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[info_onepalestine] Urgent Action Alert--Help Save Dr. Wilkerson's Job
Sunday, February 10, 2008


Last December, Dr. Catherine Wilkerson dealt a blow to local forces of
repression when, after a six-day trial, she was acquitted of the bogus
charges brought against her by the University of Michigan and Washtenaw
County Prosecutor Brian Mackie. She had hoped then to get on with caring for
her patients at the Packard Community Clinic but, if anything, local
Zionists and their minions seem more determined than ever to punish her for
speaking out against the Jewish apartheid state of Israel and its local
backers. The management of the Packard Community Clinic has decided to fire
Dr. Wilkerson and on February 4th they set February 15th as her last day of
work. Below you will find a statement by Dr. Wilkerson explaining more fully
what is happening.

The Committee to Defend Catherine Wilkerson has issued this urgent action
alert because we want to encourage the Governing Board of the Packard
Community Clinic to stop the firing of Dr. Wilkerson and to stop the
harassment of her for engaging in constitutionally-protected free speech
activities on her own time and in her own name. Specifically, we are asking
supporters of Dr. Wilkerson to do two things. First, please contact the
Governing Board as soon as possible. A written letter is considered one of
the most effective forms of advocacy. You can mail one to the address in the
sample letter below and/or send a fax to the Governing Board at (734)
971-8545. You may also leave a phone message at (734) 971-1073 or send an
e-mail to info@packardclinic.org. Second, please sign our online petition,
which you can find at http://www.ipetitions.com/ petition/keepwilkerson/ . A
press conference and a rally in front of the clinic are being contemplated
but have not been scheduled at this time pending the Governing Board's
response to an appeal by Dr. Wilkerson for a special meeting with the Board.

Sample Letter to the Packard Community Clinic Governing Board

Your Address Your City, State, Zip

Today's Date

Board of Directors Packard Community Clinic 3174 Packard Rd. Ann Arbor, MI

Dear Members of the Governing Board of the Packard Community Clinic:

I am writing to urge you to stop the termination proceedings against Dr.
Catherine Wilkerson, MD and, further, to stop the harassment of Dr.
Wilkerson by Packard Community Clinic (PCC) Medical Director Ray Rion and
Executive Director Kimberly Kratz. It was known when she was hired that Dr.
Wilkerson was politically active. Her profile on the clinic web site notes:
"she is particularly interested in social and economic determinants of
health, gender issues in medicine, and medical ethics. She has been an
activist involved in a number of issues related to public health, including
the health effects of war and nuclear weapons, and universal health care."
The only thing that has changed is that she is now--after successfully
fending off a malicious criminal prosecution--being targeted for, on her own
time and in her own name only, criticizing racism in the local Jewish
community in its support for the apartheid [* see below] state of Israel.
Dr. Wilkerson is
the senior and most experienced physician at the PCC and beloved by many of
her patients. No good purpose can be served by depriving them of the
compassionate care provided by this conscientious physician simply because
she has nonviolently exercised her First Amendment rights to speak out
against all forms of racism. Please keep Dr. Wilkerson on the staff of the
PCC and stop the political harassment of her by PCC management.


Your Signature

Your Name

Statement of Dr. Catherine Wilkerson Concerning the Termination of Her
Employment at the Packard Community Clinic

Despite the exhilarating victory for the First Amendment right to freedom of
expression that my acquittal achieved, I remain the target of those who seek
to quash that right. Now I am being forced out of my job. For over
five-and-a-half years I have worked at Packard Community Clinic, providing
medical care to disadvantaged members of the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti community.
Most of my patients are Black, Latino, Arab, or Asian. My patients
overwhelmingly come from the ranks of the working class.

These are the people within our own borders who suffer most from the wars
and occupations being perpetrated, funded, and otherwise enabled by the US.
These are the people whose brothers and sisters disproportionately wind up
as cannon fodder. These are the people who struggle everyday to obtain the
necessities of life and whose fundamental human right to health care is
denied, while billions of dollars flow to wage these wars and occupations.

The wars and occupations currently waged or backed by the US have killed,
maimed and sickened millions of Iraqis, Afghans, Palestinians, Haitians and
Filipinos. How can a doctor turn a blind eye to this suffering and
injustice? How can a doctor, of all people, not take a stand?

It is likely that a good many of those who obtain care at Packard Community
Clinic agree with that analysis. The same is true, no doubt, for many of the
clinic workers and for many of the clinic's supporters in the community.
Yet, Medical Director Ray Rion and Executive Director Kimberly Kratz have
deemed me "not a good fit for the clinic."

Months before the trial and the not-guilty verdict, the wheels to force me
out had been set in motion. In early October, the Ray Rion called me in for
a chat. I was not a good fit for the clinic, he claimed, because of my
political activities. He cited the publicity surrounding the approaching
criminal trial, my Palestinian human rights activities, and his desire for
the clinic to "piddle to the middle." A few people had threatened not to
donate money to the clinic. A local doctor threatened not to refer patients
to the clinic. Who were these people? What kind of people threaten to
withhold their money and not to refer patients in need of medical care to a
clinic that is known to provide excellent care and to take all comers?

We talked, for the first time, about the case against me. He disputed my
assertion that I had an obligation to help a person in need of medical
attention, stating that in Michigan there is no duty to treat. We would have
to wait and see how the trial turned out before he would know how that issue
would affect my employment. But my Palestinian human rights activities were
also a problem. Among those activities was my affiliation with Jewish
Witnesses for Peace and Friends, a group that has stood vigil in front of
Beth Israel Congregation for several years, silently holding signs
protesting Israeli oppression of Palestinians. He wanted to know why I did
that. I answered as I always have, "I do it as an act of solidarity with

I do it because more than four million Palestinian refugees live exile after
being violently expelled from their homes by Jewish forces in 1948 and 1967.
I do it because another four million or so Palestinians live under brutal
Israeli occupation in Gaza and the West Bank. I do it for the more than one
million Palestinians who live as second-class citizens in Israel. I do it
because Israel's oppression of Palestinians is enabled by the American
Zionist community and billions of US-taxpayer dollars that go to support
Israel every year. I do it because Beth Israel is a political as well as a
religious institution. As Rabbi Dobrusin wrote in the Ann Arbor News in
January 2007: "Beth Israel Congregation affirms without any hesitation or
equivocation the legitimacy of the existence of the State of Israel as a
Jewish state." I do it because the flag of Israel hangs in the synagogue and
because the Rabbi Dobrusin uses his influence to defend Israel I do it
because I believe that there is no more appropriate time to think about
right and wrong than when worshiping. I do it as an act of solidarity,
knowing as I stand there being assaulted with slurs and obscene gestures and
swerving automobiles by those heading inside to worship God, that the
harassment we endure in front of the synagogue does not even rise to the
level of the tiniest smidgen of what Palestinians endure every day and have
for decades. I do it to remind those who pass by of the plight of an
oppressed people, whose oppression is facilitated by all of us who do not
take a stand against it. At least I used to do it. After much soul-searching
over the next few days after that meeting last October, I informed the
medical director that I had decided to stop participating in the vigil.
While I was already facing a criminal trial I didn't want to lose my job,

When the jury found me not guilty, I hoped my boss would no longer threaten
me with termination. But three weeks after my victory, he presented me with
a contract requiring me to "refrain from conduct, both at work and outside
of work, which tends to reflect negatively on the reputation and public
image of Employer, which may negatively affect the ability of Employer to
retain current patients, attract new patients or attract donations, or which
may otherwise in the judgment of Employer's Medical Director reflect poorly
upon the public image of Employee or Employer."

