" The river rose all day, The river rose all night. Some people got lost in the flood, Some people got away all right. The river have busted through clear down to Plaquemine: Six feet of water in the streets of Evangeline. Louisiana, Louisiana, They're trying to wash us away, They're trying to wash us away....”
Randy Newman, Louisiana 1927

"If you look at the World Trade Center [911] collapsing, it'll be like that, but add water…debris flying around, you're going to be in the water with snakes, rodents, nutria and fish from the lake. It's not going to be nice."

“They wanted poor niggers out of there and ain’t had no intention to allow it to be reopened to no poor niggers, you know? And that’s just the bottom line.” Malik Rahim, New Orleans

"We need food and water and they sent us men with guns"

"The three great imperatives of geopolitical strategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant, and to keep the barbarians from coming together...."...
...Cultural domination has been an underappreciated facet of American global power.... As the imitation of American ways gradually pervades the world, it creates a more congenial setting for the exercise of the indirect and seemingly consensual American hegemony. And as in the case of the domestic American system, that hegemony involves a complex structure of interlocking institutions and procedures, designed to generate consensus and obscure asymmetries in power and influence....
Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Grand Chessboard (New York- Basic Books, 1997)

Obama Checking on New Orleans 10 Years After Katrina
Obama is meeting with Mayor Mitch Landrieu and residents in several neighborhoods who worked hard to rebuild their city over the past decade. Later Obama will speak about the city's recovery from massive floods and its potential for future growth as citizens work together rebuilding the city and their lives. "You are an example of what’s possible when, in the face of tragedy and hardship, good people come together to lend a hand, and to build a better future...not to restore the city as it had been. to build a city as it should be - a city where everyone, no matter who they are or what they look like or how much money they’ve got - has an opportunity to make it," Obama is expected to say, according to excerpts of his speech released by the White House...after Katrina slammed into New Orleans August 29, 2005, broke through protective levies and left more than 80 percent of the city underwater. Torrential rains and winds up to 280 kph (175 mph) raked the city near the Gulf of Mexico, killing nearly 2000 people and displacing a million more... caused more than $135 billion in damage, the costliest U.s. natural disaster ever...

Major US think-tank’s map & numbers
Concentrated poverty in New Orleans 10 years after Katrina
August 27, 2015 http://www.brookings.edu/blogs/the-avenue/posts/2015/08/27-concentrated-...

Essential to US counter-revolution strategy -- aka US ‘counter-terrorism strategy:

Obama agrees, Katrina damage could mean largest Black migration in 20c
9/25/05 http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/could-katrina-damage-prompt-huge-wave-of-bl...
If those forced out of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina end up in new locations, it could be the largest U.S. black resettlement since the 20th Century Great Migration lured southern blacks North ..."We advise people this city has been destroyed. We are simply asking people not to come back right now...you've got 300,000, 400,000 people, many low income without a lot of means..Deputy Police Chief Warren Riley said... Barack Obama, the only black member of the U.S. Senate, said during a visit to Houston Monday...many are not going to have the ability to wait out a year or two or three for the region to rebuild, They are going to have to find immediate work, immediate housing, immediately get their kids into school and that probably will change the demographics of the region."... Nicholas Lemann, author of "The Promised Land: The Great Black Migration and How it Changed America," said... as officials accommodate large numbers of blacks in other cities, they should avoid putting them in confined areas which creates new urban woes. "They should think carefully how to avoid that sort of ghetto phenomenon."

"'Miss, with great respect..I don't see no white people here "http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20050903.wxstorm03/

‘Bad Blood And High Water’: updated version of8/31/2005 original KATRINA article by liz burbank

