Black educators in Atlanta imprisoned under Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act


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Eleven Atlanta educators found guilty April 1, 2015, of falsifying documents and changing student exam answers to improve test scores.

11 Atlanta Educators Found Guilty in Massive Test-Cheating Scandal
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“ convicted of racketeering and other lesser crimes related to inflating test scores of children from struggling schools.”
Prison Time for Atlanta Educators
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's investigative journalism is credited with first examining the corruption IN the city's public school system. Tuesday, the newspaper published photos of each...In 2013, a Fulton County grand jury indicted 35 educators in the Atlanta Public Schools district, over 20 took a plea deal. teachers, principals and testing coordinators....Educators were convicted April 1 of racketeering and other lesser crimes related to inflating test scores of children from struggling schools. One teacher was acquitted. One by one, they stood, alongside their attorneys, before Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jerry Baxter..."Everybody starts crying about these educators. This was not a victimless crime that occurred in this city..."These stories are incredible. These kids can't read," Baxter said.

Judge to Atlanta cheating defendants: Make a deal or go to jail
The guilty Atlanta educators faced severe prison sentences of five to 20 years because of RICO charges against them. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act was first used by prosecutors to put away gangsters involved in organized crimes such as extortion and murder. In a novel use of the law, it's being used for educators conspiring to inflate student scores on the state's Criterion-Referenced Competency Test, to keep jobs and earn bonuses....the deal would require the educators to apologize and waive their right to appeal. Under that compromise, the defendants would be given punishments ranging from one year of weekends in jail and a $10,000 fine for former administrators to one year of home confinement and a $1,000 fine for former teachers and testing coordinators.

"Whether the whites won the land by treaty, by armed conquest, or both...mattered little so long as the land was won...all men of sane and wholesome thought must dismiss with contempt the plea that these continents should be reserved for the use of a few scattered savages whose life was a few degrees less meaningless, squalid, and ferocious than that of the wild beasts."  "Democracy has justified itself by keeping for the white race the best portion's of the earth's surface." Theodore Roosevelt
Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race: http://www.sfgate.com/opinion/article/Eugenics-and-the-Nazis-the-Califor...
Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf "There is today one state in which at least weak beginnings toward a better conception are noticeable. Of course, it is not our model German Republic, but the United States."

Genome Project and Eugenics - Agenda 21.. ..http://watchdogcentral.org/watchdogcentral/forum/yaf_postst62_The-Human-Genome-Project-and-Eugenics.aspx>..

Hitler's debt to America ... displayed his knowledge of American eugenics in Mein Kampf The Guardian


COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program)
In August 1967, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) instructed i"COINTELPRO" to "neutralize" "black nationalist hate groups" and other dissident groups. In September of 1968, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover described the Black Panthers as "the greatest threat to the internal security of the country."[32] By 1969, the Black Panthers were the primary target of COINTELPRO... the BPP was profoundly influenced by Maoism...the target of 233 of the 295 authorized COINTELPRO actions... to prevent the unification of militant black nationalist groups and to weaken the power of their leaders, and to discredit the groups to reduce their support and growth...as a threat to the general power structure of the U.S (wikipedia)

[Obama] “recognizes that the challenge is a new face, a new sense of direction, a new definition of America’s role in the world.”
Zbigniew Brzezinski