When in the course of my attempting to negotiate with the Medical and
Executive Directors of the clinic, I protested the vague and restrictive
clause. I asked for more specific language and for guidance about what kinds
of activities would constitute violation of the contract. They repeatedly
criticized my political activities, and finally, the executive director
terminated the negotiations, declaring that it was clear that my continued
employment would not work, and that we should proceed with determining the
terms of my severance.

No one should have to forfeit her constitutional right to freedom of
expression to keep a job. It was not a fair contract and I believe that it
was presented to me, on a take-it-or-leave-it basis, for the purpose of
strong-arming me out the door. I believe that we could have negotiated a
fair contract if both parties had negotiated in good faith. If it were not
true, as I believe, that my termination is the culmination of months of
efforts to force me out, they would have done so. But the saddest part of
this story to me is that the needs and desires of so many of my patients to
continue their relationships with me don't seem to matter.

*The Notion of the “Jewish State” as an “Apartheid Regime” is a Liberal-Zionist One
by Gary Zatzman

A warning of sinister plans
The Gulf Today
It is ironic that Israel has opted to complain to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon and to the UN Security Council about rocket attacks coming from the Gaza Strip into Israeli border areas....on the record of the UN Israel never respected UN decisions, even mandatory resolutions issued by the Security Council, always complaining the world body was biased against it....never co-operated with the UN on any issue related to the Palestinian problem and got away with its behaviour because of the all-embracing protective umbrella offered by its "strategic partner," the US. Now, Israel is complaining to the same world about Palestinian armed resistance against its occupation of Palestinian territory and describing the rocket attacks as "a well-directed and continuous incitement by Hamas leaders, which is part of a campaign whose main goal is focused killing of Israeli residents."... http://www.uruknet.de/?p=41023

Israeli minister urges murder of Hamas political leaders
Israeli Minister of Housing and Construction Zeev Boim called on the Israeli Defense Forces and security services Sunday to liquidate the political leaders of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) including... Ismail Haniya.... Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said earlier Sunday his army would launch secret operations in the Palestinian territories. Reacting to Boim's threats, Hamas said the recent statements of Israeli leaders showed "the terrorist nature of the Jewish mentality." "The Israeli occupation forces are planning for new atrocities against Gaza Strip,"...
"They are preparing for an ethnic cleansing campaign in order to liquidate the Palestine cause and reaffirm the concept of the Jewish state," said the statement ...Barhom termed the Israeli government a "terrorist institution" which poses a grave danger not only to the Palestinian people but also to the Middle East region as a whole."The ongoing Israeli military offensive against Gaza Strip and the recent statements followed the visits to the region by top U.S. officials which indicated the hypocrisy of the U.S. administration. "The United States turned to be the sponsor of terrorism and exports terrorism to all world countries," the statement added. http://snipurl.com/1ze71
KUNA 101814 Feb 08NNNN http://www.kuna.net.kw/NewsAgenciesPublicSite/ArticlePrintPage.aspx?id=1...

Gaza Strip;A Devastating Outcome of 24 Hours of Israeli Rampage
Hiyam Noir, PalestineFreeVoice
Since the US sponsored, so called "peace" conference in Annapolis, the Israelis have carried out series of large scale, brutal aerial and land attacks on the Gaza Strip in addition to several land incursions. The missile attacks and the bombings have killed scores of Palestinian citizens, including children and women, the wounded citizens can be counted in hundred’s, many critically injured... http://www.uruknet.de/?p=41020

Israel holds 365 Palestinian children in its prisons
The Palestinian Center for Detainees’ Studies issued a press release on Monday revealing that Israel is currently holding more than 365 Palestinian children captive in its prisons, including 100 children who are 13-15 years old. The Center reported that the underage detainees are subjected to harsh treatment and torture and that their continued arrest comes in violation to the International Law and the basic principles of human rights. The Center also stated that all of the child detainees, currently imprisoned by Israel, were kidnapped by the army since during the Al Aqsa Intifada which started in 2000. Ahmad Shawahna, head of the center stated, that the Israeli Prison Administration is subjecting the detainees to physical and psychological pressures in addition to threatening them to attack their families if they do not confess to charges filed against them.... http://www.uruknet.de/?p=40870

CPT: Israeli Civil Administration set to demolish a clinic and 11 homes near Hebron, in the Beqa’a Valley
Jessica Frederick, Christian Peacemaker Teams
Palestinian residents of the Beqa’a Valley are in danger of losing eleven homes and their health clinic. The clinic is currently under construction. The Israeli Civil Administration issued orders to the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) to demolish the homes and clinic by 14 February. Residents in the valley have been building this clinic without governmental or outside funding, even though many have little or no paid employment. The Israeli Civil Administration refused to grant a building permit despite the difficulties residents encounter in reaching other health facilities outside of the valley. Between 600 and 700 people, mostly women and children, will use the new clinic for routine medical care, including prenatal checkups and vaccinations... http://www.uruknet.de/?p=41032

Google removed Abu Trika’s “Sympathize with Gaza” images from the internet
Roads to Iraq
Reported on Saudi newspaper AL-Watan, Israel pressured Google to remove all the images of Egyptian footballer Abu Trika showing his T-shirt with the text "Sympathize with Gaza" [also confirmed by Al-Arabiya…or you can do the search by yourself].... http://www.uruknet.de/?p=40809

Dear Senator Clinton: About Those Palestinian Textbooks...
14 June 2001 you co-authored with your fellow Senator from the great state of New York, Charles Schumer, a letter to President Bush, praising him for his Administration’s attempts to arrange a ceasefire between Israelis and Palestinians but urging him to make clear that there could be no lasting peace until President Arafat put an end to the propagation of "hateful, anti-Israeli rhetoric" in PA official statements and school textbooks. You gave a specific example of the hate speech to which Palestinian school children are subjected in their required reading... Our Country Palestine, one of the textbooks introduced in 2000 as part of the new PA 6th grade curriculum You wondered rhetorically: "When Palestinian children are brought up to hate Israel, how can we ever expect a commitment to a lasting peace?"...http://www.uruknet.de/?p=40825

super-zionist defends Obama
No Manchurian Candidate
... Barack Obama is a strong but not uncritical supporter of Israel...what the Middle East needs from an American leader: the balance implicit in a two-state solution...yet it’s a tough position for Obama to hold in this presidential campaign because his Jewish credentials are under scrutiny... On January 22, with Gaza sealed and the suffering of Palestinians prompting calls for a U.N. Security Council statement deploring their plight, Obama penned a strongly-worded letter of support for Israel. “The Security Council should clearly and unequivocally condemn the rocket attacks against Israel, and should make clear that Israel has a right to defend itself against such actions,” Obama wrote to Zalmay Khalilzad, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Otherwise, he declared, it should not speak at all.
The Security Council remained silent; Obama’s still uncertain standing with Jews in the United States and Israel was strengthened. But rumors, many scurrilous, still swirl. Most have questioned the degree of his commitment to Israel.
...in a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee last year, he did not even mention Jewish settlements...
Obama made an accurate statement in Iowa last year to the effect that “Nobody’s suffering more than the Palestinian people,” he later massaged the phrase to suggest the suffering was self-inflicted. And that’s why his letter to Khalilzad was so emphatic in its pro-Israel tone... doubts clearly persist among U.S. Jews, who account for just 2 percent of the population but a higher percentage of voters, and one with wide influence...“You could sum the concerns up as ‘does Obama feel Israel in his kishkas?’” Harris told me, using the Yiddish word for guts. “And does he have the steel and spine for the tough moments or believe diplomacy is the be-all and end-all of international relations?”
Such worries have surfaced in Israel, where Danny Ayalon, a former ambassador to the United States, has described Obama’s candidacy as cause for “concern.”
Still, many American Jews, particularly younger ones, are gravitating to Obama. Hillary Clinton, whose pro-Israel credentials are watertight, took close to two-thirds of the Jewish vote in the New Jersey and New York primaries. But in California the Jewish vote was almost equally divided, and in Connecticut and Massachusetts Obama got more Jewish votes. That’s O.K.. Obama has to play hardball now. John McCain, the presumptive Republican candidate, also sent a letter — the day after Obama’s — calling for the U.N. to condemn “the terrorist tactics employed by Hamas.”... A Democrat who’s going to win has be strong on core American defense principles, which include Israel’s security...

