PS: TRAP: Support the System to 'beat Trump'

Fools voted 'against trump" for expansion of fascist US ‘new world order’ as Trump whips up an uber-patriot white nationalist movement

'Something is happening that is amazing,' Trump said. He was right ...
...Trump insisted he had sparked a political movement. He was right....He’s honest and speaks his mind, even if it gets him in trouble. And he’s tough..Trump told his supporters it was okay to blame their financial problems on undocumented immigrants and the Chinese, that it was okay to be fearful of Muslims and those who don’t speak English, that it was okay to punch back at Black Lives Matter activists, that it was okay to hate Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.... the palpable outrage, the sharing of conspiracy theories, the mob mentality...Early October after he’d apologized for recorded 2005 comments revealed by The Washington Post bragging about sexually assaulting women, and facing accusations from a growing number of women he forced himself on them...he said...“We’ve created a movement. This is like a great movement that the whole world is talking about. And honestly you’ll never have this chance; in four years, I don’t care who runs, you’re never gonna have this chance. So you have to get out and vote. Vote with all of your heart, vote with all of your soul, because this is it.”.

10/8/16 The Post edited this video for length
The tape was recorded several months after he married his third wife, Melania....“Trump discusses a failed attempt to seduce a woman, whose full name is not given in the video. “I moved on her, and I failed. I’ll admit it,”I did try and f--- her. She was married. I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look.” At that point in the audio, Trump and Bush appear to notice Arianne Zucker, the actress who is waiting to escort them into the soap-opera set. “Your girl’s hot as s---, in the purple,” says Bush, now a co-host of NBC’s “Today” show. “Whoa!” “Whoa!” “I’ve got to use some Tic Tacs, just in case I start kissing her,” You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.” Trump says. “Grab them by the p-....y, You can do anything.”...

People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction, and anyone who insists on remaining in a state of innocence long after that innocence is dead turns himself into a monster.":
James Baldwin1924-1987

Public Diplomacy Steps Taken Since 9/11 Not Enough; Council Task Force Urges the Bush Administration to Counter America’s Deteriorating Image as Anger at U.S. Deepens Post-Iraq War
The Task Force issued first report after September 11... despite administration efforts, evidence anti-Americanism is more widespread and dangerous than ever

Clinton on Propaganda Budget: U.S. Losing "Information War"
Top diplomat U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Congress the American government was losing an information war around the world as foreign media entities continue their rise to power... the U.S. government needed to step up propaganda efforts to promote its international objectives as its media was becoming increasingly irrelevant.“We are in an information war, and we are losing that war,” Clinton told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee defending her budget of almost $50 billion...

Global Engagement Center - US Department of State
The Global Engagement Center interagency entity, at the State Department charged with coordinating U.S. counterterrorism messaging

Countering Violent Extremism Summit - US Department of State
The White House hosted the US Summit on Countering Violent Extremism President Obama... said the West’s message is not effectively connecting because its opinion leaders are not connected... new efforts need to be pursued in smart, innovative ways that recognize how people, especially young people, communicate today. With new forms of media being invented weekly, daily, and even hourly, we constantly have to be creating not just content but new and attractive message delivery systems... to push back against the around the clock stream of disinformation with the truth – in a timely and forceful fashion...while a separate, more deliberately developed response is required to blunt the seduction of slick recruiting videos and websites by putting forth even more attractive positive messaging that emphasizes opportunities for young people to create meaningful, satisfying lives by adhering to the basic principles of freedom of expression, the rule of law and respect for the rights of others.

Clinton pitches her foreign policy to American Legion
“When we say America is exceptional...we recognize America’s unique and unparalleled ability to be force for peace and progress, a champion for freedom and opportunity.”

Why HC emails are problem
Google, Hillary and US gov. emails against Assad
… …3:21 AM - 19 Mar 2016
President of Google Ideas Jared Cohen sent an email July 25 2012, to the US State Department about a tool his company had created.
“Please keep close hold, but my team is planning to launch a tool on Sunday that will publicly track and map the defections in Syria and which parts of the government they are coming from,” Cohen wrote. “Our logic behind this is that while many people are tracking the atrocities, nobody is visually representing and mapping the defections, which we believe are important in encouraging more to defect and giving confidence to the opposition. Given how hard it is to get information into Syria right now, we are partnering with Al-Jazeera who will take primary ownership over the tool we have built, track the data, verify it, and broadcast it back into Syria. I’ve attached a few visuals that show what the tool will look like. Please keep this very close hold and let me know if there is anything [else] you think we need to account for or think about before we launch. We believe this can have an important impact.”

The email was sent to three U.S. officials: deputy chief of staff for Clinton, Jake Sullivan, Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns and Alec Ross, a senior Clinton adviser. Sullivan forwarded the email to Clinton, noting it was “a pretty cool idea.”

Before the Syrian war, in June 2010, Cohen and Ross traveled to Syria ostentatiously tweeted Ross “this trip to #Syria will test Syria’s willingness to engage more responsibly on issues of #netfreedom,” A September 24, 2010 email reveals Ross’s and Google exec Cohen’s motivations... “When Jared and I went to Syria, it was because we knew that Syrian society was growing increasingly young (population will double in 17 years) and digital and that this was going to create disruptions in society we could potential harness for our purposes.”


Judicial Watch US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Intelligence Information Report (IIR) then classified “secret,” dated 12th August 2012...
Declassified excerpts:
“… there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist Principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran).”...
“… a renewed momentum under the presumption of unifying the jihad among Sunni Iraq and Syria, and the rest of the Sunnis in the Arab world against what it considers one enemy. ISI could also declare an Islamic State through its union with other terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria, which will create grave danger in regards to unifying Iraq and the protection of territory.”

