nazi salute in reverse. "....This new anti-Semitism is much more saying Jews are hostile to Arabs, to Muslims, to Islam." Born in Paris to a Cameroonian father and French mother, Dieudonné gained fame in the 1990s in a double-act with a Jewish comedian and childhood friend... active with left-wing anti-racist groups, Dieudonne began openly criticizing Israel in 2002 and ran in European elections two years later for a pro-Palestinian party...he says he embraces anti-Zionism, not anti-Semitism. Fans praise Dieudonné's skits which also skewer Muslims and homosexuals aa comedians' right to make fun of sensitive subjects... Even if the government stops the comic's performances in theaters - which it's trying to do - Dieudonné draws a massive audience in cyberspace....viewed by over two million....

* French anti-Semitic comedian’s show nixed at last moment after another court had lifted the ban
Citing a risk to public safety and fundamental French values, the Council banned the Dieudonné performance two hours before the show was to begin..Riot police blocked the Nantes theater where thousands of ticket-holders waited for a show by the inventor of the ‘quenelle’ reverse Nazi salute...The 47-year-old comedian has been convicted more than a half-dozen times for inciting racial hatred or anti-Semitism in shows in which the Holocaust has been derided. He also has popularized the “quenelle” hand gesture, which Valls calls an “inverted Nazi salute.”Dieudonne denies his act and “quenelle” are anti-Semitic.

Israel makes deal to send thousands of African migrants to unidentified state: Court document
israel rounds up thousands of africans for deportation

US Ups Israel's QME
...US Defense Secretary Hagel on his April visit announced U.S. “will make available to Israel a set of advanced new military capabilities” to augment Israel’s qualitative military edge.[QME]....

Tens of thousands of African migrants protest efforts to round them up and send them to a detention center

As strikes and protests escalate, Israel tries to reclaim narrative on migrants
Israel notes it is the only developed country with African land border, tens of millions could head this way if it doesn’t stand firm. Amid mounting international criticism and protests by African migrants outside the U.S., French and British Tel Aviv embassies, Israeli officials tried to reframe the debate over the fate of the 50,000-60,000 migrants here... Israeli officials have not wavered on the governmental policies, but some softened their official description from... “infiltrators,” to “migrants.”

France has the largest population of African descent in Europe
Includes anyone born in Africa with at least one parent from the continent. France About 4.5 million[8] Mainly from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal, Mali. African immigration to France .
2007 monetary incentives for legal immigrants to return to Africa.. President Sarkozy's national identity campaign theme..Ministry of Immigration, Integration, National Identity and Development.

"African Migration to Europe" France has largest Muslim population in Europe, an estimated 5 million.
"Towards a comprehensive European migration policy" .

*Celebrate Dieudonne’s work!
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Dieudonné newest hit song: SHOAHNANAS (HolocaustPineapples) released a day after French courts banned...!prettyPhoto/0/
Dieudonné est INTOUCHABLE . Défend Dieudonné Tariq Ramadan Anti Islamophobie

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