long, but a facinating 'must read'...
Gertler’s Bling Bang Torah Gang: U.S.- Israel and the Ongoing Holocaust in Congo (Part 1)
by Keith Harmon Snow / February 9th, 2008

Maurice Templesman is one of the top funders of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. Templesman was the unofficial ambassador to the Congo (Zaire) for years, but a new Israeli-American tycoon has replaced him. In the world of bling bling and bling bang, some things change, some stay the same. The CIA, the MOSSAD, the big mining companies, the offshore accounts and weapons deals—all hidden by the Western media. The holocaust in Central Africa has claimed some six to ten million people in Congo since 1996, with 1500 people dying daily.1 But while the Africans are the victims of perpetual Holocaust, the persecutors hide behind history, complaining that they are the persecuted, or pretending they are the saviors. Who is responsible?

For Israeli-American Dan Gertler, business in blood drenched Congo is not merely business, it is a quest for the Holy Grail. Young Dan Gertler goes nowhere—does nothing—without the spiritual guidance of Brooklyn-born Rabbi Chaim Yaakov Leibovitch, a personal friend of Condoleeza Rice.2 Gertler and Leibovitch are two of the principals behind a diamond mining company, Emaxon Finance Corporation, involved in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Gertler and gang won the majority rights to the diamonds from the state mining company, Société Minière de Bakwange, MIBA, found near the government-controlled town of Mbuji-Mayi, the rough diamond capital of the world.

Emaxon Finance Corp. has apparently out-maneuvered diamond competitors, especially the big rivals Energem and De Beers. Energem is one of the many shady mining companies connected to Anthony Teixeira, a Portuguese born businessman now residing in South Africa whose daughter married Congolese warlord Jean-Pierre Bemba. The warlord’s deadly battle in Congo in March 2007 was a bid between rival agents—Jean-Pierre Bemba and Joseph Kabila—to be the black gatekeeper for the mining cartels run by dynastic families like Templesman, Oppenheimer, Mendell, Forrest, Blattner, Hertzov, Gertler and Steinmetz, and for companies like NIKANOR, whose stock prices rose early in July 2006 in expectation of a July 30th “win” for Joseph Kabila.3 Africa Confidential called President Kabila’s 2003 visit to the Bush White House a “coup” for the Israeli diamond magnates Dan Gertler and Beny Steinmetz.

Canadian-based Energem, formerly DiamondWorks, is owned by British mercenary Tony Buckingham and its director/shareholders include Mario and Tony Teixeira, J.P. Morgan, and Gertler’s partner Israeli-American Beny Steinmetz (50%).4 Through subsidiary Branch Energy, the Energem-DiamondWorks gang has perpetuated war in 11 African countries.5 In December 2007, Energem re-launched itself on the London Stock Market with the newly laundered image of a renewable energy company. Regarding diamonds, it said only it “had decided to give up exploration rights in the Central African Republic.”6 The Energem spokesman explained that Tony Teixeira “had a clean bill of health” etc., etc. Of course, Energem “quit” the C.A.R. because Jean-Pierre Bemba marched his troops into C.A.R., where they raped and pillaged widely.7 Energem is still operating in Congo, but Dan Gertler is the new, unofficial ambassador to the Congo for the George W. Bush gang.

Gertler and partners like Beny and Danny Steinmetz, Nir Livnat, Chaim Leibovitz and Yaakov Neeman run a hornet’s nest of companies involved in African hotspots, including: Dan Gertler International (DGI), Steinmetz Global Resources, International Diamond Industries, NIKANOR and Global Enterprises Corporate. “Dan Gertler is ‘the new kid on the block,’” writes Yossi Melman in Israel’s Haaretz news. “Bold, sophisticated, brutal, he is an adventurer with a short fuse.” Haaratz confirmed that Dan Gertler owns a complex network of interconnected companies, often registered in offshore tax havens and involved in India, Russia, Belgium and the United States, and that Dan Gertler is looking to God for guidance.8

“In the diamond industry,” Melman wrote, “Gertler is considered something of an odd bird. He maintains few ties with the other merchants and is not very sociable… Alongside his business affairs, most of his energy is channeled into matters of faith. He is a donor to religious institutions and from time to time makes a pilgrimage to the rabbi he most admires, Rabbi David Abuhatzeira, from Nahariya, in order to consult with him and receive his blessing. Gertler is surrounded mostly by religious people and laces his speech liberally with praise to God.”8

In 2003, Condoleeza Rice, then Assistant to President Bush for National Security Affairs, introduced Dan Gertler and Chaim Leibovitch to U.S. official Jendayi Frazer, a Harvard Kennedy School affiliate and former National Security Council agent focused on Africa. On December 6, 2006, Frazer, then Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, was one of seven special Bush delegates sent to the inauguration of Congo’s newly installed President Joseph Kabila in Kinshasa.9

When Dan Gertler and Chaim Leibovitch and their friends visit the luxury Gertler villa in Lumumbashi, the capital of Katanga, Congo’s large southern province, their kosher meals arrive by private plane from Kinshasa. The special executive jet that flies their kosher meals a few hundred miles over the roadless Congo costs some $US 23,000 per trip.10

The average income for Congolese citizens each year—if they survive it—is about $95. Shootings at mining facilities and diamond mines are common, land is stolen from Congolese people, strikes are crushed by security forces that companies are partnered with, and black overseers of state terror routinely arrest and torture any vocal opposition—and sometimes disappear them—in support of white bosses. The Société Minière de Bakwange—MIBA— and the diamond fields of Mbuji-Mayi in Congo have a long history of bloodshed backed by Western powers, including Israel, from the beginning.11 Amnesty International points out that not a single state agent has ever been prosecuted for the extrajudicial executions of suspected “illegal” miners in Mbuji-Mayi.12

After a century of exploitation and slavery, we find MIBA consistently withholding payment of salaries to starving Congolese laborers and middle managers for months at a time. April and May 2007 saw strikes and protests leading to the Kabila government’s arbitrary arrest, detention and torture of trade union organizers like Leon Ngoy Bululu; police have also shot protestors.13 So-called ‘illegal’ diamond workers—disenfranchised local Congolese people forced into “criminal” activities to survive—were summarily executed on MIBA concessions in Mbuji-Mayi. MIBA security guards have also been sniping unemployed diamond miners.14.