Katrina was the opening salvo of a decade of extreme expansion of the US capitalist class GWOT world war greenlighted and ‘justified by 911. Because the greatest threat to finance capitalist class rule is a working-class led revolution of oppressed peoples and nations, its agenda must be counter-revolutionary. In 2014 the State conducted a provocative series of police “justifiable homicides” of unarmed young Black men. Digest coverage below
Millions of words about the Gulf Coast nightmare still try to cover up the real story. Katrina was not due 'mother nature' and bureaucratic bumbling. The disaster was projected and planned. This analysis will provide the geopolitical context to illustrate why and how U.S. finance capitalism’s deep structural crisis, intensified and expanded its founding genocidal state terrorism. Earlier scientific studies, including the state’s own “Hurricane Pam” exercise two years before Katrina, projected almost exactly the results of Katrina.
Hurricane Katrina expanded US genocide against the US Black nation. Not a surprise, act of 'mother nature', gods, or ‘bureaucratic incompetence’. Major capitalist media narratives continue to be complicit ‘explaining’ away the truth behind this racist holocaust -- and its “recovery”.
The human and environmental impact of a major hurricane on New Orleans was calibrated and calculated in detail, as will be documented. Subjecting 90% Black population of lower New Orleans to degradation, destruction and death, turning nearly a million mostly Black, builders this world dominating country, into ‘non-status’ refugees, was US business as usual. What was new was ruthless US racism being visible worldwide, including millions whose class--’race’ privilege felt unscathed or even unaware of its savage reality.

The world saw capitalist democracy in action in its ‘homeland’: post-modern slavery subjecting oppressed people in dire danger in the ‘perfect storm’ with immediate ‘assistance’ martial law, with Blackwater thugs preventing escape. With the Greyhound bus terminal and Amtrak shut down, those without wheels were physically forced into the Superdome imprisoned in rapidly accumulating garbage, sewage and corpses.

Specifically designed to erode the cohesion and resistance of the U.S. Black nation and intensify class divisions portraying Blacks as animals and 'thugs' attacking “humanitarian” white saviors, like chattel slave masters to the 'rescue' with guns trained on subjects to secure capitalist order and “justify” increasing genocidal tactics.

The US white supremacist post --WW1 & WW2 imperialist world order, is literally built with the blood, bones and lives of millions of Indigenous peoples, Black slaves, immigrants and exploited workers of all nationalities. Its greatest fear is working class-led revolution overthrowing this ‘world order’ and uprooting its toxic roots.
The U.S. Black nation which grew out of the struggle against slavery, ever since has been the leading political edge of revolution in this country, thus the lynchpin the ruling class must divide & conquer against the multinational working class. Major US geostrategist Zbigniew Brzezinski, creator of the al qaeda mujahadeen under Carter to defeat the Soviet Ubion in Afghanistan, now Obama backer and consultant, explicitly explains this in his “Black Africa and the U.S. Black Movement ”Presidential Review Memorandum NSCM/46, March 17, 1978 (Katrina part2)

“There's some Bad Blood down there as well as high water”. People in lower (below city level, now 9th district) New Orleans remember : in ‘the great flood of 1927’, police forces rounded-up and locked up vast numbers of black men..as whites-only trains evacuated the city. New Orleans levees were held up by releasing massive pressure to dynamite levees below the city so flood waters drowned the Cajuns in the swamps. The angry popular reaction helped bring ‘King Fish’ Huey Long to power.

The historical political and cultural bonds of Black national resistance represents a threat the US has never been able to conquer: from the fields, factories, and cities to the battlefields of Vietnam, Blacks led the struggle against the unjust, racist imperialist war and the system that needs these wars to expand its domination. Black soldiers brought the war home and with the powerful the Black liberation movement led by the Black Panther Party, it grew into the mighty revolutionary upsurge of 60-70's uniting millions against imperialism that threatened capitalist rule. Now as the US crusade to establish hegemony of a global "new world order" [what they intend to be the fulfillment of their white Christian 'manifest destiny'] is being defeated by the heroic Iraqi resistance, the bloodsuckers are desperate to disperse and destroy what they fear will become their gravediggers-- revolutionary opposition and leadership.

The Katrina holocaust was calculated. This is why assistance--ambulances, trucks of water and other essential supplies were turned away, why no amphibious military vehicles or boats rescued people from the Superdome, which backs right up to the water, why 5 days late the Federal 'rescue' is guns, tanks and Martial Law. In the context of the US history's non-stop genocidal crimes, subjecting 70% of the population to terror after first evacuating property-owners, is just business as usual. On the Sunday of "mandatory" evacuation, the people who left were rich enough and well enough to get out-- minimally, they could get to a car. The greyhound bus terminal and Amtrak had shut down on Saturday night, so everybody without wheels was forced to stay. The people who were directed to the Superdome were treated like criminals and not allowed to leave after the hurricane passed. Right now they are basically prisoners en route to the Astrodome, another "prison", in another state, Texas.

