Spoils of War From Ancient Babylon to Iraq Today


Babylonian Spoils of Conquest “Discovered” Today
“Mathematicians have been arguing about the interpretation of the Plimpton 322 tablet most of a century since New York publisher George Plimpton bequeathed it to Columbia University in the 1930s,... part of a major collection he bought from diplomat Edgar Banks... an antiquities dealer and flamboyant amateur archaeologist said to have inspired the Indiana Jones character...(whose) feats included climbing Mount Ararat in an unsuccessful attempt to find Noah’s Ark excavated in southern Iraq....”

Mathematical secrets of ancient tablet unlocked after nearly a century of study
8/24/17  is borne out by excavation. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon written of by Greek historians as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, archaeologists believe was a planted step pyramid with a complex artificial watering system.

Daniel Mansfield, at the University of New South Wales school of mathematics and statistics, said the Plimpton 322 tablet “a fascinating mathematical work demonstrates undoubted genius” with potential modern application because the base 60 used in calculations by the Babylonians permitted many more accurate fractions than the contemporary base 10  The tablet could have been used in surveying, and in calculating how to construct temples, palaces and pyramids. Photograph: UNSW/Andrew Kelly

Mathematicians have been arguing about the interpretation of the Plimpton 322 tablet most of a century since New York publisher George Plimpton bequeathed it to Columbia University in the 1930s,. It was part of a major collection he bought from diplomat Edgar Banks, an antiquities dealer and flamboyant amateur archaeologist said to have inspired the character of Indiana Jones. His feats included climbing Mount Ararat in an unsuccessful attempt to find Noah’s Ark excavated in southern Iraq in the early 20th century....

“The huge mystery, until now, was its purpose – why the ancient scribes carried out the complex task of generating and sorting the numbers on the tablet. Our research reveals that Plimpton 322 describes the shapes of right-angle triangles using a novel kind of trigonometry based on ratios, not angles and circles. It is a fascinating mathematical work that demonstrates undoubted genius. The tablet not only contains the world’s oldest, it is the only completely accurate trigonometric table, because of the different Babylonian approach to arithmetic and geometry. This means it has great relevance for our modern world. Babylonian mathematics may have been out of fashion for more than 3,000 years, but it has possible practical applications in surveying, computer graphics and education...a rare example of the ancient world teaching us something new. Plimpton 322 that predates Hipparchus more than 1,000 years. opens up new possibilities not just for modern mathematics research, but for mathematics education. With Plimpton 322 we see a simpler, more accurate trigonometry that has clear advantages over our own.
A treasure trove of Babylonian tablets exists, only a fraction have yet been studied. The mathematical world is only waking up to the fact that this ancient but very sophisticated mathematical culture has much to teach us.”

“Indy Jones”
The character was originally named Indiana Smith, after an Alaskan Malamute called Indiana Lucas owned in the 1970s[54] on which he based the Star Wars  character Chewbacca... Spielberg disliked the name Smith, Lucas suggested Jones as an alternative... "Indiana" Jones's is Dr. Henry Walton Jones Jr.,[33] his nickname often shortened to "Indy".in his role as a college professor of archaeology.. scholarly and learned lecturing on ancient civilizations. Dr. Jones transforms into a "non-superhero Indiana," to recover important artifacts...scholars have analyzed Indiana as having traits of a lone wolf, man on a quest, noble treasure hunter, hardboiled detective, a human superhero, an American patriot....Like many characters in his films, Jones has some autobiographical elements of Spielberg....George Lucas and Steven Spielberg first discussed the project around the time of first Star Wars film release....
IndianaJones.com official Indiana Jones site

Archaeological influence
The industry magazine Archaeology named eight past and present archaeologists who "embodied [Jones'] spirit" as recipients of the Indy Spirit Awards in 2008.[88]  That year Ford himself was elected to the Board of Directors for the Archaeological Institute of America. Commenting that "understanding the past can only help us in dealing with the present and the future," Ford was praised by the association's president for his character's "significant role in stimulating the public's interest in archaeological exploration."[89]

Public Perception
A 2007 Lycoming College survey of public perception of archaeology and archaeologists indicated the majority formed a similar image of an archaeologist as a male in light weight khaki clothing, wearing a "Indiana Jones hat" typically found in a desert or exotic location...and potentially the archaeologist would have to become destructive or involved in dangerous situations to obtain the wanted artifacts, demonstrating an adventurer personality.[91]...