Meanwhile, Dan Gertler’s kosher meals depart Kinshasa, the capital of the big Congo, through the arrangements of Rabbi Chlomo Bentolila, high priest of the Chabad of Central Africa. Rabbi Chlomo Bentolila has been a Kinshasa Rabbi since 1991, and he was a spiritual force who survived the terrorism of the old dinosaur, Mobutu Sese Seko, the way most elites did: by working with him. Rabbi Bentolila is a member of the Chabad Lubavitch Global Emissary Network, headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, and his wife Miriam is the sister of Rabbi Mena’hem Hadad, a high priest in Brussels.15 “Kosher does not mean that a Rabbi blesses the food,” Rabbi Betolila corrected me, “but rather that the food was supervised by a Rabbinical Thora [sic] authority who sees that the ingredients were in accordance with the laws of Kashrut expressed in the Bible (Leviticus and Deuteronomy).”16

Dan Gertler often flies people into Congo, on his private jet, for sacred Jewish rituals. For the Bar Mitsvah of Rabbi Chlomo Bentolila’s son Binyamin Avrahim in June 2005, guests included eminent Rabbis, Hassidic singer Yoni Shlomo and special orchestra Yossef Brami, all arriving in “special flights” from Israel, New York and Brussels. The reception was held at the luxurious and exclusive Memling Hotel. Joseph Kabila sent a sizeable delegation but did not attend: his closest advisers provided a blessing on his behalf.17

The Gertler, Steinmetz and Templesman interests are advanced in part through the support of the Committee of the Jewish Community of Kinshasa—le Comité de la Communauté Israélite—that is tightly coordinated with the power structure in Kinshasa to exert influence and assure control of Israeli-Belgian-Anglo-American interests over the geopolitical arena.

From June 26-30, 2007, the Communaute Israelite de Kinshasa received a visit from the Israeli Ambassador Yaakov Revah, director of the Africa Department of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Revah also flew to Lumumbashi for meetings with Dan Gertler and his agents, including Moishe (Moses) Katumbi, the Governor of Katanga, and they most likely enjoyed a lovely, $23,000 kosher meal sent from the Chabad in Kinshasa.18 The Communaute Israelite de Kinshasa maintains very intimate political relations with President Joseph Kabila’s PPRD party, the People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy. On March 1, 2006, in a formal ceremony, the President of the Communaute Israelite de Kinshasa, Ashlan Piha, was awarded the Congo’s Medal of Civil Merit.

Before his assassination on January 16, 2001, Laurent Desire Kabila—the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)—made a deal with the Gertler gang that would play out in favor of the current President Joseph Kabila and, it seems, be a central factor in relation to both Congo’s ongoing war and the bloody warlord’s battle in Kinshasa in March 2007.19

Back in 2000, former Congolese president Laurent Kabila offered a monopoly on Congolese diamonds, and 88% of the proceeds, to Gertler’s International Diamond Industries (IDI) in exchange for Israeli military assistance to his new government.20 Top Congolese military officials apparently flew to Israel in 2000 to negotiate the deal. Gertler pledged military assistance to President Laurent Kabila through top Israeli officials.21

The original Gertler-Kabila deal fell through after Laurent Kabila was assassinated for not cooperating with the Great White Fathers of industry (January 2001), but Gertler and Leibovitch and their disciples formed another company, Dan Gertler International, and advanced their Congo plan.22 By 2002 Gertler’s company was the leading exporter of Congolese gems, controlling a diamond mining franchise worth about $US 1 billion annually.23

In 2003, the mighty Congolese diamond parastatal Societe Miniere De Bakwanga (MIBA)—which has been forever controlled by the Great White Fathers in Belgium, Israel and America—signed an exclusive contract with Gertler’s startup company, Emaxon Finance International. The deal involved Israeli’s Foreign Defense Assistance and Defense Export Organization (SIBAT), and high-level Israeli defense and intelligence officials. Gertler and his buddies reportedly bribed Congolese officials and Angolan generals who, on and off, have commanded Angolan Army troops protecting Kinshasa, Congo’s capital.21,24

Security for mining operations in Congo is provided by exclusive security companies like Overseas Security Services (OSS) one of the many DRC interests of Belgian billionaire tycoon Philippe de Moerloose. A member of the Kinshasa elite, de Moerloose supplies jets and other presidential toys to DRC President Kabila. In 2006, President Joseph Kabila’s campaign helicopter was at the centre of a legal battle involving Philippe de Moerloose.25 De Moerloose’s companies operated in Mobutu’s Zaire from at least 1991, backing state terrorism and Western corporate plunder that was rendered invisible by the Western media. De Moerloose is also an adviser to European Union (EU) Commissioner—and diamantaire—Louis Michel.

Dan Gertler and Philippe de Moerloose were, reportedly, the only two white men who attended the wedding of Joseph Kabila and the two clearly share interests in “security” provided by OSS at MIBA and elsewhere in Congo. The April 2003 secret agreement signed between the Gertler/Steinmetz company Emaxon Finance and the Kabila government involved MIBA and two de Moerloose companies, OSS-Congo and Demimpex, and other firms.

Overseas Security Services (OSS) operations are apparently grounded in the experience of top expatriate security operatives formerly involved with the biggest security firm in Mobutu’s Zaire.26 According to OSS public relations materials, “these persons have a not unimportant experience in the safety of this country.”26 Providing mine security, body-guard and protection services, OSS operates in Burundi, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Dubai, South Africa, Republic of Congo (Brazzavile) and Belgium, placing them in cahoots with all sides warring and plundering eastern Congo today.27

Emaxon Finance International is a real gem, one of these octopuses of mining tangled up with interlocking companies and subsidiaries based in specious geographical offshore “tax havens” that work to shield from prosecution people who are responsible for money laundering, weapons and drugs operations, assassinations and other terrorism.

NIKANOR is registered as an Isle of Man (UK) company, an offshore tax haven that helps to conceal criminal activities and maximize profits. NIKANOR directors include Dan Kurtzer, former U.S. ambassador to Israel (2001-2005) and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research under Madeleine Albright. NIKANOR partners include Mende and Moshe Gertner [sic], Israeli property tycoons with vast holdings in London who control 22 percent of NIKANOR. Another partner is Israeli-born Nir Livnat, managing director of Johannesburg-based Ascot Diamonds, a member of the Steinmetz Group of Diamond Companies, and a principal involved in numerous U.S.-based businesses from Miami to New York.28

Back in 2001, when the Gertler enterprises surfaced in dirty diamond deals, public relations was handled by Lior Chorev, the “Special Strategic and Communications Consultant” to International Diamond Industries (IDI), and Chorev continued in this role to support Dan Gertler businesses.29 Today, Lior Chorev is partnered with the brothers Yuval and Eyal Arad as director-owners of the Israeli marketing and public relations firm, ARAD Communications.30 “We do work for Mr. Gertler on some of his business issues,” said Lior Chorev.31 ARAD’s many clients include Dan Gertler companies, Los Angeles-based Coral Diamonds and an Israeli aeronautics weaponry manufacturer producing Unmanned Aerospace Vehicles (UAVs)—robotic weapons and intelligence platforms like those being used against the people of Congo today.32 As a political strategist, Lior Chorev has worked for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and current Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.33 He has also participated in Israel-NATO defense planning conferences.34

Dan Gertler is close to Israeli politicians, especially Avigdor Lieberman, head of the right-wing Yisrael Beiteinu party, and he is very close to diamantaire Beny Steinmetz, a good friend of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Gertler’s inseperable friend, Chaim Leibovitz, is also very close to Lieberman, and was “a regular fixture” in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s offices.35

