Spreading Death and Doubt

Coved-19 crisis is a chance to do capitalism differently Government has the upper hand for the first time in a generation. It must seize the moment
l3/18/20 https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/mar/18/the-covid-19-crisi...

A Global Pandemic Exercise
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Event 201 in a 3.5-hour pandemic exercise October 18, 2019, with15 global business, government, and public health leader players in a simulation exercise that consisted of pre-recorded news broadcasts, live “staff” briefings, and moderated discussions on specific topics... carefully designed in a compelling narrative ....highlighted unresolved real-world policy and economic issues that could be solved with sufficient political will, financial investment, and attention...

CoronaVirus: Time for Global Unity
2/29/20 https://www.veteransnewsreport.com/author/admin/

Coronavirus Crisis Exposes Cracks in China's Facade of Unity

As coronavirus spreads, so do doubts about America’s ability to meet the moment
As the coronavirus

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"For something like this to happen virtually overnight is very much unprecedented," Myllyvirta told DW...All this looks like good news for the planet — at least in the short term. "Suppose you were a policymaker, and you were thinking about what you would do to lower emissions — you just got a pretty good instruction," says Amy Jaffe, director of the Council on Foreign Relations' Energy Security and Climate Change program.

Byebye ‘Gert in latest US deadly world “unifier”
4/1/20 Special Issue: How We Will All Solve the Climate Crisis
We only have one Earth. And we have the technology to save it.
Wednesday, April 1, 2020 at 5:02 AM
Translated literally, the word "pandemic" means "pertaining to all people." As of this writing, the novel coronavirus has spread to more than 170 countries around the world. It’s an acute, rapidly unfolding crisis that we are facing all together, as an entire planet. But just before Covid-19 burst onto the scene, we at WIRED had been spending months thinking intensely about the more chronic, and more slowly unfolding crisis that pertains to everyone on Earth: Climate change.
You could think of the coronavirus as a painful and very high-stakes practice round for facing an inexorable global threat: Its danger is bearing down on us whether we like it or not, but we can bend the curve in humanity’s favor if we act together and make the right moves.
When we decided to dedicate an entire issue to the climate crisis, we knew we didn’t have time or patience for stories that would instill despair. Stories that would tell you, yet again, how bad things were. Or that would bother with the absurd debate about the existence of global warming. Instead we wanted to identify what those right moves are. We asked: What can we do right now, with the tech we have, to make the biggest impact on the climate in the next ten years?

Covid World War: " Who Will be Winners and losers in the New World Order"

New COVID-19 “conspiracy theory” issue after these:


Who Will be Winners and losers in New World Order
Are state responses to the virus shifting the balance of power between China and the west?
Sat 4/11/20 02.00 EDT Patrick Wintour  https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/apr/11/crime-falls-sharply-in-e...

Delhi is one of many capitals enjoying improved air quality since restrictions were introduced due to the coronavirus

Reading About the Black Death with My Daughter Amid the Outbreak

NUDGE The New Yorker is making its news coverage and analysis of the coronavirus outbreak available for free to all readers here.

Reading About the Black Death with My Daughter Amid the Outbreak
By Sam Knight A child’s fascination with the fourteenth-century scourge takes a sobering tone as Britain scrambles to stave off a new catastrophe.An illustration of a people throwing bodies in to boats on a canal during the Black Plague....
*Update, 13 February, 12:15 p.m.: WHO spokesperson has updated with information in story below, published 12 February
Update: 'A bit chaotic.' Christening of new coronavirus and ... Science
expert group says novel coronavirus, now named SARS-CoV-2, ... COVID-19 is a name for the disease, not for the virus that causes it, ..

WHO says Europe now epicentre of pandemic

2 days ago ... Europe now become the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, says the ... The bill will provide more than $3 billion to the Centers for Disease Control and ... Other funding will contribute to the global coronavirus response and provide ... between the 104 strains of the coronavirus, named SARS-CoV-2, .

... Expert reaction to WHO say COVID-19 can be characterised as a ... coronavirus: classifying 2019-nCoV and naming it SARS-CoV-2 ..
1 day ago ... 13 March 2020 Edition – COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 Latest Articles, Guidelines, News & Perspectives. ... Rapid risk assessment: Novel coronavirus disease


WHO Collaborating Centres for Emerging Infections and Biological Threats 
The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has been granted by the [U.S] World Health Organization (WHO) with status of a Collaborating Centre for Emerging Infections and Biological Threats on 26th April 2016 (biological threats are defined according to the WHO-specifications
Collaborating Centres (CC) are designated throughout the world by WHO in different areas. The centres are national institutions, e. g. public authorities or research institutes support WHO with expertise and staff in the implementation of their programmes and tasks. They advise WHO with specific scientific expertise in developing preventive policies and assisting public health programs at international level. There are several WHO Collaborating Centres in Germany involved in a broad range of health issues
The WHO Collaborating Centre at Rhttps://www.rki.de/EN/Content/Institute/History/rk_ns_node_en.htmlKI is part of an international cooperation that aims to support WHO and its Member States in preparing for and responding to emerging infections and biological threats with specific tasks.[....]