Digest commentary
Strategic weakness and Fear drives fascist terror: that resurgence of Black leadership will again be the leading revolutionary edge of an internationalist movement US rulers know will be the post WW2 dominated "world order" death knell and have e long prepared to preempt.
Education --- science, medical, military, sports, entertainment, religion as well as corporate — like all ‘departments’ of class-based systems, must reflect and serve its rulers strategic class interests and survival ... not the needs and desires of the exploited and oppressed on whom its class survival and success depends
Changing political-economic conditions and relations require tactical tone and temper changes. US finance capital shifted tactically from mainly liberal into fascist mode with 911 and its world terror war in a desperate attempt to strategically secure and expand its global imperialist dictatorship.
Suffering irreparable defeats forces US to dig its grave ever deeper,against growing resistance to blatant fascist terror — ISIS its latest transparent proxy death squd.----continually catapulting new imperialsit gravediggers into action.
The social, political and cultural bonds of the Black nation, forged in struggle against slavery and reconstruction, forged the Black liberation struggle against systemic, national oppression. Undefeated by north american barbarism, the Black nation became the leading political edge of resistance to US capitalist national oppression. White supremacist Black national oppression — racism its ideological engine -- is the lynchpin and political driver of US capitalism. Homegrown by genocidal slavery ever-new-guises, it expanded at the turn of the 2oth. C through WW2, into a world- dominant imperialist dictatorship. “Fighting terror since 1492” indigenous north americans reveals historical reality.
Black genocide, from slavery to increasingly provocative state ‘justifiable homicide’ triggering state-sponsored COPS “opposition” [Strategic & Tactical Frontline: Forces 12/1/14 http://www.burbankdigest.com/node/524 >] [ Consolidating Fascism 12/13/14 ] and imprisoning teachers for resisting its systemic, systematic genocidal Black degradation and criminalization strategy [Zbigniew Brzezinski NSM 46 “Black Africa and the Balck American Movement”, bottom of page]

Black Africa and the U.S. Black Movement
Zbigniew Brezinski
Presidential Review Memorandum NSCM/46
TO: The Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Director of Central Intelligence
cc: Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Commerce, Attorney General, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff

Objective of our policy toward Black Africa is to prevent social upheavals which could radically change the political situation throughout the area. The success or failure of our policy in the region depends on the solution international and internal issues whose importance of the United States is on the increase.

A multiplicity of interests influences the U.S. attitude toward black Africa. The most important of these interests can be summarized as follows:

If black African states assume attitudes hostile to the U.S. national interest, our policy toward the white regimes; which is a key element in our relations with the black states, may be subjected by the latter to great pressure for fundamental change. Thus the West may face a real danger of being deprived of access to the enormous raw material resources of southern Africa which are vital for our defense needs as well as losing control over the Cape sea routes by which approximately 65% of Middle Eastern oil is supplied to Western Europe.
Moreover, such a development may bring about internal political difficulties by intensifying the activity of the Black movement in the United States itself.
It should also be borne in mind that black Africa is an integral part of a continent where tribal and regional discord, economic backwardness, inadequate infrastructures, drought, and famine, are constant features of the scene. In conjunction with the artificial borders imposed by the former colonial powers, guerilla warfare in Rhodesia and widespread indignation against apartheid in South Africa, the above factors provide the communist states with ample opportunities for furthering their aims. This must necessarily redound to the detriment of U.S. political interests.

Black Africa is increasingly becoming an outlet for U.S. exports and investment. The mineral resources of the area continue to be of great value for the normal functioning of industry in the United States and allied countries. In 1977, U.S. direct investment in black Africa totaled about $1.8 billion and exports $2.2 billion. New prospect of substantial profits would continue to develop in the countries concerned.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors adverse to U.S. strategic interests, the nationalist liberation movement in black Africa can act as a catalyst with far reaching effects on the U.S. black community by stimulating its organizational consolidation and by inducing radical actions. Such a result would be likely as Zaire went the way of Angola and Mozambique.

An occurrence of the events of *1967-68 would do grievous harm to U.S. prestige, especially in view of the concern of the present Administration with human rights issues. Moreover, the Administration would have to take specific steps to stabilize the situation. Such steps might be misunderstood both inside and outside the United States. In order to prevent such a trend and protect U.S. national security interests, it would appear essential to elaborate and carry out effective countermeasures.