Beny Steinmetz is considered to be one of the richest billionaires in Israel. The Steinmetz Group, controlled with his brother Daniel, is one of the biggest clients of the de Beers diamond syndicate. Steinmetz is also involved in an Israeli real estate group that purchased the assets of the British Haslemere real estate company for $1.46 billion. Steinmetz’s real estate partners include the billionaire Israeli investors David and Simon Reuben, and the Saudi Arabian Olayan Group, an investment company that is deeply connected with Bechtel Corporation.36 The Steinmetz web site map of operations hides their involvement in war-torn Congo.37

Seems Dan Gertler’s land grabs and exclusion in Congo have a lot in common with the current crimes against humanity being committed by Israel through its illegal partition in the Middle East. On January 3, 2008, the Jerusalem Post reported that Lior Chorev was an integral part of past Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s advisers, and he was recently quoted to say that even though Sharon did not get to finalize Israel’s final borders (he suffered a debilitating stroke in 2006), the route of the security fence—which he decided—would ultimately serve as the basis for the border and as Sharon’s lasting legacy.3 “He felt he needed to set the border because he didn’t trust the younger generations,” Chorev was quoted to say. “He knew the fence route by heart and the reason for every stretch of land being on one side or the other.”38

In 2003, the U.N. Panel of Experts on war in Congo revealed that Emaxon Finance International is controlled by Israeli diamond traders Chaim Leibovitz and Dan Gertler.39 Emaxon lists as its address an office in Montreal, Canada, but Emaxon’s majority shareholder is listed as FTS Worldwide, a nebulous global corporation whose business address is that of a firm of lawyers, Mossack Fonseca & Company, in Panama City. FTS Worldwide is registered with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission to lawyer Andre Zolty of Geneva Switzerland. A copy of the MIBA-Emaxon contract was signed on 13 April 2003 by Israeli-Americans Yaakov Neeman and Chaim Leibovitz.40

Yaakov Neeman is a founding partner of Herzog, Fox and Neeman, Tel Aviv, one of Israel’s top law firms, and he has held Israeli government cabinet and ministerial positions.41 Neeman is on the Advisory Board of Markstone Capital Group, a very influential group of investment bankers, with Eli Hurvitz. On the board of Israel’s Teva Pharmaceutical Industries with Eli Hurvitz is Northrup-Grumman director Philip Frost.42 Both Philip Frost and Maurice Templesman are top-level councilors for the American Stock Exchange. Eli Hurvitz sat on the International Advisory Counsel of Harvard University’s Belfer Center, 2002-2005, during the period when the Belfer Center and their intelligence operative Robert Rotberg formalized the “Kimberley Process” to officially whitewash blood diamonds.43 Yakov Neeman is also a governor of the World Zionist Organization and Jewish Agency for Israel.

One of the main objectives of the Kimberley Process, and the Harvard Belfer Center’s role, was to protect the South African Oppenheimer and De Beers diamond cartels and their leading buyers and agents like Maurice Templesman and Beny Steinmetz.44 Added to those diamond industry firms whitewashed by the Kimberley Process are all the Zionist diamond dealers and cartels that have risen like a phoenix out of the ashes of the Holocaust.

The Israeli-American enterprises of the Gertler/Steinmetz gang have proliferated and today are major shareholders or owners of diamond concessions in Congo’s Kasai province and copperbelt concessions in Katanga. The copperbelt is the big money in Congo. Copper prices recently hit an all time high due to monopoly control by corporations and new applications in transportation, aerospace and weaponry. Cobalt is used in dye and paint processes for manufacturing. More importantly, it is elemental to superalloys used for tank armor, spacecraft, turbines, ship hulls, ship hulls, blast furnaces, refineries, petroleum drilling rigs, nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons. Like coltan, or columbium-tantalite, cobalt is also used in cell phone batteries. The Katanga copperbelt is also rich in germanium, a rare metal used in optical fibers, infrared lenses and telecommunication satellites.45

The entire military-industrial-prisons complex revolves around minerals like cobalt, niobium and heterogenite (cobalt oxide), yet the truth about what happens to African people in lands taken over by these mining companies is hidden by the corporate media. More and more land is being stolen, more and more atrocities committed, with less and less transparency, and less and less accountability, and fewer and fewer voices for the voiceless. And, as usual, there are always a lot of empty promises.

Over the past fifty years, elite Israeli nationals have perpetrated conflict and injustice in Africa, fueled by and for minerals. Operatives associated with the Israeli military or intelligence services—the Mossad—maintain strategic criminal syndicates in competition and in partnership with other syndicates involving men like Philippe De Moerloose, Louis Michel, Viscount Etienne Davignon, John Bredenkamp and Tony Buckingham.

Israeli trained shock troops became Mobutu’s bodyguards, with Mossad advisers. According to a report by the American Jewish Committee: after 1980 “Mossad agents, military emissaries, and a small group of private businessmen… replaced diplomats as Israel’s main interlocutors with African leaders and political (mainly opposition) groups.” The report cites rising involvement of private defense and security interests, especially in Angola, DRC and Central Africa Republic, since 1992.46

Israeli operatives and “businessmen” appear everywhere there is egregious suffering and dispossession. Dan Gertler’s forays into the bloody world of diamonds involve Israeli arms dealers Yair Klein, who is reportedly wanted by the U.S. for training Medellin drug-cartel militias in Colombia, and Dov Katz.47 Klein was convicted by Israel (1991) for his involvement with groups that targeted and assassinated Colombian politicians, journalists, and police. Jailed in Sierra Leone in 1999, Klein was a field representative for Gertler in war-torn Sierra Leone and Liberia. Gertler also mingles with the Russian Military Brotherhood, a group of “retired Russian generals whom Gertler describes as good friends.”48,49

Retired Israeli Defense Forces Colonel Yair Klein reportedly organized arms for diamonds networks in Sierra Leone and Liberia after President Charles Taylor was deposed. In 1999, Klein was arrested in Sierra Leone on charges of smuggling arms to the rebel Revolutionary United Front.50 The U.N. also documented collaborations between Sierra Leone’ rebels and Lazare Kaplan agent Damian Gagnon; Lazare Kaplan International is one of the organized crime syndicates of Jewish American Maurice Templesman.51

The Steinmetz Group of companies are also involved in the bloody diamond fields of Sierra Leone, along with Energem (formerly DiamondWorks), the company described above that is connected to the white mercenaries depicted in Hollywood’s Blood Diamond propaganda film.52 In December 2007, local people in Sierra Leone struggling to gain the smallest livelihood from their own resources were shot by police during peaceful protests against the Steinmetz-controlled Koidu Holdings site. It’s the same old local people’s story happening everywhere. These were people from communities driven off their own land by mining companies that promised the world, cajoled the trusting people, and gave nothing after. The Steinmetz gang called in the local paramilitary, a curfew was imposed and people were shot; the police, as usual, falsely claimed that protesters were armed.53

Like most mining mafias in Africa, the Israeli-American octopus—organized crime syndicates, offshore subsidiaries, interlocking directorships and affiliated mercenaries—has gripped the very heart of Congo like an octopus grips and stuns its prey. Mining regulates the pulse of Congo, and foreign mining companies with their black sell-out agents are sucking the blood out of the people and the wealth out of the land.