What's different this time is that the entire world is seeing the racist & hypocritical nature of this 'democratic beacon that invades other countries under the pretext of exporting democracy while treating the oppressed in the "homeland" with fascistic brutality. People who have never seen and thus never understood the barbaric nature of this system are shocked --because with class & race privilege such treatment by the state is 'foreign', 'not American'. Which is true because American, as Toni Morrison explained [in "Whiteness & the Literary Imagination: Playing in the Dark"] has always been code for white. A Spanish politician tourist & spouse trapped in the Dome said to the camera --[some reporters & cameramen after days in the midst of the horror seem genuinely angry willing to go out on a limb more than usual by airing such comments]--this is genocide imprisoning tens of thousands of people without food, water, sanitation, medical care... Shortly after the couple was removed by a small army of troops as thousands of mostly Black, all very poor people, barely clinging to life without food or water for days, watched in despair and anger.

New Orleans is part of US finance capitalism’s world state terror war driving its every fascist deed and word against all who impede or resist its global dictatorship. The barbaric degradation and dehumanization, orchestrated by the "Dept. of Homeland Security", is designed to crush the dignity, courage, spirit and survival of the most oppressed. They have carefully constructed the conditions for a Black Diaspora, degrading the immense historical contributions of Blacks in this country to create a material reality and portrayal of desperate, dirty people uprooted, totally impoverished, forcibly dependent on the state for survival and thus basically enslaved -- an indigenous refugee population similar to the Indians-- a portrayal by which they intend to inspire fear & contempt--and 'justification' for a military "state of emergency" -- a police state.

This is a 'natural act': capitalism in its relentless, ruthless search for profit is responsible for the environmental and financial conditions that produced the horrendous 90 sq. mile damage and for the bloodcurdling brutality of its exploitation of the disaster. The so-called 'rescue' methods are part of the plan--to disperse & weaken Black community and family structures, herding people like animals away from their destroyed homes & lives with nothing, no control and no hope for the future.

Do not buy opportunist laments of "inadequate response", "negligence" etc. Just as after 9/11, they are a lie. This is a crime of commission, not omission. This unmitigated horror was a "catastrophic success" for "Homeland Security's first national emergency test case". We and the rest of the world cannot afford to again be lulled into the arms of this vile administration's equally predatory democrat partners. Bush is an odious figurehead-- but the imperial power is in the hands that pull his strings. Let's not again be tricked into the opportunists' "anybody but bush" trap. The state terrorist political-economic system is responsible, not the electoral party trap with the same capitalist ruling class agenda.
This horror arouses our deepest emotions of sadness, anger and compassion, but let's not fall for the usual hypocritical crocodile tears and cynical appeals to assuage guilt.
Instead let’s transform these crimes into political consciousness and action, ammunition against the imperialist- zionist perpetrators and their allies — often with tempting lies using ‘strategic communications/diplomacy lies turning fascist enslavement into capitalist ‘liberation’ to grind people into dirt with political power to ‘own’ the world’s resources, human and natural. Chose to continue being ‘good’ dumbed-dowm ‘murican patriots wallowing in the capitalist science ‘revolution’ reverse engineering brain and neural pathways, dumbing down ‘devolution’ with ‘selfie’ digital communication, surveillance disinformation, distraction, and deception?
If we dare refuse to be ‘good americans’, will we accept the truly life-giving challenge resisting its deadly depravity, awakening our political consciousness to disconnect capitalist control ‘data’ to shape our common interests and aspirations from New Orleans, Ferguson Miss., Biloxi, to Palestine, Haiti, Baghdad, across continents, from Africa to the Gulf Coast?

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Image is capital in wake of storm: it is very hard to "convey a positive image"when "general public" sees you stacking corpses like cordwood said
business executive James Reiss who helicoptered in employees of an Israeli security company to guard his house and his neighbors..told the
Journal "Those who want this city rebuilt want done in a completely differen way — demographically, geographically and politically … or we're out."