1. Possibility of Joint Action By U.S. Black and African Nationalist Movement.
In elaborating U.S. policy toward black Africa, due weight must be given to the fact that there are 25 millions American blacks whose roots are African and who consciously or subconsciously sympathies with African nationalism.
The living conditions of the black population should also be taken into account. Immense advances in the field are accompanied by a long-lasting high rate of unemployment, especially among the youth and by poverty and dissatisfaction with government social welfare standards.
These factors taken together may provide a basis for joint actions of a concrete nature by the African nationalist movement and the U.S. black community... renewal of the extremist national idea of establishing an "African Republic" on American soil. Finally, leftist radical elements of the Black community could resume extremist actions in the style of the defunct Black Panther Party. ...
Basically, actions would take the form of demonstrations and public protests, but the likelihood of violence cannot be excluded. There would also be attempts to coordinate their political activity both locally and in international organizations.

In the context of long-term strategy, the United States can not afford a radical change in the fundamentals of its African policy designed for maximum protection of national security. In the present case, emphasis is laid on the importance of Black Africa for U.S. political, economic and military interests.

In weighing the range of U.S. interests in Black Africa, basic recommendations arranged without intent to imply priority are:
1. Specific steps should be taken with the help of appropriate government agencies to inhibit coordinated activity of the Black Movement in the United States.
2. Special clandestine operations should be launched by the CIA to generate mistrust and hostility in American and world opinion against joint activity of the two forces, and to cause division among Black African radical national groups and their leaders.
3. U.S. embassies to Black African countries specially interested in southern Africa must be highly circumspect in view of the activity of certain political circles and influential individuals opposing the objectives and methods of U.S. policy toward South Africa. It must be kept in mind that the failure of U.S. strategy in South Africa would adversely affect American standing throughout the world. In addition, this would mean a significant diminution of U.S. influence in Africa and the emergence of new difficulties in our internal situation due to worsening economic prospects.
4. The FBI should mount surveillance operations against Black African representatives and collect sensitive information on those, especially at the U.N., who oppose U.S. policy toward South Africa. The information should include facts on their links with the leaders of the Black movement in the United States, thus making possible at least partial neutralization of the adverse effects of their activity.

The concern for the future security of the United States makes necessary the range of policy options. Arranged without intent imply priority they are:
(a) to enlarge programs, within the framework of the present budget, for the improvement of the social and economic welfare of American Blacks in order to ensure continuing development of present trends in the Black movement;
(b) to elaborate and bring into effect a special program designed to perpetuate division in the Black movement and neutralize the most active groups of leftist radical organizations representing different social strata of the Black community: to encourage division in Black circles;
(c) to preserve the present climate which inhibits the emergence from within the Black leadership of a person capable of exerting nationwide appeal;
(d) to work out and realize preventive operations in order to impede durable ties between U.S Black organizations and radical groups in African states;
e) to support actions designed to sharpen social stratification in the Black community which would lead to the widening and perpetuation of the gap between successful educated Blacks and the poor, giving rise to growing antagonism between different Black groups and a weakening of the movement as a whole.
(f) to facilitate the greatest possible expansion of Black business by granting government contracts and loans with favorable terms to Black businessmen;
(g) to take every possible means through the AFL-CIO leaders to counteract the increasing influence of Black labor organizations which function in all major unions and in particular, the National Coalition of Black Trade Union and its leadership including the creation of real preference for adverse and hostile reaction among White trade unionists to demands for improvement of social and economic welfare of the Blacks;
(h) to support the nomination at federal and local levels of loyal Black public figures to elective offices, to government agencies and the Court.

Carter’s national security advisoe, Obama’s ‘foreign policy consultant’
"The three great imperatives of geopolitical strategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant, and to keep the barbarians from coming together....In brief, the U.S goal must be unapologetically twofold: to perpetuate America¹s own dominant position for at least a generation preferably longer; and to create a geopolitical framework that can absorb the inevitable shocks and strains of social-political change...
Zbigniew Brzezinski, 1997 The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives

“we created the mujahadeen...wha’s worse, some stirred up muslims or the collapse of the Soviet Union...”
Zbigniew Brzezinski interview Le Nouvel Observateur (France), Jan 15-21, 1998