Beyond the intriguing Jewish rivalry for diamonds in the heart of darkness, this tale takes a chilling turn with the involvement of certain German firms and New York City lawyers. NIKANOR, another Gertler/Steinmetz company of dubious origins operating in DRC, has a subcontract with the notorious ThyssenKrupp conglomerate, a company comprised of two former Nazi weapons manufacturers linked to the New York law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell, to Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., Lehman Brothers, Chase Manhattan Bank, J.P. Morgan, DuPont and IBM, in the great Nazi-American money plot.54

These companies were all behind the Jewish Holocaust. The infamous German Krupp firm is the industrial corporation that collaborated with former CIA director Allen Dulles and former U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles. Clients of the Dulles brothers’ law firm Sullivan and Cromwell included Adolph Hitler.54 Ted Terry, one of the senior counselors of the law firm Sullivan and Cromwell today, is also a director of a philanthropy called the Harold K. Hochschild (HKH) Foundation, named for the mining magnate behind AMAX, a company operating in the copperbelt in Zambia, but whose parent company, Phelps Dodge, operates in Katanga, Congo. Harold K. Hochschild was close to the CIA, and he appears to have backed the Katanga succession in the 1960’s just as Dan Gertler in recent years backed the reorganization of power in Congo by force. Sullivan and Cromwell was also the law firm for AMAX. 55,56

Brown Brothers Harriman & Company (BBH) was the primary Wall Street connection for German companies and the U.S. financial interests of Fritz Thyssen, an early financial backer of the Nazi party. BBH bought and shipped millions of dollars of gold, steel, fuel, coal, and U.S. treasury bonds to Germany. These were used to build Hitler’s war machine, and the ties proliferated even after the Nazi concentration camps began churning out skeletons. The horrors of the concentration camps at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Buckenwald became public knowledge long before they became public outrage. It is the same story for Congo.

There are no records or statistics of the numbers of people brutalized or killed in the diamond or cobalt mining areas, like Kolwezi, Mbuji Mayi, Tshikapa, Banalia, or Kananga in DRC, or Ndola in Zambia, and many of the victims of security abuses will never be known.

When Gertler and Steinmetz and their buddies came to Congo it was soon clear that they had to challenge Zimbabwean tycoons John Bredenkamp and Billy Rautenbach—two cronies of dictator Robert Mugabe involved in pillaging Congo and Zimbabwe for decades. The United Nations Panel of Experts on DRC named both men for plundering copper and cobalt from Katanga, and both deal globally in weapons. Bredenkamp is one of the fifty richest men in England and he reportedly owns a mansion several doors down from Margaret Thatcher’s residence in London.

On November 7, 2007 it was reported that Dan Gertler was instrumental in putting together a deal in which Katanga Mining Ltd. would buy rival NIKANOR for $2.1 billion and merge their adjacent mine projects in Congo to form the world’s largest cobalt company. Also announced was a joint venture between the Central African Mining & Exploration Company (CAMEC) and another Gertler-controlled firm called Prairie International Limited.

The CAMEC/Prairie joint venture will exploit DRC’s Luita copper processing facility, develop the Mukondo Mountain cobalt mine—called the world’s richest cobalt mine—and work on “other” exploration properties. Prairie is majority owned by the family of Dan Gertler. CAMEC is connected to Zimbabwean/South African/British tycoon Billy Rautenbach.57 The DRC government effectively banned controversial Zimbabwean businessman Billy Rautenbach from the country by declaring him persona non grata in July 2007, but this doesn’t seem to stop him from getting what he wants. Rautenbach is also wanted in South Africa on 300 charges of fraud, corruption and theft.

Rautenbach is a former motor car rally driver who controls a business empire in Southern and Central Africa through a British Virgin Islands company called Ridgepoint Overseas Development Limited. In 1998, the short-lived President of Congo, Laurent Kabila, named Rautenbach the managing director of La Générale des Carrières et des Mines (Gécamines), one of Africa’s biggest cobalt mines, the Katanga properties of the Union Miniere de Haut Katanga formerly developed by the Belgian colonial government. Rautenbach today is one of the Africa’s largest exporters of heterogenite (cobalt ore) from the DRC through his Congo Cobalt Company (CoCoCo), but he also has shares in two other lucrative DRC mining firms—Boss and Mukondo—which reportedly earn over US$100 million a month.58

While there has been a lot of Western media fanfare over the Kabila governments’ supposed “independent” review of mining contracts, little substantive change can be expected.59 Structural [edit. note: imperialist-zionist] factors exploit the Congolese people and lands and benefit white businessmen, arms dealers, bankers, and their embraceable black agents. Big business benefits from perception management articles well-placed in media to give the impression that the international system is just, that there are watchdogs, checks and balances.

However, while the DRC and the World Bank present a propaganda front about their ostensible attention to mining reform and the new mining code, NIKANOR—Mining Journal reports—“is in the advantageous position of having entered into a post mining-code contract, ‘which makes us [NIKANOR] relatively comfortable’”60 In other words, the mining review is a sham, it may force some changes, but it will be cosmetic at best.Dan Gertler and the Steinmetz Group’s partner Nir Livnat is also a director of Anglovaal Mining with Rick and Brian Menell and Basil Hersov of the South African Menell and Hersov dynasties.61 Hersov has been named as a beneficiary of fraud and racketeering involving British BAE Systems weapons deals with shady offshore companies.62

The octopus of South African connections is a story in itself, with links to top officials from Britain to Canada, like Canadian Senator J. Trevor Eyton, and offshore mining companies involved in all the big money (diamonds, gold, petroleum, cobalt) and big corporations with interlocking directorships: Coca Cola, Nestlé, General Motors, and the Bush-connected Barrick Gold Corporation. Barrick, of course, is partnered up with the Oppenheimer/De Beers firm Anglo-American Corporation at six sites in Africa, including Congo.

Rick Menell is a director of Bateman Engineering—owned by Benny Steinmetz—the junior partner of the NIKANOR projects in Katanga. Britain’s Earl of Balfour is a director of both Bateman and NIKANOR. Menell is also the director of Teal Exploration and Mining, whose directors include Joaquim Chissano, former President of Mozambique; Murray Hitzman, a Clinton administration official with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (1994-1996); Hannes Meyer, who worked with Anglo-Gold Ashanti in Congo, 1999-2006, when militias in Ituri were funded to get the gold out. Teal Exploration also has ties to Anvil Mining and Anglo-American Corporation.63

Brian Menell, Nir Livnat’s associate on the board of Anglovaal, is on the board of Energem (formerly DiamondWorks) with Tony and Mario Teixeira. The Livnat connection ties Teixeira into networks that have supported both Joseph Kabila and Jean-Pierre Bemba in Congo’s bloody wars. Energem is also involved in the trans-Uganda-Kenya pipeline, along with Nexant, a subsidiary of the deep intelligence and defense insider Bechtel Corporation.64

Brian Menell is also on the board of First Africa Oil, which operates in seven African countries, and First Africa Oil director John Bentley is a director of Osprey Oil and Gas, whose directors include Carol Bell, a director of the Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan Bank. Bentley is also on the board of Adastra Minerals—formerly America Mineral Fields (AMF, AMFI, AMX), a company based in 1995 in Hope, Arkansas—and set up by Robert Friedland and Max and Jean-Raymond Boulle, notable “friends of Bill” Clinton. Since 1995, American Mineral Fields has been involved in Brazil, Russia, Norway, Zambia, Angola and the DRC. A criminal backer of the war in DRC, Jean-Raymond Boulle, who holds 36.4 % of the company stock, was the former General Director of De Beers in Zaire, part of the Templesman alliance of terrorism under the Mobutu regime.65,66

The Gertler/Steinmetz interests apparently curry huge favors with Congo’s number two most powerful man, Augustine Katumba Mwanke, one of Joseph Kabila’s closest allies and financiers, former Governor of Katanga (1998-2001) and director of Australia’s Anvil Mining. The UN Panel of Experts (2002) cited Mwanke for illegal arms deals and plunder of Congo: Mwanke negotiated arms purchases through Belgian banks and the DRC mining company MIBA.67 Reportedly, Mwanke personally clears $US 1,000,000 a day through his interests in Katanga mining deals.68

Anvil Mining has been involved in massacres in DRC.69 Anvil directors include former U.S. Ambassador Kenneth L. Brown, who served at U.S. embassies in Brussels, Kinshasa, Congo-Brazzaville and South Africa. Brown was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Africa (1987-1989) under George Schultz and George H.W. Bush and Director of Central African Affairs (1980-1981). The former top internal intelligence and security chief of the United Nations Observer’s Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUC) has been worked for Anvil mining in Katanga since 2006.70

Gertler/Steinmetz interests have also been jostling for copper and cobalt concessions with Kinross-Forrest Group. Gertler has bought up or invested heavily in companies just to close them down. George Forrest also made the UN hit list of Congo’s looters and Forrest and his three sons helped bankroll Joseph Kabila’s 2006 election “victory”.71 George Forrest’s daughter is reportedly married to the son of Louis Michel. Malta and George Forrest are controlling directors in Katanga Mining Limited.

