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Blog entry4/12/11 ' Abe' & Civil War Lies: Genocide Against U.S. Black Nation lizburbank09 years 16 weeks ago
Blog entry4/6 Way Before 'Rebels': 'Southern Mistral' Prelude to 'Odyssey Dawn'; FBI's Libyan Witchhunt; Unprecedented Gangsterism lizburbank09 years 17 weeks ago
Blog entry3/30 Preemptive War: Real Terror - Libya's 'Revolutionary' Armed Rulers; Fake Terror Tales Sell Terror Wars lizburbank09 years 18 weeks ago
Blog entry"MENA: North Africa-Middlle East" War links update lizburbank09 years 19 weeks ago
Blog entry3/27 LIBYA " humanitarian intervention, not war" & the Japan Connection lizburbank09 years 19 weeks ago
Blog entry3/23/ Post-Gaddafi Govt. Selected; 1994 US 'hosted' Libyan Exile Post-Qaddafi Conference; About Lockerbie lizburbank09 years 19 weeks ago
Blog entry3/19 LIBYA: Why US AFRICOM Command in 'Operation Odyssey Dawn' War? part 2 lizburbank09 years 20 weeks ago
Blog entry3/17 LIBYA: ALL-OUT U.S. WAR NOW 'LEGITIMIZED' lizburbank09 years 20 weeks ago
Blog entry3/11 Black Is Back Coalition Conference on the “Other” U.S. Wars; Black Africa & U.S. Black Movement, Brzezinski's NSCM 46 lizburbank09 years 21 weeks ago
Blog entry3/8/11 Bomb Libya? Pros & Cons lizburbank09 years 21 weeks ago
Blog entry3/1/11 Digests issues 1/28/11 - 2/28/11 on New US Soft&Hard Warfront Across "No.Africa-MidEast / MENA" lizburbank09 years 22 weeks ago
Blog entry2/21 Behind the Offensive Across North Africa & 'Middle East' lizburbank09 years 22 weeks ago
Blog entry2/28 LIBYA; US Soft War Preps for Military Moves: Arab & African Surrogates Assist lizburbank09 years 22 weeks ago
Blog entry2/20 Removing Room for Doubt lizburbank09 years 23 weeks ago
Blog entry2/13 Egypt Rising? Transparent Trappings of U.S. Creative Destruction for a ’Greater Middle East' and Beyond, part 4 lizburbank09 years 24 weeks ago
Blog entry2/11/11 U.S. Declares Freedom: Egypt's 'New' Military Dictatorship, part 3 lizburbank09 years 25 weeks ago
Blog entry2/4/11 Egypt: US Mission Accomplished? part 2 lizburbank09 years 26 weeks ago
Blog entry1/29 Docs. expose US behind 'pro-democracy activists' in major soft power 'ME' war front lizburbank09 years 27 weeks ago
Blog entry1/22/11 HAITI: Why is Duvalier Back? How U.S Aid Hurts Haiti, Helps U.S. lizburbank09 years 28 weeks ago
Blog entry1/9/11 Mexico's Real Siege lizburbank09 years 29 weeks ago
Blog entry12/31/10 Looking Back & Into to 2011 lizburbank09 years 31 weeks ago
Blog entry12/15 Massive Iran Bombing: US - Jundullah History lizburbank09 years 33 weeks ago
Blog entry12/7/10 Why US Engineered Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941 lizburbank09 years 34 weeks ago
Blog entry11/27 Korean War Continued: US- SK Military Drills, DPRK 's Position lizburbank09 years 35 weeks ago
Blog entry Native Blood: The Myth of Thanksgiving lizburbank09 years 36 weeks ago