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Navy Pilots Reprimanded for rescuing victims ...when their assignment was to deliver food and water to Gulf Coast military installations

9/6/05 CNN: "Relief Workers Confront ‘Urban Warfare'" http://www.cnn.com/2005/WEATHER/09/01/katrina.impact

Abandoned By Our Country Transcript http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9179790/ [VIDEO]http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article10121.htm [Windows Media] "... just three quick examples.  We ordered three trucks of water, [VIDEO] trailer trucks of water from WALMART .  FEMA turned them back...FEMA--we had 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel on a Coast Guard vessel docked in my parish said, 'Come get the fuel right away.'  When we got there with our trucks...  'FEMA says don't give you the fuel.' yesterday—FEMA comes and cuts all our emergency communication lines.  They cut them...sheriff, Harry Lee... posts armed guards on our line and says, 'No one is getting near these lines.'"

Up In Flames: Tons of British aid donated to Hurricane Katrina victims incinerated by Americans

A Death In New Orleans Unwilling to tolerate the indignity of her abandonment, neighbors buried Vera Smith on top of the concrete sidewalk at the edge of the Garden District Saturday in a crude grave they made of soil and bricks they had unearthed from park nearby.  

Living Like a Refugee http://www.thenation.com/doc/20050919/tisserand

Immediate Offers of Aid U.S. Approval Delayed http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/09/06/AR200509...
In Germany a massive telecommunication system and two technicians await green light to fly to Louisiana, after its donors spent four days searching for someone willing to accept the gift. "FEMA? was a lost case," said Mirit Hemy, executive with the Netherlands-based New Skies Satellite who made the phone calls. "We got zero help, and lost one week trying to get hold of them." In Sweden, a transport plane loaded with a water purification system and a cellular network has been ready to take off for four days, while Swedish officials wait for flight clearance nearly a week after the offer four Canadian rescue vessels and two helicopters have been accepted but probably won't arrive from Halifax, Nova Scotia, until Sat.. The Canadians' offer of search-and-rescue divers has gone begging.

Don't You Know Me? I'm Your Native Son...Notes from Inside New Orleans... classify someone who takes food from indefinitely closed
stores in a desperate, starving city as a "looter’ as media did over and over again. http://www.counterpunch.org/flaherty09032005.html

The city rebuilt as a massive gentrification project with no room for Katrina's displaced...of course would present a problem for elites...in a New Orleans "cleansed" of poor people and blacks, where would all the petrochemical waste be dumped? Who would live on top of the leaky,carcinogenic landfills? http://www.grist.org/news/maindish/2005/09/08/featherstone-katrina/index...

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so-called ‘southern problem’
Nearly Half NYC Black Men Found Jobless

Violent, Strategic Dislocation Inside the United States.
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“Several recent incidences of violent extremists in the United States underscored the threat to America and our interests by individuals radicalized at home. Our best defenses are well informed and equipped families, local communities, and institutions. The Federal Government will invest in intelligence to understand expand community engagement and development programs....”

Department of Justice Releases Resource Guide to Help Law Enforcement Strengthen Community Relationships
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Ferguson Police, Protesters Agree to 'Rules of Engagement'
11/22/14 http://www.voanews.com/content/ferguson-law-enforcement-protesters-agree...

"the urbanization of insurgency...the emergent world war against the world’s poor”
By Mike Davis MOUT Technology and Training Simulations : "Militarized Operations on Urbanized Terrain." ...one at Fort Polk, LA
...Military theorists are deeply involved imagining how the evolving capacity of high-tech warfare...(against) "terrorist" insurgencies...in growing megaslums. "The future of warfare, lies in the streets, sewers, high-rise buildings, and sprawl of houses that form the broken cities of the world" " the journal of the Army War College declared,...to develop a geopolitical framework for urban war-fighting, military planners in the 1990s turned to the RAND Corporation thinktank established by the Air Force in 1948... for war-gaming nuclear Armageddon in the 1950s and planning the Vietnam War in the 1960s. These days RAND does cities - big time... ponder urban crime statistics, inner-city public health, and the privatization of public education. RAND also runs the Army Arroyo Center with a small library of recent studies on the context and mechanics of urban warfare. One of RANDS’S most important projects, initiated in the early 1990s, is a major study of "how demographic changes will affect future conflict."
The bottom line, RAND finds, is that the urbanization of world poverty has produced "the urbanization of insurgency" (the title, in fact, of their report)...