Born as Entreprise Générale Malta Forrest, the Belgian Forrest interests have been pillars of exploitation in Congo since at least 1922, when they launched mining operations in Katanga. Forrest’s Katanga Mining directors include: three Canadians; Congo’s Jean-Claude Masangu Mulongo, a former Governor of DRC and high official at the IMF and World Bank; and the current Governor of the Central Bank of DRC. The Forrest dynasty has munitions factories in Belgium and Kenya, and has partnered with OM-Group, in Ohio [USA], dealing in Congo’s cobalt and coltan. Forrest International also operates in Europe, Burundi—involving him on both sides of Congo’s bloody war—and the Middle East.72 Forrest interests in DRC include aviation, foods, plantations, construction, logging, copper and cobalt mining. Forrest companies are enmeshed in the coltan plunder in eastern Congo.

Katanga is the world’s richest mining metropolis, part of the vast copper belt that stretches across northern Zambia and southern Congo—and the home to unprecedented human misery due to state orchestrated repression and communities overrun with toxic mining, tuberculosis, cancers, immune disorders, racial discrimination and slavery. The Zambian copperbelt concessions over the border involve many of the same companies and interests mentioned above, and others.73 Workers and communities in and around these mines suffer all the standard treatable maladies (typhoid, malaria, tetanus, polio, malnutrition) as well. However, such stories are off the agenda for the North American, European, Japanese, Australian and Israeli media corporations providing the mainstay of English language indoctrination meant to instill racial superiority and a vast ignorance and obliviousness that leaves westerns populations shaking their heads and wringing their hands and clicking their tongues, while all the while wondering “what is to be done?” It does not cross people’s minds that their own hands are dirty, that their own consciousness has been falsified, as all the raw materials from Congo enrich the lives of people in the United States, Canada, Europe and Israel.

The immediate capital investment required for just one Gertler project in Katanga—the Komoto Oliveira Virgule (KOV) project—is reportedly $US 1.8 billion dollars, income to kick start billions of dollars of unused equipment mothballed in the middle Mobutu era. There are rumors that Bechtel is involved, but the KOV project involves ThyssenKrupp AG as a minor player.74

The Krupp firm is one of several German firms involved in the plunder in eastern Congo, exploitation which involves the DeutscheGesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit—GTZ—a “German technological cooperation agency” whose Supervisory Board has representatives of four Federal [German] Ministries.75 Krupp industries use coltan and cobalt for superalloys.76 Dr.-Ing. Ekkehard D. Schultz, a ThyssenKrupp director, is also a director of Bayer AG, the Germany firm whose subsidiary H.C. Starck was named for its involvement in the ongoing illegal plunder of coltan and cassiterite (tin) in eastern Congo. NIKANOR director Jay Pomrenze is also a consultant for the Deutsche Bank.77 Certain German and U.S. firms benefit from the military occupation of Rwandan-backed warlord Laurent Nkunda in North Kivu, DRC, where Nkunda controls the Lueshe niobium mine “owned” by Gesellschaft fuer Elektrometallurgie GmbH, a subsidiary of New York-based Mettalurg Group.78,79

Dan Gertler’s grandfather, Moshe Schnitzer (d. November 2007), was known in Israel as “Mr. Diamond;” in youth he joined the pre-state underground organization Etzel (Irgoun), an Israeli military cell self-defined as an “ultra-nationationalist Jewish militia,” that committed acts of terrorism in service to the Israeli cause.8 Moshe Schnitzer assumed a major role in the Africa-Israeli diamond trade in the 1950’s in a partnership business called Schnitzer-Greenstein. Schnitzer later founded the Israel Diamond Exchange in Tel Aviv in 1960, which today brings Israel $14 billion annually in blood business, and is the country’s second-largest industry, but Israel’s top export. King Leopold III of Belgium decorated Schnitzer in recognition of his activities favoring the close relationship of Belgium, Israel and the DeBeers diamond cartels, and Schnitzer was also President of the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum in Israel.80

The diamond jewelry trade in the United States is more than $30 billion annually, and 99%—everything that is not synthetic or artificial diamonds—involves blood diamonds and the above organized crime syndicates. Israel buys more than 50% of the world’s rough diamonds, and the U.S. buys two-thirds of these. The diamond factories are located in Nethanya, Petach Tikvah, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Jerusalem, and other cities around the country, but most of the offices were in Tel Aviv in the financial district on Ahad Ha’am Street.81 Dan Gertler’s father, Asher Gertler, and his uncle, Shmuel Schnitzer, manage the original family business, and Shmuel is Vice-Chairman of the Belgian-based World Diamond Council—the entity that spends more money promoting the false image of “conflict-free” diamonds than it does helping any of the people dispossessed or brutalized by the diamond industry.48
Keith Harmon Snow is an independent human rights investigator and war correspondent who worked with Survivors Rights International (2005-2006), Genocide Watch (2005-2006) and the United Nations (2006) to document and expose genocide and crimes against humanity in Sudan and Ethiopia. He has worked in 17 countries in Africa, and he recently worked in Afghanistan.
Also see his: The US’s War In Darfur, http://www.blackagendareport.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&...

"The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media."
former CIA Director William Colby, Bernstein's 1977 Oct. Rolling stone article.

Media Language and War: Manufacturing Convenient Realities
Ramzy Baroud
... The corporate media’s depiction of the Gaza story which has been unfolding for months might be summed up in one overriding headline: Hordes of Palestinian Breach Gaza Border with Egypt, Israel Concerned over Its Security.

The imprisonment of 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza – where poverty stands at 79 percent and unemployment hovers around a similar number, and where the majority of the population is 'food insecure’ according to United Nations agencies – should have been depicted first and foremost as a humanitarian disaster compelled by an Israeli siege. The dates related to the successive stages of the siege follow a line of Israel’s political, not 'security’ logic. Any reasonable timeline of recent events could easily verify that (the formation of the Hamas government in March 2006, the ousting of the pro-Israeli Palestinian security apparatus in June 2007 and so on being followed by dramatic Israeli moves to tighten the siege on Gaza, Hamas’ stronghold).
But little of that seemed relevant to the way the Gaza story was amply reported. Like the Iraq story, where the two main trusted sources are the occupation and its puppet Iraqi government, any story of relevance to Israel and Palestine has to be validated by the official Israeli source and to a lesser but growing extent by their allies among Palestinians. The rest are 'extremist’, radical and hell-bent on the destruction of the 'Jewish state.’ Note how the Jewishness of Israel is often emphasised whenever the word 'destruction’ or similar words are infused.