Google Think Tank Changes Name To Jigsaw Tech Incubator

Clinton Emails Show Zeal For Syrian War By Google, Israel, Team ...
Mar 22, 2016 ... Hillary Clinton, Google and Israeli intelligence cooperated ... Jared Cohen State president of Jigsaw, formerly "Google Ideas. ....

Cohen called Facebook "one of the most organic tools for democracy the world has ever seen"

Jared Cohen Bio
Expertise: Terrorism; radicalization; impact of connection technologies on twenty-first century statecraft; Iran.
Programs: Impact of Connection Technologies Roundtable Series
Jared Cohen is the founder and president of Jigsaw, a technology incubator at Alphabet Inc.previously known as Google Ideas also serves the senior advisor to Alphabet Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, and adjunct senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. From 2006 to 2010 a member of the Secretary of State's Policy Planning Staff and close advisor to Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton.

Cohen is the author of four bestselling New York Times books... including The New Digital Age: Transforming Nations, Business, and Our Lives, coauthored with Eric Schmidt....

His recent Foreign Affairs article, "Waging a Digital Counterinsurgency Against ISIS," presented a strategy for countering Islamic State as a multidimensional threat. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and Time magazine, and covers a range of topics from national security issues to artificial intelligence. He has a longstanding interest in international security issues including countering violent extremism. He has traveled to more than one hundred countries, including Iran and North Korea, and conducted interviews with members of extremist groups including Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, al-Shabab, Asbat al-Ansar and former Islamic State fighters.

He has been named to the "Time 100" list, Foreign Policy's “Top 100 Global Thinkers,” and Vanity Fair's "Next Establishment." He serves as a member of the National Counterterrorism Center director’s advisory board and is on the board of the Tribeca Film Institute. Cohen is on several advisory boards, including Rivet Ventures, Redbird Capital, and ASAPP. He is a member of Gen Next and named a young global leader by the World Economic Forum.

Cohen received BA from Stanford University and MPhil in International Relations from University of Oxford as a Rhodes scholar. He speaks fluent Swahili.

What Developers Are Doing with Google AI Brain

GOOGLE BRAIN: Google Brain Team in Google Machine Intelligence research..
Google's Deep Learning project the search for brain-like ...
...with Google's Deep Learning project,he's creating machines that take a multi- layered approach to information, building up knowledge and ...

Inside the Artificial Brain Remaking the Google Empire

..What Developers Are Doing with Google AI Brain

Emails Reveal Hillary’s role in USNATO Libya war
The New Year’s Eve release of over 3000 new Hillary Clinton emails from the State Department has CNN abuzz over gossipy text messages, the “who gets to ride with Hillary” selection process set up by her staff, and how a “cute” Hillary photo fared on Facebook. But historians of the 2011 US NATO war in Libya will notice truly explosive confirmations contained in the new email...
A March 27, 2011 Libya intelligence brief sent by long time close adviser to the Clintons and Hillary’s unofficial intelligence gatherer, Sidney Blumenthal, contains clear evidence of war crimes by the US NATO-backed rebels....

Public Diplomacy and Strategic Communication: Media Cultures, Firewalls..Norms
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice remarks on Agenda change, March 14, 2005. 2005/43385.htm
Public Diplomacy Institute George Washington University
...the public diplomacy and strategic communication instrument of statecraft embraces diplomacy, cultural diplomacy, international broadcasting, political communication, democracy building, and open military information operations...To transform the intent of political leaders and some thirty expert studies since 9/11 into action, a business plan is needed to map policy and public diplomacy connections, replace coordination with strategic direction, marshal private sector creativity, and institutionalize planning...
“This is not your grandparents’ public diplomacy”
. Defense Science Board Task Force Report on Strategic Communications, DOD, 2004
. U.S. Embassy Pakistan, “USAID, HEC Expand Fulbright Scholarship Program; Initiative Called ‘Investment in Pakistan’s Future,’” Press Release, April 6, 2005, h05040601.html; Renae Merle, “Pentagon Funds Diplomacy Effort, Contracts Aim to Improve Foreign Opinion of United States,” The Washington Post, June 11, 2005; Southeast Europe Times Website, U.S. European Command, Department of Defense,; USAID Frontlines, “Voice of America and USAID Team Up to Beam Programming Worldwide,” January 2005, press/frontlines/fl_jan05/partner.htm; “Public Diplomacy for Middle Eastern and MEPI Affairs,”
. Traditionally public diplomacy was seen by many as a narrowly focused enterprise carried out by the U.S. Information Agency and its predecessor organizations, the Voice of America, and the Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.
.The Man Who Invented Truth’: Edward R. Murrow as Director of the United States Information Agency During the Kennedy Years,” Cold War History
... The 9/11 Commission Report Terrorist Attacks on the United States. 2004.

Personalize or eliminate the political
How Bezos is Running Washington Post
Dan Kennedy, assoc professor Northeastern U School of Journalism...fellow at Harvard Kennedy School Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy
Kennedy School of Government research center dedicated to exploring the intersection of media, politics and public policy in theory and practice.
...The Post today could lead am ecosystem of daily newspapers...Post publishes all its content as Facebook Instant Articles and and its journalism to Apple News and part of Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) ...people who read Post articles on Facebook get offers to subscribe to one of 60 Post newsletters emails such as daily headlines, politics, opinion, science and entertainment...and advertising...all of which link to various related Post stories ... using sophisticated algorithms to determine which newsletters might strike your interests...Bezos has spoken eloquently about the role of journalism in a democratic society...“This needs to be a sustainable business because that’s healthy for the mission.”