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Blog entry4/3/13 US Attacks DPRK, Strategic Target is China lizburbank07 years 42 weeks ago
Blog entry3/11/13 Trajectory of State Terror, Destruction - and Defeat lizburbank07 years 45 weeks ago
Blog entry3/5/13 "Sequester " not successfully disguised as 'electoral budget battle standoff'' everywhere lizburbank07 years 46 weeks ago
Blog entry2/19 Who Discovered "China Cyber Attacks"? lizburbank07 years 48 weeks ago
Blog entry2/11/13 Obama claims preemptive cyberwar powers; US "target of massive China Cyber-espionage"; NSA Whistleblower Truth lizburbank07 years 49 weeks ago
Blog entry1/30/13 USrael Bombs Syria: "Damascus the Road to Iran lizburbank07 years 51 weeks ago
Blog entry1/29/13 US Explodes Egypt/SCARF - Morsi Arrangement lizburbank07 years 51 weeks ago
Blog entry1/19/13 Mali: Mind-boggling Deja Vu: 2008-2012 Articles Merged with 2013 Articles lizburbank08 years 5 days ago
Blog entry1/13/13 Mali in US War for African Continent lizburbank08 years 1 week ago
Blog entry1/1/13 Fabulous Fractals & the Future? Carl Sagan on the "Pale Blue Dot" lizburbank08 years 3 weeks ago
Blog entry12/29 US Blames India's Culture: RAPE: India & US lizburbank08 years 3 weeks ago
Blog entry12/26 Kenya: Expanded US Africa Juggernaut: 'Smart Power' Hard & Soft Shoot 'Em Up lizburbank08 years 4 weeks ago
Blog entry12/19/12 Some "Soul Searching" on 'gun Violence' lizburbank08 years 4 weeks ago
Blog entry12/21 Wanna-be Soldier School-Shooters: "The Exceptional Character of US Armed Forces" lizburbank08 years 4 weeks ago
Blog entry12/12/12 "WMD" threat fails, US discovers "Syria Scud missiles fired at insurgents" lizburbank08 years 6 weeks ago
Blog entry12/6/12 US Sudden,Desperate Escalation of War on Syria lizburbank08 years 7 weeks ago
Blog entry11/27/12 Behind the fiery massacre in Bangladesh lizburbank08 years 8 weeks ago
Blog entry11/17/12 War on Gaza: US Target Iran lizburbank08 years 8 weeks ago
Blog entry11/5 Africa in the Crosshairs, part 2 lizburbank08 years 11 weeks ago
Blog entry10/31 US Again Expands African Operations, Again OKs Child Soldiers in its Target Regions lizburbank08 years 12 weeks ago
Blog entry10/23/12 Election DEADLINE: "disposition matrix" stage in state terror war lizburbank08 years 13 weeks ago
Blog entryUS- 911/ 'Bin Laden/'al qaeda': pretext for global war part 2 lizburbank08 years 14 weeks ago
Blog entry10/9/12 'October Surprises': 911, US-Bin Laden Group, part 1 lizburbank08 years 15 weeks ago
Blog entry8/2 Syria: US Sets Stage for 'End of Diplomacy' and R2P Military Invasion lizburbank08 years 25 weeks ago
Blog entry7/29 About the "Syrian opposition": PayPal now takes contributions for them lizburbank08 years 25 weeks ago