This is what Bridget Johnson wrote in the Seattle PI (January 29) chastising the United Nations’ Human Rights Council for its condemnation of Israel’s siege on Gaza: "There was zero mention of Hamas' continued rocket attacks on Israel -- which preceded the cutoff of supplies that has caused such an uproar -- or Hamas' refusal to renounce violence against and attempted destruction of the Jewish state." The claims were preposterous – especially that of a small group’s 'attempted destruction’ of a country saturated with nuclear arms. The words 'destruction’ and 'Jewish state’ are simply passed as an innocent 'opinion’, read by thousands of Americans. There are many notable omission as well. Hamas has repeatedly called for a mutual ceasefire, that was also repeatedly rejected or simply ignored by Israel (in the guise of 'not negotiating with terrorists’). The siege followed the democratic elections of Hamas, not the rocket attacks, the intensity of which corresponded with the number of Palestinians killed in Gaza. Also conveniently missed is the fact that Palestinians rockets have killed 10 Israelis in several years. The killing of any civilian anywhere is tragic, but the facts are rarely contextualised by the media. The number of Palestinians killed in Gaza as a result of Israeli army attacks since the Annapolis 'peace’ conference two months ago is estimated at 149. Several folds were killed in Gaza since the siege started early 2006. Over 60 have died since June 2007 as a result of either lack of medicines or Israel’s refusal to allow them entry to better equipped hospitals in the West Bank. This is only the tip of the iceberg since human suffering cannot only be measured by those who die, but also those who continue to live in perpetual suffering. For Johnson, this is irrelevant, since this is not about right and wrong, but a war of language. To win the, one must have command over language – and the way it’s manipulated – and access to platforms that reach the largest number of readers. An easy recipe to victory is an intentional mix of such words as Islamic extremism, al-Qaeda, Hamas, Jewish state, security, destruction, right to exist, juxtaposed with images or clips of angry Palestinian youth burning Israeli and American flags, 'side-by-side’, and you will have an American public and government standing in eternal solidarity with Israel.... the average American, unlike what it may seem, is not born 'pro-Israel’, and 'anti-Palestinian.’ Most Americans are pro the manufactured, yet misleading image of Israel that reaches their homes through television, wait at their doorsteps in the morning and is beamed to them through the web. Israel has mastery over the language of the Western media, which, again, helped create a paralleled universe that has little relation to reality. That alternative universe only exist on the pages of New York Times, the images of CNN, and the blabber of Fox News 'experts’. According to that narrative, Palestinians, are, like the Iraqi women suicide bombers, 'demonic’, 'mad’, 'extremist’, 'irrational’, self hating, and all the rest.... To convey a version of a story that is as close the true story as possible, a media person has to comprehend the context himself, analyse the motives and follow the line of logic: cause and affect, then, impart his new realizations - free of self-censorship, coercion or intimidation. Otherwise, the true story will always be shelved in favour of re-written official statements and repackaged government and military press releases, falsely presented as 'accurate’, 'independent’ and 'impartial’. [...]
Ramzy Baroud (www.ramzybaroud.net) is an author and editor of PalestineChronicle.com. His work has been published in many newspapers and journals worldwide. His latest book is The Second Palestinian Intifada: A Chronicle of a People's Struggle (Pluto Press, London)

Ghazza and the Dissolution of National Liberation in "Humanitarianism" and "Non-Violence"
Muhammad Abu Nasr
...writers such as Amira Hass and Henry Lowi aren't "friends" or in any sense on the Palestinian side, because what they're doing is precisely the opposite of promoting the national liberation of Palestinians - in fact they're trying to eliminate the national liberation struggle by replacing it with a humanitarian issue that the Zionist entity will play a major role in 'solving' - after it created it in the first place.In other words, they're playing that gangster trick of putting the gun to our head and then - 'under humanitarian pressure' - agreeing not to pull the trigger. But let's not fall for that trick. We need to get together to fight to get rid of the gangsters; not let them continue to run the show and then feel grateful to them when they don't pull the trigger.

U.S. New World Order "Democratization" Template: 'Strategic nonviolence' struggle is all about political power."
Jonathan Mowat 9 February 2005

Israel's Secret Success
Daniel Gavron asks why his fellow Israelis aren't celebrating the 60th anniversary of the state of Israel.

Declaration by the Arab Nationalist List: A Salute to Smashing Arab "Borders" by Force.
To the masses of our Arab nation throughout the homeland.

To the patriotic, Arab nationalist, and Islamic forces battling the Zionist-American project to break up this nation. A salute to the people of Ghazza, and to the resistance in Ghazza! A salute to those who have taught the entire nation how steps for unification are taken and how to break through the red lines imposed by the regimes or the Zio-Americans!!...
This is what constitutes the essence of the crisis –the struggle between two opposed lines that do not intersect and cannot coexist on one spot: the line of standing up and resisting in order to achieve the liberation of our land from the invader, and the line followed by the official regimes of cutting deals and bargaining over our rights and our future generations on the pretext of “political realism” giving themselves a tighter chronic hold on power and decision making....
The unique initiative taken by the women of Ghazza who broke the Rafah pass to Egypt by force, destroying the wall artificially installed there must serve as a compass for all of us, indicating that our people are holding fast to the option of continuing to resist and fight for liberation.


We are a people with a just cause
While the world is drowning in silence, the resistance in Palestine speaks to the world in a loud, clear and honest voice. The resistance in Palestine under the banner, "Hunger and not submission", has withstood daily Zionist attacks and criminal international blockade with extraordinary perseverance and steadfastness. The resiliency shown by the people of Gaza is of a people who understand justice. A people who are not afraid to call the unjust "unjust". Under all this pressure, the resistance has been able to accomplish the impossible. It has reconnected itself with other parts of Palestine through launching missiles on Zionist colonies, severed its dependence on Zionist controlled goods and services by bringing down the wall of international injustice, and made it clear to all that the people of Gaza will not be humiliated.

From one victory to another
Bush's latest visit to the region is that of an emperor to his underachieving subordinates. His lesson to them is to be more ruthless. Hence, the subordinates are more exposed than ever. Official cooperation with the Zionist entity is the norm and oppression of protestors in the streets of Cairo, Beirut, and Ramallah has reached a new level. The divine victory of our brethren in Lebanon has shaken the Zionist system and exposed its inherent weakness ˆ that it cannot exist without the cooperation of the subordinate regimes in the region. The model of resistance in southern Lebanon and Gaza is capable of achieving justice for the people of the region by freeing them from the grip of subordination and ultimately realizing the defeat of the Zionist system. The U.S. government and the Zionist system understand fully the ramifications of the current resistance model. For this reason, it is crucial at this point to support the resistance in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq and spread the model across the region and across the globe to empower people and confront injustice.

Palestine is resisting
With the formulation of Abbas's new subordinate regime in Ramallah by the U.S. government and the Zionist system, it is crucial to remind people that the majority of Palestinians support the resistance model. In fact, Palestinian resistance is not limited to the West Bank and Gaza but includes 1948 Palestinians across Palestine. Daily demonstrations are organized in the Galilee and Muthalath against house demolitions, historic mosque demolitions, unearthing of cemeteries, and weekly convoys of tens of thousands to Al-Quds (Jerusalem) are organized to confront Zionist Israel's attempts to enforce its racist Jewish only vision of Al-Quds. Palestine and Palestinians are definitely resisting on all levels and resistance shall continue until injustice disappears.

February 11, 2008
New England Committee to Defend Palestine