United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Government agency primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid, the lead U.S. Government agency works to end extreme global poverty and enable resilient, democratic societies to realize their potential. https://darpe.me/aid-entries/usaid/

"The Robert Koch Institute under National Socialism"


Hitler's debt to America
"There is today one state in which at least weak beginnings toward a better conception [of immigration] are noticeable. Of course, it is not our model German Republic, but [the US], in which an effort is made to consult reason at least partially. By refusing immigrants on principle to elements in poor health, by simply excluding certain races from naturalisation, it professes in slow beginnings a view that is peculiar to the People's State."  "The demand that defective people be prevented from propagating equally defective offspring is a demand of clearest reason and, if systematically executed, represents the most humane act of mankind. It will spare millions of unfortunates undeserved sufferings, and consequently will lead to a rising improvement of health as a whole." 
"Now that we know the laws of heredity, it is possible to a large extent to prevent unhealthy and severely handicapped beings from coming into the world. I have studied with interest the laws of several American states concerning prevention of reproduction by people whose progeny would, in all probability, be of no value or be injurious to the racial stock." 

Curbing Global Population Growth: Rockefeller’s Population Council

Failing State's Deadly Post-Truth Order

The Marshall Plan is often cited as the extraordinary innovation that enabled the world to recover from the ravages of World War II, with a bold vision for harnessing international partners and private sector to rebuild a devastated Europe. Arguably, there is a similar level of challenge facing the international community today, with every indication of it worsening into the future.....

“They are not the Communist students and factory workers of the 1960s”
2019 – A Deja Vu in Terms of Protests?
November 12, 2019 VOICE OF AMERICA https://www.voanews.com/europe/2019-deja-vu-terms-protests
FILE - Protesters wave Lebanese flags during an anti-government protest in Beirut, Lebanon, Nov. 10, 2019. The Arabic writing beneath the fist reads "Revolution.
It was a revolutionary year. In more than 50 countries spontaneous street alliances formed of disgruntled urban workers and left-behind rural folk.
Of course, there were dedicated reformers, ardent revolutionaries and hardened nationalists among them, too, and fearful governments tottering on the edge immediately accused them of causing all the trouble and of grasping at impossible theories of government or being manipulated by foreign enemies.
This year or 1848? The description could be used for either... the year Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published The Communist Manifesto..
In 1848, the printing presses were the communication channels for the demands for change... the expression of anger, much as social media sites and mobile phone apps are used now to organize and spread the word...


The Emerging Risk of Virtual Societal Warfare
Social Manipulation in a Changing Information Environment

The year 2016 and beyond saw an explosion of interest in issues of disinformation, propaganda, information manipulation and fakery, “fake news,” “Truth Decay,” and related trends—a broad phenomenon that can be termed hostile social manipulation. In this study, we define this concept as the purposeful, systematic generation and dissemination of information to produce harmful social, political, and economic outcomes in a target country by affecting beliefs, attitudes, and behavior. Examples of this rising challenge include Russian efforts to influence elections and sow discord in the West through propaganda and disinformation; the role of social media platforms such as Facebook in spreading such misinformation; and burgeoning Chinese programs to shape regional narratives and gain political leverage in specific countries. U.S. intelli- gence services have concluded that Russia employed such techniques to influence the 2016 election, and Moscow continues to employ them— sometimes brazenly despite U.S. warnings—in the United States and Europe.

As significant as these developments have been, they may only represent the beginning of what an aggressive nation can accomplish with techniques and technologies designed to disrupt and shape the information environment of a target country. This report’s primary conclusion is that, as significant as social manipulation efforts have already been, the United States and other democracies have only glimpsed the tip of the iceberg of what these approaches may someday be able to achieve.

911 Terrorist World War 3 Still Expands 18 Years Later

DIGEST: US 911 expanding state terrorist world war 3
US imperialist existence, is dependent on preventing or destroying communist revolution for classless society. This requires counterrevolutionary war to create a high-tech AI world order. In it’s fascist scheme, politically and philosophically akin to Plato's "formed ideas" Republic ruled by US governors of its ‘full spectrum dominant’ world order, no revolution-threatening class of billions of working and oppressed peoples.
The hitch? 911 didn’t work long as a ‘unifier’ as US wars expanded but made-in usa al qaeda conveniently spawned another US state terrorist proxy ISIS redeployed from Iraq in 2014. [ ISIS :2012 Pentagon Document: http://www.judicialwatch.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Pg.-291-Pgs.-287-293-JW-v-DOD-and-State-14-812-DOD-Release-2015-04-10-final-version11.pdf]
So US needs to unify the world against the world’s major enemy, itself US. Which its Trump-card appears to do by threatening all:
“Trump to Pope Francis: 'ISIS wants to get you'”: "I'm gonna have to scare the pope ...The pope, I hope, can only be scared by God... if you look at what's going on, they better hope capitalism works because it's the only thing we have right now. And it's a great thing when it works properly...In our country ...it has not been working properly"

911 didn’t work long as a ‘unifier’ when wars expanded but made-in usa al qaeda conveniently spawned another US state terrorist proxy called ISIS redeployed from Iraq in 2014.

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