Indiana Jones archaeologist entertainment franchise. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1989 film directedby Steven Spielberg....From 1992 to 1996, George Lucas executive-produced a television series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles aimed mainly at teenagers and children, showing many important events and historical figures of the early 20th century through the prism of the Indiana Jones' character’s life The bulk of the series centers around the activities of young adult Indiana Jones during World War I...  
The 2008 film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the latest film in the series. Set in 1957, 19 years after the third film, it pits an older, wiser Indiana Jones against Soviet agents bent on harnessing the power of an extraterrestrial device discovered in South America... This film also reveals that Jones was recruited by the US Office of Strategic Services during World War II attaining rank of Colonel in the US Army tasked with conducting covert operations with MI6 agent against the Soviet Union. March 2016, Disney announced a fifth Indiana Jones in the film franchise in development, with Ford and Spielberg...to be released July 10, 2020.[20]

The Indiana Jones Adventure attraction featured at several Walt Disney theme park attractions place Indy at the forefront of two similar archaeological discoveries...Two temples each contain a wrathful deity threatening guests riding through in World War II troop transports....

Since the fall of the Taliban, Afghanistan has become a grave-robber's paradise. The country's more than 3,000 historical sites are being systematically plundered. Experts estimate that there is not an ancient site left in the whole country that has not been partly or fully looted, with the contraband antiquities going to London, Tokyo and New York...
Following the invasion of Iraq... the National Museum in Baghdad - left vulnerable and unguarded - was ransacked by looters..American troops posted to protect the nearby Oil Ministry and its documents - crucial for the functioning of Iraq's oil industry - did nothing. What is now Iraq was once the cradle of civilisation

The Spoils of War: Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
First published in 2005, updated in January 2015 and April 2017 Global Research, August 22, 2017 Global Research 14 June 2005
 in the US in 2001, before the US-NATO invasion of Afghanistan. By 2016 that number went up to 4,500,000 (2.5 million heroin addicts and 2 million casual users). Heroin deaths shot up from 1,779 in 2001 to 10,574 in 2014 as Afghan opium poppy fields metastasized from 7,600 hectares in 2001 (when the US-NATO War in Afghanistan began) to 224,000 hectares in 2016. (One hectare equals approximately 2.5 acres). Ironically, the so-called US eradication operation in Afghanistan has cost an estimated $8.5 billion  in American taxpayer funds since the US-NATO-Afghan war started in October 2001.”
(See Sibel Edmond’s, August 22, 2017 )

Afghanistan produces over 90 percent of the opium which feeds the heroin market. In turn, the US is now sending more troops to Afghanistan. The surge in opium production occurred in the immediate wake of the US October 2001 invasion.

In 2000-2001,  “the Taliban government –in collaboration with the UN– imposed a successful ban on poppy cultivation. Opium production declined by more than 90 per cent in 2001. The surge in opium cultivation production coincided with the onslaught of the US-led military operation and the downfall of the Taliban regime. From October through December 2001, farmers started to replant poppy on an extensive basis.” (quoted from article below) 

The Vienna based UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) reveals poppy cultivation in 2012 extended over an area of  more than  154,000 hectares, an increase of 18% over 2011. A UNODC  spokesperson confirmed in 2013 that opium production is heading towards record levels.

In 2014 the Afghan opium cultivation hit a record high, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s 2014 Afghan Opium Survey .( See graph below). A slight decline occurred in 2015-2016.

War is good for business. The Afghan opium economy feeds into a lucrative trade in narcotics and money laundering.

Source:  United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime’s (UNODC)

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