Israeli advisors were brought in to teach Marines, Rangers, and Navy Seals state-of-the-art tactics - especially sophisticated coordination of sniper and demolition teams with heavy armor and overwhelming airpower - used by Israeli Defense Forces in Gaza and the West Bank [ed: funded by U.S.] Artificial cityscapes (complete with "smoke and sound systems") were built to simulate combat conditions in densely populated neighborhoods of cities like Baghdad or Port-au-Prince. The Marine Corps Urban Warfighting Laboratory also staged realistic war games ("Urban Warrior") in Oakland and Chicago, while the Army's Special Operations Command "invaded" Pittsburgh. Today ma

Models of Relief - RAND Corporation
USAID United States Agency for International Development... International Disaster Management ... Katrina’s devastation in 2005...

Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
academic.udayton.edu/ RichardGhere/ emergency
The Post-Katrina Emergency ...U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)...

10 Years After Hurricane Katrina
RAND experts worked and continue to work on solutions to the region's long-term challenges after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast...RAND research played a prominent role in the development of Louisiana's 2012 Master Plan for a Sustainable Coast continues to guide major investment decisions and future planning...
RAND experts have been working on the forefront of community resilience to blend human resilience science with infrastructure policy...to withstand, recover and learn from disasters...

ny Marines inside Fallujah are graduates of these Urban Warrior simulation exercises as well as mock combat at "Yodaville" (the Urban Training Facility in Yuma, Arizona), while Army units encircling Najaf and the Baghdad slum neighborhood of Sadr City are alumni of the new $34 million MOUT simulator at Fort Polk, Louisiana.
...Captain Thomas ("Slumlords: Aerospace Power in Urban Fights") like RAND, a Pentagon's massive new investments in MOUT technology and training, to surmount all the fractal complexities of slum warfare. One RAND cookbooks ("Aerospace Operations in Urban Environments") even provides a helpful table to calculate the acceptable threshold of "collateral damage" (aka dead babies) under different operational and political constraints. The occupation of Iraq...a "laboratory for democracy".. is a laboratory where Marine snipers and Air Force pilots also test new killing techniques in the emergent world war against the urban poor.

10 Years After Hurricane Katrina
RAND experts worked and continue to work on solutions to the region's long-term challenges after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast...RAND research played a prominent role in the development of Louisiana's 2012 Master Plan for a Sustainable Coast continues to guide major investment decisions and future planning...
RAND experts have been working on the forefront of community resilience to blend human resilience science with infrastructure policy...to withstand, recover and learn from disasters...

"The Negro youth and moderate[s] must be made to understand if they succumb to revolutionary teachings, they will be dead revolutionaries."
J. Edgar Hoover,FBI Chief, re:COINTELPRO against the Black Panther Party

Brzezinski’s “Black Africa and the U.S. Black Movement ”Presidential Review Memorandum NSCM/46, March 17, 1978
(to be posted printed in iKatrina, part2)

Digest: read this excerpt from an important overview and analysis situating the hurricane crisis in geopolitical context before the US information war strategic communication made major capitalist and ‘social media total propaganda vehicles in its losing war to win the suffering world’s hearts and minds under US domination
The flagging empire
September 10, 2005 by Paul William Roberts, Globe and Mail http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20050910.wxcover10/BNPrint/Front/ 
All the television pictures from New Orleans of water with people and houses under it certainly captured the world's attention. What the world attended to, however, wasn't so much the feeble efforts to relieve the city as the startling and unfamiliar sight of, as one of my Iraqi e-pen pals puts it,
"so much terrible poverty in a country so much rich." ...in the eyes of the world, the emperor stands naked. Monday's issue of London's The Independent noted: "We could be witnessing a significant moment in America. Hurricane Katrina has revealed some uncomfortable truths about the world's richest and most powerful nation. The catastrophe in New Orleans exposed shocking inequalities —of wealth and race... Many Americans are beginning to ask just what sort of country they are living in. There is a sense that the struggle for the soul of America is
gathering pace."...
There is also suddenly a sense the American Empire is in decline, that the only successful wars it has ever waged are the ones against the environment and its own people... The Department of Homeland Security, with the Patriot Act, has effectively suspended the rule of law in the United States — citizens can now be searched or arrested without a warrant, imprisoned without trial, tried by secret military tribunal, tortured or executed in secrecy. Their phones tapped, mail read, Internet monitored, and what they read at or borrow from the library analyzed for signs of deviancy...
Between 30,000 -40,000 people have been detained or harassed under the Patriot Act, few charges involving actual terrorism laid as a result.[con’t]